Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Libberman Is Digging In His Heels And Will Filibuster Health Care

The Wall Street Journal reports Joe Lieberman is digging in his heels. He will filibuster any health care legislation that contains a public option, even if the legislation allows states to opt-out.
Lieberman has been a thorn in the side of the left ever since they decided to challenge him back in 2006. In that year, the left beat Lieberman in the Connecticut Democrat Primary. Lieberman decided to stay in as an independent in the general election and won. With a number of his long time Senate friends endorsing the Democrat in 2006 because the man had a “D” next to his name, Lieberman has been his own man ever since.
Lieberman retains his Senate committee chairmanship and the privileges of being a Democrat member of the Senate. That may change soon as Harry Reid is staking his reputation on passage of the health care legislation.                                                                                                                                              This health care reform is bad for women,elderly and the sick and the Democrats want it that way. You will be paying for this bill for 5 years before it is viable. How does that make you feel knowing that the Democrats plan does nothing but underfund Medicare/caid for 5 years while you might need help now. Can you afford another tax? Can the country afford another tax without any immediate benefits? And the worse part is the Democrat bill doesn't cover everybody. So why are they trying to takeover 1/6 of the economy in such a hurry? I think it's because they are power hungry and this will feed the Democrats need for more govt power in their progressive agenda.


  1. It does not feel like it, but we are winning the war against ObamaCare.

    You may feel like the political system is broken and the Democrats are not listening to the voters. You feel that way because it is true, the Democrats are not listening. But that does not mean the bill will not die — because it turns out that the two Independent Senators are listening.

    Clearly, the Democratic Senate leadership and the White House put so much pressure on the so-called moderate Senators to win this one vote to proceed to the bill, they created a political mirage that the bill’s chances are strong. But they are not. The bill is very brittle, and when it implodes, it will shatter.

    As the bill stands right now, the Democrats cannot pass it. They cannot get to 60 votes on the vote to end the filibuster of the bill.

    If they try to take the public option out, Senator Sanders and others (Burris, Brown and Franken) are threatening to vote against ending the filibuster. If they keep the public option in, then Senator Lieberman has threatened to vote against ending the filibuster. Either way — public option in or out — the bill dies. And Senator Sanders is not going to agree to any co-oped-trigger-opt-out compromise on the public option.

    Is it any surprise that the two Independent Senators have put the Senate in this position? They are listening to the public, and are playing a role that no single Democratic Senator has the courage to play — you know, listen to your voters.

    Turns out the moderates like Senators Lincoln, Landrieu and Nelson are now viewed by their voters as servants of Senator Reid and the White House. They destroyed all their work to try and get their voters to see them as something other than liberal Democrats who will just spend and tax and spend. This was the highest price Senator Reid paid to win the vote to proceed to the bill: he has forced the so-called moderate Senators look like lap-dogs.

    Now the moderates are going to have to do something equally dramatic to convince their voters they are not puppets of Senator Reid and the White House. And the only thing dramatic enough is to vote against ending the filibuster of the ObamaCare. It is the only vote that matters now.

    Meanwhile, the Dems sink farther in the polls the longer health care is front and center — and the Senate rules are going to make sure the health care bill is front and center. Here is how:

    Every single amendment offered on the Senate floor will be filibustered. Every single one, so the Dems will need, again, 60 votes, just to attempt to vote on an amendment to the Reid bill. Here is how Senator Lieberman described the Senate floor on ObamaCare over the weekend:

    “[O]nce the bill is on the floor, amendments will be offered,” he said on Sunday. “But essentially every amendment is subject to a filibuster and will take 60 votes to pass. My only resort, and every other senator — and there will be others who feel exactly the way I do about the public option, if the public option is still in there — the only resort we have is to say no at the end to reporting the bill off the floor.”

    Finally, I am really shocked, but some one in the Democratic party is talking rationally about the negative political impact health care is having on their members and on the Democratic Congress. (Usually this concern is expressed by Democrats as — we need to focus on jobs and the economy.)

