Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Should Sarah Palin Run For President In 2012?

Let's take a good look at Sarah Palin and what she has done for the Republican Party. We all know the left-wing and media can't stand her. That's a plus in my eyes.

I'd like to see her run. Not because I think she will be the best candidate. At this point I like Herman Cain the most. I want Palin to run because she brings excitement back to the Republican Party. This helps out all the candidates in the Republican Party. We all know that the Republican Party can use some excitement right about now.

Either way, this election year will be a feisty one. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Shariamerica: Islam In America

We deserve what we get if we are willing to set by and let it happen and not
say anything because we don't want to upset the Muslims. 
Take the time to watch and listen to the following.  Is this America???Unbelievable !!!  
Heaven help our country.