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Glenn Beck Shows Us Presidential Cabinet Appointments Based on Private Sector Knowledge

Glenn Beck Shows Us Presidential Cabinet Appointments Based on Private Sector Knowledge

 I began to further consider the practical implications of this lack of privet sector guidance.  Intuitively, one would conclude that a group of policymakers who don’t understand business and capitalism probably would not have a clue about making public policy that is friendly to business.  And indeed, this appears to be the case.  At every turn, the Obama administration is promoting legislative action that is harmful to businesses - new taxes, regulations and other economically harmful policies.
This ignorance of what drives the private sector was proven by Barack Obama himself this week, at his so-called “Jobs Summit,” where the POTUS stated:
Despite the progress we’ve made, many businesses are still skittish about hiring. Some are still digging themselves out of the losses they incurred over the past year. Many have figured out how to squeeze more productivity out of fewer workers. And that cost-cutting has become embedded in their operations and in their culture. That may result in good profits, but it’s not translating into hiring and so that’s the question that we have to ask ourselves today: How do we get businesses to start hiring again?
Heaven forbid! Productivity? Profits? Does Mr. Obama believe that businesses exist to hire people? I’m sorry, sir, but it is ALL about the profits. Productivity, and in turn, profitability, is improved either by enabling a constant number of people to produce more, or by reducing the number of people and maintaining constant production. New hiring may improve producTION, but not necessarily producTIVITY. Obama’s ideology, like that of his staffies, is disconnected from the realities of a capitalistic economy. And the policies he supports are similarly disconnected.

And now we come to the by-product of the Administration’s disconnect on private sector economics. If the policies of Barack Obama are truly damaging to business, we would expect to see that demonstrated in the marketplace. And indeed we’ve seen it. Remember this diagram showing the trajectory of the unemployment rate, despite the grandiose “stimulus” program implemented by the Left?

Obviously the business community didn’t respond to the “stimulus” as the Obamites anticipated. Strike one on understanding the private sector. But that’s not all.
At the recent “Baird Industrial Outlook” conference in Chicago, David Farr, CEO of St. Louis-based Emerson Electric, stated:
“Washington is doing everything in their manpower, capability, to destroy U.S. manufacturing,…Cap and trade, medical reform, labor rules.”

“What do you think I am going to do?” Farr asked. “I’m not going to hire anybody in the United States. I’m moving. They are doing everything possible to destroy jobs.”

“We as a company today are putting our best people, our best technology and our best investment in these marketplaces to grow,” he said. “My job is to grow that top line, grow my earnings, grow my cash flow and grow my returns to the shareholders. My job is not to shrink and roll over for the U.S. government.”
That is the voice of a man who understands the responsibility of a private-sector corporation and the antagonism of the Obama administration against businesses in the United States. Mr. Farr’s position is unfortunate, as no one wants to see an American company ship jobs offshore. But as Farr states, his job is to grow returns to shareholders. He must do this in spite of the anti-business policies of the government. Strike two for the Obama administration.
Farr is not the only business person expressing such opinions. The WSJ reports:
A number of chief executives say the government should clear up uncertainty over health care, energy prices and financial regulations. “Companies large and small are saying, ‘I am not going to do anything until these things — health care, climate legislation — go away or are resolved,’ ” said Dan DiMicco, chief executive of steelmaker Nucor Corp.
USA Today cites a similar example of trepidation due to Obama policies:
Porta-King of the St. Louis area, which makes prefabricated offices and other enclosures, cut spending on new gear from $1 million a year to less than $100,000 in the slump and isn’t planning an increase next year. Like Lubrano, Porta-King CEO Steve Schulte worries that proposals in Congress to tackle climate change and overhaul health care would raise costs. “It’s going to be survival mode in 2010.”
Strike three.  You’re out, Mr. President (Or at least we hope that will be the case in 2012)
We should have known this would happen.  We received a hint from none other than Rep. Barney Frank, when, in September, 2008, Frank stated “‘THE PRIVATE SECTOR got us into this mess. The government has to get us out of it.”  Compare and contrast with Ronald Reagan, who famously stated “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”
Emerson’s Farr is by no means the only business leader who finds the Democrats’ policies threatening to their company’s survival.  Businesses are not going to begin hiring again until they are comfortable that the economy and government policies will allow them to be profitable without having to resort to cost-cutting to maintain margins.  The prospects of business-friendly policies emanating from Capitol Hill are quite dim at this point, and the Obama administration’s sheer lack of experience in private sector fundamentals is most certainly a primary factor in the lack of job growth in the marketplace.
To borrow from Reagan, “Barack Obama’s policies are not the solution to the problem; Barack Obama is the problem.”


  1. Chris, i know that Glenn beck is an economics mastermind and that he knows all, but why does Mark Thoma, an economics professor at the University of Oregon write this?

    "Without further help from the government, which has clearly aided the economy despite what the critics are saying, will the private sector be able to sustain growth on its own"

    Clearly once again there is more to heaven and earth than in your ideaology.

  2. You guys act like he is all knowing. He just has the info from his people and gives facts. What is wrong with Beck giving facts and then an opinion on them. You just mock his opinion but what about the facts?

  3. Why Joe would you ask ME why another person said something? JoeC why did the environmentalist profs. lie about the Climategate data? See how dumb that sounds?

