Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Created These Racist Comix?

The fact is we don't know who created them yet. But the left is trying to pin them on the Tea Party. That seems a little half backed if you ask me. But the same people that made the videos with that racist at the Tea Party rally might be behind this as well. So far we have found fake video of racist,a liberal with a tin-foil hat and racist sign at a Tea Party and maybe even this one will turn out to be a liberal hoax as well. If anyone has any inormation on these comix please let me know. Have your videos ready for 8/28 in DC. I'm sure this is just the start of this kind of stuff.

This Is What We Conservatives Do With Racists At Our Rallies

This video was edited to prove that we Tea Partiers are racist by the left. You may recognize this man in many of the left wing "proofs" that the Tea Party is racist. In fact it was in the video Joe gave as proof of racism in the Tea Party:Now do you see the game of lies these liberals are playing? Why didn't they show the whole picture without editing it? When the left say or do something we need to look into it closely as it is most likely only half true or just an outright lie. This isn't proof of racism like the left wing lie machine is pushing. But it is proof of anti-racism at the Tea Party rallies. The left will do and say whatever it takes to make their points, even if it's a bold face lie. And liberal sheep like Joe just keep pushing this nonsense like it's fact just because they read it on some left wing site. I don't know if this racist is for real or a plant but that is what we must do if we see these left wingers show up at our rallies. This shows us the difference between us and them. There is racism everywhere but we root it out unlike the left wing who propagate it. Shame on you liberals and the racist propaganda you manufature in order to undercut the conservatives.

Economic Meltup: Open Debate

Could we be heading for an economic meltup or meltdown in the near future? If you think we are what are you doing to hedge against it? We have seen what the Democratic Party agenda has been doing to our markets. Take a close look at what Wall Street is doing and what the Obama admin is doing to business.

Racist Tin-foil Hat Mans Name Is Tyler Clay Collins

Just look at this buffoons dumb look and tin foil hat. What is with the left wing and their tin hats? This guy went to a Rand Paul rally with racist signs trying to tag conservatives as crazy racist. We have seen this kind of thing at out Tea party rallies in the past and I'm sure we will see more or this kind of racism in the future from the left.
Turns out, this character is named Tyler Clay Collins, and is an active Kentucky Democrat. Here he is pictured at a Democratic event, as well as at his local Masonic Lodge:

Tyler Clay Collins at a Democratic event

Tyler at his local lodge
Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere. UPDATE*****
Tyler has removed his facebook profile, but the captured screenshots are here: