Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jon Stewart On Climategate

Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 12:34 PM
Wesley J. Smith

It’s sad when Jon Stewart on the Comedy Channel does the MSM’s job.  Climategate is a huge and growing scandal, and yet many outlets continue to pretend it is just powdered sugar, while the NYT won’t even report what was in the e-mails based on “policy” (even though it linked directly to the stolen Sarah Palin e-mails).   But Jon Stewart sees clearly that catastrophic has been done to the cause of global warming hysteria.

Climategate Another "Created" Thing By The Democrats

But if you want a really good example of how deeply polarized the issue is, take a look at these TV exchanges. In the first, George Will says the C.R.U. material shows the scientists “suppressing criticism, gaming the peer-review process, and all the rest,” while Paul Krugman states “There’s nothing in there”:

And in this conversation between Stuart Varney and Ed Begley Jr. — well, hold on to your hat:

Many blogs covering the topic are just as bombastic. The most prominent

The World Is Coming To An End

The world is coming to an end. The North and South poles are melting. The world is going to flood again even though God said he wouldn't do that again. We need to act now. Everyone needs to send the Democrats everything they have to save the planet. Only we can contol the weather of the planet and only we can stop the distruction that is coming from MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. It is the worse thing to ever happen and the costs will be outragous but well worth it. The polar bear are dieing faster then ever even though there are more polar bears now then over the last 100 years. Now we know all this is a lie and so did they. I feel bad for those poor people that put there reputations on the line because the science was a lie. Al Gore knew it that is why he has a carbon footprint the size of Texas. Some idiots even went out to by an electric Japanese car because they believed those liberal lies. It seems like the Democrats were in on it as they had the most to gain from the new economy they would create because of MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. We conservatives have been trying to tell these sheeple but they wouldn't listen. They said the ski was falling and when we said it wasn't they called us names. Now don't you all look the fool? The debate isn't over and the Democrats have been caught with their hands in the climategate jar. This is a big hoax for profit by the Democrat for the Democrats. We conservatives were the ones trying to bring cooler heads to the debate while the Democrats wanted to stop the debate and Tax the crap put of us taxpayers for their profit. We need to teach these crooks a leason. What do you think we should do about this lie of a lifetime? Why isn't the media covering it for the news that it is? Are they in on it and how high up and how broad does this scam go? We the people need to start looking at all the science and make sure we aren't being lied to on other things.

The True Face Of War