Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Free Market Is Under Attack

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The free market that made us the richest country the world has ever known is under attack by Congress and the Obama admin. Why does this admin. lie about our place in the world? Why do they lie about the free market and it's role in making us so wealthy as a country? Why do the Democrats tell us we are a bad country? Why do we as Americans allow this to happen to our great nation without so much as a word from the masses? It is time to get angry at these people. We have a rightious anger. Just ask yourself what would this world have been like if it didn't have an America in it. 20% of this great nation is liberal. The other 80% are moderate to conservative in idealogy. Who do you think should control the path of our great nation America? Now get up and do something about it. Tell your friends to watch Fox News or to go on the many blogs to get informed.  You are the soldiers that are left behind to fight the war on this country from the inside out. Stand up to the liberal minority and tell them you wont be silent anymore. God's speed and do it with the love in your heart He gave you.


  1. Good one Chris, It is imperative that those people be stopped in their tracks, This disaster has been a blessing in disguise, people are finally waking up to what is haapening to their country.

    Here is a nice video you might also enjoy

  2. Good morning, Chris and other readers. I would have to say you're stating the obvious when it comes to the Liberals saying our Country was misbehaving and needs to be held accountable. I think that goes along with the "Change you can believe in" slogan from last fall, though.

    Americans wanted change and they voted (as a population) for changes. The change begins with stopping, undoing, chastising, blaming and reversing earlier courses of action all in order to change the direction of the country, its tone, its values, its mindset.

    How does the American public voice its displeasure with the current direction? By using elections and campaigns. It's never too early to be discussing the next elections. So here I go.

    Let's see, there are a few of key elections going on in the off-year cycle. Virginia's governor's race is one that is a good indicator for the mood around the Capital. If the Democrat is replaced by the Republican, then it could serve as a message to the Obama administration that his direction is not the correct one and alignment is needed. (I don't suspect he's going to take just one message, but many to see a pattern.)

    McDonnell (R) will take that race.

    The New York 23rd district special election to replace Rep. McHugh. If the Congressional Democrats start losing seats to the Republicans, then the Democratic Leadership in the House will respond, but not kindly.

    In the NY race, Hoffman is the conservative’s (Conservative Party) favorite while Scozzafava is the moderate’s favorite, which includes the moderate republicans. I project that Hoffman is going to take that race rather easily.

    New Jersey’s governor’s race is too close to call at this point. With New Jersey typically a Democrat (moderate Democrats though) state, this is an alarm and its location near New York City could give an indication of what the city is thinking too.

    However, the NYC mayor’s race is Bloomberg’s for the taking. Bloomberg is running as an independent, but we know where his loyalties really lie.

    So is this enough of a trend to have the Obama administration tweek their direction? Probably not.

    So my suggestion, aligned mostly to Chris’ but a little divergent, is NOT only watch and read and learn (please read more than the conservative information, more than Fox News though, please?????) is to WRITE, CALL, AND EMAIL your representatives in the State Assemblies, The Congress (that is both houses), and your President. We live in a Democratic Republic for a reason. Use the power to affect the change you want to see. (Remember I said two ways, elections and campaigns, so start your own campaign by being actively involved in your community again by writing, speaking, and acting in a appropriate manner.)

    (As a disclaimer, I am a moderate, fence sitting, intellectual who is not encumbered by pets, children or a wife and whom I voted for isn’t really the issue.)

  3. I'm amazed by how many people have so little knowledge of what's happening in our country. And you are right about that 20%. They are the most vocal and the most reported on.

  4. Thank you all for your perspectives. It shows us that left right and middle still have more in common then not. We are in the informing faze of this election cycle. And also as Ken said we need to not indoctrinate ourselves by watching only one view. That is why I welcome both side to opin. The right side is learning much from the left by watching and listening to them. We have learned how to rally,write,blog and every other way they and now we have used to move gov't in a direction. We need the left to keep us honest and strong. The left either change our view or galvinize the view we already have.

