Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Are Democrats Playing Politics With Guantanamo Prisoners?

To quickly summarize the case against the trials:

1] The trials are wholly unnecessary; the Administration is holding some enemy combatants without trial and trying others through the military commission system, thus conceding that it has alternatives. As a result, any risks, expenses or other downsides of the trials are being undertaken solely for the purpose of empty symbolism.
2] The trials risk disclosure of sensitive intelligence information and sources. This is the most significant objection of all.
3] The trials create a heightened risk or incentive for a terrorist attack/jailbreak effort in Manhattan.
4] The additional security required to guard against #3 will cost the federal and city governments a fortune, interfere with the administration of justice in a busy federal district and busy federal prison, add to the traffic and delays already extant in lower Manhattan, and place a great burden on the jurors, judge, and prosecutors.
5] The detainees, as they have shown in the past, are especially dangerous to guards, a problem that’s more acute when in transit or in civilian prisons than in a facility like Guantanamo that’s designed to house them.
6] The trials will give these extremists the opportunity to grandstand.
7] There is, inherent in civilian criminal trials and given the likelihood that the defense will seek to play politics with the trial, some risk of one or more acquittals or hung juries that would give a propaganda victory to the terrorists and destroy what little symbolic value the trials have if the defendants are remanded to custody after being acquitted.
8] There is a risk that, to guard against #7, rules and precedents governing criminal procedure will be distorted in ways that have lingering effects on the regular justice system.
9] Trying terrorists in civilian courts perversely rewards their war crimes; they have not earned the rights of either American citizens nor lawful combatants under international law, and should not be granted them.
Well, the polls are in, and the news should not be encouraging to the Administration. First, the Rasmussen poll, conducted nationally:
Fifty-one percent (51%) of U.S. voters oppose the Obama administration’s decision to try the confessed chief planner of the 9/11 attacks and other suspected terrorists in a civilian court in New York City.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 29% of voters favor the president’s decision not to try the suspects by military tribunal at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba where they are now imprisoned. Nineteen percent (19%) are not sure whether it was the right decision or not.
Only 30% of Americans said suspected terrorists should have access to U.S. courts
As Rasmussen notes from prior polls, “Most voters have consistently opposed moving any of the Guantanamo prisoners to prisons in the United States out of safety concerns.” And public awareness is high:
Seventy-five percent (75%) of all voters say they have followed news stories about the decision to try the suspected terrorists in a civilian court at least somewhat closely. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say they have been following very closely. Only six percent (6%) are not following the news about the decision at all.
Locally, the Marist poll of New York City residents (H/T) finds a small plurality of the overwhelmingly Democratic City in favor of the trials - but a significant group opposed, and a larger minority among New Yorkers than nationally who are concerned about the elevated security risks:
45% of residents think it’s a good idea to have the trial in New York City while 41% believe it’s a bad one. 14% just aren’t sure.
What about the risk of future terrorist attacks? Although 47% say the location of the trial will not affect the likelihood of another terrorist attack occurring in New York City, a significant proportion are concerned the trial will put a bull’s eye on the city. In fact, 40% believe having the trial in New York City will increase the possibility of another terrorist attack in the area. 7% think it will be less of a target, and another 6% are unsure about the implications of the trial for the city’s security.
The left-wing response to the criticisms of the trials has been to focus only on point #3 above and essentially throw a tantrum, accusing anyone concerned with the risk of an attack of either cowardice or fear-mongering. As I have explained at some length before, this is shtick, not argument, and especially ridiculous given some of the people making it. Thus, we have people like left-wing activist Greg Sargent getting so wrapped up in their own shtick that they try to spin the Rasmussen poll as a victory, even in the face of the public being against them on the bottom line:
[P]ublic opposition is not a response to all the lurid fearmongering we’ve heard from Rudy Giuliani and other diehard anti-terror warriors. It’s more rooted in a sense that the justice system isn’t a proper venue to prosecute terrorism, because it places suspected terrorists - symbolically, perhaps more than legally - on an equal footing with your run-of-the-mill suspected murderers….While a majority does oppose the trial, it appears that most Americans aren’t quite as fearful of it as Rep. Shadegg is.
Sargent further notes of the Marist poll: “Opposition to trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his co-conspirators in a New York court is almost entirely driven by old, white, and Republican voters.” Well, good thing none of those groups is a significant voting bloc, eh?
A few more such victories, as Phyrrus said, and Obama and his fans are finished.