    But this morning was different. Howard Dean (the former National Democratic Party Chairman) said the Democrats were “playing with dynamite” and that health care was opening up “huge divisions within the Democratic party” and that there are going to be “high costs” in terms of lost Congressional seats in 2010, because President Obama will not be on the ballot. Dean also said without a public option, the activists will sit on their hands in 2010. Clearly, the left is worried the public option will be dropped to get Senator Lieberman’s vote and are now positioning themselves, through Senator Sanders and Howard Dean, to stop that from happening.

  2. But what Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders and Senator Lieberman are really doing is laying the political framework for the collapse of ObamaCare — because they believe the political costs of passing something with or without a public option are just too high — and I agree with them.

    (Rich Lowry also agrees that the health care issue is killing the Democrats politically. “The Democrats Health Care Delusion,” is particularly harsh, and one I agree with.)

    And the public option is just one of many politically damaging issues the Democrats must deal with in the Senate: abortion, tax increases, huge spending increases, Medicare cuts and government control of health care, are all going to be in play.

    There are other political forces at work too: Senator Sanders and Howard Dean likely sees that the left will take the blame for health care costing huge numbers of House and Senate seats in 2010, and it will impair the left’s entire non-health care agenda. So they are now trying to build a firewall against that blame — by pointing any lack of a public option as the real cause of the collapse of health care reform.

    Just for the record, on cloture votes in the U.S. Senate, the anti-ObamaCare and pro-ObamaCare forces are tied, 1-1. We won the “doc fix” cloture vote by 13 votes, and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid won the recent cloture vote on the motion to proceed to the bill by not a single vote to spare.

    Now, the moderates must go above and beyond opposing the White House and Senator Reid for them to earn their so-called moderate label back. Right now, the voters are never going to believe these Senators again about happy-talk about being concerned about the public option, or the deficit, or being pro-life, or fighting against new taxes, or opposing Medicare cuts.

    The only way they are going to be able to prove they are truly concerned is for them to vote against ending the filibuster of the bill, and actually kill the bill. But it doesn’t matter if these Dems cave on the filibuster, the Independent Senators have said they won’t.

    Perhaps this is why Senator Lieberman said on Sunday, “I don’t think anybody thinks this bill will pass.”

    UPDATE, with a H/T to Drudge, for making this his lead story: Gerald F. Seib’s opening from his story “Lieberman Digs In on Public Option,” from the Wall Street Journal, is worth quoting:

    “Sen. Joseph Lieberman, speaking in that trademark sonorous baritone, utters a simple statement that translates into real trouble for Democratic leaders: “I’m going to be stubborn on this.”

    Stubborn, he means, in opposing any health-care overhaul that includes a “public option,” or government-run health-insurance plan, as the current bill does. His opposition is strong enough that Mr. Lieberman says he won’t vote to let a bill come to a final vote if a public option is included.

    Probe for a catch or caveat in that opposition, and none is visible. Can he support a public option if states could opt out of the plan, as the current bill provides? “The answer is no,” he says in an interview from his Senate office. “I feel very strongly about this.” How about a trigger, a mechanism for including a public option along with a provision saying it won’t be used unless private insurance plans aren’t spreading coverage far and fast enough? No again.

    So any version of a public option will compel Mr. Lieberman to vote against bringing a bill to a final vote? “Correct,” he says.”

    Hmmm, says I.

  3. Chris, you are being waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too optimistic for your side, little man.

    Lieberman is just wanting attention. He cares way too much for his chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee. In the end, he will come around.

    He loves being the darling of the right these days. But he will get in line and there will be a public option, hopefully a robust on that will help more people.

