Friday, December 11, 2009

How Do We Fix What Is Wrong With America Without Breaking Anything Else?

This is an open thread. Please post nice and have fun educating us. Feel free to ask questions  on any subject you would like. And also fell free to give answers.

Detroit Is The Most Messed Up City

As many of you have already heard Detroit public schools has the worst test scores in our nations history. If you want to see what happens to a city and a people when run as liberal as you can just look at Detroit. The Democrats would like everyone to blame the color of the peoples skin for the shape the city is in. But we conservatives know better. We know that the amount of melanin in ones skin has nothing to do with thier character. But the left would like us all to believe color of skin is the problem not the 40 yrs of liberal rule and distruction of a city. Detroit has raised a generation of people that are wanting much but ignorent. Unemploiyment in the Motorcity is at an all time high. But no worries because the liberals will make sure they keep throwing money at the problem. See that is what Detroit has done for decades is throw money at it. The teachers can't teach the kids so they need more money. And the amount of Democrats that are corrupt amazes me. In the liberal mind they never fix anything. They just make it much worse. Vouchers have been a proven way to fix the problems in Detroit but that would hurt the unions. The Democrats don't care about the kids. They just care about unions and their votes. For the past 40 yrs we have tryed liberal rule in Detroit and we have gone from the best city to the worst. Houses in Detroit are selling for $7,000 all day long. So if this is the future you want for our country lets keep doing what Obama and the Democrats want. It's time we stop blamming the color of the skin and start blamming the liberal "give me" culture of corruption the Democrats have made. It is way past the time of repentence for Detroit and our country. And we must stop enabling these liberal cities and states because they will never learn the values needed to run a city,state or country for that matter. Please pray for our brothers and sister in Detroit as they have little choice in the quality of education they will get.