Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Name One

Name one good thing liberals have don't right. Name one city or state that is run better liberal then conservative. Where is your proof on the left that your way is better then the conservative way that made America the best,richest and most gracious country the world has ever known? We aren't this mean warmongering country like Obama and the left want to portray. We fight wars to give freedom to other countries. To give democracy to the people and to overthrow the tyrants and dictators that threaten our freedom and those of every person. We give back people of the worlds God given freedom. We don't overthrow governments to take them over for our own use. We don't take their riches as our own. We bleed and pay for their freedom with our money and our blood. The liberals want the opposite. They want Dictators because they think people are dumb and can't govern themselves. They want to plunder our country and those of our allies.


  1. Chris, as far as states and their governors and their standing, there's a good study by the Pew Center.

    Of the top states that got a grade of A-, B+ or B

    Utah- Republican
    Virginia - Democrat
    Washington - Democrat
    Michigan- Democrat
    Delaware - Democrat
    Georgia - Republican
    Missouri - Democrat
    Texas - Republican
    Indiana- Republican
    Iowa - Democrat
    Louisiana- Republican
    Maryland - Democrat
    Nebraska - Democrat

    7 Democrats, 6 Republicans

    As far as why we fight wars, Chris,
    "We fight wars to give freedom to other countries. To give democracy to the people and to overthrow the tyrants and dictators that threaten our freedom and those of every person."

    You got that wrong too. We fight wars to defend American interests, not to take over another country's natural resources, like we did in Iraq. You remember Dick Cheney's meeting in the White House with the oil company executives. They were actually dividing up Iraq's oil fields. That's what Iraq is really about.

  2. Bruce Did PEW ask ANYBODY in Michigan about HOW they like the LEADERSHIP in Michigan or is there ANOTHER Michigan! Last I heard we were some where around 17% or so UNEMPLOYMENT with most likely the WORST Govoner in the Country/World and things still going DOWN HILL.
    The other STATES I cannot comment on BUT I Live here and JUST CANNOT see this State being held up by ANYNBODY as a GOOD Example!

    Bruce time to leave BUSH Administration GO and ENJOY the Great State of Michigan cause PEW says its so!

  3. What prompted this?

    where should i start?

    Freedom Riders
    Ann Arbor
    Brown vs. Board

    I could go on but i want to discuss the second half. Chris, i don't know where this comes from but you really are closing a blind eye to the reality of our foreign policy throughout the years, both Democrat and Republican. We have been responsible for as many anti-democratic inverventions asones that ended up democratic.

    I mean you'd have to know history and all. Take 9/11 why is that day signifigant? Of course thats the day that US lead coupe overthrew the democratically elected leader of Chile. 26 years before the Twin Towers attack. Of course the General who took charge was pro-US, you know his name Pinochet. You know that Gerald Ford as president is quoted as saying about the overthrow and installation of the dictator that is was "in the best interests of the people of Chile and certainly in our own best interests."

    Perhaps you know about East Timor and the two million people killed when Suharto invaded with Nixon's and Kissingers blessing.

    Or better yet remember the overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian. The one that had repurcusions for the US because of our installed dictator and friend the Shah and his secret police, the Savak taught by both the CIA and Mossad. They in turn arrested tortured and killed hundreds of iranians until the overthrow of the government in 79.

    Chris, i realise that you like many others have this kinda mothers love thing going for America. You know the mother crying at the trial that her baby didn't harm no one, despite the evidence that he did. I understand that to maintain your ideaology you have to ignore the reality of things and blame others and i forgive you for it. I'll still PROVE you wrong about though.

  4. Al, I'm sure you're a non-partisan, fair and balanced reviewer of the state's overall management.

    How is it you blame the economic conditions solely on Governor Grahnolm? Did she cause the collapse of the American auto industry, or did bad planning and poor management at the companies themselves cause it? I suggest it's the latter.

    Did Governor's Granholm's policies cause the unemployment Michigan is suffering through, or did private industry. It's so interesting to me, you conservatives say you want a hands off approach to government, but then you turn around and blame government, presumably thinking government should play an active role in the economy. You can't have it both ways.