  4. Well, I have to agree somewhat with Bruce (although for fat-ass Bruce to call anyone "little" is a real laugher!)

    The Democrats have demonstrated that they are for sale (witness the Louisiana purchase) because they are total whores, and it's only taxpayer money that the Dems are spending to buy them, so there is a bottomless well right there. Plus the health insurance industries and trial lawyers are dumping plenty of money into the Democrats to make sure this boondoggle bill passes, this is such a huge windfall for them. So between the special interests owning the dirty Democrats and Harry Reid being willing to spend all kinds of taxpayer money just to buy votes for the biggest boondoggle since Medicare and Social Security, we'll just have to see. But Chris is absolutely correct, they will have to have their 60 votes every time, and pass it or don't pass it these idiot Democrats have painted themselves into a corner and will suffer the consequences come next year's elections.

    Bruce, how does it feel to be the party of whores?!!? What a bunch of dirty whores your party is, that must make you so proud!

    Bruce, what do you think about the government forcing your daughter to buy health insurance? That must make you pretty happy. Or, if she can't afford it, she can be added to your health insurance! It won't be a "tax" on you or anything, let's call it a "fee". BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA idiot Democrats!

  5. Thanks for the pep talk Bruce. Bruce has a great point. That is why we need to keep the pressure on. Everyone needs to call. We need to protest again. We need to organize like the left did. We conservative make a difference. And when you go to a protest of right on a blog you are speaking for many people. So thanks Bruce for not letting us on the right get complacent.

  6. Oh, yes, by all means do it the same way again. You really speak to the middle of the country with those teabagger protests. See you there.

  7. Wow, John, talk about calling the kettle black. Do you think Republicans are speaking up for peons like you? Hell no.

    The Republicans are bought and paid for by big pharma and the insurance companies, every last one of them.

    Some of the Democrats have the same problem, and that's why we aren't getting single-payer, and I agree this bill isn't perfect, but it will go a long way to solving the health care crisis.

  8. John I agree with you about the Democrats are whores. And they admit it. They admit they are expensive whores but they are whores. And with the whole golbal warming thing falling down like the house of cards it is. The Democrats are on their way down hard and fast. And as conservatives we need to get the liberals out of Washington DC.

  9. Well Bruce, I guess they all can't be as successful as your 20-person protest of Glenn Beck, or the massive 35-man march that you organized, or the three-man force (including the Swede, a guy who probably just wandered in off the street and didn't speak the language but decided to hang around) that you organized in Detroit! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA!!!! How STUPID your organizing skills are Bruce!! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Chris, remember pee-stain and helmet head?! ROFLMAO!!!!

    Keep up the good work Bruce, you and your merry band of idiots are the ones giving us inspiration. We have seen the enemy, and they are mentally challenged imbeciles!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh, and Bruce, this just in from Rasmussen: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. This is the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for President Obama (see trends).

    By the way Bruce, it's again painfully obvious that you refuse to answer my simple question above because you are PISSED that your daughter will be forced to pay for health insurance that she doesn't need, but you don't want to let on that you are pissed to be taxed! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

  10. Bruce, where is your proof that Repubs are bought and paid for? I have OpenSecrets.org that tells the story, and the story is that the Dems are the dirties bunch of dirtbags ever, and they are all in the pockets of the trial layers and the health care industry. And they aren't the only ones, just look at AARP; NPR had a story about how they get $220 M per year as kickbacks from the insurance companies, and THAT is why they are supporting this takeover, because THAT is what their insurance companies want them to do! And that was on NPR, idiot Bruce!

    Conservatives want to open up competition, making prices fall and quality go up. Doesn't sound like that is in the best interests of those companies. Dumbocrats want to pay pay pay. They only say "oh poor us, prices are getting higher, how are we going to figure out a way to pay more?!". Conservatives say "hey wait a minute, WHY are things getting more expensive? Let's figure out a way to bring costs down, so people can afford them again". You Dumbocrats are the biggest collection of stupid ever assembled.

  11. Chris - They are dirty, dirty whores, and Bruce just admitted it up above. He said "The Republicans are bought and paid for by big pharma and the insurance companies, every last one of them. Some of the Democrats have the same problem"! And those are the Democrats that voted FOR this boondoggle! I mean, they ALL voted for it, every last whore Democrat, so if a dirty politician voted FOR it, that must mean there is a reason those dirty whores voted for it. All the Republicans voted against it... hmmm... Bruce just admitted that dirty whorish Democrats voted for this dirty whorish bill. Nice Bruce.

