Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SEIU And The White House Are In Bed Together

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Glenn Beck: SEIU vs. You

How do you like the thought that all of us are paying for what SEIU gets? The purple shirt liberals attacked a black protesters and nothing has been done about it yet. This President has made us Americans the enemy and it is time to do something about it for the future of our nation. While men and women are dieing for our freedom we just sit back and do nothing to insure they have a country to come back to. I will never be intimidated by any person or oganization. I dare any purple shirt SEIU member to attack me at a protest.

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  1. missed the part about the "Attack" in the transcript. read the whole thing, its just a slime piece, Beck takes comments out of context and attacks. Nothing more than partisan BS. Clearly you could do better than that hack.

  2. Beck is a conservative Libertarian. He attacks liberal policy and hypocracy. He did it to Bush and the Republicans. Why doesn't anyone attack his message? Why do you on the left always attack the messanger and not the message? That would be like us on the right saying we don't like Obama because he is dumb or something lame like that. And never going any deeper then that. You liberals are a shallow culture. Your liberal idealogy never seems to turn out the way they thought in academia. In the liberal world or culture they are god. They think they know how to rule the world and everything that gets in the way must be distroyed. They think they know better then the rest of the country. They think they are better then the rest of us. They want nothing less then every conservative thing in America to get out or change. They want to make it either illegal or costly to be a conservative. They think that the America that made us the richest most free country ever is is wrong. They think that the last 233 yrs were wrong. They want power. Conservatives want to shrink govt. By shrinking the size of govt they are giving up power. If you want the power back that our govt took then don't ever vote for a liberal. They want to give more of your rights,money and power to the govt. Conservatives want we the people to govern our rights,money and power. We the people will always do a better job of governing then our large governement.

  3. Chris wasn't Beck's show great last night? It was so informing. I never knew that SEIU was more important then the generals fighting Obama's wars. I wonder what kind of shout out he'll give if we have another 9/11.

  4. JoeC: that picture you use for your profile is kind of NAMBLA creepy. You're not that creepy candyman perv are you?

  5. LIBS always attack the messenger cause the TRUTH can stand up against their SPIN! What LIBS fail to understand is that so can the MESSENGER!

    Most Citizens do not need or want GOVERNMENT intrusion in their PRIVATE lives! Silly Citizens want to Earn their money,spend their money and want Big Government OUT of their WALLETS!

    Glen Beck has NO problem calling out Politicans/Parties when it is NEEDED and he has been Fair and Balanced. Beck calls out OBAMA administration for having Advisers with Communist, Socialist and Marxist Agendas and I have NOT seen any body CHALLENGE his Remarks! A great example of the Truth will be the TRUTH and the MESSENGER will always be the TARGET just the LIB way!

    Out of Curiosity hows ACORN doing?

  6. It looks like the President is trying to distance himself from ACORN for now. But Obama is spending more time with SEIU then anyone else. There hasn't even been charges for the beating of that black protester. You know the one were the guys in the purple SEIU shirts beat that guy and called him a "fucking nigger" numerous times. Could you imagine a conservative group or person doing that and not having charges brought against them? They beat the man and call him a "fucking nigger". To the liberals they can act like it's 1957 and black conservatives like MLK are to be beat and degraded without a worry of prosecution. Where is the NAACP,ACLU and all the other liberal groups of such?

  7. Herb that is funny. You need to go on Brians blog and check out what Joe was saying over there about "gay" things.

  8. Under the unique rules of the United States Senate, a member of the body may insist legislation actually be read before a vote is cast on the legislation.

    After threatening to do that, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has now confirmed the health care bill must be read. Republicans will also try to filibuster the health care legislation. The Democrats will need 60 votes to proceed, which they will try to get sometime around Friday.

    Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Ben Nelson (D-NE), and Bill Nelson (D-FL) are key votes on this. If those three Democrats vote to end the filibuster, they are, in effect, voting for passage of the health care legislation — voting to end the filibuster and against final passage is a clever way Democrats up for re-election have found to pass bills they love, but know they cannot support.

    They ensure the legislation has enough votes to pass by a simple majority and then vote to end the filibuster, which requires a super majority. Then these erstwhile Democrats vote against the legislation’s actual passage knowing it will pass even if they vote no.

    I suspect voters will remember these tricks next year and punish them.

    It looks like even when the democrats are in power they are too weak to know how to use it. The democrats are so short sighted they didn't see this coming. They really are a bunch of glass lickers.

  9. It has been almost 90 days since General McChrystal asked Barack Obama for more troops. No decision has been made. The General still waits as our soldiers keep dying.

    But that might actually be a better alternative to any decision Obama might make.