  5. BRUCE Apparently you CAN have it both ways! I was responding to a POLL that showed how GREAT this State Is And for UNEMPLOYED it Aint. You will have to admit that BOTH sides UNION/COMPANIES had part in Auto Collapes along with Government Regulations but if you want to beleive its all those Private Sector rascals Aint going to change your mind. If and when Economy turns around I will Bet its NOT Government but Private Sector that Creates the JOBS. Just Explain to me where the OBAMA Administration has been and WHAT it is doing to Create JOBS. I am PRETTY sure Creating Entitlements AINT going to do it and Administration has to KNOW it or they really are just a buch of CLAMS!
    Cant wait for Tax and Trade! Made need Gravity belt for all the SPIN LIBS will put on that one!

  6. Bruce - Your stats are meaningless; not only is there no date (that I could find), your designation as to Republican or Democrat, is that based on governor or legislative branch? And for how long? Furthermore, there are no states ranked lower than D+?!?! You agree that Michigan is a solid B+?!!? WTF, are you out of your mind?!!?

    Bruce, where is your proof that they were dividing up the Iraq oil fields? I'd like to see a nice reliable source quoted on that, and you ain't it. Neither is

    And even if your truther conspiracy theories about oil fields were true, now is Barack and Company's chance to give them back. Where are they at on that? Oh, too busy at the State Dinner?

  7. This goes to show all of you what those on the left think of our country. We get very little oil from Iraq so stop talking stupidly about the war for oil.These are the lies the left tell to ignorant people. If Iraq is for oil where is the oil? We know where the opium is coming from but where is the proof that we are taking oil? You guys just go to your cut and paste depot without any thought to common sense. You blindly believe those fringe on the left but the people that believe in God and the Bible are the crazy ones? Less then 20% of the worlds population believe there is no God or gods and you act like we are the fringe.

  8. John, here you go.

    Here's some information on the company Cheney used to be CEO of, Halliburton. Cheney made out quite well from his stock in Halliburton during the Bush years.

    So you're against state dinners too, John? Is there anything you won't criticize President Obama for? I suppose you'll be cheering next Tuesday when he announces troop increases in Afghanistan.

  9. This is where America gets it's oil from:Domestic 41%,Canada 9%,Saudi Arabia 8%, Venezuela 8%,Mexico 8%,Nigeria 5% and then there is Iraq at just 4% of our oil supply. These are the top 7 countries we get our oil from. This makes that war for oil theory of yours/ look pritty stupid right now. You on the left are starting to believe your own lies.

  10. Bruce where is your outrage over the payoff that Obama is giving for votes and to the unions and ACORN?

  11. Bruce - Well, I'm just trying to figure out why Obama can't find the time to return the oil fields to Iraq. Do you have a better explanation? Why hasn't Obama and the Socialist Team returned all these oil fields that you are claiming we basically stole, back to the Iraqi's? Well Bruce, why CAN'T I criticize Obama for dithering while our troops in Afghanistan are being killed? You idiots criticized Bush for golfing when we were in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will criticize my President all I want.

    Also, please get me a real source BRUCE!! These bullshit sources you provide are the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever seen. You would think if it was true what you claim, you know the MSM would be shouting it from the rooftops!! Jesus H. Christ man, I provide my sources from Rasmussen, CBS News, The HuffPo, MSNBC... and you don't have the courtesy to do the same?!! But no, I get AMERICAN PATRIOT FRIENDS NETWORK Messageboard?!?! Give me a break Bruce, please. I'm trying to work with you here, but you have to help.

    Bruce - You know who else made out quite well from Halliburton? Michael Moore. Just sayin'. Remember that article from yesterday, about all the members of Congress owning stock and outperforming everybody? I think that's total B.S. too. So how about you idiot Dems put together some legislation saying that any elected official must dump their stocks, and never buy any more for, say, 8 years after they leave office or something? You dirty bastards would never do it, and that includes your President and V.P. and everyone else. So please spare me.

  12. John, you're a joke. You think Republicans would ever let such a bill pass? You must be smoking something, John.

    You do realize, don't you, John, that the Republicans are blocking health care to protect their corporate cronies at the insurance companies. I suppose you think the Republicans are pure as driven snow, huh?