  1. Old, white, Republican, sounds like a dying breed to me.

    I think the American justice system has handled terrorist trials before and can do so again. It's Republicans that are making this a political football.

    Liberals actually believe in the American judicial system and in the strength of our police forces and other security measures.

    We tried the blind sheikh successfully, why not these other terrorists?

    Representative Louie Gohmert actually had the gall to try to make the case that since there would definitely be a terrorist attack during the trial, that Democrats would use the rebuilding as a jobs bill. Another psycho Republican.

  2. Terrorist Attack that KILLED 3000 Citizens is act of WAR by TERRORIST period!

    Holder said duing his CONFIRMATION hearings that Terrorist on 911 was a ACT of WAR and again today before house committee.

    By Holders own words it is and was a ACT of WAR and if so it is not a CRIME and should have been left to MILITARY!

    This Whole Trial in New York is a CIRCUS that has NOTHING to do with OUR Security but is Political PERIOD!

    Now these assholes will have ACLU Attorneys who by the time there done will have Comprimised our Intelligence Services.

    Final Point The Sheik would have PLEAD Guilty to the Charges in Military Court so other than POLITICS WHY would this CIRCUS take PLACE!

  3. My thoughts? (I know I'm just a chick but hear me out.)

    I think this whole thing is PLANNED to be a CIRCUS purely to detract from whatever other faux "good for you" bill the Obama administration hopes to pass. Wouldn't it be just a super duper "coincidence" if the trials were held exactly at the time the Health Care bills were making their final rounds in congress? I mean, wouldn't it?

    It's all a ploy to cover up the rest of their evil.

  4. While Obama was taking a bow on his Asian Apology Tour, Quinnipiac released a new poll in which the President’s ratings also took a bow, h/t Ed Morrisey at Hot Air.

    Obama’s job approval rating fell to 48 percent in the Nov. 9-16 survey of registered voters nationwide by the Hamden, Connecticut-based university, with 42 percent polled saying they disapproved of the job he is doing.

    The Quinnipiac Poll also showed a drop in approval of the Presidents handling of the war in Afghanistan. Voters now “disapprove 49 - 38 percent of the President’s handling of the war there”. In October that number read 42 - 40 percent approval.

    Now, don’t misread this as support for the war effort losing steam.

    voters say 65 - 29 percent, including 68 - 25 percent among military households, that eliminating the threat of terrorists operating from Afghanistan “is a worthwhile goal for American troops to fight and possibly die for,” compared to 65 - 28 percent last month.

    So the polls seem to say that the people are tired of the current strategy, or lack thereof. At the same time a large majority still believe that Afghanistan is not only a worthwhile goal for American troops, but also that it is worth possibly dying for. That statement carries some amazing weight to it.

    We know that the majority of the people want to win the war, we also know they have the will to win. Additionally, we know that the current strategy, or lack thereof, is a failure. The question then becomes, what do we do?

    On that, once again, the people are clear.

    Voters say 47 - 42 percent that President Obama should send 40,000 more combat troops to Afghanistan as the military commanders on the ground have requested. Only 27 percent of Democrats want more troops, compared to 68 percent of Republicans. Similarly, 68 percent of Republicans, but only 31 percent of Democrats, think the United States is doing the right thing fighting in Afghanistan.

    Let me break that down real quick. 47%, a majority, agree with 68% of Republicans. Does that point of agreement possibly show a sign of growing trust in the GOP?

    For the answer to that question I will jump over to Rasmussen, h/t John at PowerLine.

    Republican candidates maintain a six-point advantage over Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

    This lead has held for four months now, on top of which you also see independents swinging to Republicans 41% to 24%. All of this adds up to the One’s plunge in the Presidential Approval Index.

