Friday, July 16, 2010

Video: Carville Lashes Out At Administration Again


James Carville with Billy Nungesser on CNN says "the Federal Government is about to kill us" and the Interior Dept. (Ken Salazar) "don't have the foggiest idea what's going on". 2 days after Katrina is all it took the Democrats to attack the Bush admin. 2 flipping days. But in the end the Bush admin made the changes needed to fix what was broken. Within a few days after Katrina, Bush pulled the Jones act that allowed other governments to help us in our time of need.  Obama on the other hand took over 70 days to drop the Jones act. He did finally drop it but it took him forever. He let the EPA quiz them self on the world largest oil skimmer while oil keep coming. If you have a passenger in you car having a heart attack you drive fast and run lights to save them. You don't take you time,kick them out of your car to wait for an ambulance to come because you are not qualified to drive a heart attack victim. But that is what Obama did here. He held up everyone and everything. And so he had someone to blame he put BP in total charge of the hole thing? This is the same guy that took over GM and now that we are in a disaster he does nothing. It isn't the governments job to take over companies but it is their job to take over disasters caused by companies.  And I'm wondering where PETA,the Human Society,ACLU,NAACP and all the other shill organizations are when Obama refused to let the ships clean up the mess? Oh, they'll be there when a Republican is in charge. Just like clockwork. I'm also wondering what kind of role the unions played in holding up the spill clean up and if any of the liberal organizations will go after those unions for their part in the Jones act hold up? Now when Palin says something they will be on it like white on rice. They are so predictable in their partisan leanings. This is criminal what the Obama admin has done to the Gulf coast.No one expected Obama to "suck it up with a straw". But we never expected him to hold up the clean up so more of the Gulf can die. And there are still some dummies around that think we need bigger government? Those people are dumber then dirt if they can see that fact. Take your time you special little liberals. I'm sure at some point in time you will see that the Obama admin acted stupidly. Does anyone out there think the Obama admin did a good job with this disaster?

WATCH: Liberal Media Freaks Out Over Obama Collapse

Once again the Democrats are cracking. They just don't get it. They can't understand why Americans are falling off the progressive band wagon. Obama poll numbers have been on a steady slide down or crash if you will. The Democrats made good on their promises. The problem is the Democrats didn't fix anything. Just look a the abortion of a bill obamacare,the stimulus bill,BP disaster the take over of GM and the way they are losing the wars. If a chef tells you he will cook yo0u a meal and he delivers on that meal but it is made from shit. Do you have the right to complain about the meal you just got? Well the Obama admin and the Democrats in congress fed us shit and told us it is good. Sorry you Democrats can't get it through your thick skulls but you have been doing a shitty job for us since you took over. Things didn't start to go sideways until the Democratic party took over both houses of congress during the Bush years. America is wising up to the lies and political games from the left. It looks like even the NAACP is trying to backpedal on it's racist remarks about the Tea Party. The liberal games that you on the the left have been using for decades aren't working as effectively as they used too.

Call us racist and America haters all you want. It only shows us your true colors. It's time the Tea Party starts watching out for some racist liberals at our Tea Parties. I'm sure all these rants from the left wing media is giving them ideas of how to infiltrate the Tea Party with racism. These libs are like animals backed into a corner. They will lash out. I wouldn't put it past a liberal to bomb a building to make it look like a Tea Partier did it. They've done it many times in the past so why not now? And when a Democrat starts to cry like these liberals do just tell them they got everything they wanted over the last 18 month and nothing has worked. Ask them why that is?