Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soros Says The European Union Is On The Verge Of Collapse And So Is Japan

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George Soros
The European Union (EU) is on the verge of an economic collapse and one of the countries will inevitably leave the eurozone, believes the billionaire George Soros.

While our president and the Democratic Party have been trying to emulate the EU model, we on the right have been saying for years that that model will fail. But that hasn't stoped Obama. He is still pushing for the EU style government.

As Texas keeps creating half of our countries jobs using conservative small government principles, the Obama admin. is trying to put down Texas for doing such a great job. Does that sound like a pragmatist to you? Why is Obama so dead set on following this failed system rather then doing what we know works? Does that make any sense to any of you? If something fails every time it it done, stop doing it! Do what history has proven works. Government doesn't create jobs, the private sector creates jobs. So lets get off the private sectors back and let them restart this economy.  I thought Obama was the smartest president since Washington?

If throwing some gas on a fire makes it bigger would you keep throwing more gas on it to put it out? No that would be crazy. But that is what liberals and Democrats say to do with our economy. The Stimulus Bill failed. QE 1, 2 and 3 haven't worked here or in the EU. So liberals and Democrats want to throw more money rather then admit they were wrong and do what Texas is doing so well. They are creating jobs when no one else is. But doing what works means admitting they were wrong and that isn't happening with these narcissistic liberals.

On another similar note, Japan has been failing since they tried to do what we are doing now. It has weakened them to the point of economic destruction. Japan was in bad shape before the earthquakes. The earthquakes just speed up the slow economic death.

The reason I am bring up Japan is not just to prove that liberalism doesn't work, even though it does. It's to show you that we are all connected. The Middle East and Africa are as unstable as they could be. Japan is going to fail soon after the EU fails. Can you say domino's? Are we doing things that will protect us from this collapsing? Is releasing our strategic oil reserves going to help us if and when the EU and Japan capsizes? Is having our military in 4 wars now making us stronger or weaker?

We know what might come our way. When the Tsunami warnings go off would you listen to a leader that tells you to go swimming or to the beach? It isn't up to the government to save us. They wont do it. In fact they are helping drown us. It's time to start think what might happen to us if the EU and Japan go under. Is our government doing what is right or wrong, knowing what we know now?

The economic tsunami is coming. Our government is doing all the wrong things right now. Is putting your trust in the government a smart move? Or should we look to ourselves and God for salvation? Things are heating up in this country and the world. Be smart and know what happens when large economies start to fail and the domino's start to fall.