Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open Debate On Liberation Theology

If you are or have a lot of knowledge of Liberation Theology please post your thoughts on this debate. I live in the Detroit area and know 2 Black Liberation Theologians preachers personally. Knowing only two liberation preachers doesn't make me a know it all on the subject. But I was amazed at how little they know of the Bible. The held the Bible when they preached but they never gave quotes with context. They were also both car salesmen in Detroit as well as preachers. A better representative of Liberation Theology is Obama's pastor for over 20 years Rev. J.Wright. I've spent a lot of time before Obama became president listening to Rev.Wrights sermons. I wanted to see who the man is that Obama said had such a great influence over our President. Glenn Beck did a good job of teaching the history and fundamental theological differences between Liberation Theology and Biblical Theology. YouTube has all the Glenn Beck and Wright videos on this subject. I know my Lutheran M.S. Christian faith has played a major role in who I am and what I believe. Being a Lutheran M.S. we use the Bible as reference for everything. We also use the writings of Martin Luther small and large Catechism for better understanding of the Bible. I believe the the Bible is Holy and the inspired word of God. This is so you know where I'm coming from in the debate. The Debate is on what you know or feel about Liberation Theology and it's impact on our country and our First Family.