Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Prostaglandin AbortionSuction AspirationSuction Aspiration – First 12 weeks of pregnancy
This is what remains of a baby destroyed by a suction aspiration abortion. Suction aspiration, or "vacuum curettage," is the abortion technique used
Salt Poisoning


  1. And to think that obama wanted the doctors to kill a child that was delivered alive. Does this make you feel all warm and cozy knowing that you have done nothing to help these babies? How can anyone be indifferent to this holocaust. We the people are getting a bigger picture of what you liberals are made of.

  2. And with a push from the liberals we are now a consumer of these dead babies. They are being used for high end face creams and as stem cells,yummy. I bet the liberals are trying to figure out a way they can use them as a protein source for the growing number of poor. Why on earth does the outside world look at us as a evil country?

  3. My youngest was smaller then those babies in the picture and now he is in kindergarden.

  4. What society lets this kind of thing happen to their own children? If there was a tribe that practiced abortions on their women for any reason they would be looked at as barbarians. And they would be right. Look at those pictures and tell me that that isn't the most barbaric form of humanity there is! Can you imagine the amount of pure pain those babies went through to get like that? Those babies if born would have cryed. Sucked their thumb. And would have been comforted by their mothers touch and voice. But in some warped minds this is considered OK to do to their next generation. You on the left of this issue go ahead and kill the babies so you can harvest them for stem cells and face cream. There is nothing wrong with that picture or the people that think it is acceptable to promote that idealogue. Yeh right. That gives us a view into the hearts of the liberals.

  5. And all done to somebody whose only crime is being inconvenient.

  6. But of course libs want abortion because otherwise people would have to take personal responsibility for the action that the created the child. Let's not forget that Obama said he wouldn't want his daughted "punished" with a child.


    The Abhorrent Becomes Accepted, then Celebrated

    Posted by Gregory of Yardale at December 4, 2009 10:45 AM

    Uber-Feminist Ellen Goodman in 1980 addressed conservative concerns that fertilized embryos created by IVF clinics would be wantonly discarded.

    A fear of many who protest the opening of this clinic is that doctors there will fertilize myriad eggs and discard the “extras” and the abnormal as if they were no more meaningful than a dish of caviar. But this fear seems largely unwarranted.
    Thirty years later, fertilized human embryos are harvested for stem cells used in cosmetic products. Ellen Goodman is one of the loudest advocates of harvesting human embryos for commercial exploitation. The concerns of social conservatives were not unwarranted, they were, if anything, understated.

    It's useful to remember past leftist lies as we confront current ones: Such as the lie that there will be no death panels and no rationing of health services under ObamaCare. And the lie that ObamaCare will not explode the deficit. And the lie that ObamaCare is not the nose in the tent for nationalized health care.

  8. What if Mary had aborted Jesus? She was unmarried, and her fiance was upset with the pregnancy. Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.

    Note to self: Do not read this blog over coffee.

  9. from

    ...Then there is legalized abortion, that great moral stain on the American consciousness where we justify killing innocent and helpless children for our convenience. Black women make up 13 percent of the female population yet account for 36 percent of all abortions. One out of every two black babies is aborted; the Reverend Clenard H. Childress Jr. declared, "The most dangerous place for an African American to be is in the womb of their African American mother." More blacks have been killed by abortion since Roe vs. Wade than all other causes of death combined. The number of black babies aborted in less than three days exceeds the number of blacks lynched in America between 1882 and 1968.

    Planned Parenthood's role in this slaughter of black innocents is particularly troubling because the organization's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a known believer in eugenics, the creation of a "pure" population through controlling the reproduction of "undesirable people." Her "Negro Project” was aimed at reducing the number of children born to American blacks, who she viewed as inferior, and she recruited the black church to bear the seeds of our own destruction:

    "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

    Sanger's legacy lives on in Planned Parenthood, as much as they would like to distance themselves from her. The organization places over 80 percent of its aborturaries in minority neighborhoods. A "sting" two summers ago at a number of Planned Parenthood clinics revealed counselors all too eager to accept a contribution from an avowed racist who insisted his donation be used specifically to abort black babies.

