Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Is Generational Theft And We Will Hold Them Accountable For Their Vote

From the AP

The House on Thursday voted to allow the government to go $1.9 trillion deeper in debt — or about $6,000 more for every U.S. resident. The measure, approved 217-212, would raise the cap on federal borrowing to $14.3 trillion. That's enough to keep Congress from having to vote again before the November elections on an issue that is feeding a sense among voters that the government is spending too much and putting future generations under a mountain of debt to do it.
Already, the accumulated debt amounts to roughly $40,000 per person. And the debt is increasingly held by foreign nations such as China.
Passage of the bill would send it to President Barack Obama, who will sign it to avoid a first-ever, market-rattling default on U.S. obligations.
"I can't think of a more reckless or irresponsible act. Defaulting is not an option," said Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. "If the United States defaults, investors will lose confidence that the U.S. will honor its debts in the future.
Democrats barely passed it through the Senate last week over a unanimous "no" vote from GOP members present.

And we have this half-arsed measure.

To help win passage, Democrats are also adopting — in a vote later Thursday afternoon — budget rules designed to curb a spiraling upward annual deficit — projected by Obama to hit a record $1.56 trillion for the budget year ending Sept. 30. The new rules would require future spending increases or tax cuts to be paid for with either cuts to other programs or equivalent tax increases.

Pay as you go, as this is referred to, is overrated. It doesn't do much. We don't need a pay as you go program. We need government to spend less money than it takes in period. 

If the rules are broken, the White House budget office would force automatic cuts to programs like Medicare, farm subsidies and unemployment insurance. Current rules lack such teeth and have commonly been waived over the past few years at a cost of almost $1 trillion.
Most other benefit programs — including Medicaid, Social Security and food stamps — would be exempt from such cuts, and Republicans said that the rules lack teeth.
"In place of real fiscal discipline, it offers a phony pay-as-you-go rule that is more loopholes and exceptions and does nothing to tackle our government's long-term structural deficit," said Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas.
Skeptics say lawmakers also will find ways around the new rules fairly easily. Congress, for example, can declare some spending an "emergency" — a likely scenario for votes later this month to extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed.

In other words, the supposed safeguards are smoke and mirrors. It was thrown in because this is unpopular, and those who voted for it can pat themselves on the back and say they are watching the spending. In reality, they are doing jack.

"We don't have a choice," said Rep. John Tanner, D-Tenn. "We are on an unsustainable march toward a fiscal Armageddon." Obama's budget projects the government's debt doubling to $26 trillion over the next decade. It offers few solutions for seriously closing the gap other than promising to appoint a bipartisan commission to come up with a plan to address the problem.

Commissions. Another joke. How about passing a budget that spends less money than it takes in. Period. That's it. It's not hard. All it takes is discipline, hard works, and balls. That's something that congress lacks, and that Obama never had.  

Thomas has the roll call vote. 217 yes votes. All democrats. 212 nays. 175 Republican and 37 democrat. 5 didn't vote, 2 democrats and 3 republicans.

Of the Michigan delegation.

District 1 - Stupak - Y
District 2 - Hoekstra - N
District 3 - Ehlers - N
District 4 - Camp - N
District 5 - Kildee - Y
District 6 - Upton - N
District 7 - Schauer - N
District 8 - Rogers - N
District 9 - Peters - N
District 10 - Miller - N
District 11 - McCotter - N
District 12 - Levin - Y
District 13 - Kilpatrick - Y
District 14 - Conyers - Y
District 15 - Dingell - Y

Schauer and Peters voted no. Feeling the heat from the populace?  Great job with your constent complaining to Peters, John. This is just crazy what they are doing to this country. It's like giving a shopaholic you platinum card with an almost $2 Trillion limit. Is Congress trying to bankrupt America? Why don't they cut spending and start paying off this debt? I was out of control when Bush and Congress did it and now it is 4 times worse then Bush and it's Obamas first year. What this admin and Congress are doing is criminal. If you have a state or a Congressperson you would like to out on this blog PLEASE DO. We will send them a copy of the blog so they know we are watching. And if a Congressperson voted against it let us know so we can thank them. We need to vote these gererational pirates out of office.

Can Obama Do One Thing Without Taking Jabs? Or Is That Just Politics As Usual?

At Prayer Breakfast, Obama Jabs 'Birthers'

