Monday, November 9, 2009

This Is What Thinks About Afghanistan PoliticalAction

An exit strategy for Afghanistan

President Obama is poised to make a critical decision about the Afghanistan war in the next few weeks. He needs to hear that we need an exit strategy—not tens of thousands more troops stuck in a quagmire.
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    This is from Even they think Obama has made Afghanistan a quagmire. Now he's on their crap list. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Conservatives take the time and send the President a message about the war in Afghanistan. It will mess with their minds when they read a conservative view coming from Tell Obama to take a crap or get off the pot with Afghanistan.


  1. Hmmmm... rifts in the Democratic party! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA.... just like NY23, isn't that what Failk was laughing about?!!? Oh man, this is TOOO funny!!! What a bunch of losers those Democrats are!!!

    Guess what; report out of the HuffPo, per CBS news, Obama is sending 40,000 troops that McChrystal asked for, and we will have a looooong occupation. But he is going to wait to announce until Thanksgiving (more troop deaths, way to go Obama!) and it is going to be a graaaadual build-up. Looks like Hussein is trying to maximize Christian soldier's deaths in Afghanistan.

    If I were an ex-serviceman, and still loved my country and my fellow servicemen and women, I would be PISSED. I'm sure a certain liberal who comments here occasionally will find a way to lick Obama's nuts though. Obama can do no wrong in his twisted mind.

  2. Chris - MoveOn is also targeting Democrats who voted against the House's Health Care Takeover by Government Plan. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA.... these idiots are going to tear themselves apart, while the Republicans just sit back and pick up more seats. Oh man, I'm going to hurt myself laughing at those dickwads and their dumbness!!! BWAAAAAAAAA

    MoveOn Targets Dems Who Voted Against Reform
    First Posted: 11- 9-09 04:56 PM | Updated: 11- 9-09 06:20 PM

    In the wake of Saturday night's historic health care vote, the main lines of attack have been extremely partisan -- Republicans insist that politically vulnerable Democrats who voted for the bill will subsequently lose their seats and vice versa.

    Now, however, Democrats are being targeted from inside their own camp. The progressive advocacy group released a new set of television ads on Monday hitting several of those lawmakers who bucked the party and voted against the bill. The list includes Reps. Mike Ross (Ark.), Jason Altmire (Penn.), Glenn Nye (Va.), Rick Boucher (Va.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Heath Schuler (N.C.), and Lee Terry (Neb.)

    "A courageous group of Representatives stood tall, and voted to help lower costs and ensure access to affordable health care for millions," the MoveOn spot says of those who voted yes. "Our representative, Mike Ross, stood small... and voted no. Call and tell him how little you think of his vote."

  3. Isn't it funny how just last week the libs were saying how great the Tea Party protesters are because they are going after the liberal RINO Republicans. Don't forget to send a shout out to the President. All you have to do is click on the (send President a message).Send that out to everyone you know so we can counter everything the liberals are doing.

  4. The Democrats’ health care legislation passed the House of Representatives on Saturday by three votes. Under the Democrats’ plan, should you fail to obtain health insurance, you will go to jail for five years.

    Leading up to the vote, pro-lifers engaged in a battle against each other over the “Stupak Amendment” offered by pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak. By Sunday, pro-lifers were suffering numerous recriminations from their allies. The logic is that had Stupak not passed, there would be enough votes to ensure the health care bill did not pass.

    While I tend to agree with the argument, I think we miss a central point: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would have just done something else to get the legislation passed. By using pro-life issues, however, the Democrats were able to divide the GOP.

    As the sun rises this Monday morning, let’s consider a few points.

    1. Whether Stupak passed or not, the health care legislation would have passed on Saturday. In fact, most of the Republican leaders on the Hill encouraged a yes vote for the Stupak Amendment because (A) its passage would send a strong message that there is a pro-life majority in the House of Representatives and (B) its passage would not affect the final outcome. Regardless of how you view Stupak, we know now there is a pro-life majority in even this Democratic House of Representatives and Stupak very clearly will not affect the final outcome.

    2. We know that this House legislation is dead on arrival in the United States Senate. As a result of its passage, a number of Blue Dog Democrats are now extremely vulnerable to defeat, as are a number of others. The act of voting for the legislation, and the anger generated by it receiving a majority vote, will doom a significant number of Democrats.

    3. Because the Stupak Amendment passed, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and a host of power left-wing interest groups that supported Obamacare, now are joined with a bunch of groups on the right in opposition to the measure.

    4. Passing Obamacare in the manner it passed Saturday has created fresh, new divisions within the Democratic Party. While the media would prefer to look at Republican divisions, the Democrats are so full of gaping wounds now, they might bleed to death by November of 2010.