    Even today, black pastors like the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton act as the "colored ministers" who can lead the black population to willingly embrace genocide. They admonish other black pastors and congregations not to be misled by conservatives promoting the sanctity of human life or traditional marriage, despite all the evidence of the harm caused to the black community by repudiating those principles or institutions. Whether unwittingly or by choice, they have abandoned their vows to the Lord for political glory here on earth.

    At the end of the day, given the preponderance of the evidence, I continue to ask myself, "Why are black people Democrats?" It doesn't make sense in my head, given what we profess to believe and what the Democrats promote as policy.

    Democrats may do more to show they care about blacks, but the results are disastrous. Doing something isn't always getting things done.

  10. Thank you all for standing up for the littlest of us all. Human flesh should never be a commodity for experiments and beauty products. And why do the liberals always try to find ways to exploit the human commodities trade? Does it creep anyone else out that those same people that kill the babies are profiting from those dead babies. These babies,most of which are black and poor,are the modern day Jewish holocaust. Maybe one day they will find a way to make leather out of the aborted babies for their lamp shades or for a fertilizer.

  11. Back in Jesus time Mary would have been stoned. If Joseph didn't except Jesus and Mary they both would have been stoned. Thank God He sent the angle to talk to Joseph. It must have been hard to be the earthly father of Jesus.

  12. Sorry about the graphics. It was very hard for me to make that abortion blog. I cry when I see those babies and I feel their pain when I see what they went through in this life. It is all so needless as some of my conservative friends have pointed out. And when I see those pictures I know where God stands on the abortion issue.

  13. Breaks my heart to see this; and reinforces my desire to pray for our current administration more - that God would be God and work through our president & his advisers to make better choices, that we would not be required to pay for abortions under the new health care reform, that the hard hearts in our nation would be softened,that we would see human life as more valuable than animals (please don't misunderstand me; I've got a dog I got from the animal shelter and I treat him real good. But it's crazy when everyone is all about protecting animals while murdering children).

  14. To all of you who so vehemetly oppose abortion - what are you doing to ease the suffering and promoting the conscience of the world to take care of the thousands of babies and little children who die of disease and starvation every year?? Does your concern end at birth??

  15. The best way to take care of a child born into poverty is to assist and encourage the parents to lift themselves out of poverty.

    In many of the places where the children are suffering there is little that we can do. Here at home we can stop telling the parents they need the government to support them and assist and encouraging them to work hard to improve the situation for themselves and their children. Around the world, in the face of violently corrupt governments who steal what aid we send there is little else that we can do. Of course we could go in with guns blazing and wipe out the corrupt and vicious bastards that are causing the problem, but then you'd call us war mongerers and protest our interferance in the affairs of another country.

  16. Nice straw man vomamike. Because we don't want babies killed we don't care about other children?!!?

    Looks like your blog hit a nerve with the liberal whack-jobs Chris.

    vomamike, it's the people who marginalize the miracle of birth that then go on to marginalize existing life, including not caring if children starve to death.

    You are nuts. But then again it's the type of response I would expect from someone who literally said he didn't know if Jesus would approve of abortion or not. You are one. sick. dog.

  17. Vomamike is the type of guy who would say "We need to kill unborn babies because otherwise they will grow up to be criminals", while protesting putting a convicted violent criminal to death. You really need to examine your ideology there vomamike. Just utterly disgusting.

  18. Democrats Are Elitists and Fat Cats
    by Ben Stein

    I know James Carville and I like him. He and I have been on many talk shows together and he's always friendly, funny, and knowledgeable. He's also compelling, because he seems to reflect in his comments the thoughts of the inner circles of the Democratic Party's ruling elite.

    That's why I was a bit surprised when I read that Mr. Carville had recently blasted the men and women at the anti-Obama "Tea Parties" as so - quote - "classless" that they shocked him.

    Wait a minute! I thought the Democrats were the party of the little guys and those who aren't classy or well-born.

    Now, the political enemies are the ones without social class?

    So, now the Democrats are admitting they're the party of the rich?

    They have been getting the lion's share of very large political gifts for years now. The truth is that the Democrats are the fat cats.