  5. Cap and Trade will be the next HIT the Economy will take,Ruining Private Sector in this Country as we know it along with much Higher Energy cost to all Citizens. Now China and India will not sign any kind of agreement and where does that put this COUNTRY. My guess we will become PART of World Community which I believe was part of this Administrations Agenda from the begining.
    Once again do not judge the Preisedent by what he SAYS but by what he does. Also look at the People who he surrounds HIMSELF with and takes ADVICE from and you will immediately see his POLITICAL leanings and it AINT Democracy!

  6. Doug what a nice song and video. Thank you for leting us know about it.

  7. It cracks me up to no end that vomamike and Bruce are always complaining about tax havens for businesses, and offshore accounts, and all that, when the HuffPo releases a story about how the US is the biggest offender. What do you have to say about this vomamike?

    USA Tops International Tax Haven List, Thanks To Delaware

    Read more at:

    The Government Accountability Office likes to point its finger at Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands for sheltering tax cheats. But according to the U.K.-based Tax Justice Network, the United States is the biggest tax shelter of 'em all, thanks to the great state of Delaware.
    Delaware, says the Tax Justice Network, is "the most secretive financial jurisdiction in the world." That's based on an analysis of 60 financial jurisdictions according to level of secrecy and cooperation with foreign tax authorities.
    Luxembourg comes in second, followed by the Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and the United Kingdom.

    Here are some fun facts about Delaware, per TJN's release:
    * According to the Delaware Secretary of State's office their operating budget was $12 million in 2007 and they made $24 million in the fees for expedited incorporation filings alone.

    * There are currently some 695,000 active entities registered in Delaware, including 50 percent of the corporations publically traded on the U.S. stock exchange.
    * New business formations in Delaware are currently running at about 130,000 per annum.
    * The growth of private individual deposits by non-residents was most robust in the United States outranking other popular financial jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, United Kingdom, and Luxembourg with total non-resident deposits equalling $2.6 trillion in 2007.

    Nicole Tichon of U.S. PIRG, probably the foremost homegrown tax-haven basher, said the United States needs to get its tax act together.
    "If the U.S. wants to be taken seriously by the international community and try to get their cooperation, then we've got to crack down on what's going on here at home. We can't have it both ways," said Tichon. "Bank secrecy breeds the same problems, the same criminal behavior, and puts up the same roadblocks to law enforcement regardless of where it occurs. As long as the U.S. government looks the other way, it diminishes our credibility on this issue."
    The Obama administration talked a good game at first about clamping down on U.S. corporations that abuse tax shelters, but the administration has since waffled.
    Click here for the full rankings.

    Read more at:

  8. You people make me ill. You're pure evil.

  9. Nobody is making you read it anonymous. You must be seeing something of value.

  10. Also I see you anonymous, like every liberal, have no answer in return. If you have some facts that dispute what is said, feel free. Chris leaves this an open forum, he just wants some open dialog and debate. Unfortunately, he is always left wanting.

  11. You people can't believe this shit do you? You Republicans are the dumbest people in the world. If you need proof is GWB enough?

  12. If Hoffman wins, that just means that the crazy wing of the Republican party has taken over the asylum. That seat has been Republican for over 150 years. It is the most conservative district in New York. But the fact that the Republican candidate was driven from the race by a carpetbagger does not bode well for the Republican party.

  13. Or Bruce it could be the begining of the end for the liberal Democratic party. It's still early to tell what kind of damage Obama and Congress has don to the Democratic party. The Republicans better find their direction fast or the conservatives might go third party. I have hope that we can get a fiscally conservative governance. Bruce how long has that seat been Democrate for? And didn't Obama win that district? A hit is still a hit no matter how big it is. That will be a hit to Obama and the Democrats. How big of a hit we will see. Did anyone see that SNL Olbermann spoof? That Kieth Olbermann is the biggest buffoon. I can't believe the left make fun of Beck when they has the retard Keith Olbermann. Wasn't he a failed sports caster? What revelations has he had???

  14. We Americans got so tired of being thought of as dumb asses by the
    rest of the world that we went to the polls last November and removed all doubt.

    KFC has done it again!!
    KFC just announced an addition to their chicken dinners.
    It's called the Obama Cabinet Bucket.
    It consists of nothing but left wings and assholes.