  12. Oh, I forgot this beauty from Rasmussen. And remember Brucie, this is a poll of all likely voters, not just dipshits on the street!! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Overall, 45% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That matches the lowest level of total approval yet measured for this president. Eighty-one percent (81%) of Democrats approve as do 33% of unaffiliated voters. Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans disapprove.

    Among all voters, 54% now disapprove.

    Support for the health care plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low of 38%. Sixty percent (60%) of voters believe passage of the bill will lead to higher health care costs.

  13. Bruce - Since you care so much for the little man, I'm sure you would be proud to let us know how much you are going to donate this year, or how much you will be sending back to the government? Especially since it will be five years before this government takeover of health care kicks in even if it is passed? You care so much, how are you helping Bruce? Just think, 5 years of people dropping dead in the streets while the Demcrats line their pockets. What are you going to do about that Bruce? I mean, is it a crisis or isn't it? 5 years to take effect sure doesn't sound like a crisis to me....

  14. Like I said, John, I'm not happy with the bill, but it looks like the best we can get for now and it's much better than the status quo.

    Do you think we can afford to do nothing?

    What's your plan, John? The Republicans don't want to do anything and they had control of Congress for 12 years and health care never came up. Why do you think that is?

    A lot of the provisions of reform do kick in immediately, such as no more pre-existing conditions.

  15. John, you might want to read this article about the polls.


    The new ABC/Washington Post poll finds Democrats in a tricky the public divided on health care reform as it now stands -- but some internal numbers find potential for Democrats to break through, with no clear Republican alternatives in sight.

    The poll found 48% of respondents in favor, and 49% against, the health care proposals current being developed by Congress and the Obama administration. In addition, opponents were more intense, with 39% strongly against and 10% only somewhat against, compared to 30% strongly in favor and 18% somewhat in favor.

    In addition, 52% expect their own personal health care costs to increase if the bill is passed, and 56% expect the country's overall costs to increase.

    However, respondents were also asked: "Do you think leaders of the Republican Party are mainly presenting alternatives to
    Obama's proposals, or mainly criticizing Obama's alternatives?" In this case, only 31% said the Republicans were presenting alternatives, with 61% saying they were mainly criticizing Obama.

    In addition, 50% said they trusted Obama more than the Republicans to do a better job on health care, compared to only 37% who trusted the Republicans over Obama.

    A key number is on support for the public option. The poll found that 53% are in favor and 43% against. When those who were initially against it or were undecided were then asked about a more limited option that would only be available to people who currently don't have insurance -- that is, a description of the public option that was passed in the House bill -- 40% of them then approved. This caused the total approval for a limited public option to rise up to 72%-28%.

    Another question on the public option also found that 60% of people believe it's at least somewhat likely that private insurance companies would go out of business if the public option is passed, due to an inability to compete with the government, to only 38% who don't think it's likely. It's interesting to consider that number, compared to the public being in favor of the public option -- mathematically, there is at least some overlap of people who think the insurance companies might go out of business, and that this would be a good thing.

  16. Bruce, again you are telling FLAT OUT LIES. The Republican plan has many items that the DEMOCRATS would not allow to pass. As you may recall, they have been in control of Congress for some years now Bruce. The Dumbocrats plan is WORSE than the status quo! Spending more money that we don't have, increasing the cost of health care, and taxing the bejesus out of everyone in an obvious power grab for the Dumbocrats and special interests?!?! Give me the status quo, not yet ANOTHER hulking government bureaucracy like the failing Medicare and the failing Social Security boondoggles!!