    I am impressed that Mr. Carville admitted it. I like him more than ever now.

    I was also interested to see that Mr. Carville, a mere lad of 64 (same as I am), has made fun of the age of the Tea Party attendees. He mockingly noted that their average age was - quote - "what, like 72.4 years?"

    So, now the Democrats don't think the opinions of senior citizens are worth anything more than ridicule? That's a change, too. Not a good one.

    I have seen other Democratic commentators making mock of the fact that the people at the Tea Parties were overwhelmingly white.

    So, are we back to saying people's political views only count if you have skin of a certain color or are of a certain race? I don't like the sound of that.

    There is also some scorn because many of the Tea Partiers are from small towns. Don't like that too much, either.

    Look, some of what is coming out of the Tea Parties baffles me and I don't care for it. But a lot of it does make sense.

    What's really amazed me is how the elitist anger of the liberal Democrats is boiling over as some ordinary citizens show they don't like being pushed around.

    The liberal Democrats might want to rethink this. Contempt for the ordinary citizen is just not American. And it does not win elections.

  19. Excellent post showing the horrors of abortion. Interesting comments too!

  20. And what are you doing vomamike? You let it all pass. You've seen the post Chris did about the giving of conservatives vs. liberals. So the real question should be will you take out that log in your eye before you chastise use for not doing enough? Should we ignore the killing of these babies vomamike because there are starving kids in the world? Or are you saying we should kill more kids with abortion so we can feed the world? What is your point vomamike?

  21. An internationally recognized expert on stem cells and cloning says President Obama's decision to lift restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem-cell research is wasting lives and taxpayer dollars when all resources should be going towards adult stem cells.

    The Obama administration on Wednesday approved 13 new human embryonic stem-cell lines for taxpayer-funded experiments. The 13 lines are the first to be approved under an executive order from President Obama, and the National Institutes of Health says dozens more cell lines will be available soon.

    During the Bush administration, federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research was limited to cell lines that were already in existence before August 2001.

    Dr. David Prentice, senior fellow for life sciences with the Family Research Council, says that by approving funding for new lines, the Obama administration continues to push political ideology, not science.

    "Embryonic stem cells have not helped any human being. In fact, [they] haven't helped that many rats and mice in the lab," Prentice notes. "Only adult stem cells are actually helping patients. The unfortunate part of this new approval is there are now more incentives for researchers to destroy young human embryos just so they can get taxpayer funds."

    Prentice reports that nearly 80 diseases or injuries have been treated successfully with adult stem cells.

  22. A bipartisan effort is underway in the Senate to ensure that the government health insurance programs created by the healthcare bill would not be permitted to cover abortions.

    Pro-life groups have been warning that the healthcare bill proposed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and backed by President Obama would put the federal government in the business of subsidizing abortions in an unprecedented way.

    Democratic Senator Ben Nelson (NE) and Republican Orrin Hatch (UT) plan to advance an amendment that would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds to subsidize abortions under the so-called "public option." The Hatch-Nelson amendment, which is nearly identical to the Stupak language approved in the House, will likely be voted on next week.

    Douglas Johnson, legislative director for National Right to Life, says the pro-life amendment faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

    "I think a lot of senators are still going to be trying to determine where their constituents are on this issue, so it's awfully important what they hear from back home during the days immediately ahead, but this is just one stage in the process - whatever happens with the vote on the amendment," he explains. "The people who are trying to pass a healthcare bill need 60 votes in the end, and certainly National Right Life will strongly oppose this legislation unless it is rendered harmless with respect to abortion and other pro-life issues."

    Johnson pledges that National Right to Life will continue to oppose both the House and Senate healthcare bills until all the anti-life provisions are removed.

  23. vomamike is one of those Christians that think God likes abortions. Or at the very least he thinks God doesn't care either way.

  24. Vomamike is right. Conservatives are pro birth. They are NOT pro-life. Hence, they like war and the death penalty and they don't like social programs that care for the poor.