    I think the Stupak Amendment was an instance of the pro-life community not seeing the forest for the trees and it should have been opposed. But I am willing to admit I could be wrong. What I do know is that the House Republican Leadership has been very, very good at combating the Democrats’ legislative agenda. That House GOP Leadership encouraged a vote for Stupak should not be second guessed lightly. It is a lot easier for me to Monday morning quarterback the vote than it was for these men and women on the front lines to make a decision.

    At the end of the day we need to trust the people who said a yes vote was worth casting. Now is also not the time to throw the pro-lifers under the bus. They stand with us and, because of their tough stance, we are now ironically joined by pro-abortion groups standing shoulder to shoulder with pro-life groups in opposition to Obamacare.

    Life is full of ironies. Let’s savor this one and fight on. mmm mmm mm Barack Hussein Obama

  5. Check out this bit of irony from a Democrat columnist. Regarding the recent elections, it's HILARIOUS!! The Dems say Obama had nothing to do with the loss of the governorships; this columnist said that might be true, but it's something to be worried about!! ROFLMAOAB (rolling on floor, laughing my ass off at Bruce)

    Everything and Nothing
    A Commentary by Susan Estrich

    Everything and nothing happened on Tuesday. I could have predicted that. Whoever "wins" says it means everything. Whoever "loses" says it means nothing. That's how off-off-year elections work. History supports both sides.
    This time, the Republicans managed to claw at least a little bit of defeat from the jaws of victory with their act of self-destruction in New York-23. As everyone in the world now knows, a district that has been Republican since the Civil War is sending a Democrat to Congress on account of the intrusion of Republican Party leaders in the form of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, quickly followed by everyone (else) who wants to be president.
    Nancy Pelosi, up one for the night, claimed victory. The president's spokesman, contradicting the steady refrain of Republicans, said New Jersey and Virginia had absolutely nothing to do with the president.
    In a way, that's true, which is not good for Democrats.
    What Obama defenders have repeatedly and rightly pointed out is that the president remains popular in both of the states Republicans won on Tuesday -- more popular, unfortunately for them, than the two Democrats who, especially Jon Corzine, sought a boost from his coattails. There was no boost. The Obama "voters" did not turn out. And some of those who did voted Republican this time.
    I've worked with Corzine campaigns in the past. They know how to "do field," that is, to find and bring out every last voter in the state who could be identified. Corzine had issues with his voters independent of the president, starting with taxes. Still, press secretary Robert Gibbs is right. In New Jersey, the gap between Corzine's numbers and the president's is the difference between defeat and victory. Nothing the president -- or a great field organization benefiting from his -- could do could deliver that vote.
    Not good news if you got elected two years ago in part because the president was on top of the ticket.
    It's a long, long time, politically speaking, between now and the next time Barack Obama has to run. That's good news for the president, but not so good for those who could use some fairy dust. It means members of Congress in marginal districts are essentially on their own.
    And that makes health care even trickier, if that could be possible.
    On the one hand, the pressure on Democrats to support the president will, if anything, be more intense now than it has been. He needs them more. The House leadership needs to deliver. Rahm Emanuel needs to deliver. Allowing health care reform to get close only to be killed amid claims that the plan was the wrong one is a movie whose ending we've lived through once. It's not one anyone would like to see again, on the Democratic side.
    On the other hand, you could be in real trouble with voters in your district, especially independents, if you're seen as supporting an unpopular reform effort because Pelosi squeezed you to keep you in line. Not good, either. I don't know too many marginal members who are eager to see their re-elections turn into a referendum on health care reform.
    It may be too late, and it certainly isn't anyone's style here, but the real lesson of New York-23 may be about the risks of allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.
    Shooting inside the tent cost the Republicans a ridiculously safe seat. Democrats are capable of doing the same. They need to pass a health care plan that won't cost the Democratic majority that majority, or the whole effort could blow up in the president's face. Just in time for him to be on the top of the ballot. And then it could mean everything to him.

  6. Chris - Suggestion for your next blog subject: Idiots who voted for Obama, but have no idea who his Vice President is:

  7. From Moonbattery:

    Here's what The One thought was the most important thing to remember about the fall of the Berlin Wall:

    "Few would have foreseen ... that a united Germany would be led by a woman from Brandenburg or that their American ally would be led by a man of African descent. But human destiny is what human beings make of it."

    That's right, the Fall of Communism was maybe kind of a big deal, but it was just a footnote on the path to history's ultimate destiny ... the election of B. Hussein Obama.

    Did the massive ego mention Reagan at any time in his address? What do you think?

  8. Great suggestion John. I posted it for everyone to see how little the average Democrat knows about who they voted for. And who is running the country. Thank you for that.


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