Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Left Wing Are Going Crazy Angry Over The National TEA Party Convention

The presss conference was packed today at the National Tea Party Convention but not everyone acted like they were glad to be there.
The media elites could only sit on their hands for so long. After biting his lip for twenty minutes New York-based ABC reporter John Berman ripped into the National Tea Party Convention leaders at their press conference today. John was visibly upset after attending former Rep. Tom Tancredo’s speech last night at the conference. Instead of confronting Tancredo, Berman attacked the organizers of the event and demanded they speak for the former representative. Berman also attacked organizer Mark Skoda for not listing the names of the board members of a newly formed organization after Skoda said he would have the names listed by the end of the week… Funny, Berman’s never been this hard on Team Obama?

John Berman did not look happy to be there today:

He kept that scowl on his face for most of the meeting. These liberals are like little kids. They are so closed minded and hateful of the TEA Party movement that is taking over America. From what I've seen of the TEA Party they have been making fun of the progressive government. I laught my but off at Sarah Palin when she said she is sick of all the "TALK,TALK,TALK". She is a real rock star at the TEA Party. And if you think she isn't smart enough. Then I say we have had Bush and Obama both smart ivy league men that haven't done that well for our country. Just be careful because many of the liberals are getting angry and we conservatives will make an easy target for violence. That is their MO.

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