  25. How much did you drink today Bruce? Conservatives give more and do more then any group for the children. Get you facts right stupid. Christians made the Hosp.,adoption and all that kind of stuff. Is that how you liberals justify the killing of babies? You are some sick people. You on the left don't give a shit about the soldiers. All I ever hear is about the money the war costs. The liberals also don't care about keeping Americans safe here in America. Joe Biden was right when he said the far left are loose in the head on many issues.

  26. I believe, as does Der Spiegel, that Obama doesn’t really mean what he says about Afghanistan:

    One didn’t have to be a cadet on Tuesday to feel a bit of nausea upon hearing Obama’s speech. It was the least truthful address that he has ever held. He spoke of responsibility, but almost every sentence smelled of party tactics. He demanded sacrifice, but he was unable to say what it was for exactly.
    The American president doesn’t need any opponents at the moment. He’s already got himself.

    Though not a fan of Der Spiegel, I think they have this one right. In trying to find some modicum of “hope” in Obama’s campaign trail-like rhetoric, all I came up with was a terrible speech full of lies, half-truths, emptiness and half-heartedness. He really doesn’t want to deal with a war when there’s so much to be done, still, with his domestic agenda. For all the talk about security and a strong America, what Obama really wants (and has wanted all along) is to get OUT of the warfighting business all together and settle in to the Federal takeover of America’s private sector.

    Our crossroad in Afghanistan today is much like the one we faced during pre-surge Iraq: cut and run, or dig in and fight. Our soldiers deserved our support back then, and they got it from right-minded Americans who (then and now) believe we must do everything in our power to stand behind our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. The only thing we can do now, as McCain, Gingrich, Rove, and others have pointed out is to support the President because he holds the lives of our soldiers in his hands. Obama is, after all, sending the support requested of him by those responsible for assessing and reacting to “conditions on the ground” and he has promised to allow “conditions on the ground” to dictate how they will be best utilized. I disagree with the idea that we can assure our enemies of our resolve by telling them we’ll be out just as quick as we come in, but I’m going all in with people like Pete Hegseth, and the Vets For Freedom:

    “President Obama’s speech last night announcing additional troops and a robust strategy in Afghanistan is welcome and emboldening news for troops fighting on the front lines, and Vets for Freedom wholeheartedly supports this strong move. The President’s decision to follow General Stanley McChrystal’s recommendation for additional Soldiers and Marines will give the United States the chance to turn around the war in Afghanistan, and deny safe havens to America’s enemies. In the face of strong political pressure from all sides, President Obama listened to the recommendation of his commanders—all of which, McChrystal and Petraeus most importantly—believe they can execute a successful strategy on the ground with the troops the President is providing.

    It is now incumbent upon both Democrats and Republicans to avoid making Afghanistan a political football. This war is neither President Obama’s, nor President Bush’s; this is America’s war—and we must all rally together to support its success. Additionally, we urge the President to continue making the case to the American people that this is a war worth fighting, and a war we must win. American public opinion will reflect forthcoming successes on the ground, provided the President is robust and frequent in his rhetorical support for the rightness of the mission.

    We are disappointed by the President’s mention of a timetable in Afghanistan, however he also said conditions on the ground would be a strong factor in determining the pace and scope of such a drawdown. Once again, we urge the President to heed the advice of his war-fighters, and believe he will.

    We applaud the President for listening to the commanders on the ground, giving them what they need, and urge him to now give them time needed to create success in Afghanistan. And we now look forward to working with him to ensure the mission is successful.”

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  28. Pictures ARE better than a Thousand words,Chris and as Usual Bruce, if theres a Cow Patty to STEP in you Find it. AS others have said Caring for Helpless is NEVER the Issue with Conservatives. What is the Issue with Conservatives is with Government Social Programs. Basicly it Has caused more POOR Dependant on Government and Nothing within the Program to BREAK the Cycle! Libs have caused there to be Entitlement Mentality which just PUTs the POOR on a Merry Go Round to NO WHERE! We should be giving the POOR the Ability to Succeed and get THEM off the DAM Merry Go Round!

    Bruce We Fight when WE must! If This Country had never Fought for Freedom youd be on a German BLOG now and when death Penalty is required Whats the Problem,Bruce Victims have Rights too even if there DEAD!

