Monday, July 18, 2011

Redistributing Wealth By Any Other Name Is Still Socialism

These Democrats just don't get it. When they are faced with the reality of what they want to do to the citizens of this country they run away. If the media was doing their job the Democrats wouldn't be able to keep hiding the truth of what they are doing. They know that once the American people wake up to what the Democrats are doing to them they would run for the hills.

We all know that Democrats want to have the power to take away wealth from the private sector so that they can control it, not you. If you pay federal income tax then you are too "rich" to vote Democratic Party. They might not start at your income but they will finish at your income sooner or later. Only half of Americans pay federal income tax. That means that if you are paying federal income tax or work for a company that pays federal income tax it's coming out of your pocket.

If Democrats have their way companies like Ford will have to pay much higher taxes in the future. That means they will have less profit to share with it's employees the UAW and stockholders. If you want to be a brainwashed Democratic Party zombie go right ahead and do it. But when things don't go the way you thought they would, just like they have for the past few years, don't blame the Republicans. When your company fires you or has little or no profits to share don't blame us. We wanted you to be in charge of distributing your wealth. And when a car become too expensive to buy new, don't blame us. We didn't want to add more taxes to the "rich". And when companies can't make a profit in this country and move overseas just remember who put that tax on them.

When Bush gave every citizen in this country a check on the recession he got from Clinton people used them to buy what they wanted. And I sold a lot of cars those months because people had the cash to buy things they wouldn't have. The Obama Stimulus hasn't even been felt by us and that is because we never seen one penny of that money. It never went to the private sector because it was used to grow our government, not jobs.

It's time we all realize what happens when Democrats get a hold of our money. They spend it for us and then they want more. No one has been saved by the Obama Stimulus. Two years later and those same jobs are on the line again. States are still going bankrupt and teachers are still getting fired. And we all own $45,000 for nothing.