Friday, October 21, 2011

Is 'Occupy Wall Street' Good For The Republicans?

Laura Ingraham and Bill O'Reilly discuss the hypocrisies of the Occupy Wall Street Protests. Ingraham calls it  'deep anti-americanism' and says, "They've been itching for a fight ever since I think the Tea Party became more powerful and the midterm elections came in, and Obama's just not working out very well."

Furious New York City residents sounded off at a community meeting Thursday night over the hundreds of Occupy Wall Streets encamped in Zuccotti Park.
“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” stay-at-home mom Katherine Hughes told the New York Post. “A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

Public sex, open drug usage and nudity have been reported in the park — occupied for more than a month by anti-capitalists. Hundreds have been arrested but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given his blessing for the protesters to remain in the park for as long as they want.

Residents said enough is enough. Maybe the Tea Party should send a truck load of cat litter to these filthy Obamaville protests. The fact is these protests are chaotic filthy shanty towns to say the least. This isn't Woodstock out in the middle of no mans land. Anyone in their right mind would want to be anywhere near these protests. But that hasn't stoped Obama and the Democratic Party from wallowing with them. Birds of a feather do flock together, that is for sure. This unhinged group of mostly white youth has done nothing but open the eyes to who the Democratic Party have become. People are starting to get scared of these neo-Democrats or socialist democrats. There is even talk that these protesters are going to riot at both the Republican and Democratic Party conventions. The police in these two cities is training up for it right now. Everyone will expect that these protests are going to be all over the RNC. I can't wait to hear the commentary on the DNC riots.  What will the Democrats do then? Blame Bush? Say it all happened because the Obama jobs bill didn't get passed?

Americans wanted a professional community organizer for president and this is what they do. They make the mess and let someone else clean it up. Thanks to video and youtube we all can see who is doing what. Now if the main stream media can do what the protesters want and put them on TV telling us we will all be happier. The more we hear the less we like what these protests are all about. It's the opposite of the Tea Party movement. The more people listened and watched us the more they liked what they heard. That is why the Tea Party put so many candidates in power. Liberals are going to be purged from the Democratic Party but not before they do some lasting damage to it.

But don't you worry. Once the OWS liberals finish their final death roll the Tea Party will come in and clean up the mess. It will be a hard lesson for the Democratic Party. Conservatives will clean up this country the same way they cleaned up Canada.

What are your thoughts on the OWS protests and their toll on the Democratic Party? Do you think these protesters will show up at the DNC? Do you think going on the OWS blogs and trolling for support in protesting the DNC is a good idea? Do you think the OWS protesters are waking up to the fact that the
Dems are also at fault for this mess?