  29. Wow Bruce and Mike. I can't believe you even approve of the treatment of these dead children as not to "overpopulate the world". Do you two look at humans as nothing more then an overpopulated animal worth no more then a deer and worth far less then an endangered creature? Are those babies lieing there dead worthless to you and your liberal Godless ilk? Or are you like most Democrats, in the fact that they are willing to kill millions of babies to get their mothers votes?

  30. Great post Chris. Abortion remains legal because of the money the Abortion industry racks in. If it wasn't for the money and the self serving politics behind it we would see Abortion for what it really is, murder. And Vomamike, nice try to trivialize the Abortion debate. Just because you oppose ending life before birth means you support ending life after birth? What kind of stupid logic is that? and Bruce you must be off your meds. FIRST OFF, you think there are only Conservative and Liberal? Very narrow minded of you. I happen to know Pro Life Democrats who are against the Death Penalty and Abortion. (Most Catholics) However, this is really stupid to compare innocent life to a life of a murderer. You forfeit your right to life when you take another. How can you compare taking an innocent child’s life to taking the life of a murderer? Do you realize how stupid you sound? I’m sorry whatever went to horribly wrong for you to plead the case of a murderer and not want justice for their victims. I’m sorry you think innocent life is comparable to a cold blooded murderer. There is no greater value than life. A Murderer’s conscious, deliberate act of murder takes the irreplaceable value of life from another. Mercy for such evil is nothing short of excusing it and thus allowing evil to prevail-it confides the taking of innocent life by not making the murderer forfeit their own guilty life. by being Anti Death Penalty, you grant value to the life of a killer and at the same time strip away the value of life of the innocent victim. It makes the life of the killer more important than the life of the innocent. It is thus a trade of the good to the evil. It is the victory of death over life. No one loves war, but there are things that are worse than war like slavery, genocide, oppression and tyranny. Conservatives don’t love war just because they recognize the threat of islamic terrorism. Just because they don’t deny reality. Just because they saw the UN reports that Saddamn’s Iraq was the worst human rights abuse since nazi Germany. No one loves war just because they don’t trash their country and Military in the name of “peace” Just because I picked a side, and there really are only two sides. One slaughters innocents, dances in the street over dead infidels, and wants to dominate the world. The other side wants to stop these blood thirsty radicals. And i’m “Pro War” because I choose the side that wants to fight evil? You aren’t neutral. You aren’t Moderate. YOU are helping the enemy when you don’t support our side. ANYONE WHO DOESN’T FIGHT EVIL, ENABLES IT. And when the hell has a social program ever helped a poor person? Look around we are in the era of big government and how high is unemployment? Just because Republicans don’t support big ass government to steal my money, freedom and liberty doesn’t mean we are Anti poor. We give much more to charity than liberals do. We are generous because we value life unlike liberals. We just don’t want a gun pointed at our head and for some government big shot to tell me how much I care for the poor and to what extent. Generosity is fine, if its by your free choice but a belief that the government has to tell you you need to give so much and to who is nothing less than slavery. Those that tell you its your responsibility and duty to sacrifice are trying to blind you to the chains they are slipping around your neck. Bruce your bumper sticker logic might sound cute but it can not stand up to the reality around you.

  31. Hannity you are wise beyond your years. I just found out that they harvest these aborted babies for vaccines also. Not one word from the left on that stuff other then they like that. But if someone put forth a plan to harvest the organs of deathrow inmates the left would be up in arms. Murderers are more worthy of protection to the left then a baby not yet born.

  32. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... too bad Bruce, looks like your liberal indoctrination didn't take hold in at least one. Not surprisingly it's an intelligent person. You can keep all the idiots who are stupid enough to be brain-washed by your liberal educations system; I'll take one Hannityinaskirt to 1,000 of you idiot liberals.

    How does it feel to be schooled by a 19-year old Bruce?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... at 19 she's light-years ahead of you in intelligence, wit and class. Or maybe she's normal and you are developmentally disabled?! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. I really appreciate all the new and intelligent comments and commenters. John I think she is sharp for her age and Bruce licks glass.


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