Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anti-Fox News Media Matters’ Ad Will Air on Fox News Tonight

Remember when Media Matters got all revved up over News Corp.’s $1 million donation to the GOP?  Media Matters wanted to buy ad time on Fox News.  TV Newser tells us tonight’s the night:
Fox News said it would air the ad, provided some minor tweaks were made and MMFA ponied up the dough. Well, Media Matters has made the tweaks and come up with the cash, so the ad will air on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight.
Why do the MSM get so bent when the right do what the left do? Take for example the way the MSM is going apeshit ober the Koch Brothers money when the left have had Soros? I think it is great that Fox News is open to free speeck in advertising. And i think it is great that Media Matters is paying for it. Just think of all the free publicity Fox News and Media Matters will get from the MSM.

Ed Schultz Guest Fears Christian Fundamentalists More Than Islamic Fundamentalists

Seriously these libs are going off the wall into a faux reality. Since when is the threat of burning the Koran by a church of 35 people worse then the thousands of Muslims threatening to kill all Americans in retaliation? We have seen numerous beheadings of
Americans and murders in the name of Islam. And when Americans get upset with a Mosque being put in at ground zero the Muslim world threatens us with retaliation's by killing Americans. Talk about an unfounded phobia of a religion that teaches Love. You libs just keep telling your faux phobic fear mongering stories and maybe, just maybe some window licker will believe it.

Tea Party Protesters Get In Obama's Face

President Barack Obama's motorcade drives towards the White House past Tea Party protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue as he returns from playing basketball at Fort McNair in Washington, Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

 I'm sure the Organizer-N-Chef wishes he was back on the other side of the protests. Since he has taken office and since the Democratic Party took over our political scene we have grown our poverty class to record levels and our true unemployment is rising along with it. Do you remember when the Democratic Party bitched about unemployment when Bush was president? And his average unemployment was at 5.2% for his terms. Do you remember the checks we got and the tax breaks with the recession Bush got? We came out of that recession in no time plus we were given the money to spend.  It made a tangible impact on our economy. But this time around the Democratic Party gave our money to  who they chose. Like the unions,big businesses that were too big to fail. Aren't those big businesses still to big to fail? How is this admin. helping out the young and the black? Blacks are poorer now and unemployment among blacks is at around 16% and young peoples unemployment is at around 23% now. The stimulus's haven't done anything they were promised to do. In fact things not only haven't gotten better but instead they have gotten worse. Our health care costs haven't gone down like Obama and the Democratic Party told us it would. In fact the price of insurance has gone way up even faster then before. And the cure the Democrats have come up with is to threaten those insurance companies for reacting to the new legislation coming their way. I'm sure that will build confidence in the businesses that create jobs. But that is the Democratic Parties way now. They threaten businesses with the strong arm of the government to create jobs and then they wonder why the job creators stopped creating jobs. Idiots!  But the protesters and companies better watch out for this regime. A kid of 17 in London  sent a email to President Obama while he had been drinking heavy and this admin. response was to visit the kids and tell him he can never come to America again. Talk about an admin. that is totally unhinged and overboard with their reactions. They need to start acting like leaders instead of schoolyard bullies. An WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up more for our right when our government become tyrannical to it's citizens and the businesses that our citizens stated that give jobs to WE THE PEOPLE.

Arianna Huffington Make a Fool Out of Herself


As NewsBusters has previously reported, liberal Internet publisher Arianna Huffington is breathtakingly ignorant when it comes to basic economic theory.On Sunday, she proved it again by making an absolute fool of herself on ABC's "This Week."With the "Roundtable" segment beginning on the subject of the economy, Huffington noted how the failure of the banking bailout to stimulate growth was "proof that the government does not work."In a stunning display of both idiocy and hypocrisy, she moments later demanded more financial regulations, including a reinstatement of the Depression Era Glass-Steagall Act, to - wait for it! - stimulate the economy.Adding insult to injury, George Will was available to really make clear what an absolute imbecile Huffington is.But we are seeing a lot of this kind of idiocy coming from the left in power. The reason why the left are stepping all over their stories is because they are all lies with about 10% truth. The BS the left wing have been handing us is coming to light the longer they are in power. I'd love to see how stupid they get during some of the debates.