Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maybe Rev. Wright Did Have An Influence On Barack Hussein Obama

Jeremiah WrightBarack Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright NEW TAPES!!!!
Jeremiah Wright - God Damn America - Obama's Spiritual Mentor / Pastor


  1. "God Damn America" Obamas pastor of 20 yrs. might have had an influence on President Barack Hussein Obama after all. Just look at how he treated our fallen soldiers at Ft. Hood. This will hurt our militaries moral more then we know. And he finds time to do everything but serve as Commander and Chief. I sure seems like he cares more about SEIU then our military. It sure seems like his heart isn't into ending a war or the soldiers fighting it. He better find the time to make up his mind on the war in Afghanistan. As my grandfather a life long Democrat used to say, "Take a shit or get off the pot".

  2. The new video of wright the marxist is just one more nail in obamas casket. obama has too much in his closet.

  3. Oh, good grief. The American Taliban strikes again.

  4. Are they rioting in the streets like the G20 liberal riots? The American Liberal Taliban, the ALT. You liberals have pushed us bluedogs away. You liberal Democrats make the rest of us look bad. Grow up! Sue is right about you.

  5. Frank, we're not the religious zealots the demand religious and ideological purity. Hence the American Taliban refers to the Republican and Conservative parties.

    I guess the Conservative party is now separate from the Republicans, which I'm sure will be a winning strategy for them in the future.

    By the way, no one I know was at the G20, just thought you'd like to know.

  6. Bruce the conservatives will take over the Republican and the Democrat party and the liberals will be hung out to dry for what they are doing to our country right now. Bruce you are seeing the beginning of something big withing the conservative movement. You aren't blind you see it. But you try and rationalize it so it fits in the little "Church of Liberalism" box you made for it. Liberalism is becoming a religion you just make yourselves gods. It is like the pagan religion.


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