    26% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President

    I know that losing Republican support causes Obama no heartburn. I also suspect he isn’t concerned with the independents, not because they don’t matter, rather because he still thinks he can control them. What may, in fact, be keeping the One awake at night is this.

    Just 47% of Democrats now Strongly Approve of the President’s performance. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Republicans Strongly Disapprove, as do 43% of those not affiliated with either major political party.

    Less than half of the Democrats think the Democratic President and the Democratic Congress are doing anything worthy of their approval. That is awesome, but we’re not done yet.

    Rasmussen also asked about the KSM trial being held in NYC with the result of 51% opposing the decision. This on it’s face is a clear majority opinion, but it’s even better than it looks.

    just 29% of voters favor the president’s decision not to try the suspects by military tribunal at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba

    Only 30% of Americans said suspected terrorists should have access to U.S. courts, while 54% favored military tribunals in July 2008, as the first such tribunal got under way at Guantanamo.

  5. Mama you could be right. Too bad you're a chick.LOL. See that is why we need lots of different perspectives. This Congress and Obama are tricky suckers when it comes to making confution and crisis. Mama do you think the want a terrorist attack so they can be the hero? Kind of like those people who start fires so they can save people.

  6. Right Wing Mama, there will be a vote to bring the health care bill to the floor of the Senate on Saturday. Democrats say they have the 60 votes to move it to the floor. Hopefully they will be able to cutoff delay tactics by the Republicans and have a vote on the final bill before the Christmas break.

    So, I don't think you need to worry about health care votes not being attention to because of the health care votes. Health care will be passed by the time the trials start.

  7. Hey Bruce if all this isn't for political reasons then what reason are they closing Gitmo down? Why not leave Gitmo where it is? It's all political with the Democrats. Bruce is one of the Republican delay tacktics reading the bill? Or should they just pass the bill without rewading it? Blind trust might be ok with you but it isn't good enough for the rest of America. We want this bill read and discused so we doin't get another Porkulus bill through. And just think how dumb and not thought out Cash for Clunkers was. You on the left with your paranoid delutions now are medicated to the point that you trust everything the govt does now. And Before you say conservatives were the same way look at the approval rating of Bush and Congress at the end of the term. I bet you liberal Al Qiada aren't saying one word about the wars. When Bush ran these wars thats all you were talking and writing about on the left. Can you say,HYPOCRIT?

  8. I can personally understand the objections people have, and each one is well thought out, except for the wag the dog one, thats just rumor and typical opposition party histronics.

    Personally i don't feel that New york is the best place for the trial, given security concerns, but it should happen at a federal level not a military one.

    My thought on that is either this is classified as a military act of war, which it has been and then all prisoners are of war and subject to Geneva convention or they are terrorists and subject to federal law. I don't believe in the double standard of unlawful enemy combatants. If they commit and act of war they prisoners of war and we should act accordingly.

    If its a military trial then off to the Haque we go, not some hastily made up commisions. If not then we try them at secure location such as Levenworth under the rules of US federal court.

  9. The only thing I can think of is the govt is trying to root out the terrorists by using these trials as bait. If there is a terrorist attack on NY while the trial are going on it will distroy Obama and the Democratic Party that stood lock and step for these trials taking place. The same thing with Gitmo. One thing I think Obama doesn't realize is that community organizers don't have resposaility or rarely have conequences for their actions. President are a lot different. Just look at how conservatives and Republicans have been spliting apart on issues. But it seems like they might be mending.

  10. Obama and liberals LIE19 November, 2009 09:04

    So in the little sit down with the President, the Chinese made clear they did not believe a word of the President’s promises about ObamaCare not adding to the deficit.

    The Chinese asked uncomfortable questions about the cost of ObamaCare:

    Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions.

    Boilerplate assurances that America won’t default on its debt or inflate the shortfall away are apparently not cutting it. Nor should they, when one owns nearly $2 trillion in assets denominated in the currency of a country about to double its national debt over the next decade.

