Saturday, December 19, 2009

Democrats Are Acting Desperate On Climate And Health Care Reform

The left wing Democrats are acting desperate in both the health care bill and the climate summit. Once they start pushing as hard as they are now on bothe climate and health care we know they have lost. This is the Democrats last chance to push our country into socialism based country like the EU. As a profesional salesman for over 14 years I know a hard sell when I see it. The Democrats know they are giving use some bad bills and they have to make this happen now or it will never happen. They know it will never happen because they know that the truth will come out about the product they are pushing on us. The Democrats know that the lid is coming off and that is why they are pushing for a now or never doomsday type hard sell on us. When the salesperson a gives you the "buy it know" pitch get up and walk away or you will regret your decision. If this health care bill is such a good buy for America why are they so afraid to give us time to read the bill? Lets start seeing these poloticians for what they are, profesional used car salespeople that must make these deal or else. And if they vote yes on a bill we or they have read then in 2010 we must get rid if those snakes.