Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Union Protesters Are Rioting In Greece Again

It seems no matter where you go in the world, where there are unions there will be riots. The mob mentality must go hand in hand with unions. Even though these people know that the government and the tax payers of the country is broke they want their by hook or by crook.

Union leaders in this country have been telling their members to do the same if they don't get what they demand. They have threatened us tax payers with economic terrorism, slowdowns and even withholding education from the children. This is the public union way.

We have bailed out the unions with the Stimulus bill and yet that isn't enough. They want more. They want what they have no matter what the cost is to the tax payers. We the tax payers have become servants and slaves to the public unions. They will use mob tactics to intimidate and threaten.

What is happening in Europe is effecting the rest of the world. Think of it as mutually assured economic destruction. As one country is too big to fail it puts pressure on the economy of the other countries. Like a domino effect they will start to knock down even the strongest nations in the EU.

This will effect us here in this country since all of our economies are connected. We don't know to what degree it will effect us but we know it will effect us economically. As many on the left-wing have pointed out, we are in better shape now then when Bush was in charge, you just can't tell by looking at it. But they see what they want to see and they don't see what has happened to the world around us since Obama has taken office. The left trust his fundamentally changing our country right in front of our eyes. They trust him even though nothing has turned out the way Obama said it would. This is a large group of people that have become unhinged from the reality of what has been happening all around us. They do not see cause and effect like normal people do. They see evil as good and good as evil.

We can't do anything about the lunacy on the left. But we can protect ourselves from what they plan on doing here in this country. We need to take the unions and lefties at their word when they say they will destroy anyone that stands in their way. We need to take their threats of economic terrorism and plan for it. But most of all we need to find our courage and stand against these terrorists. You may need to stand up against these tyrannical unions and leftists. Be prepared for the mob that is coming our way. Know what you will do. Know how to protect yourself and practice, practice, practice.

If the left-wing have their way they will bring Europe here. That has been the left-wing and Democratic Party objective since they took power here in America. Be prepared because they mean business.