    As awful as that sounds, new information is proving Barack Obama’s got his first major military decision disastrously wrong and the repercussions to our national security will be far reaching in light of China’s growing aggressiveness.

    Back up to January. Barack Obama had just been sworn in to office and the Pentagon then began reviewing whether the F-22 Raptor program should get more funding. Despite lots of talk about saving and creating jobs, the Obama administration nudged Defense Secretary Robert Gates to kill the F-22, an advanced stealth fighter for which no nation has put up a competing system.

    In April, Robert Gates said he intended to kill the program. In July, Senators tried to keep the funding alive citing threats from China. But, Barack Obama’s administration said those threats were overestimated and Obama threatened to veto the entire defense budget if F-22 funding were left in.

    Gates said Monday he’d heard no “substantive” argument for keeping the jet for national security reasons, pointing out that China has no planes that can compete with the more than 1,000 advanced fighter jets the U.S. will have by 2020.

    Gates said that the gap between the two countries’ aerial arsenals will only widen.

    Unfortunately for the United States military, that turns out to be flat out wrong.

    According to Aviation Week, China not only is building a 5th generation fighter to compete with the F-22, but they’ll begin testing it this year.

    Beijing’s fighter announcement suggests a serious failing in U.S. intelligence assessments, mocking a July 16 statement of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that China would have no fifth-generation fighters by 2020.

    Note that China announced this while Obama was in China sucking up to them.

    Thanks Bruce for helping me get involved in blogging. I love sticking it to you.

  10. All enemies of this Great Nation have been watching Obama and his Inaction in making Desisions Regarding OUR Countries Security.

    Also the Circus that will take place in New York regarding the Criminal Trials of TERRORIST is just plain WRONG! This Circus is a attempt to get back at BUSH/CHENEY and all it will do is show the TERRORIST our methods of KEEPING another ATTACK from HAPPENING on OUR shores which this Administration does not seem to give a DAM about,SHAME ON THEM,for they KNOW what they DO.

  11. Chris said...
    "It looks like the President is trying to distance himself from ACORN for now. But Obama is spending more time with SEIU then anyone else."

    Remember Chris, ACORN and S.E.I.U were both started or at least in S.E.I.U.'s case ran by the Rafkey brothers and share the same offices/mailing address. So when dealing with one,you are dealing with both.

  12. This was a very frightening piece with Frank Schaefer last night.

    I'd be interested in getting your feedback from the far right.


  13. Herb, hey fuck you. I don't see you bustin chris's butt for posing with a child. Its my fucking son in his halloween outfit dickhead.

    Chris, i said they two of you both using the bhah thing was homoerotic, thats all. Its not like i went on and on. I don't see you jumping all over John for his stupid ass insinuations, but someones suggests your showing gay love and bam their the devil. Hypocrites

  14. Chris, i attacked the message. Maybe you could reread my post. You might have missed the majority of it. i'll repost it.

    "missed the part about the "Attack" in the transcript. read the whole thing, its just a slime piece, Beck takes comments out of context and attacks."

    So first i can't find the "attacks" you mentioned in the Beck transcript at all. Then i mention its nothing more than a slime piece. Followed that up with my main criticism that he takes comments out of context and attacks them. Thats a criticism of the message.

  15. Joe what in what way did you go after the message? What did he say that was wrong? Or is your only criticism that he "takes comments out of context and attacks." What did he take out of context JoeC? Or are you trying to be vague because it's just a feeling? Or are you just so sensitive that when someone is critical of the President or a Democrat then they are way out of line and they are attacking the President. You on the left can't stop attacking Bush,Cheney and Palin. And JoeC the "gay" stuff you keep trying to pin on John and I is as silly as a person calling you "creepy" because of your picture. He made a lot more conections to you being a "creepy perv" then you did of us. You just don't like it when your rules are placed on you. I thought it was funny when you called us gay and I found it funny when Herb called you out for being gay. John and I barely said a word about it other then pointing out that that is your M.O. Now when Herb did what you did to us you became unhinged. Don't get so bent "when your chickens come home to roost." You need to laugh a little JoeC.

  16. Joey is supposed to be so liberal and love everyone and poops unicorns and pisses rainbows, but then he goes classy with a nice FU to Herb.

    Joey, you should quite bashing gay people. You know, if you try to insult someone by calling them "gay" or insinuate that they are "homosexual" it just points out what a bigot you are. You obviously hate gays and use them as a slur against people that you want to try to belittle. I bet you got real antsy and angry when they passed that hate crime legislation, because now you can't go out and beat up the "queers". Another Democrat liberal puke shows his true colors. Keep up the good work Joey.

