Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LA To Boycott Arizona

I think this is a great idea. It's time they get a taste of their own boycotting medicine. Most people in Arizona go to California for vacation. In fact California should be boycotted by the 65% of Americans that agree with Arizona's new immigration law. I'm calling for all conservatives and legal US citizens to boycott California and any other city or state that wants to play the boycotting game. It's a lot more fun when we all play the same game now isn't it. In fact I would like to see people start looking to spend their money in Arizona to show them solidarity. It's time we fight fire with fire and stop the liberal bullying game. Michigan is looking at introducing the same law here. And we could really use the American conservatives help on countering any liberal retaliation.
It is a small world after all. And California is going to learn that where there is an action there is an opposite reaction,now the conservatives are awake. They can have their boycott and we will have our. Just think of all the food California produces that we wont buy now.

So What If She's Gay

Obama pick: The U.S. President introduces Ms Kagan as his Supreme Court nominee at the White House this weekInnuendo? A 1993 photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, provided by the University of Chicago Law School, that has provoked a gay row after the Wall Street Journal ran it on its front pageThis picture is causing some controversy with the gay rights activist from the left. For some reason softball is considered only a sport played by gay women. The problem I have is so what if she is or isn't gay? How would her sexuality have anything to do with what kind of Supreme Court judge she would be.  We should be more concerned with the fact that she is a ghost. We know very little about what her stands are. The thing that bothers me most is President Obama's comment on her having empathy and that is what he wants. What does empathy have to do with law? How would empathy be a good thing for a judge? Should she have empathy for the conservatives,the rich,small business or maybe empathy for fat people? Are we becoming a country of men not laws? Let's hear what she thinks before judging her. And lets judge her on her empathy and who she empathises with. LOL. I'm kidding, lets hope she is a judge of laws not men or ideology.

Why Are Government Schools Advertising For Students?

 I'm not sure if this happens in every state in the union but here in Michigan public schools spend our money to advertise for students. They do it because by gaining as many students as possible they are lobbying parents to send their kids to those schools so the school can get as much money as they can from the state and federal government. Is this how we should be spending our hard earned money?  Does this serve the kids or the unions? And when the government makes cuts they start with the teachers,police or fire when there is more then enough stupid things they could cut. It's high time money deemed for education only get used for educating our kids. I'd like to know your thoughts on our educational system and what we need to do to fix it. In Michigan we have given the teachers unions everything they wanted so that they keep educating our kids. They will strike if they don't get what they want. They ask for more money and promise that it will increase our test scores and our children's education. More money has actually made things worse. We keep increasing teachers pay and retirements and we keep getting worse and worse scores. Just like the war on drugs we need to look at the effectiveness of our educational system and the best ways to make changes that will work. I'd like to see a privatization in the educational system. I send my kids to a Lutheran school. The cost is about half as much as it cost us to teach in government schools. This year they got 100% on the MEAP tests. Lets just say that not one government school came close to those scores no matter how awesome the school.