    Turns out that when you lie to everyone, no one believes you. Untrue claims that President Obama makes in the speeches to Joint Sessions of Congress about not adding to the deficit, making mystery cuts to Medicare, or not funding abortion, or not allowing illegal immigrants to gain access to his health care benefit, are actually listened to by other nations.

    And the economic implications and the national security implications of a President who no one believes are profound, and none of them are good.

    Sounds like the Chinese do not believe that a Democratic Congress and President Obama will do anything about the growing deficit. The only thing the Trillion-dollar President can do is spend more Trillions — first on the stimulus, then another trillion plus on health care. And because the world refuses to buy more of our debt, the Fed has printed (you guessed it) a trillion dollars in the last year to give to banks, with instructions to buy our T-Bills in our debt (rigged) “auctions.” This is how we are paying for our deficit, we are printing money. And our Trillion dollar President keeps spending.

  11. Chris, last I heard, the bill is up on the Senate web site right now. The entire bill is scheduled to be read in the Senate, so that's another straw man argument.

    As far as the trials, we have tried terrorists before successfully in New York, without incident, I might add. So climb down off the ledge, Chris. Everything will be all right. You're so afraid all the time, it's probably causing health problems for you. It's not good to be afraid ALL the time.

    As for Gitmo, they are closing it down, it's just talking longer than anticipated. There is one group of prisoners that is problematic, where all the evidence against them was gained by torture, which is inadmissible in a court of law. Indefinite detention is not the answer and military tribunals are not the way to go either, so they do cause a legal dilemma. Hopefully smarter minds will figure out what to do and yet still adhere to the rule of law and the United States Constitution.

    I think investing in infrastructure and jobs will turn things around. You have to remember, Chris, it took a long time to get in this mess the Republicans caused, and it will take more than a year to get ourselves out of it, so you have to be a little patient, something I know Republicans are short on, but let's be realistic, President Obama was handed one hell of a mess by President Cheney.

  12. Bruce I'm not going to be the one on the ledge if there is a terror attack on NY because of this trial. My party isn't the one taking risk for no good reason to put on a political show in NY. Bruce I'm not afraid of anything. That is one thing you can bank on Bruce, I don't fear anything. I'm telling you to be afraid and you should be as your party isn't making good moves right now and the public is turning on the Democrats in record numbers. I'm not afraid that the world will end if we don't pass healthcare reform now. I'm not the one saying the world will end as we know it if Cape and Trade isn't passed now. And I wasn't the one that said America will end if the Porkulus bill wasn't passed or the bailouts of Big Business. Talk about coming down from the ledge. You and the Democrats have been in a fear crisis for over 9 yrs now. Why close down Gitmo other then for political reasons? Most of these terrorist weren't given there Moranda rights so how will they get around that one Bruce? It's sounds to me like Obama opened up Pandoras Box without thinking everything through. Kind of like he did when he told everyone he could close Gitmo in 6 months without a plan to do it. Now that was as dumb as you get wouldn't you agree Bruce? Bruce wasn't it Congress that got us into the mess also? And wasn't it run by Democrats for the last 2 yrs of Bush's term? I know you only blam Republicans. You are right that the Republican screwed up a lot and they have paid for it by giving the country over to Democrat rule. How many years will you be blaming the Republicans? When is Obama and both houses of cCongress going to do something for jobs? The stimulus bill didn't do anything they said it would do. Cash for Clunkers didn't work the way they said it would since they ran out of money in 1/8th the time and it cost us 3 times more then they thought it would. Not to mention that over 60% of the money went to foreign manufacturers. It looks to me like the Democrats took the mess that both parties made and just made it a lot bigger and a lot more messy. But you can't see that through your myopic idealogue. To you the Democrats can't do wrong and the Republicans can't do right. That makes you an idealogue fanatic. Nice try projecting your instability on me though. Keep up the good work little buddy;-)

  13. Bruce, my health care example was an EXAMPLE of one of thousands of evil things this government could put through while the country is glued to this circus act of a trial.

    I stand by my theory.

  14. This is something that seems to separate Democrats from Republicans. Republicans talk about the rule of law, but want to put it into practice. Republicans won't walk the walk.