    The Republicans, as I stated above, want to increase competition, for one thing. This costs the government exactly ZERO dollars, and will lower costs for a majority of consumers. Why won't they do this? Likewise with tort reform. Why won't they do this? And this is just a couple of things. Only 235 pages was the Republican plan, costing very very little (especially compared to the Dumbocrat plan) and saving very very much for US, the citizens. Meanwhile the Dumbocrats are forcing a 2000+ page monstrosity through that few people have read and even fewer understand, packed with favors to the Dumbocrats special interests!?!? Pelosi's California doesn't have to pay, neither does Reid's Nevada, so I guess other states like Michigan will have to be picking up the tab. Dirty dirty whores.

    Never ask a question that you don't know the answer to Bruce. You look like a total idiot, and I'm not even TRYING.

    You really need to read this article. It is VERY informative, was written by a Dumbocrat, and featured on NPR. Some of his recommendations don't match what I would like, but this guy is right on in many aspects: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200909/health-care

  17. Bruce, your poll illustrates my points exactly, thanks for posting it. Even though it is a week old (nice, old numbers Bruce, before the Rham-through this last weekend; at least my poll numbers are fresh off the press, this morning). And as I stated earlier, Rasmussen polls likely voters, your poll is obviously any ninny on the street.

    Of course they don't think the Republicans have a plan; the Democrats won't let it get through the planning stages, and the media is so in love with Obama that they print whatever he says (or DON'T print anything about the Republican plan).

    But as your own poll shows, a majority is against it (48% of respondents in favor, and 49% against, the health care proposals current being developed by Congress and the Obama administration)

    Public option has been shown to mean any number of things. As you can see, they don't even call it a "public option", they call it a "limited option that would only be available to people who currently don't have insurance". Do you think, in order to obtain more accuracy, they should have included the point that THEIR taxes would rise to support this boondoggle? Or that their healthy children would be FORCED to buy insurance when they don't need it, or go on their parent's insurance? How many do you think would be for it then, Bruce? Guess what Bruce, I am all for people having health insurance (even though the way we use insurance now is idiotic). But I am not interested in doing it in a way that causes health care and insurance costs to rise and rise and rise unchecked. Stop whoring yourself out to the special interests Bruce.

  18. Also Bruce, I see you are all for eliminating private insurance. This is an industry that ranks 86th in profit, well behind beverage industries (#1), with 3% profit. This is an industry that employs millions, and provides a beneficial service. Is it perfect, no, it isn't. But the insurance industry isn't the ones charging $50 for an aspirin (hell, maybe it's even more now), or forcing doctors to repeat tests, or order extra tests, to cover their asses from lawsuits. Don't you think that if insurance companies could pay less they would? And yet Medicare STILL has the largest percentage of rejected claims. Nice. More of that Bruce? No thank you. This Dumbocrat health care industry government takeover is 10 steps backward. You idiots that think "we just have to pass this, and then we can correct the mistakes as we go along" have never run a business, obviously. And you idiots also have never learned a lesson from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Massachusetts's takeover of health care in their state, etc. etc. Just more of your failed policies, and you don't care about how the real world works, you just want to keep living in your fantasy world.

  19. How funny Bruce that that link was to a blog site called "Talking Points Memo". BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... now we can all see where you get your talking points from! And here I thought you only got them from MoveOn!

  20. John, I am absolutely for dismantling private health insurance companies. They add no value to the actual care of patients whatsoever.

    Every other industrialized country has a government run health care system and they work, some better than others.

    Name one thing that private insurance companies do that promotes better health of their customers, other than make profits for their shareholders.

    I do know in the real world 45,000 people per year die because they don't have health coverage. What is the beneficial service health insurance companies provide. Why can't we take the profits and put them into care of patients?

    Medicare spends 98% of their money on patient care. Private insurance only spends 70% of their revenue on actual care. As far as the rejection rate, I have to do some research on that. I don't think the numbers tell the whole story. I will have to get back to you on that.

    Exactly what means do you see to control costs, John? You say you want to keep costs from rising, but I haven't see you say how, other than the idiotic argument of letting insurance be sold across state lines, which is a lie, because the health insurance companies have subsidiaries in other states and still have a virtual monopoly.

