Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liberals Call on Obama to Starve People in Red States to Stop the GOP From Not Raising Debt Ceiling While Explaining the History Behind Why GOP Maintaining Debt Ceiling Would Not Stop U.S. From Paying Obligations

Once again, Good or Evil? Who is calling for the attacks on American citizens as though they are our enemies? The left-wing and Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy this country and all that is Good. Can you see why the left-wing and radical Muslims are on the same side? They both have the same goal.

What is the Democratic Party plan for getting us out of debt before it destroyes us? They have nothing but more debt. Will more debt help of hurt our economy? If we leave the Democratic plan of more debt and status quo for Medicare good or bad for our country. We are broke and the Democratic Party wants to play war games and Russian Rulet with our economy and future. If the Democratic Party has their way we would burden our future generations with massive debt and nothing in terms of SSI or Medicare.

We can't keep going on the path the Democratic Party has put us on. We have to do the hard things now. We have to pay for the Stimulus Bills, QE1 and QE2. Did you think that all that money was free? Someone has to pay for it. Maybe if the Democrats paid for what they want they might not be so quick to spend money on stupid things.

Left’s Fascism Exposed

"Obama by Decree Should Strip Companies the Government Pays of Their Right to Engage in Political Activities Including Funding Think Tanks According to Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich".

Everything that is evil is the agenda of the left. Are you a Democrat? Is this the direction of the Democratic Party now? Thanks to liberals and Progressives the Democratic Party is no longer the Party it used to be.