    And Chris is right on, you idiots can never point out any place where Beck et. al. are wrong. You dumbasses just start throwing out B.S. If you find an inaccuracy, please by all means feel free to point it out.

    And what kind of sick dude puts his own kid's picture on his profile? Especially after you start accusing people of being gay and dropping the F bomb on people. You're seriously unhinged Joey, you might want to ask Bruce for the name and number to his counselor, Bruce has seemed to be a little more restrained lately. Of course that could mean he's a ticking time-bomb....

  17. Chris, I haven't kept on trying to pin anything on you and John. I made on comment a couple days ago. thats it. Since then you and john bring it up all the time like every post i call you gay.

    My suggestion was alot softer than Herb's and he made no connection other than there was a kid in the photo. You have a kid in your photo, does that make you "creepy" too, perhaps a member of NAMBLA? Why didn't he make the same assumption for you?

    As for Beck, he took everything in that piece out of context and spun it. Thats my criticism, the same one i have said three times. Its a slime piece. Typical Beck.

    John, once again you and your over the top diagnosis. Paging doctor john, paging doctor john please make some outlandish diagnosis about another poster. lol. I'll put it simply. Despite any misgivings about your sexuality, i do not go out and beat up homosexuals. I like alot of other liberals support "Gay Marriage" and the passage of the "Hate Crime" bill. The things you said are not the truth, nor are they even close to the truth.

    As for my son, i just thought it was a cool shot. Nothing sick about it. He makes a cool little batman.

  18. Joey says " made on comment a couple days ago. thats it. Since then you and john bring it up all the time like every post i call you gay. "

    Then, same post, Joey says "Despite any misgivings about your sexuality, i do not go out and beat up homosexuals."

    Gosh Joey, you contradict yourself with every comment, little guy. I think that IS you in the batman suit, very little man with a big attitude.

    Joey, you obviously hate homosexuals if you use that as a slander against those you try to "get" with your immature, 1st grader mentality insults. What anybody's sexual orientation has to do with politics I don't know, but you seem to enjoy bringing it up, just like you did the first time. I'm sure you are a closet homosexual yourself, the way you love bashing gays. Why don't you just come out of the closet? Maybe that will alleviate some of that rage that you keep spewing, nutjob. Your son looks like a dipshit by the way, but that's just my opinion. If he is a homosexual as you are, please don't take that as bashing his homosexuality, I am just commenting on his suit. LOL. Stop living the lie Joey, the guys on the line probably already know all about you and your "back door dealings". lol


  19. Oh and Joey, it's Doctor John, capital "D". You should capitalize it, I've earned the title. LOL


  20. John, I can see how you'd be offended by me suggesting you are something conservatives hate, namely homosexuals, but to take that out on a 4 year old in a batman costume. You must feel proud commenting on my four year olds sexuality. Now who's the fucking perv? You are brother.

    I am glad that you think a four old in a batman costume looks like a dipshit. Is that supposed to hurt me, make you some sort of blog winner, a better man, what? It just shows how nasty and sick you are. Perhaps insulting young children is par for the course with you, but no matter what i would say about Chris, Brian or you i'd never fall to the level of insulting your kids.

    I'm sure that the other cons on here will defend ya, acting like my suggesting anything about you earned your discussion of my toddlers sexuality, but in truth that was just fucking nasty.

    And no you have't earned shit.

  21. lol Joey, lol. What does it matter if your kid is a homosexual? Do you have a problem with it? Can't your kid grow up to be whatever he likes? You are the one introducing the whole homosexuality theme into the conversation Joey, and I quote you from Brian's blog:

    Joey said "whats up with both John and christohper doing the BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA thing??? Some strange homoerotic right wing thing or might they just write exceedingly alike? Very alike."

    Boy for someone who is so much for homosexuals you sure do get your lace panties in a bunch when it is suggested your kid might be one. Lighten up Frances. Obviously you are the one who hates the homosexuals Joey, when it is an "insult" to suggest you or your child is one. How is it that when I do it, it's an insult, but when you do it it's just happy fun-time hypocrite?

    That's quite a dirty mouth you have on you too Joey. Look at all that swearing, no wonder your kid is the way he is with you ranting and raging around him with that mouth.


  22. Apparently its TOO late to say "CANt WE ALL JUST GET ALONG"!

    Perfect EXAMPLE of Dont say it if you CANT take it!

