Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wouldn't Ya Like To Be A Communist Too?

Just watch this recruiting video from the Communist Party USA:
The video above is from June.    Some convenient changes to a CPUSA website: it has apparently scrubbed one of its sites to erase its 2004 support of Barack Obama.
In 2007, CPUSA boasted about that support:
Not so much anymore. Today, an edited version leaves out some key information:
There seems to be two possible explanations. Either CPUSA has pulled its support because Obama isn’t progressive enough, or CPUSA could be protecting the president from scrutiny. Why do you think that the Communist Party USA did this? Is it because they don't think Obama is far enough to the left for them or is it because they are trying to protect him as the communist pick? I never thought I'd see so much about the communist party here in America. A lot of this underground communism is coming from the school system and the unions. Take a close look at some of the union magazines that are out there. They speak the same language as communist but they never say communism or socialism. They stay away from labels unless it's to label the opposition. They love to label us.

MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell Admits On-Air: ‘I Am a Socialist’

On Friday’s “Morning Joe” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell made a startling admission: “I am a socialist.” The statement from the regular host of “The Last Word” came as he was chiding contributor Glenn Greenwald from Salon.com for apparently being a liberal hiding behind the word “progressive.” “I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals,” he said:

An extended version of the clip shows more of the uncomfortable exchange. It reveals that O’Donnell and Greenwald disagree about why Democrats lost on Tuesday. Greenwald suggests they tried to appear conservative and paid the price, while O’Donnell seems to suggest that the only way liberals and progressives can hold power is if they temper their platforms:
The MSM has done it again. They have hired a socialist and in the same breath accuss Fox News of being unfair and ballanced. At least Keith Olbermann didn't give to the Democratic Party. Oh he did give to the Democratic Party and that is why he is hanging on a thread? Is it becoming clear why the MSM is losing most of their viewers?

Bill Ayers’ Wife: U.S. Gov‘t is ’Real Terrorist‘ While Right is ’Racist,‘ ’Armed,‘ and ’Hostile’

Bernadine Dohrn, wife of Bill Ayers and co-founder of the radical left group Weather Underground, reportedly spoke with NewsClick India recently about her thoughts on America and called the right “racist,“ ”armed,“ ”hostile,“ and ”unspeakable.“ The clip ends with her saying that the American government is the ”real terrorist”:
They are taking their masks off. The left wing Democrats sure know how to pick them.

The Call To Violence From The MSM Has Started

These liberals look at us and the American dream as the enemy. This less then 20% fringe are coming unhinged. I've been watching more of the MSM to see their take on everything. These liberals are pissed about what they didn't get from the Democratic Party and Obama. We have the MSM putting the thought of revolution on the minds of their viewers which we know is far left. It is becoming obvious that the liberals are hyping up for a "peaceful revolution". We know how those "peaceful protests" end up when liberals are involved. The question is which party are they going to go after? Are they going to go after the Democratic Party and fight for control of the Democratic Party like we have been seeing lately? Or will the liberals hold the Democratic Party together long enough to focus on the Republican Party? How will the monetizing of our debt and the inflation that always comes with the monetizing of debt effect the two parties?