Thursday, March 17, 2011

Open Thread: Have A Homemade Beer

I'm having a beer that I made. It's a blueberry,elderberry beer. I made it for the Summer but today is just too nice to not have a cold one. There is nothing better then beer you make at home, from berries I grew. I also tend to have a lot of union freinds since I have more beer then I drink. Just kidding, everyone likes homemade beer.

These guys sound like a cult not a union.
I also picked up some potatoes for planting in Spring.



     Beer      is   S T R O N

I'm going to have

er One.

I'    m      fee  ling    Fu     N

Ny.  Ha

ve funny ToD  ay An D Bee Sa    FE.

ThisssssssS Beer seeemmmms to

Be stronGeR

Th en  Usual.  

I Shouldn't  

                                     Havbe Used



“Kids Aren’t Cars” Screened in Ohio


It's Time We Focus On Public Unions And Their Demands

The Tea Party needs to focus on these public unions and their demands on the tax payers. Let me ask you something. What if the public unions get what they want, what then? Can we afford to give into the unions demands without risk to our country? The focus has been on Obama. With the state of this country,our economy,unemployment,gas prices, food prices and house prices and his lack of leadership here and around the world, Obama is doing more then enough to be a one term president. If we Tea Partiers focus on giving our governors a backbone and thwarting the union recalls we can only win. Obama and the Democratic Party will sink with the unions. The unions will destroy themselves as well as the Democratic Party when they lose. They know that and I'm sure that is why Obama is keeping a little distance from these protests lately. We must win this war against the tax payers. We can't afford to lose to the public unions. The private sector can't afford another tax hike so public unions can keep their monopoly over the tax payers. We tax payers have bailed out the unions enough already with the Stimulus Bill,tax exemptions for obamacare,GM,Chrysler etc... We the tax payers of this nation can't afford what the want from us. I wish we could pay everyone more then they are worth but we can't. I understand how hard it is to give something up. Most of us in American know what it's like to give something up. Businesses and families have been losing everything they have ever had. When you see that empty business for sale remember that someone went broke. People that put their hard earned money into growing a business that creates jobs and an income for those people. Most of us work for those private businesses. Those UAW member from the private sector that are marching with the public union have to think about how a tax increase is going to effect the businesses they work for. Do you Ford workers that got a big profit sharing check this year think that will be bigger if Ford has to pay more in taxes and effecting profits? Do you think that higher taxes will help GM and other failing companies survive? Or didn't you union protesters think about that? If you think that giving in to the public unions is a bad idea you better do something about that. Write your governor in support. Call them or send money to run ads in the effected States. We need to start thinking about having our own support rallies. If you aren't sure about what the unions are bringing here then just to Greece, not Cairo. If you can think of any way in which to put down this attack on the tax payers and job creators let us know. If there is a planned protest in your area let us know.

Obama's Pastor Of 20 Years Admits He's A Marxist

I know this is no surprisee to any of you, but Obama's mentor and pastor of 20 years has admitted that his preaching is socialist. At least he is honest. Obama sure did have a lot of socialist mentors in his life. Now we are seeing why he does what he does. If you still think Obama hasn't been effected by all these socialist then please explain?

Police Arrest 5 at Michigan Capitol

I guess I spoke too soon when I said that the protesters in Michigan were lawful. My bad. Can anyone guess home many Tea Partiers have been arrested over the years? 30,40,100? Try none.

There is something I'd like to know. How do these union members expect us to get our State out of debt and balance the budget? Raise taxes on the businesses that are left? I think those businesses have taken a hard enough hit. Tax those making money in Michigan so that they don't make any money? Haven't we given the unions enough with the Stimulus bill bail out of State unions? Isn't it enough that we tax payers have to pay for obamacare and they don't? Why do unions think they are a protected class? We have all been paying for this massive recession. All except for the unions. Why is that?
The Associated Press

LANSING — Police have arrested five protesters who'd been sitting in at the Michigan Capitol in a protest against what they say are Gov. Rick Snyder's anti-union policies.

Others came out of the Capitol voluntarily Wednesday evening, but a small number remained inside.

The five were led to an Ingham County sheriff's van, their hands secured behind their behind their backs about 8:10 p.m.

The sit-in came after more than 3,000 people protested inside and outside the Statehouse earlier in the day.

The union members and their supporters oppose a measure Snyder signed Wednesday afternoon that gives emergency financial managers sweeping new powers to void union contracts.

They also oppose his plan to tax pensions, which now are exempt from state taxes.