  4. I don't even see how the quote Joe put up relates to this...Joe has an opinion, but then he puts up a quote with another just doesn't even address the fact that if we want the private sector, especially small business owners, to succeed and move forward we might want to have a few more helping out with the policies. It is a very valid point that Beck makes, whether or not you like him, which I do, but still, what he is saying is a fact.

    Obama is out of touch with the heart of the American people, even the discontent that is rising in the Democratic party shows that. I thought it was due to his lack of experience but I am beginning to change my mind on that. I think he knows exactly what he is doing, and I hope he doesn't succeed.

  5. The government can help the private sector by allowing them to keep more of their own money and getting the hell out of the way. That's how the government can help the economy.

    As for Obama's cabinet.... you know what they say. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. So by having a bunch of academics we have loaded the cabinet with people who can't. So is the new chant "No they can't!"

  6. Chris, is this your blog or the talking points from any number of other sites written by others? Perhaps you should acknowledge the writers and the source of the post.

  7. So you are going after Chris because he has a shared opinion! You quote and the DailyKos all the time. So what who gives a shit? If you read the whole thing you might have noticed Chris did give credit at the end of the post. People are right about you Joey.

  8. Anon, no i don't. Nice try though. I haven't been to moveon in years and i don't read daily kos. Typical righwing deflection talking points: mention Moveon. lmao

    And a shared opinion? Its one thing to post something that quotes or borrows some aspects of anothers work, but to post it on your blog without acknowledging that its not your work is plagiarism. Now that's not a serious charge for a blogger, but the reality is that its dishonest.

  9. Well Joe why do you say everything lock and step. Oh I almost forgot you get your orders and thoughts from the UAW. And the UAW and and the DailyKos all have the same thoughts and beliefs as you. Why do you care if someone wants to post some news? Bruce does it and no one cared. I like it myself but something is bugging you about it as if it's a major issue or something. Relax little buddy don't get so cranked up. I know the Democrats are making life hard for you but you picked those idiots.

  10. BWAAAAAHAHAHA... Joey, I have been reading your comments on these various blogs and you are obviously cutting and pasting from different sources and you have yet to provide a source or a link. For anything. You are truly a card-carrying member of the Hypocrat party! I'm sure every one of your thoughts is Joey-generated, fresh and original Joey. How oh how did such a gifted and talented, well-read philosopher get stuck working at Ford? Gosh Joey, you belong in academia. You're really depriving the world of a great thinker while you put transmissions in Focus'. Please save the world and run for office Joey. SUCH an ORIGINAL THINKER!!


    Yeah Joey, we get it, you only read right-wing sources, you don't read any liberal stuff. Sure. We're all buying what you're selling Joey, because you have proven yourself to be so trustworthy thus far. You and Bruce are they typical LIEberal, so keep kidding yourself but save yourself some typing here because nobody is buying YOUR bullshit. Oh, are these capitalized words causing you problems with your reading and comprehension Joey? I would hate to upset your delicate constitution.

  11. Joey, guess what, that isn't Chris in the video, it's Glenn Beck. I thought I would clear it up for you, that it isn't original video material that Chris is posting. I'm not sure if you are able to distinguish it for yourself. Chris, maybe you can put a disclaimer on everything, for folks like Joey who can't sort it out for themselves. They're easily distracted and agitated by facts and information.

  12. John, i have sourced many things, but stopped when it became apparent that people here aren't interested in intellectual honesty as much as they are some big conservative circle jerk. There's nothing wrong with Chris posting a op-ed or blog by anyone else. It should be presented as such though. Is that such a hard thing to do, to acknowledge that a blog post isn't your own?

    Would you want your work, your research, your time spent presented by another as their work? Its a common courtesy to acknowledge the author.

    Chris, i don't say everything in lock step. Matter of fact you guys have mentioned in previous posts how i haven't gone along with Bruce or the standard TP's. Did you forget that? and i told you i don't read Bruce's blog.

  13. Joey, it doesn't take much more effort to post links to where your sources are. You say you "stopped when it became apparent that people here aren't interested in intellectual honesty as much as they are some big conservative circle jerk." But I have asked you several times for links to your information and you have not provided it. I think it was Matthew as well who was asking you for a link to a study and I didn't see you provide it. So don't give me that bullshit. If you refuse to provide your sources it has to be assumed there is something questionable that you don't want someone to find. As I said, I always provide my sources, and if I don't just ask and I will happily do so. Frankly you are just being a little bitch about it. Grow up man. And again, keep trying to obscure the obvious, when you talk about Chris posting something by someone else and not attributing it to someone, because you do it yourself. So I guess we should be just like you Hypocrats and do as you say, not as you do? Lead by example Joey, and until you can do that then you can just STFU. As I recall, you like the old saying "pot calling the kettle black". Well guess what, pot?

    Now that I have that out of my system for the moment, you are right you don't do anything in lockstep. I was actually going to bring that up yesterday but didn't have a chance. I have asked you a couple of times previously but no answer from you. When are you going to put a blog of your own together? It is frankly refreshing that you DO think a little more differently than Bruce and vomamike and the rest of those idiots with their blinders on and their rigid adherence to MoveOn ideology. So think about it, and let me know if you will or will not start a blog, so that I can stop asking.

  14. John, i have put up my blog. I only have two written but they are all mine.

  15. Oh, okay, I will check it out. Thanks for letting me know.


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