Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jon Stewart On The Union Hypocracy And Double Standards

I've posted about unions hiring non-union workers to work the polls in my area. They paid minimum wage without benefits to these laborers. It seems that the unions don't have to follow their own rules. Can anyone tell me why it's OK for the unions to not follow their own 'rules'?

Why Aren't Democrats Blaming Obama For High Gas,Food And Health Care Prices?

Can anyone tell me why? I don't hear many Republicans complaining about the price of gas, but they didn't complain much under Bush either so that's to be expected. Since health insurance keeps going up instead of down, like the Democrats promised, with obamacare I can see why the Republicans are focused in on this one. When 60% of Americans know that the Democrats health care bill sucks so bad that they want it gone that tells you something. And the biggest problem with obamacare is the more we the people hear about obamacare the less they like it. The Republicans will have a reform bill in hand that we the people will agree with. This isn't about repealing obamacare as much as it is about reforming health care the right way. We need health care reform that wont cost us billions over the years. That's per the CBO's latest numbers.

Who In Their Right Mind Would Have A Problem With Reading The Constitution In Congress?

The Democrats that's who! Now lets see who doesn't want to read the Constitution they promised to uphold. It's a good idea to read the Constitution--Law of the Land--every year. If any Congress person isn't there to hear the Constitution being read then they should be held suspect until we know why they didn't show up for the reading.