    Gitmo never should have been opened in the first place. Now that it's been in business for 8 years, it's very difficult to close it down because we tortured prisoners there and any evidence gained from torture is tainted evidence. For crying out loud, follow the Constitution and the rule of law, that's what Republicans are always shouting, but when President Obama and AG Holder actually want to do it, you cry bloody murder.

    I will blame Republicans as long as is appropriate and reasonable and they have to take responsibility for what they did. That's another rallying cry for Republicans, taking responsibility. The way I see it, Republicans need to take responsibility for their heinous acts against America and the Constitution.

    Cash for clunkers was a success and now the domestic auto makers have hardly any inventory to sell. Actually I heard 75% of the sales were foreign cars, however, the American manufacturers basically sold every car they had that qualified for the program. They could have sold more cars if they had had them on their lots.

    Had Republicans been in charge, the country would have been ruined by their idiotic policies of cutting taxes to solve all problems and had we cut spending at a time when the government was the only entity that could boost the economy, we would have been in a depression worse than the Great Depression.

    Things are bad, but the trajectory is in the right direction. If you could take off your ideological glasses for a few minutes, you'd see that.

  15. This makes no sense at all.......unless.....
    Obama/Holder are laying the groundwork for the United Nations to try to prevent execution like with the 2 Mexicans who were executed in Texas over the UN objections. It would be a perfect opportunity for BHO to show the world how great he was by bowing to the UN (no pun intended) and sparing KSM's life.

  16. Bruce--I am not a Republican, I am a conservative. Hard as that may be to wrap your head around.

  17. RWM - Bruce is a liberal, aka liar.

    Bruce, stop with the lies!! Your brain dump is so full of lies, I don't even know where to begin. C4C was an epic failure, something only the Democrats could come up with. Only a total idiot would think otherwise. Why am I not surprised that you do.

    Here are some quick numbers also that should set your head to it's "explode" setting:

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. That matches the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President (see trends).

    By a 3-to-1 margin, voters believe that tax cuts will create more jobs than additional government stimulus spending. Most also believe that canceling the rest of the stimulus spending will create more jobs than spending the money that’s been approved.

    And I know you always get your little panties in a bunch with Rasmussen Reports. You claim they are conservative, but they list all the information, including the questions that they ask, and also note that they poll VOTERS, not just any idiot on the street. If you have numbers from another source, you'd better provide that information Brucie. We all here know that you are a liar, so if you don't want to get called out on your lies then provide the FACTS to back it up, like we do day in and day out.

  18. I told you all that Bruce wasn't right in the head. He is the one with Liberal glasses on. He has spent so much time at the computer his mind stopped working right. He couldn't go 1 week without his computer. He'd need a 12 step program to get off the computer. Bruce doesn't even know what reality is anymore since he hasn't done anything in years. His reality is whatever moveon,Moore,R.Maddow,K.Obermann,Obama,Pelosi and Reid tell him reality is. You haven't seen daylight since the bobblehead rallies of yours and that freakshow Glenn Beck protest.

  19. Even more good news Bruce!!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Quinnipiac: Obamacare opposed 51-35

    This time, it’s not Rasmussen delivering the bad news among likely voters, but Quinnipiac among registered voters — a sample that should lean more towards Obama than away from him. However, in the latest Q-poll conducted over the full week after Nancy Pelosi slammed her health-care reform bill through Congress, a majority of the 2518 respondents oppose ObamaCare. And while three-quarters of the respondents find Obama personally likable, he’s at a -12 on the issue (via Geoff A):

    Three-quarters of American voters – 74 percent – like President Barack Obama as a person, but only 47 percent like most of his policies, and voters disapprove 51 – 35 percent of the health care overhaul passed by the House of Representatives which he has endorsed, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

    Voters disapprove 53 – 41percent of President Obama’s handling of health care.

    Obama’s endorsement of the House of Representatives-passed health care plan makes no difference to 44 percent of American voters, while 24 percent say it makes them view him more favorably; 30 percent less favorably.

