Friday, August 5, 2011

U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded: Thank Obama And The Democratic Party For Their Mindless Spending

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Democrats never think through anything. These idiots are still pounding the "spend more money" drum as if there was any money left. This will have an effect on our weak economy. But the real cost will come when the middle class Americans go and buy a car or house or anything on credit. When you can't afford to buy that new Ford because the payment is too high you know who to blame. And when Ford doesn't sell as many new vehicles remember who wanted to keep spending your money like their was no tomorrow. We gave into raising the debt and this is what happens. I'm sure the stock market and your 401k and pension will be hurting because of this news.


We have only just started to pay for the policies of Obama and the Democratic party. This ride ain't over yet. Buckle up it's going to be a rough ride.