Saturday, December 19, 2009

Democrats Are Acting Desperate On Climate And Health Care Reform

The left wing Democrats are acting desperate in both the health care bill and the climate summit. Once they start pushing as hard as they are now on bothe climate and health care we know they have lost. This is the Democrats last chance to push our country into socialism based country like the EU. As a profesional salesman for over 14 years I know a hard sell when I see it. The Democrats know they are giving use some bad bills and they have to make this happen now or it will never happen. They know it will never happen because they know that the truth will come out about the product they are pushing on us. The Democrats know that the lid is coming off and that is why they are pushing for a now or never doomsday type hard sell on us. When the salesperson a gives you the "buy it know" pitch get up and walk away or you will regret your decision. If this health care bill is such a good buy for America why are they so afraid to give us time to read the bill? Lets start seeing these poloticians for what they are, profesional used car salespeople that must make these deal or else. And if they vote yes on a bill we or they have read then in 2010 we must get rid if those snakes.


  1. Chris,
    Do not believe for an instant this is their last chance. They know as well as we do what 2010 means.The big guns are going to really come into play politically this coming year.

    Did you forget about the 2010 Census? Granted any redistricting that 'migh't occur will be past 2010,but it is now under the auspises of the White House. Thats one battle.

    Do not forget that any treaty signed in Copenhagan has to be ratified by congress and we have seen the rangeling with healthcare. Copenhagen goes way beyond a 'domestic' issue as far as congress is concerned NO MATTER THE PARTY,HUGE BATTLE. Remember Kyoto? That was under Clinton/Gore,it has taken this long to get around to the same fraudulent issue again, they devil never rests.

    Speaking on healthcare,it is yet to be determined (Supreme Court) if Constitutional if instituted,but they cannot act unless it is brought before them.

    Speaking on the SC,we have Ginsburg ready to retire next year,hence 2 battles in one,Senate confirmation and if passed healthcare in the Court.

    Do not forget the media either,their push for everything Obama will be beyond the pale. It will start Christmas Eve if not tomorrow with year-end salutations,praises and a fraudulent list of achievments for the "one" plus congress and demonization of Conservatives in a barage as never seen before.

    The battle has yet begun.Stay engaged,strap-on your seatbelt and go full throttle for the prize - OUR NATION BACK!

  2. OH, DEAR GOD, I haven't seen so much hyperbole in a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time, Chris.

    You never lost your nation, you lost your minds. You lost an election, period. And the President from your party, the conservative movement is in the wilderness with its leaders, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the nitwits that that the conservatives put on a pedestal.

    Democrats aren't so desperate as they are determined to help the country dig out from the pile of shit that the previous President and Republican Congress left them.

  3. Bruce #1 You kind of FORGET the Last Congress was not Republican LED but then again the TRUTH has NEVER gotten in your WAY!

    Tell me how NOBAMA and his COMMRADES have helped the Economy Bruce and the Citizens. How his Blame Bush Rallying point is OVER Bruce its the LIBS Economy and War NOW and once again HOWS it Going.

    Republicans ran WEAK Canadate in 2008 Bruce and with that GREAT mind of yours, thought you MIGHT notice that. 2010 Bruce when this CRAP ends and it WILL, what you going to DO Blame Bush. Wait until these Trials start in New York for the Murders and the Administration STARTS its CIRCUS,then the Citizens will say it is Pay Back to you LIBS.

    Terror Trials which will last for MONTHS will show TRUE leanings of this Administration. Would NOT be surprized to see this CIRCUS of Trials be DELAYED until AFTER Election cause that is the LIB way but BRUCE remember PAY BACK is acoming!

    Brucey You Still DONT answer Questions cause to do so youd have to tell the TRUTH,aint in YA!

    One more thing in 2012 I think a Conservative will be the Republican Canadate Bruce and unlike MCCain ,a MODERATE Who, by nature is a WEAK Democrat and that is SAYING alot!

  4. No, Al, I don't forget, but there was still a Republican President and the Dems had a slim majority. And it takes 67 votes in the Senate to override a veto, so that makes it impossible to override what would have been a guaranteed veto from Bush on anything the Dems wanted to pass.

    Even now, the caucus in the Senate has no room for error. Lieberman is basically a Republican and there are those few very conservative Democrats.

    So, who will be the conservative candidate? Palin? Huckabee? Republicans have no one that will be able to beat Obama. NO ONE!!!!

    While Obama may not be the strong liberal I wanted, he's way better than the alternative.

