Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Is The Extreme?

The Democratic Party has become too extreme. We need to get back to our founding principles of small government. And the only way we can do that is to get rid of these extremists in our government.

Don't They Care About The People That Lost So Much On 9/11 In The Name Of Islam?

9/11 Families Criticize Ground Zero Mosque Plan

an Breaks with Obama on Mosque

How can these Muslims be so heartless to do this to these poor people? Now when they go down to their family members grave, they will hear the call of prayer as a reminder of what religions name it was done in. They will hear the call of prayer and "Alahu Akbar" the same words those Islamic terrorist used. Even Dean has enough sense to know right from wrong. And all those left wingers that tried to make this about the Constitution need help. Why is it that the left wing nutcases always side with our enemies or against the American people? Isn't it time you liberals start working towards the betterment of America, instead of the destruction of it? And what Pelosi said was just plan crazy. Don't forget to call her office and tell her what you think of her last statement about intimidating the ground zero families that are against this Mosque.

Half Million More Jobs Lost

We have lost another half million jobs this month. This recession is not getting better like the Democrats promised. We paid a lot of money to end this recession and we are hemorrhaging jobs every month since the Stimulus and other jobs bills. We have yet to see a month were we have gained jobs. Even the worse recessions end at some point in time,usually in less then 18 months. When the Democrats let the tax cuts expire and we are all paying more in taxes do you think that will help or hurt the jobs market? If you think it will help then you need help. But what do you expect the employers to do when they are faced with the most anti-business and anti-employment administration in our lifetime? This admin. has made it hard for those "rich fat cat" employers to keep doing business in this country. And since this admin has taken office they have made everything but main street employment their focus. This admin has given added costs in health insurance that is being trickled down to the employee or consumer. But the left keep blaming Bush and the Republican Party even though Bush has been gone for almost  years now and Congress has been run by the Democratic Party for almost years now. When will enough be enough and when will this admin and the Democratic Party take responsibility for what they are doing to our economy? We told the left that this would happen. The left told us they would make things better. Who do you believe now? But the Democrats will offer more unemployment benefits to the unemployed while the Republican will offer a change in coarse so that the private sector can start to create jobs again without fear of reprisal from the government. At some point in time the unemployed will realize their is no such thing as free money for their vote. If you want a job then you need to vote against everyone that is in office now. Because that is the only way we will get the change we need to create jobs in this country again.

Harry Reid Birthright Video Found

We have come to expect hypocrisy from these politicans.

Our Combat Troops Are Out Of Iraq

This is great news. I'm so happy that we are pulling out of Iraq. Please feel free to give your views and opin.