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President Obama has adopted a new kind of bipartisanship -- daring Republicans to offer their policy views so that he can discredit them.
You might call it punching-bag bipartisanship. The president and his party believe that by eliciting Republican policy ideas they can remind Americans how much they hate the GOP.
Obama now says he is not going to let Republicans "sit on the sidelines" while Democrats are stuck trying to solve problems.
It's a big shift from last year, when his theme in dealing with the GOP was summed up in a favorite line from his stump speech for Democratic candidates: "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking."
The Left believes voters have soured on Democrats because Americans have forgotten the awfulness of GOP policies.
In truth, voters tossed out the GOP because of arrogance, incompetence and corruption. It was not the policy, it was the people.
Sex scandals, corruption, profligate spending and recklessness in Iraq didn't put people off limited government, but rather government itself.
Rather than correctly reading a mandate for a sensible and competent government, Obama's hubristic agenda and dithering execution was exactly the thing to convince voters that Washington was not able to solve problems.
Now, having been thrice rebuked by voters for pushing a big, complex agenda, Obama is betting his presidency on his ability to create jobs in the next nine months.
The president wants to convince the American people that he's working every day in practical ways to put people to work while Republicans are offering no constructive answers for joblessness.
This is a poor strategy.
If Tom DeLay or Donald Rumsfeld were the ones offering the alternatives, it might flash voters back to the second Bush term with a shudder. But it's unlikely that some fresh face like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Sen. John Thune of South Dakota will provoke much horror.
The administration did not learn the right lesson from picking a fight over terror policies with the greatest villain of the Left, Dick Cheney. Cheney took Obama to school and helped solidify bipartisan opposition to the president's plans to close Guantanamo Bay and treating terrorist attacks against the United States as criminal matters.
Now, Obama will attempt to give Democrats a boost by taunting Republicans for their ideas to help the economy. It will likely meet the same end as the administration's attempt at bearbaiting Cheney -- the bear gets off its chain and the dogs get mauled.
Democrats had their big chance to trap Republicans, but their health plan was too big and too shoddily built to pass, even with a supermajority in Congress. Democrats went from first and goal to their own 1-yard line on delay-of-game penalties alone. Then Scott Brown picked off their final passing play.
Republicans have little experience doing anything but opposing health care policies, but they all love to talk about economic policy and their answers sound good to voters.
Obama is offering another complex, nuanced mix of green, socially conscious stimulus efforts. So Republicans will say, "We want to get government off your back, cut spending and cut taxes."
Obama will chuckle at their simplistic answers and remind voters of the failures of the Bush era. But since Obama has lost so much credibility on issues, it's unlikely that voters will prefer his opaque promises to the straightforward solutions of the GOP, especially if the economy remains anemic after so much big talk and big government.
Even if Obama were inclined to play against type and offer straightforward solutions, his own precarious political position would not allow it.
The Wall Street Journal tells us that for the first time ever, the members of public employee unions outnumber the members of industrial unions. The slow demise of American manufacturing and the explosive growth of government means that 51 percent of the 15.4 million union workers are government employees. In 1973, they constituted less than 20 percent of the union work force.
The president and his party have always depended on unions for votes and done their bidding in Washington. Now, that means expanding the government as a jobs program for the party's most important constituency.
But alas, the more government jobs, the higher the burden on the private sector and the weaker the recovery.
That means Obama will struggle not only in the rhetorical struggle with Republicans over the economy. He will also have a devil of a time delivering results.

Obama Lied About Keeping Your Doctor And Some Still Believe Them

Holder: I Ordered Miranda Rights for Underwear Bomber

Attorney General Eric Holder says he made the decision to read the underwear bomber suspect his Miranda rights — and he’s hammering Republicans for politicizing a practice he says they backed when George W. Bush was in office.

“I made the decision to charge Mr. Abdulmutallab with federal crimes, and to seek his detention in connection with those charges, with the knowledge of, and with no objection from, all other relevant departments of the government,” Holder wrote in a letter to senators Monday.

He called the decision “fully consistent” with precedents set by “administrations of both parties.”

“Those policies and practices, which were not criticized when employed by previous administrations, have been and remain extremely effective in protecting national security,” he said.                                                                                                                                                                        He didn't of course say he lied, but admitted that it wasn't true. Now he tells us, months after 1) making the promise on multiple occasions, and 2) trying to ram the bill down our throats regardless. Of course, this is just another in a long string of broken promises. From Real Clear Politics via Instapundit, memeorandum: Obama's Stunning Admission. Here's the must-see video:
 I haven't seen anyone focus on the President's rather stunning admission about the Democrats' health care legislation (Video):
Obama outright admited he and the Democrats lied about keeping your doctor. How many times has he and his progressive minion say that "we can keep our doctor"? Common sense tells us that can't be true. I'm sure there are a lot more lies hiden within the 2000 pages. This is one more proof that the Democrats will lie to the people of America and sneek in a health care bill that will control us. I'm getting sick and tired of the liberals telling us to just trust the Democrats. We don't even trust our own party and you want us to trust yours? That would be dumb. But when these guys are cought lieing we need to cut that cancer out. We need to expect all of our politicians to tell the truth no matter what letter comes after your name. If you wouldn't have it if your spouse lied to you or your boss. There comes a lose of truts every time the Democrats and Republicans lie. Obama said he would pull out of Iraq in 2009,GITMO he promised would be closed by now,he said they wouldn't torture but only changed the definition,he said he would get the debt down and creat jobs. He said unemployment wouldn't get past 8% it's at 10.4% and he did it by design. He didn't make jobs or the economy his #1 priority. We still have the Partiot Act and a ton of lobiest in his admin. We all have reason to be pissed and we all need to speak up like we did with Bush on his progressive agendas. Thanks to the Democrats and the Republicans we might loose our AAA-rating. Just keep spending like there is no tommorow and there wont be.