Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama Better Give One Heck Of A Speech


Obama has made us all wait to hear this jobs creating speech to congress till after his vacation. He has built anticipation and given us the feeling that he has got something big to tell us. Asking congress and the American people to stop what they're doing is a big deal and always has been a big deal. If Obama thinks that an empty motivational speech will get the country rolling again is even possible it will piss off everyone but the Obama zombies. We are getting tired of empty speeches with little content. If Obama thinks that Americans are going to buy spending tons more money on failed stimulus and adding even more to our debt is his great idea, he can just stay home and keep quizzing himself. We all know that it was our debt that has down graded our credit rating. Are we going to shoot for a B rating or recover our economy? At this point everything Obama has done to the economy has failed. The Tea Party called it and they have been right every time. They said it would fail and make the recovery last longer. It turns out they are right. The US economy has stalled,

A net total of zero jobs were added in the month of August, for which economic data was released Friday morning.

In addition, Friday’s report revealed, the number of hours worked by the average American has begun to decline.

And hourly earnings have dropped.

So even if Americans are employed, they are working less and making less.
Obama needs to change coarse fast. All the economic news that is coming out is bad news. Obama knew that the new EPA standards would do even more damage to our economy and he has change coarse on that. Now he needs to look at the rest of the regulations that are holding up economic growth. Maybe he needs to give permits to oil companies to restart drilling in the Gulf after he stopped it. He needs to give up the idea that "green energy" is the solution since those companies that produce that energy are going bankrupt even with the help of the government.
We also need a new tax structure that will make paying taxes easier and long term. A fair tax would help and we could fire the IRS. That would help lower the cost of doing business here in America even better since we will stop taxing productivity. Manufacturers will love it.
Balancing our budget will also help relieve some pressure that is holding up our economy. If we are on the right path people will invest in us again.
Throwing a bunch of money at public unions has done nothing for us in the long and short term. It has only made the burden on the private sector even bigger. We can't keep supporting the public unions when we are broke.
Since the rest of this country is broke I'd like to see Obama act like he feels our pain. Instead of running around like he has won the lottery he needs to take more conservative vacations. He's living it up on our dime while we are home trying to pay the bills and hold on to our jobs.
If Obama thinks that blaming everyone even his mother for the economy and the state of our country it wont work any more. Playing the victim isn't something a leader does. It's unbecoming at best. But we all know if there weren't victimes there wouldn't be liberalism. It is core to their ideology. That is why when we have liberal leaders we end up with even more victims, not fewer. Just look at the black population since Obama and the Democrats took over. The unemployment rate among blacks is at a 25 year high and raising fast. If there are a lot of unemployed liberals gain voters by trying to buy their vote. We know that empowering people works, just look at welfare reform in the 90's. Liberals said it would kill people... They were wrong then and they are wrong now. People do a much better job of taking care of themselves then the government does and welfare reform is proof. Liberals have no proof that their ideology works. But there is a lot of proof that it has failed ever time it's been tried.
This Labor Day weekend thank God you have a job. A job is a blessing. I know liberals don't believe that, but it's true. Work gives us purpose. We also need to pray for those that don't have work right now.