Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barack Obama And The New Black Panther Party


What would the media do if President Bush had ties to the KKK?  Would you support a President and a Party that uses racism as a tool to get elected? Why do Democrats think so highly of these racist organization? You better wake up and realize that the Democratic Party is using your white skin to antagonize voters. The Obama admin and the Democratic Party are using these racist organizations to paint anyone that doesn't agree with the Obama admin as racist. This comes at a time when 60% of Americans have little to no faith in the President. This is right out of the book Rules For Radicals. We have come to a place in this country when we have a black president. Is this really believable? Obama is using his community organizing tactics on a much larger scale. If you think it is OK for the President of America to have had ties to a racist organization then please tell me why this doesn't bother you? I know it didn't bother the left that Byrd was a KKK member so why would I think it would bother them that Obama had ties to the NBPP? It's no wonder he had Eric Holder let these NBPP intimidaters off the hook with barely a slap on the hand.

NAACP to Condemn 'Hardcore White Supremacist' Tea Party and First Lady Tells NAACP: America Still Unequal


ABC News reports: First Lady Michelle Obama brought renewed energy to the NAACP today, delivering the keynote speech at the annual convention one day before the nation's largest civil rights group is expected to condemn what it calls racist elements in the Tea Party movement. The NAACP is expected to approve a resolution at its annual convention condemning the "tea party" movement for harboring "racist elements that are a threat to our democracy," a spokeswoman for the civil rights organization said Monday. The proposed resolution states that the "movement is not just about higher taxes and limited government but something that could evolve and become more dangerous," NAACP spokeswoman Leila McDowell said. Delegates gathering in Kansas City, Mo., will consider the resolution as early as Tuesday. The resolution would be the latest and perhaps the most pointed denunciation of the tea party movement, which has pushed back against recurring accusations of racism since its inception a year and a half ago. Critics have pointed to signs carried by tea party supporters that mock President Obama and his Kenyan ancestry and to repeated questions by protesters about Obama's U.S. citizenship. The accusations intensified after reports that a tea party protester directed a racial epithet at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a longtime civil rights leader, during a Washington rally in March. Then and now, tea party leaders have distanced themselves from what they described as the work of fringe elements. Several also questioned the legitimacy of the Lewis report, asking why it had not been caught on video. In response to the NAACP resolution, two tea party leaders said Monday that any racism was the responsibility of a few bad actors and not the larger movement. It sure does look like the NAACP and the White House are hand in hand in politics as usual. The NAACP is just trying to discredit the Tea Party by calling them a racist organization. This is Chicago politics/community organizing at it's finest. Nothing like painting with a broad brush. I'm very disappointed in the actions of these black organizations and the politics they are willing to play to further their agenda. It will be up to the President and the First Lady to address this subject since they have put themselves in the middle of it. We need to also take a close look at the beliefs of the Obama's on race. They both went to a Black Liberation Church and we need to ask ourselves if the First Family and many in their admin. believe what they preach at these churches. I've met many black racist in my years of working with them. I never paid them much mind. But now we could be looking at a racist in the White House like Woodrow Wilson. I'd hate to think that the American people put in another racist like Woodrow Wilson. What do you think about the Obama connection to these kinds of organizations and their sympathy for them?