Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be A Part Of The Peaceful Revolution

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Beatles- Revolution -Thanks to our readers for suggesting the addition of this video. Michigan really does need a political revolution.



  1. Listen to what the liberal views of the 60's were and how we can tape in to them.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. They are out of control on that web page. A little jabbing here and there is ok but what they do is out of control. I emailed them and no answer. I want this blog to be fun and educational. I'm still trying to figure out what way I'd like to go with this blog. I like the fact that we are throwing out a conservative net of information and entertainment.

  4. I'm deleting my previous comment because of who it references. Too much info out there and they will be able to find the site.

    Dude, you have to delete that Marley video and find a different one. It automatically plays when I go to your blog and slows my computer waaaaay down.

  5. Hey Chris, guess who is loving rape now? Yep, it's the Democrats, especially Bruce Fealk!

    Too bad that we won't see this splashed across the OakLib Press, but I guess nobody reads that rag anymore, now that they have gotten so radical. And their editors are crappy as well, made for a terrible paper. I hope they go under soon, that is a great place for a bar.

  6. Chris or anyone,
    I am normally pretty good at American flag history but am stumped by seeing some flags at the last NBC/Troy protest ;
    They look like the original 13 stars in a circle but has two straight,vertical bars in the center.

    I am at a loss to find info?

    I seek further info on it i.e.;
    History,name,meaning and where to get one.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Christopher - Sorry I missed you at the rally, I was there.

    I too was wondering about the flag with the two vertical bars. People are putting that on their flags to symbolize the 2nd Revolution (peaceful, of course) that is going on to gain back our freedoms and break away from the politics and tyranny that the Obama Administration represents. At least that is what I was told.

    Other than that, the flag with the circle of stars is the good ol' Betsy Ross.

  8. Thanks John,so the bars are "home-made" or personally added then. They looked professional to me.

    p.s.; I could not make it to the protest but was there in spirit to be sure,I saw the flags in pictures on a site Chris posted.

  9. I think they are making them somewhere, you might be able to find them on-line, but it sounds like you have been doing some research and not finding them. You might be right, they might be home-made.

    There was a guy selling flags at the last rally; if I see him at another one I will check with him about where to get that, if you are interested. Big Chris has seen the guy at several events.

  10. There are a bunch of Revolution flags out now. At least we aren't like the libs at the G 20 summit.

  11. John you are clueless just like Chris and Christopher. You people don't know what is good for this country. I can't believe there are people in this world like you people.

  12. Tell me pussy, what is good for this country? You think Bruce Fealk and his radical-liberal ideals are good for this country? Donald, put down your bong and get out and walk. Stop blaming all of your troubles on PTSD. Does your work know that you hit the pipe every day?

  13. Anonymous, how do Andrew's sweaty balls taste? I remember Bruce saying he really enjoyed them when he was getting teabagged. I think it is disgusting, but Bruce said that he really enjoyed it. You liberals are so sick. You think giving facial love to another man is natural. How about we give you California and you keep your disgusting proclivities over there.


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