  21. Bruce - You need to read that article, then maybe you would stop asking such totally stupid questions.

    I guess Brucie, we need to get rid of automotive insurance, because that doesn't promote better driving? OR does it?

    Insurance is a necessity Brucie, like it or not. But the way it is used now is distorted because of government interference, among many other variables.

    States dictate what insurance will cover, which has nothing to do with the monopolistic advantages that insurance currently enjoys. That's why insurance is so much less in some states than others, because insurance in some states isn't mandated to include some things that other states force them to.

    How is your government plan going to control costs Bruce? They aren't. Their big plan: cuts to Medicare (which they have been planning to make for several years now, but don't ever seem to get around to doing them?!), and dump a whole bunch more onto the state's Medicaid programs?!? Stupidity on stupidity.

    Almost 100,000 people die due to infections in hospitals Bruce. These are people that go in for simple procedures, and rack up huge bills and then DIE because a surgeon won't follow a simple check-list. Where is your outrage over that Bruce? Do you think insurance wants to pay for that kind of ignorance? Well Medicare does right now, and you don't bat an eye. Read that article Bruce, and stop being so STUPID.

    Insurance should be used for catastrophic claims, not for check-ups. People should spend their OWN money for the basics, but should be able, and encouraged, to shop around for better pricing.

    LASIK surgery Bruce. Been around for a few years now, you might have heard about it. Prices go down down down, quality goes up up up. No insurance involved, no government involved, free market at it's best. The "rich" subsidize the emergence and development, and then it gets more cost effective so that less well-off people (such as my wife) can eventually afford it, and the quality is BETTER. She paid on a no-interest loan from the doctor. He gets paid, she gets to see clearly without glasses. No insurance, no middle-man.

    Try to actually USE your HEAD Bruce. It's not just a place to hang your hat.

    And if it is such a monopoly (insurance), why doesn't Obama put an end to it? Oh, again, I ask a question I already know the answer to. Obama is just as much a whore as the rest of the Democrats. But Obama is a Chicago whore.

    Final note Bruce, where are your numbers from? Where are the, you know, SOURCES?!

    And you never did answer what you think about being forced to buy insurance. People like your daughter, or my children, forced to subsidize yet another Democrat boondoggle. At least they used to wait until you earned a paycheck to start dumping your money into Social Security and Medicare boondoggles. Now they can't even wait for that!

  22. Obamunist Congresscritter Finally Sees Government Spending He Opposes

    Posted by Gregory of Yardale at November 24, 2009 8:36 AM

    Congressman David Obey (Demonrat-WI) voted "Yes" on the $750 Billion Wall Street Bailout. He voted "Yes" on the $787 Billion Spendulus. He voted "Yes" on the $2.5 Trillion PelosiCare bill. He has also blocked attempts at earmark reform.

    But when it comes to spending $40 Billion to win the war against Islamists in Afghanistan, all of the sudden, he thinks the Government is spending too much. And he wants to place another tax increase on the most productive people in society (on top of the scheduled 2011 tax increase when the Bush tax cuts expire, and on top of the tax increase that won't come close to paying for PelosiCare.)

    We are not undertaxed in the United States, we are overspent. I can think of a lot of government programs that could be axed to pay to defeat the Taliban, keep Afghanistan from becoming once again a terrorist petri dish, and keep Al Qaeda from gaining access to nuclear weapons through Pakistan or Iran.

    The three programs at the top of this post would be a great start.

  23. Everyone knows Bruce hate the business' that feed most of us. He is going after insurance companies and next it will be car dealers. Soon the govt will own it all and we will work for the Feds.

  24. You state Medicare spends 98% of money on Pateint Care. How many BILLIONS due to FRAUD are involved in your FIGURES! It is my understanding that Medicare turns down more PATENT procedures than all others combined.By these figures if Medicare was Private Sector they would be out of Business and CEOs in Jail!

    Are the FIGURES you stated Accurate and where can we see them for Ourselves of coarse they should include the BILLIONS that just DISAPPERED!