  13. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... Bruce, Dems have control of everything!!!! And nothing is stopping them from WRITING the legislation, and putting it out for the CITIZENS to shout from the rooftops that they want it passed!!! You are the biggest IDIOT for that statement alone! What use are the DEMS if they have ALL the power and STILL can't get anything done?!!? WTF, that was TRULY idiotic statement.

    Bruce, you are the one making claims that the only dirty politicians are Republicans! Nice straw-man though BRUCE.

    Why doesn't Obama and the Dirty Whore Democrats return the oil fields to Iraq Bruce?!!?

  14. Good God, I'm STILL sitting here stunned at the stupidity of Bruce.

  15. Wow Bruce, that's a lot of faith in your elected officials to do what the will of the people commands of them. Do you not realize that WE THE PEOPLE elect these "representatives" and WE THE PEOPLE will tell them what to do? If that isn't the case, which is what you seem to be indicating, then we no longer have a Republic, or even a Democracy. If your idiot Democrats can't get it done with all the power they have, then I recommend you vote the straight Republican ticket next few elections, and get these do-nothing useless Democrats out of power. Time for the grown-ups to get something done. Idiot Bruce.

  16. Just reportin' on the polls. Remember, this is likely voters, not any idiot on the street:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 26% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15. This is the second straight day at -15, the lowest Approval Index rating yet measured for President Obama (see trends).

    Seventy-four percent (74%) of African-Americans Strongly Approve along with just 19% of white voters (see other recent demographic highlights from the tracking poll).

    Among all voters, just 34% now give the President good or excellent marks on his handling of the economy while 47% say he is doing a poor job in that arena. On national security issues, 42% say good or excellent while 41% say poor.

    Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters believe that political correctness kept the military from preventing the Fort Hood shootings.

    Republican candidates have extended their lead over Democrats to seven points, their biggest lead since early September, in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.
    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 44% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 37% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent.

    Support for the Republican party held steady from last week, while support for Democrats dropped slightly. Republicans have held the lead for over four months now. Democrats currently have majority control of both the House and Senate.

    Voters not affiliated with either party continue to heavily favor Republicans, 44% to 20%.

  17. Great replies John. The left just throw out stupid thing like Republicans are giving money to the enemy,insurance companies. While Obama and the Democrats have given more of our money away to speciel interest then all the presidents combined. The left are hell bent on distroying this country and all that it stands for. Even Bruces blog is going after Christians like they are the enemy. And the left love the radicals that want to help them distroy this country.

  18. Chris, which blog post do you consider "going after Christians like they are the enemy"?

  19. Bruce you go after Christians and Republicans like there is no tomorrow. You point out the faults in the actions of Christians and then say look at how bad these people are.

  20. its amazing what you can find when you turn off Limbaugh and Faux news and read actual reports. Like i went to the incrediable collection of intelligence sources, the and found this today....

    PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings

  21. Roll Call reports the Democrats intend to bring up immigration next year as a big fight leading into the 2010 elections. Their approach will be predictable — support extended family immigration, amnesty for all illegals, and no input from the GOP.

    Lindsey Graham is no doubt beside himself with delight over this one.

    This got me thinking though. The GOP is said to be absolutely opposed to immigration in all cases — some of you might like that, but it does not sell with the general voter. First, it is politically an untenable position. Second, very few of us are really opposed to all immigration. Being a second generation American, I cannot see myself being in favor of sealing up the borders in all cases whatsoever.

    However, it seems a Democrat plan to allow full amnesty and extended family immigration will be politically unpopular not just with middle class white voters, but with a great deal of immigrants, Hispanic and otherwise, many of whom are having a hard enough time finding work without competing with a new influx of job seekers. I think the GOP has the ability to beat the Democrats at their own game on immigration next year if done right.

    I can’t say this is an original idea. Michael Barone mentioned it to me at dinner the other night and I think he is on to something.

    In 2009, Asian American voters went overwhelmingly for Republicans across the board. The Asian American community is a statistically significant voter pool that is ripe for coalition building.

    Barone suggested, and I agree, that the stance the GOP should take on immigration, particularly in this economic situation, is to oppose extended family immigration, which even divides the Hispanic immigrant community, and vigorously support “job creator immigration.”

    That keeps the GOP on the side of small government, decreased welfare rolls, and the entrepreneur.