    And once again, independents are fleeing the President and the Democrats:

    The fall-off from Obama’s personal likability to approval of his policies is greater among independent voters, a group Obama carried in the election. Overall 28 percent of Americans say they like Obama personally but not his policies, while 34 percent of independents feel that way.

    In fact, independents break harder than the general population on Obama’s handling of health care as well. While Obama getsa 41/53 approval/disapproval rating overall on this issue, among independents it is 35/59. Among women, whom the White House has attempted to woo on health care by framing it as a “women’s issue,” Obama is still underwater 44/49. The overall number has remained fairly consistent for the last three months, however; even in August, Obama has a -13 on the issue.

    The health-care plan has similar problems. Independents oppose it almost 2-1, 29/57, while women oppose it by double digits, 36/47. Obama’s support of it erodes his support, too. Independents are twice as likely to think less of him than more because of it, 17/33, while women split evenly 26/26. The ObamaCare debate is undoubtedly a big anchor on his approval ratings.

    No matter how much Americans would desire to have a beer summit with the President, they don’t want a government takeover of health care to get it. That’s bad medicine, and that realization has become more apparent the longer the debate goes on.

  20. That has to chap their liberal asses looking at those poll numbers. And they all thought things would be better under Obama/Biden. But they keep chanting "yes we can" just with fewer and fewer chanters. It is fun watching these lefties trying to justify why nothing is working the way they had thought.

  21. I was under the Impression that Geneva Convention Covered Military in Uniform only and I dont think a Turbin is it!

  22. We should all remind Bruce not to go around Rochester Hills with his paper mache antlers on, because it being deer hunting season, he would probably be culled.

  23. I pulled this off the Quinnipac site...

    "Voters favor 57 - 35 percent giving people the option of being covered by a government- run health insurance plan, the "public option."

    Independent voters approve 55 - 39 percent. The overall approval is down from 61 - 34 percent in an October 8 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. And they oppose two proposals to modify it:

    Allowing states to opt out of the public option is a bad idea, voters say 49 - 43 percent;

    Voters also oppose 47 - 38 percent the "trigger," where the public option kicks in only if private insurance does not cover enough people.

    Given four choices to describe their feelings about the President, American voters say:

    46 percent like Obama as a person and like most of his policies;

    28 percent like him as a person, but don't like most of his policies;

    1 percent like his policies, but don't like him as a person;

    20 percent don't like him or his policies. (this is Chris, Brian, John)

    I don't know who Ed Morrisey is, perhaps the former lead singer for the Smiths (great band), but i'm not seeing the same things he is from Quinnipac.

  24. ohhh, i forgot this piece....

    While this survey has bad news for the President, the news for Republicans is worse:

    Voters say 45 - 36 percent, including 40 - 37 percent among independents, that Obama is better able to handle health care than congressional Republicans. In October, it was 47 - 31 percent in the President's favor.

    Voters also say 59 - 29 percent that Republicans are not making a good faith effort to work with Obama and the Democrats on health care.

    A total of 61 percent of American voters say it is "very important" or "somewhat important" that health care reform be approved this year.

  25. Craven, I take that as a threat on my life and not at all funny.

    This proves my point and I think Frank Schaefer's point that conservatives such as those that frequent this blog are dangerous.

    If I find out who you are, Craven, I will be in court seeking a protective order.

  26. The ONLY Polls that really count are the ones in 2010 and then we will see if the CHICKENS come home to ROOST.

    This Obama Care could PASS on Saturday and thats a FACT. We will see by SUNDAY and at that point possible 1/6th of the ECONOMY will be forever in the hands of Washington DC 535 Elite, and if that makes you FEEL good SO be it! Grandkids and Great grand kids will be PAYING for it long after us ole folks are GONE,Does that make you FEEL GOOD!

    Just out of Curiosity those POLLS were not conduct by people in the 31st District of MICHIGAN?