    Conservatives have no ideas, no solutions. They just oppose everything. We are a nation of hopeful, innovative people and the party of NO will maybe gain back a few seats next year, but unless the present a future that solves America's huge problems, they have no chance.

    I hope you run the most conservative candidates you can find, even teabaggers, because teabaggers are the fringe of the fringe of the conservative movement.

    The trials will show the America that I grew up in that is interested in American justice, with trials, not kangaroo courts like military tribunals. Hopefully the world will see that Americans are good, decent people, not the crazies that you and your ilk represent.

    You probably haven't noticed, but even though we haven't started creating more jobs than we're losing, we are heading in the right direction. New home sales jumped last month, GDP is on the rebound, there bright signs on jobs and the economy thanks to President Obama and the Democrats investing in things that need fixing in this country.

    Republicans have no vision of a positive America. They are afraid of their own shadows and see enemies everywhere and see war as the only way to deal with our enemies.

    I watched a movie about the Cuban missle crisis during the Kennedy administration last night and Kennedy had to really beat back the war mongers at the Defense Department. I hope Obama finds the courage to start doing that so we can start focusing on our problems here at home while keeping a vigilant on those that would do us harm.

  5. Bruce Once again alot of WORDS but NO Substance. If you think NOBAMA is great you must have ADORED Carter! Reconize it and BRUCE

    Once again Bruce the Circus in New ork is jus that a POLITICAL Pay Back and Citizens will see that! They KNOW the TRUTH Bruce and they unlike YOU they SEE it for what it IS!

    PS Bruce NOBAMA is a Socialist NOT a Liberal but then again NEVER mind YOUR right.the WORDS are Innerchangable!

    These Terrorist are NOT Crimianals they ATTACKED Military Installations Bruce and they belonged in MIlitary Court BUT there would be NO show and that IS what this CIRCUS will BE Plane and Simple and Citizens will see that. They Have all ready BRUCE look at NOBAMAS numbers in the POLLS you love so MUCH!

  6. So, Al, the American judicial system is a circus? I guess you have no real belief in American ideals, do you, Al?

    You are a Fascist pig, I guess. You want total control of our country in the hands of corporations, instead of we the people.

    Why do you say President Obama is a Socialist? I guess if liberal and Socialist are the same thing to you, that kind of explains it.

    Conservatives are a joke. They have no plans, no ideas, no solutions, no innovations. They want to take America back to the 18h century. Conservatives believe in every man for himself and have no belief in equality for women at all of equality between the races.

    We saw what America looked like under Conservative rule and it sucked, 2 wars started by a conservative President. But maybe Bush wasn't conservative enough for you, Al. You're probably a Sarah Palin fan, right? Boy, she's brilliant. She couldn't even name any newspapers or magazines she read when Katie Couric interviewed her. It took her 18 months to come up with an answer and she finally came up with Newsmax. Boy, there's a reliable source of information. She probably reads all the grocery store tabloids about alien abductions too.

  7. Hey Bruce

    I do believe in Judical System for CRIMINALS not TERRORIST who Killed Civilian and Military Citizens. They were CAPTURED by Military and Prepared to PLEAD GUILTY Bruce in Military COURT so Give me the reason this Administration CHOOSE Civilian Court OTHER than Politics! Holder at his Confirmation Hearings stated 9/11 was a ACT of WAR but just like NOBAMA he says what he has too to get what he REALLY wants and that is put this NATION on Trial!
    Bruce I thought the TERRORIST started this WAR by Killing OUR Citizens,Whats your SPIN on that? I also think Most Dems/Libs Voted for the War at its Outset!During 2004 Election at least one Brave Lib said " I VOTED for the WAR before I VOTED against it" Doesnt sound like something Kennedy would say does it!By the Way was it not Pres. Johnson who started getting us INVOLVED in NAM,OH never mind thats Probablly BUSHES fault too!

    You seem to have a Prblem with Conservative and War but NO Problem with the KILLINGS of Babys,VERY, Strange LOGIC but you are a LIB and LOGIC does not eneter the equation. You are once again begining to sound Irrational. Palin really does BOTHER you and BY the way does NOBAMA still think theres 57 States or did that get that CLEARED up. How can a person running for the HIGHEST office think there was 57 States Bruce what a DUMBY!

  8. Good God Bruce you try way too hard to take the blame off of the democrats. Get help.

  9. AL he wont answer one question of yours. He will just place blame and call names and run.


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