    We know the United States is falling behind competitively in high tech sectors because unions are blocking high skilled immigration into the United States. We also know that Asian Americans are extremely entrepreneurial and vastly more often than not create new jobs in the American economy instead of filling up jobs existing citizens might want. Likewise, Asian Americans are least likely to engage in extended family immigration that moves onto state subsistence.

    The prospect of supporting “job creator immigration” is something we shouldn’t dismiss out of hand. It means the GOP is not close minded on immigration, supports hard working immigrants, and can contrast the Democrats’ immigration plan, which would expand the need for state subsistence, to immigration done right, which would expand jobs in the economy and bring into the country an influx of smart, capable, ready to work citizens who actually want a full ownership stake in the American system.

    As an added benefit, the GOP gets to solidify ties to a growing and important voter bloc that more naturally fits the entrepreneurial spirit the GOP claims to represent.

  22. JoeC maybe I'm doing something wrong but I can't pull up the web site you suggested.

  23. Bruce If you are not part of the 17% unemployed do you work in Government JOB I assume, cause the way you HATE the Private Sector theyd have to PUT you on a Suicide Watch!

    Evidently all that is BAD is Bushes fault in the Nation and All that is BAD in Michigan is Englers fault. Soon as you can come back to the REAL WORLD and get on with the PROBLEMS we have NOW. I will ask you cause you would seem to know WHERE are the JOBS and WHAT has this Administration DONE to assist this COUNTRY in Getting JOBS back.

    Note; to LIBS this Country means USA not France Germany and other Europian Nations cause OUR Nation is not part of Europe Yet!

  24. Michelle Obama's Staff: (just so ya know, Laura Bush had 1 person on staff, Hillary 2)

    Just look at that job creation by the Obama Administration!

    $172,2000 - Sher, Susan (CHIEF OF STAFF)
    $90,000 - Medina, David S. (DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF TO THE FIRST LADY)
    $84,000 - Lelyveld, Catherine M. (DIRECTOR AND PRESS SECRETARY TO THE FIRST LADY)
    $36,000 - Armbruster, Sally M. (STAFF ASSISTANT TO THE SOCIAL SECRETARY)
    Bookey, Natalie (STAFF ASSISTANT)

  25. Are you serious, criticizing Michelle Obama for having a staff, just like every other first lady?

    My god, you people, get a life. Where do you get this shit?

    No, Al, I don't hate the private sector, but the health insurance industry does not produce anything or add any value to the health care system and it in fact does have real death panels that deny care to people who have paid premiums and have not defrauded anyone on their application.

    They are a totally unnecessary addition of cost to the health care model of the United States of America.

    The stimulus bill did create jobs and save jobs from being lost. In order to mollify Republicans the tax cuts, and I know how you love tax cuts, were bigger than the actual spending that created the jobs, like infrastructure, etc. We could have actually had more jobs, if the Republicans didn't always think that tax cuts were the way to build economic prosperity and create jobs.

  26. Bruce we are in a recession and Michelle Obama has more staff then any first lady ever. You libs think money grows on trees and you never have to pay for anything. Remember the date to NY we payed for? All the parties they are having while we have Americans starving and "dieing on the streets without health care". Remember those words my liberal little buddies? They act like they won the Lotto or something. They and you on the left seem to not care about those people now do you?

  27. Bwaaahahahahaha blame the Republican for everything Bruce. That should be the name of your party. Blame The Republicans Party. The Democrats are so weak they have to make up things like "saved jobs". They think the American public is stupid or something. As if they wouldn't know what the Democrats are talking about. I have one for you Bruce. Bush and the Republicans saved and created 15 million jobs over his term. Even though Clinton left Bush with a recession and 9/11. If it wasn't for everything the Republicans did we would have been in the worse depression in world history. Does that sound a lot like what the Democratic idiots on the left are saying? I don't think they know how dumb those statement sound. I had a lady at the market today say she needed some of that govt money Obama promised. I asked her how much did she expect to get. And she said enough to pay the bills. Whatever that is. The last thing I said was, "if their isn't any money for us will you be upset?" She said, "as pissed as I could be". By talking to her I get the feeling a lot of people think they are getting payed for their vote. And you say we are fighting for the insurance companies. We gain nothing by doing that so what is the motive for saving the insurance comp? It's called capitalism,freedom and America. That is what we conservatives gain. What give you the right to put a business out of business? Since when should industries be afraid of govt? Since when should people be afraid of our govt and not the other way around?