  27. Good GOD Joey, you keep proving yourself just as dumb as Bruce is. Did you even BOTHER reading my comment, or did you just set about trying to prove me wrong. If you read the comment (IF you can even read, which is a BIG if) you will see that it is REGISTERED VOTERS dumbass. GOD, I can barely go on typing because I know I will never get through your troglodyte thick skull. But I will soldier on. HERE is the website link, and since you are quoting the same site, I know you should have NO problems with accepting it's value, merit, and truthiness. Enjoy dipshit.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  28. Bruce - You are the biggest whine-assed pussy I have ever seen. Craven, I thought it was hilarious. Bruce would be laughed out of court if he ever tried to get a restraining order, especially after he was the psycho who put a poor guy in the mental hospital and then STILL wanted to go after the guy.

    Remember that classic Bruce, when your fellow liberal bloggers had to talk you into not being such a psycho nutjob? Remember how your own brother indicated that you were unhinged? If there is ANYBODY who should be feared for being a psycho is Mr. Bruce Fealk.

    Remember also when you harassed the wife of an elected official Bruce? You're a total P.O.S. Bruce, and MoveOn and your family must be soooo proud to have such a pussy in their midst. BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Thanks Bruce for posting that comment by the way, that's going to be great fodder for the future, when you try to act tough. The thought of Bruce hiding under his bed because someone made a comment about his pinata head is priceless.

  29. Man, that Obama is spouting some instant classics. I tell ya, 2011 can't get here soon enough, I can't wait to see some of these used in some Republican ads!!!

    Obama Imitates Team America: World Police
    Posted by Gregory of Yardale at November 19, 2009

    Chairman Zero in South Korea yesterday:

    "Iran has taken weeks now and has not shown its willingness to say yes to this proposal . . . and so as a consequence we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences."

    Hans Brix in Team America: World Police:
    Hans Blix: I'm sorry, but the UN must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.
    Kim Jong Il: Or else what?
    Hans Blix: Or else we will be very angry with you... and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.

    BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... even Angry Joey will have to laugh at the stupidity of the Obamanation. Maybe big O's teleprompter failed or something.

  30. Stripped of Its Intellectual Content, "Rainforest Math" Has Serious Implications for U.S. Economy
    From the article "Who Needs Mathematicians for Math, Anyway?" by Professor Sandra Stotsky in the City Journal:

    As part of his education-reform plan, President Obama wants to “make math and science education a top priority” and ensure that children have access to strong math and science curricula “at all grade levels.” But the president’s worthy aims won’t be reached so long as assessment experts, technology salesmen, and math educators—the professors, usually with education degrees, who teach prospective teachers of math from K–12—dominate the development of the content of school curricula and determine the pedagogy used, into which they’ve brought theories lacking any evidence of success and that emphasize political and social ends, not mastery of mathematics.

    A new effort is under way to develop national math standards for K–12. The two organizations running the effort—the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, with support from both the Department of Education and the National Education Association—have not yet invited a single mathematical or science society to ensure that the high school mathematics standards and “college-readiness” standards they propose in fact prepare American high school students for the freshman calculus courses that serve as the basis for undergraduate majors in engineering, science, and mathematics (as well as other mathematics-dependent majors and technical/occupational programs). The effort, which is being pushed very quickly, seems determined to do an end run around the country’s mathematical and scientific organizations and the panel’s recommendations on the major topics for school algebra.

    Baseless pedagogical theories mean that the educators’ long-term captive audience—K–12 teachers, most drawn from the middle academic tier of our high school population and the bottom third of our undergraduate population—will know even less about authentic mathematics than they do now. Alas, so will their students. And even if a new Congress or Secretary of Education were to support the panel’s recommendations, it will be essentially business as usual in the public schools so long as math educators, joined by assessment experts and technology salesmen, continue to shape the curriculum. A form of mathematics stripped of much of its intellectual content has obvious repercussions for higher education and the American economy. The math wars, which started in debates about pedagogy, may end in questions about the long-term prospects for American prosperity.

    Exhibit A: During their first math class at one of CUNY's four-year colleges, 90% of 200 students tested couldn't solve a simple algebra problem, the report by the CUNY Council of Math Chairs found. Only a third could convert a fraction into a decimal.

