Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tea Party Shows Up To Back Gov. Walker In Mass

Dave Westlake, organizer of a rally in support of Governor Scott Walker, speaks during a protest  outside the Wisconsin State Capitol building Saturday.
Hart/Wisconsin State/AP
Dave Westlake, organizer of a rally in support of Governor Scott Walker, speaks during a protest outside the Wisconsin State Capitol building Saturday. Tea Party leaders carried signs that read "Your Gravy Train is Over" to back Gov. Scott Walker, who wants to cut state workers pay and benefits to plug a $3.6 billion budget hole.
For the most part these protests have been peaceful. But the unions have to realize that we can't afford to keep giving them everything they want by paying more in taxes. We are Taxed Enough Already and the voters all around the country voted to cut government rather then raising taxes and spending. Americans voted for change and this is change they can believe in. We have dug deep into our pockets and paid the public employee more then what they are worth and given us little to show for it. We voted to make the unions cover their greedy rather then making us pay out of higher taxes. The more we see of these greedy and lawless unions the less we like them.The unions need to do what this contract says and they need to stop breaking the law. If the teachers keep withholding an eduction from their student and breaking the law they need to be dealt with as the law says. If the unions are in violation of their contracts then they need to be dealt with as the contracts state. They can still protest and work unless they are too lazy to.

And when it comes to the Democrats that are in hiding to stop the democratic process, they need to be dealt with. These strong arm tactics can not be used by any party. If the Republicans all ran away from all of the bills they didn't like how do you think it would have looked for the Republican Party? We live in a democratic republic. We vote for representatives to vote on our behalf. Breaking that democratic process goes against everything they say they stand for. It begs to be ask if that "democracy" talk is all a bunch of BS and talking points. But we only have to look at the left-wing corner stone of "social justice" rather then equal justice for all to see the double standards they are trying to implement. It time to start acting like Americans and take the vote. It's time for the teachers to go back to work or get arrested and fired. And it's time the left-wing realize that we are a country of laws not of men. We all have to make cuts. If they don't like a bill then speak with their votes and repeal it. That is what we did and it's the legal way to do it.

If the unions want to take an all or nothing stance on this issue, then I how they get what they deserve, nothing. If you keep breaking the law don't blame us if people start looking at the unions more like criminals and gangsters. Just remember, if the unions lose the sentiment of the people that give them everything they have, then they lose. As far as I'm concerned they've already lost. This is nothing more then the unions throwing a hissy fit like arrested developed children.

It is good to be an American. We have the freedom to protest our own government. We have the freedom to descend on our government. But we don't have the freedom to break the law. The Tea Party is there in protest and to watch over you, with you. Keep it legal and there wont be any pictures or video. But if the unions screw up then it will be on video. Keep it clean and Americans might not loose any more respect for the government unions.

While on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, Andrew Breitbart contracted a horrible case of Walker Pneumonia! He was diagnosed by a street “doctor” who was apparently handing out fraudulent Dr.’s excuses to union protesters.

This doesn't seem legal to me. Thank God there are video catching all this illegal activity going on around these liberal protests. These doctors need to lose their medical license and the schools admin need to verify that these teachers did receive treatment. This isn't looking too good for the morality of the unions. I feel sorry for the parents that have teachers like that working with their children. While the truth has set the Tea Party free I think it will imprison many after this all calms down.

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