    Bruce you do have a smooth way of going AFTER Private Sector and the JOBS it Creates. Just out of CUROSITY when you and the rest of your Merry men put Private Sector out of Busines how do you in your Infinate Wisdom plan on PAYING for all those Programs cause MOST the people you want to give all this stuff to DUNT WORK!

  25. Al, I have no problem with the private sector, except when the destroy people's lives.

    There is massive fraud in the private sector, too. Just look at the Wall Street banks and how they basically opened gambling casinos and then the government had to bail them out with taxpayer money. That is bigger than any Medicare or Medicaid fraud that could ever occur.

    As far as people that need health care not working. that's not true either. Most of the people that showed up for Keith Olbermann sponsored free health care clinics are working, but mostly multiple part time jobs that don't offer benefits.

    The people that should be in jail are the executives of the Wall Street banks and the health insurance industry, for their massive frauds, taking premiums, then not delivering on the care people thought they were purchasing, taking away coverage when people needed their insurance the most.

    Yes, we should root out fraud agaisnt the government, but Republicans always want to reduce oversight because it costs too much. Medicare investigators are at a bare bones staff. It costs money to root out fraud.

    Republicans always want to cut government to the bone and then when it fails in one aspect or another, say, see, we told you government doesn't work. IDIOTS!!!!

  26. Bruce the govt didn't have to bail anyone out. They chose to bail out the banks just like the Japanese did in the early 90's. It was the banks being forced to make bad loans to people the govt said they had to make. And guess what? They are making the banks buy bad paper again. Bruce you are displacing your anger at the private sector because you don't see the whole picture. Liberals are by nature very lazy and that is why they let Soros and the such tell them what to think and they never question it. It is the conservatives that built things and the liberals destroy them. Look at Detroit and all the other liberal run cities and that is all the proof you should need.

  27. Bruce where is all the oversight now that Democrates are in charge? Oh yeh it was the Democrats that forced the banks to make bad loans. Look up Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barack Obamas role in all of this. And don't forget that the idiot Democrats denighed Bush and Republican a revamp of the system. But that doesn't fit into your mold of how the world works so you lie about it just like they are doing with the global cooling. The Democrats are the biggesat shisters on govt and the Republicans aren't far behind. But the Republicans are mstartiung to go the conservative way and the Democrats are going liberal progressive Marxist just like FDR. You bitches on the left blame everyone for the problems you created. Now it is time to pay and we conservatives are taking it to you. And we will give you little repect just like you gave us. We will have rallies while you on the left have riots. We will fix the problems the Deomcrats have made and are making while you people try and distroy this country.

  28. Bruce All people that COMMIT Crimes should be in JAIl,Private/Governmnet Plain and Simple!
    For what ever reason YOU REALLY got a thin about Private Sector.Private Sector, NOT Big OR Small Government, have Made this a Great Nation and Private Sector is American People working Hard and Producing Products in the Work Force.
    Also as Others have said Politicans Bailed out Wall Street Companies because some were to BIG to Fail and when those Bail outs OCCURRED Both Parties were Responsible BUT which one has CONTROL of CONGRESS and all they had to say was NO!
    Libs saying NO to giving OUT Tax Payers Money is like a MEATER EATER saying NO to a STEAK!

    In your World Government will be looked upon to SHOW all the way BUT just tell me WHO Produces the JOBS. If you depend on Government show me to this Point in OUR Great History where OUR Government has a good track record Producing JOBS not counting the Giving out of Apples during the DEPRESSION. I guess in their OWN way that wouldd be Classified as Stimulus Boast BUT in the End does not do ANYBODY any good UNLESS you like APPLES!
    Please dont bring up Post Office JOBS which could also be on the way OUT!

    note; Please as a Public service Do Not mention Keith Olbermann before BREAKFAST! Thanks

  29. "note; Please as a Public service Do Not mention Keith Olbermann before BREAKFAST! Thanks" BWAAAAHAHAHAHA funny.


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