  23. JoeC I reread Herbs post and he never called your kid a name. He said that you are creepy for having a kid in a Holloween costume. He said something about a NAMBLA candyman. Joe if you think a picture of me with my son is creepy so be it. Joe you seem to be the one saying John and I are gay but when Herb call you a creepy perv you lost it. Did you run out of your glacoma meds?HUFF PUFF POOF.lol. If putting a kid in his batman pajamas and using his image instead of your isn't creepy then so be it. I think thou dust protest too much. Herb hit a soft spot with you. Funny how it is almost the same thing that you were aiming for on John and I. Are you homophobic? Were you mistreated by an uncle or something? Take a deep breath and have some fun once and a while. I still can't believe how pissed you got at that.

  24. Chris, I am not homophobic.

    John, i got my panties as you call them in a buch that you had the fucking nerve to discuss my children. They have no place in this discussion. There is no need for to mention a 4 year olds sexuality, unless your some perverted assclown. Are you that messed up in the head that you actually consider the sexuality of other peoples children? Thats you actually feel discussing their children is okay?

    What type of rightwing freak are you to talk about peoples kids like that? Does it turn you on or something? You sound like some strange pedophile talking about children that way. Let your rightwing cronies justify it, your still a sick motherfucker to me.

  25. And what place did homosexuality have in this discussion? You were the one that brought it all up Joey Boy. Maybe the perv thing hit too close for comfort. I made some observations just like you did Joey Boy and you couldn't handle it like a typical liberal. You can dish it out but you can't take it. Joey your reaction says volumes about you. If someone would have said something not true you wouldn't be so nutz about it. You aren't the same freak JoeC from local 2280 are you? If you are then I can see why you came unhinged so fast. No one can stand that guy at work because he never shuts up. The people at work will say anything to get him away from them. Yeh Joe whatever, just go do your job. You can't disagree with Joe or he will never leave you alone. I hope that isn't you Joey. That Joe is laughed at more then he knows. Joe if it wasn't true you never would have reacted with such zeal. And that is how JoeC the zealot got his name at work.

  26. Joey Boy said:"What type of rightwing freak are you to talk about peoples kids like that? Does it turn you on or something? You sound like some strange pedophile talking about children that way." Think about what you just said and now look up "Projecting". Do you see why people think that about you? You are the one making this about your son. It is about you and your reactions to being called a pervert. A person that spends so much time protesting an issue like homosexuality and the like perversions is trying to sell you on the fiction that they aren't what you say they are. If none of this was remotely true you would have said so and moved on. I hope I am wrong about that. The truth hurts doesn't it?

  27. Come on guys stop this stupid fighting and name calling. Stop calling people gay and stop calling them pervs. Can we all get back to civil debate? I understand some of you need to blast off but try to control yourselves. Thank you.

  28. Sounds good Chris. I would just like to state that hothead Joey is making claims that are obviously lies. My statement, which he claims I was discussing his child's homosexuality (and obviously he was projecting when he decided that I was talking about his kid's sexual proclivities), was merely a disclaimer to prevent the kind of attacks that liberals like Joey makes (and as you can see, my concern was completely justified). Here is what I said: "Your son looks like a dipshit by the way, but that's just my opinion. If he is a homosexual as you are, please don't take that as bashing his homosexuality, I am just commenting on his suit."

    As you can see, I don't care if he is or isn't a homosexual like his dad. I just didn't want Joey blasting me with his trumped up charges that I hate homosexuals. I have no problem with homosexuals; and I wanted to make that clear that I was not bashing his kid because of his gender preference, but merely for his dipshitty costume.

    So Joey, I think you owe me an apology for all those things you said about me. I know I shouldn't expect one, you are probably all in a rage now, fuming about what I wrote. But I just calls em as I sees em, and your kid looks dumb. Not every kid can be a winner Joey, no matter what you liberals try or how many trophies you give your idiot spawn, and with the genes your provided he really never had a chance. I'm just being your friend here Joey, letting you know about your kid. Speaking the truth, that's what it's all about.

  29. Thank you for backing me up too Herb. I hope Joey comes out of the closet and frees his homoness, before his bottled up rage causes him to hurt someone.

    Joey, there is no shame in asking for professional help. Check with Bruce, I'm sure he can direct you to some professionals.

  30. John your not getting an apology. It should be the other way around. You should be apologising to me for even discussing my children. And another for posting my name and saying i support rape. Talk about blasting someone with trumped up charges. You the pot or the kettle, brother.

    Of course you and herb are deflecting, ignoring the point that even discussing or thinking about kids in that way is digusting, expecially other peoples kids. Typical righties posting banana style, all of ya in a big yellow bunch, supporting each others BS, no matter how nasty they are.

  31. Herb, i'm known for alot of things, but not any of those.

  32. Joey are you that same JoeC that works at Van Dyke Ford Local 2280?


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