  28. Jeez Bruce, even I was able to read that Laura Bush only had 1 person and Hillary Clinton, your hero, had only 2. Tell me that list that Matthew presented isn't way over the top. This administration has lost it with all the czars and useless people.

    Bruce, insurance is a necessary evil, just like car insurance et. al. It is wasteful the way we use it, you are right about that. It should never be used for the standard things, just like I would never use my house insurance to buy groceries or my car insurance for an oil change. But for catastrophic claims it serves a purpose. Or are you too stupid to see that?

    So Bruce, you want to trade so-called insurance death panels for government death panels? I will stick with being able to shop around for my "death panels", rather than be forced at the business end of a gun to the whims of the government's death panels. Nice to see you admit that the Dems are putting together their death panels though. Sorry but your daughters will have to wait until they're 50 to get a mammogram.

    Bruce, once again you are so full of shit you squelch when you walk. Dumbocrats can push through any damn legislation they want to, they don't and didn't have to mollify any Republicans. Your arguments are so ridiculous as to be bordering on dementia. And sure, the porkulus saved a couple of jobs... maybe... and it definitely created more government (permanent, non-contributing) jobs, but at a cost of 1 million dollars per job, and that's a job that cost 1 million and then continues to drain away tax dollars because it is a government job and doesn't actually, you know, PRODUCE anything, this porkulus is the biggest boondoggle since Medicare and Social Security. Nice to see you so proud of such a total waste of money. Idiot.

  29. Chris said "It's called capitalism,freedom and America. That is what we conservatives gain. What give you the right to put a business out of business? Since when should industries be afraid of govt? Since when should people be afraid of our govt and not the other way around?"

    I would just like to add a big AMEN.

    Oh, I would also like to add: Answer the questions BRUCE. These questions, that Chris put to you. Answer them.

  30. Reagan Had Trickle Down Economy!

    Nobama Will Have Trickle Down TAXES!

    Question which is Better?

    Question about Private Sector Insurance. Is there Clauses in Private Sector Insurance that will Fine You or Put you in Jail for you using YOUR Freedom of CHOICE! Oh NEVER MIND Government Plan TAKES TAKES TAKES that away from CITIZENS,I mean Bruce how GREAT Is THAT?

  31. John, Matthew,

    i think you've been duped by the rightwing lie machine again. Two staffers are you stupid?

    here's what i found at

    Michelle has 24 working for her in 2009
    Laura had 22 working for her in 2008

    Ohhh, by the way Michelle's staff earned 1.6 million and laura's 1.4 million.

    what a bunch of gullible rightwing suckers you are. How do you guys buy that shit???

  32. JoeC Thank goodness you checked and it was only a small amount of 1.6 Million. In Obama money thats How many JOBS in the 31st District?

    Checked that web sit Joe for the Conservatives bashing Sarah Palin. It O'Reilly Show and did not see all that Critism your speaking Of!

  33. Al, but the 1.4 million was okay, because it was a fiscal conservative huh??? Seems to me you should be harder on your conservative leaders for what they spend then us liberals, but that would require you to admit they are not what they seem. I notice that you deflected there, ignoring that your cronies bought the lies. Perhaps its because you believed it too.

    I didn't say it was there. I said that the lies and half truths you posted were listed on that page as talking points. Perhaps i wasn't clear.

  34. Hey dumbass Joey, I was replying to Bruce's comments, dipshit. I neither bought nor sold anything. I think it's excessive no matter what the party. And in all fairness, it does say that H. Clinton had two staffers, not that it matters much. If I had known that L. Bush was spending 1.4 million that's just as inexcusable as M. Obama's 1.6. I don't see where anyone wrote that 1.4 million is acceptable, but you just go right on ahead putting words in everybody's mouth jackass. I guess it's just fine for you to bag on homosexuals and accuse them all of being pedophiles?! How is that, if I just put some words in your mouth? Oh, wait, I don't have to put those words in your mouth, because you actually SAID that.