  31. John,

    I missed the stats on that page, so you got that one. What i am wondering about though is, why didn't your post include the other stats, including preference for the public option, or the polls on the republicans. Could be that it doesn't fit the talking points?

  32. John has Bruces number. He is the most hateful man I know. His family hasn't been happy with him in a long time. Please pray for Bruce and his family. They are in hard times right now and they need our prayers. Could you imagine what his wife must go through every day?

  33. He sure does Sue. We do need to keep praying for Bruce.

  34. Joey said: "I missed the stats on that page, so you got that one."

    Joey, I didn't realize this was a "contest" with you. Are you trying to stroke your ego by trying to one-up me or something? I'm just posting articles that I find interesting, not trying to "GET" anybody. Nobody is stopping you from posting whatever you find. Get a grip on yourself, and stop being such a knee-jerk reactionary trying to "GET" the other side. The fact is, that was a blog item that I read and found interesting. The Republican numbers had absolutely no bearing on the subject. The fact is, the Republicans are leading the Democrats by 6 points on the generic ballot last time I checked (a couple of days ago). Bruce loves to poo-poo the numbers, and say "we'll THEY don't ask the right questions, MY polls do", even though MY sources DO present the questions AS they were asked but Bruce's doesn't) but who cares?! What happens happens, you and Bruce can keep your heads buried in the sand for all I care. It just makes it that much sweeter when the Republicans sweep the election and then we can laugh at you idiots and tell you "WE TOLD YOU SO". So little Joey, feel free to keep attacking me and my numbers, and I will feel free to keep proving you wrong. I'm just providing a public service to the open-minded and "realists". You liberals are so delusional, or so caught up in the Obamanation Cult that it's hilarious to watch you try to defend a guy who has dropped faster in the polls than any president, I believe since EVER. Chow down on, I believe you said it was cornbread, Joey? And wash it down with some nice refreshing kool-aid. You might want to add some vodka, because it's going to be a loooong year for you libertards.

  35. Sue, you are a saint for putting up with Bruce for the time that you did. While you are praying for him, you might want to thank God for taking him and his cancerous hate out of your life.

  36. John I think the Left Wing Al Quida as you put it, think of us as their enemy and the enemy to their country. The world and this country revolves around them. To them we are not One Nation Under God. To them we are one nation under them. And that is a dictatorship. They do say things that make me believe some in power think they need to dictate to us and over us.

  37. John, i never said it was a contest, just you were correct, i missed the numbers on the page. Thats all. Don't read too much into "you got that one". You pointed out i missed something and i admitted it. There's no ego thing going on here. Just trying to get back to some civility by admitting my mistake.

    I'm willing to step out the antagonistic situation we were in as i think you are and just debate. Is that cool with you?

  38. Can't take a little humor, Bruce? Don't be such a drama queen. The only thing you need to be protected from is your dumbass self.

  39. Thanks guys for trying to keep it cool. I know sometimes you have to blow some steam off. But lets get back to strong debates. Have fun with this blog and if you get too worked up walk away for a while. Going crazy never helps either side. So will you two fags make up?lol

  40. Bruce you really do go overboard sometimes. Is this redistributing of wealth not working out for ya so you need to go after someone in court? If you need money or power then go to a Wallmart and slip and fall on something? Bruce you are losing your reality buddy. Not everyone is like you. You corner the market on stalking and threats to people. But I do see why you are becoming so parinoid. I would be too with all the people you attacked over the years. That Trent guy could lose it but conservativew don't act like liberals so I wouldn't worry too much about that. We have more to worry about liberals attacking us. Just look at all the liberal riots and attacks over the past 45 years.

  41. Chris, And we don't have to worry about Conservatives? Do you guys think about what your saying when you post? Sure you have liberals who go off the wall, but for as much as the Fort Hood shooter was a terrorist, so was Timothy Mcveigh, Terry Nichols, and the extreme catholic Eric Rudolph. Add to that the abortion bombers and shooters and there's a serious issue with the right too.

    Take rightwinger William J. Krar, who got arrested for possesing, and you'll love this, a sodium cyanide bomb.

    Just remember you need to worry about the nuts in your party before you come after ours.


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