    Meanwhile, I see Bruce has just one talking point from Anita Dunn and MoveOn, that if Hoffman wins it's a radical wing. It's all he has so he has to repeat it on every blog, including Chris and Brian's. So sad Bruce. Have you ever had an original thought or opinion in your life?

    Bruce is scared because Hoffman was chosen by the people. Bruce prefers that he is told who the good and evil are, based on party. It cracks me up to no end that the Democrats are all concerned about the Republicans and who is running against their loser Owens. If it was so solidly Republican what would they care, it would be a foregone conclusion and wouldn't warrant any time. Bruce demonstrates every time how afraid he is, when all he can do is attack Beck, Hoffman, et. al. He attacks the messenger, because he has no way possible to attack the message.

    Bruce, have you EVER provided a fact to back up your idiotic opinions?

    Answer my questions Bruce! You pathetic loser. And those are facts, you are PATHETIC and a LOSER. Facts backed up by every one of your comments. Thanks for providing my source material!! LOL

  15. It is too funny they complain of carpet baggers, and just who is the biggest carpet bagger from New York? Why of course Hillary Clinton. Sheeesh they never complained about that.
    No they are just whining because they thought they had this race all sewed up because of the splitting of the vote,It just aint going to happen and the real American canidate is going to win.
    Dede shows her true colors after dropping out of the race and endorsing the democratic canidate. I say good riddance to her.

    Took your guys advice and started up my own blog . check it out and let me know what you think

  16. Hey, Chris, you many not have noticed, but the liberals are in charge and in the majority.

    Look it up, loser, that district is the most conservative in New York. It's a win-win for Democrats. If Hoffman wins, it just shows that there is no unity whatsoever in the Republican party and loons are in charge of the asylum.

    If the Democrat wins, a victory in a conservative district would be a miracle and another sign the Republican party is in disarray.

  17. Did I hurt your feelings by making fun or your idol Kieth Olbermann? Just asking some questions Bruce you don't have to get your panties in an uproar. You are way to sensative little buddy. Did you run out of your medical marijuana yesterday?lol

  18. John made a great point. Bruce if it doesn't matter then why are you posting it on all those blogs? Your actions and what you say don't match up like usual. And by his pissy reaction I'd say he is starting to realize the Democrats/liberals are in a heep of trouble. The only thing that makes him feel better is that the Republicans are still in bad shape. He sees that the Democrats are on their way down to where the Republicans are. I bet it hurts knowing that the Libertarians are taking more Democrats then Republicans away from their party right now.

  19. Doug,

    I have been enjoying your astute comments here on Chris' blog. I have added myself to your follower list, and will be adding you to the blogs that I watch.

    I look forward to reading your blog.

  20. Bruce - We really DIDN'T notice that the liberals are in charge and the majority... if that were the case, wouldn't it be a cinch for them to get whatever legislation they wanted passed?!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA... your precious Democrats are bought and sold by the corporations, unions, etc. What a joke this bunch of losers are. The only thing saving this country from the idiot liberals and their ideology is that they are so busy taking $$ from competing industries that they don't know which way to legislate!! ROFLMAO!!!

    I see Granholm is running around today to Saginaw and Traverse City trying to drum up support for tax increases! What a totally BONEHEADED move she made!! God, those vetos, I laughed my ASS off when she did that and then Bishop thanked her because they were going to have to make those cuts eventually, and she just moved them up on the schedule a little!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA.... Bruce, you liberal loonies are the best entertainment around! I meant it when I said I didn't have cable. But the reason is that you idiots provide all the entertainment for free!!

    And now EVERYBODY knows that Granholm is trying to use public safety and our kids as a tool to raise taxes, and they are all PISSED. I was checking out some comments on the Detroit News... not good. Liberals and their agendas are going to jack themselves over. And we have a front row seat to the entertainment. Grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

  21. Bruce is losing it! ROFLMAO... he likes to think he is SUCH a cool customer, with a level head, but Chris is in his head and Bruce is going nuts, even resorting to calling Chris a loser. Don't snap Bruce, you just hang in there big guy! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA.... the guy whose "majority, in charge" party is sucking worse than any party has ever sucked before!!! This is EFFING AWESOME to behold, these loser liberals and Democrats self-destructing right in front of our very eyes!!


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