    I think you can safely assume that nobody who cares enough to write in to these blogs thinks it's acceptable for their leaders to waste this kind of money. Especially when these bozos, Republicans and Democrats alike, are telling us to tighten our belts to pay for their boondoggles. But unless you didn't notice idiot, the Democrats are in charge, this is their time to shine and eliminate the graft and waste, and they are in no way taking steps to do that. Bruce said it's because the Republicans, the minority party in Congress and definitely not in control of the White House, won't let them. Makes no sense to me, but I'm sure it will to you, idiot.

    Are you saying that conservatives should not point out the waste and graft of the majority party? That two wrongs make a right? I don't get what your point is idiot, except to waste everyone's time reading your idiot drivel. And please, you are the king of deflection little man. You idiot liberals never answer a straight question.

  35. Al - Obama has trickle up poverty. But it's not a trickle, it's a raging river.

  36. JOEC should have said BOTH spendings were out of Line but unlike LIBS I will own up to my Mistakes!

    I DO think when this ONE TERM Administration is all said and DONE that THEIR spending will FAR surpass any other Administrations BUT I will save you the trouble ,its Bushes Fault!

  37. Interesting discussion. The sad thing is that more and more people are slipping out of the middle classes and being added to the welfare rolls. This suggests to me that the entitlement programs aren't working very well. Unless the goal is to get everyone on them, in which case, it's going along swimmingly. Only 40% of Americans now pay income tax, and that is projected to hit 50% by 2014. Whatever's going on, it's not working. Perhaps both sides need to step back and think about what is really going on and stop lobbing talking points around as fact. The real facts are that we are a debtor nation, that we can hardly be capitalist anymore if the healthcare goes through and the government owns more than half of previously private industry (auto, banks, student loans, healthcare, soon to include newspapers, public radio, etc.), that we don't offer opportunity and education to people in poverty in this nation (liberal plans actually prevent both), and that if we don't turn this around immediately, we never will be able to do so.

    If your utopia includes rampant poverty, a low class and a political elite, and the government dictating everything you do from what you eat to which doctor you can see, then we're trundling along nicely. If that's not your idea of utopia, then stop bickering and help us stop it.

  38. Great perspective Fuzzy Slippers. I like the idea of vouchers for the poor and middle class. If you get a chance take a look at some of my older post on Cloward-Piven Stratagy. I think it would be a good read for you.

  39. John,

    I can sum up what i am saying pretty easily.

    1. when i point out two admins spent over a million, the one cons comment on is the libs (See Al's post)

    2. Cons constantly post erronous things like the staffer issue to bash Obama. (see Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Fox news, Matthew's post)

    3. When cuaght in it, they cry, wail, call names, and accuse people of doing what they do constantly. (see your posts)

    You wanna talk about putting words in mouths you fucking hypocrite, what's the fucking name of your blog? Did i ever say that shit, idiot? No i didn't so lighten up and untwist your panties. Your everything you rail on libs about. Glass houses john, glass houses.

  40. 1. look at what you libs do Joe. 2. compare apples with apples or you look dumb. compare first ladies with other first ladies. Remember she isn't an elected offical or has a job for govt. Maybe she thinks she's the Queen of America. 3. Lighten up JoeC we have been listening you libs for over 9 yrs. Talk about a bunch of bitches. I'm not saying you Joe.I'm saying the libs just can't handle the heat of the kitchen. We did for 8 yrs and the weak libs can't handle 8 months. And you guys that post are the stronger of the weak ass libs.Talk about a pathetic bunch of cry babies. They can't handle stress of debate or being on the wronge side of issues. Conservatives are fighting back in greater numbers then ever before and we are having an effect on these libs.

  41. Gotta alota LIBS always looking in their REAR VEIW Mirror so to SPEAK. If thats how you Drive you will CRASH! Its time for all including LIBS who may need OUR assistance to learn to STEER the COUNTY while looking HEAD.What you have Passed is Gone. Its whats ahead you SHOULD worry about! LIBS look AHEAD!

  42. Looking forword doesn't look to good for the liberals. If they point to the past maybe we wont see where they are taking us. That is why they attack the messengers that keep pointing to the direction of our nation.


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