Thursday, October 14, 2010

Open Thread: Say What You Will

Obama’s approval rating fell to a new low of 43 percent since he took office, down from 47 percent last month, according to a Reuters-Ipsos national poll. Ipsos pollsters say it appears that much of that drop comes from Democrats whose approval of Obama fell to 70 percent from 78 percent last month. Among likely voters, 48 percent said they will choose Republican candidates in the midterm elections, while 44 percent say they will vote for a Democrat. That gap narrowed in the full survey sample, with 44 percent saying they would vote for the Republican candidate vs. 43 percent for the Democrat. Sixty-three percent said the country is on the wrong track, which was the highest since Obama took office. Sixty-five percent said creating jobs is what Congress should focus on in 2011, and most said the best indicator of economic recovery is a drop in the unemployment rate.

Who is to blame for the way the country is starting to view Democrats in government? They say it's the Republicans,Tea Partiers, Bush, "dumb Americans","racism", white people, "rich", businesses etc... Just like the teachers unions blame everyone but the unions themselves and when something good happens they take all the credit. It's time the Democratic Party grows up and acts like an adult organization instead of acting like spoiled little children. It's time both parties say sorry when they are wrong or when things don't turn out the way they said they would. It's time that our government officials and government employees treat WE THE PEOPLE with the respect we deserve. WE THE PEOPLE put them into government and WE can take them out.