Saturday, May 29, 2010

Days After Katrina

Two days after Katrina is when the media and the Democrats started to go off and blame Bush for those people not leaving when they were told to. It's been over a month of doing next to nothing and they haven't started blaming Obama. In fact the left think we are off our rockers for blaming him now so late in the oil spill. You should see all the video and the contrast of how the left treated Bush.

What Memorial Day Message Would You Like to Send Our Vets, Troops?

I would like to thank all that have served this country. Don't forget to thank them this Memorial Day. May God bless you all for your past and present service. And don't forget how the Democrats treated our service people in the past.

Must Watch Video: Troops Returning Home to Surprise Loved Ones

The Faces of War

Cpl. Rhett Buford

Army Private First Class Da'Shonda Shedd

Captain Jason Ford

New Ads Hit Dems for Clapping for Calderon


Here are two ads put out by the Republican Party of Virginia. The ads focus on the behavior of Virginia Democrats Tom Perriello and Rick Boucher when Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke to a Joint Session of Congress and advocated for reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban. He did so under the false statement that most of the assault weapons in Mexico are coming from the United States.

The ads point out that Congressional Democrats “couldn’t get to their feet fast enough” to applaud Calderon when he made his statement. The ads urge people to call Perriello or attend a Boucher Town Hall Meeting and ask them in they stood up for Calderon, or if they stand up for the Second Amendment.