Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care Open Debate

This is a open debate on health care reform and it's effects on our country. I would like to hear from many of the readers that don't post or haven't posted in the past. You don't have to attach your name to it if you don't feel comfortable doing so. It is important that we dialogue about this bill. Have fun and try and be nice to one another.


  1. There is a study out today that is damaging to the Democrats efforts to pass health care in the Senate.

    On Saturday, when constituents cannot contact their Senators’ offices because they’ll be closed, the United States Senate will vote on a cloture motion to debate the health care legislation.

    This is important — a vote in favor of cloture on the motion to proceed (a parliamentary issue) is, in effect, a vote for the health care legislation. Why? Because Harry Reid has enough votes to pass the health care legislation by a simple majority, but he does not have the 60 votes necessary to proceed to debate, any Senator voting for cloture is voting for the health care plan.

    Roll Call reports that according to the Congressional Research Service, “[a] study of Senate voting patterns shows the chamber has approved more than 97 percent of all bills subject to a cloture motion to begin debate — a finding that could undercut Democratic efforts to paint a key health care vote on Saturday as procedural.”

    In fact, “since 1999 the Senate has approved 97.6 percent of all bills when lawmakers first voted to begin debate.”

    Some Senators, like Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, want the health care legislation to pass, but know politically she would lose if she voted for it. So unless pressure is brought to bear on her and others, she may vote “yes” on cloture for the motion to proceed and then try to hide behind a no vote later.

    We cannot let that happen. Call your two Senators all day today and demand they vote no on the motion to proceed. The phone number to call is 202-224-3121.

  2. Well, I live in a completely blue state, so anything I'd say to my senators would go in one ear and out the other. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are some of the most liberal ladies in the Senate.

    However, you want my thoughts on health care.

    I am the mother of a son who was born with a life threatening heart condition. From the day of his birth 3 1/2 years ago until his surgery/recovery period at age 4 months, he racked up 2 MILLION dollars in health costs. His surgery was only $16,000 of that. We had insurance for some and received charitable donations for some, and negotiated a discount for the rest and paid it. Ourselves.

    To me, the issue with health care, and everyone saying "We can't let people die" is just, again, turning the issue away from what really matters--that God decides who lives or dies, period. Even with the surgery my son had, he still could have died. We as a taxpaying community could pay out our ass for someone to receive coverage which they use to fight a disease like cancer, and they could still die. Newsflash--people die. And, before we're born, God knows when and how and NOTHING we do will change that. NOTHING.

    Those are my initial thoughts. I have more but I've got to attend to my kids. Here's a post from this past summer that my blog co-author wrote that generated excellent discussion on healthcare from a biblical perspective...bleh, for some reason the link won't paste, I'll be back with it.

  3. Here's the link, it's really a great, intelligent read.


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