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This Is The Detroit Anti War Protest. Are They All Racists/Hatemongers?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Reverend Ed Rowe calls on the faith community in a misguided attempt to inject religion into it.


  1. Handed a top-to-bottom review of, and a revised strategy for, this long-ignored front in the Global War on Terror by the outgoing Bush administration, President Barack Obama stepped to the microphone in February and gave a platitudinous speech that echoed precisely what his predecessor had said in the last months of his own presidency. When that speech alone failed to miraculously make the war in Afghanistan simply go away, Obama spent months dithering over whether or not he should give another Afghan strategy speech (as American troops and Afghan civilians were dying at a rate higher than they had been at any point in the conflict).

    Finally, when the problem again refused to just go away on its own, Obama succumbed to public demand that he actually say something about the troops, and the war, he has responsibility for in Afghanistan as America’s commander in chief. Fortunately, he had amazing resources (besides brilliant military brass like David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal) to rely on in his decision-making process in the form of a host of lessons learned over the last six years in Iraq. With so recent an example of so much not to do in a war, Obama couldn’t help but learn from previous mistakes and make a sound decision on Afghanistan….right?

    If only we were so lucky as to have a President who actually recognized that history existed before January 20, 2009 — something that he and his administration simply refuse to do (with the sole exception to that rule being the amazingly unprofessional and unpresidential non-stop banging of the “blame-everything-on-my-predecessor” drum).

    Stepping to the microphone last night at West Point, President Barack Obama, Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces (and supposedly extraordinarily intelligent individual), laid out a strategy for Afghanistan that embraced every single thing that went wrong in Iraq over the last six years (particularly the bloody 2004-06 period), and that avoided implementing any of the tactics that actually made that western front in the GWOT the rousing success it is today.

    Pull back to large bases and defend only major cities? Check. Send too few troops to protect themselves and the civilian population — let alone to successfully defeat the enemy while building necessary infrastructure and supporting a new, issue-plagued government? Check. (This is yet another major issue, as Afghanistan is geographically larger and more forbidding than Iraq, which is the size of California to Afghanistan’s Texas — not even mentioning the Hindu Kush mountains.) Fail to accompany that increase in troop levels with a workable change in strategy, designed to maximize those troops’ effectiveness and to accomplish a clearly defined mission (rather than simply sending over more American men and women to serve as cannon fodder)? Check. Fail to clearly define the mission in the first place, and to define victory in any way? Check. Demand that members of the indigenous population put themselves and their families at risk standing beside a force that they suspect will be abandoning them to severe repercussions in the near future? Check. Provide timelines to the enemy, so that they know how long it will be before the one superior fighting force in that nation will be departing, and leaving the country to them once again? Check.

  2. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on. The striking thing about Obama’s Afghan strategy is not that it ignores lessons of Iraq; after all, this is a man who said, after the so-called “surge” (which was, in reality, so much more than just an increase in troop levels) had been proven to be one of the most successful strategic decisions in modern military historty, that he would still have opposed its implementation in 2007 Iraq. Nor is the striking thing about Obama’s Afghan strategy the fact that this president, who is in far over his head on issues of war and foreign policy, is still trying to have it both ways, and to be all things to all people, in every aspect of this war and this decision. No; the striking thing about Obama’s Afghan strategy is how completely he managed — without, I am sure, even the slightest bit of effort — to take every single lesson learned in Iraq in the years immediately preceding his term in office and to do the exact opposite of what had been shown to be right, and to do exactly what had been shown to be (deadly) wrong.

    On this, President Obama is batting 1.000. Unfortunately, this means more military and civilian deaths in Afghanistan, as well as drastically shrinking odds of any type of positive outcome in that front of the GWOT.

  3. One line in President Obama’s orgy of blame-Bush-for-everything speech last night has prompted former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld, who managed the Afghan war for five years, to call for the President to back up his assertions. Secretary Rumsfeld’s statement, issued in a press release this morning:

    “In his speech to the nation last night, President Obama claimed that ‘Commanders in Afghanistan repeatedly asked for support to deal with the reemergence of the Taliban, but these reinforcements did not arrive.’ Such a bald misstatement, at least as it pertains to the period I served as Secretary of Defense, deserves a response.”

    “I am not aware of a single request of that nature between 2001 and 2006. If any such requests occurred, ‘repeated’ or not, the White House should promptly make them public. The President’s assertion does a disservice to the truth and, in particular, to the thousands of men and women in uniform who have fought, served and sacrificed in Afghanistan.”

    “In the interest of better understanding the President’s announcement last night, I suggest that the Congress review the President’s assertion in the forthcoming debate and determine exactly what requests were made, who made them, and where and why in the chain of command they were denied.”

    The Administration responds:

    Robert Gibbs cheerfully responded to Donald Rumsfeld’s denial that he’d denied troops to Afghanistan with, first, a clarification that Obama had been talking about the post-Rumsfeld era of 2008.

    …”I will let Secretary Rumsfeld explain” whether the war in Afghanistan “was sufficiently resourced during his tenure” … and how he thinks “history will judge whether they were or were not sufficient,” Gibbs said.

    Gibbs quipped: “You go to war with the secretary of Defense that you have.”

    Or, in the case of the Obama Administration, you go to war with the very same secretary of Defense - Robert Gates, the man who held the job in 2008 - that you just threw under the Obamabus. If you recall, Gates himself had testified in November 2008 (after the election) that he expected an additional 30,000 troops to be sent, but the incoming Administration put off its follow-through on that promise until March, and cut Gates’ proposal nearly in half.

    21 words don’t say what they used to, do they?

  4. I heard there were numerous arrests at the protests. How many of the K.Killpatrick family where there? Didn't Detroit have some racial issues with you protesters on their streets? Bernard Killpatrick who was noticed in the audience stated,"Why must you always point out the strong black youth in the audience?" As he stormed out and stated,"No way! Get out of our city!!!" A crowd member screamed,"Your boy did $8 million worth of damage to our proud city."

  5. You really are one sick puppy, Chris. The title of your post makes me sick. Where do you come up with the idea that anyone in our group was a racist or a hatemonger?

    There were people of all ages and many races that were there because we think escalating the war in Afghanistan is the wrong path.

    We've been in Iraq for 8 years, mostly because George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld fucked up Afghanistan so bad and wanted to focus on Iraq, where none of the hijackers 9/11 were from. Repeat, none of the 9/11 hijackers were from Iraq.

    President Obama put an additional 20,000 troops in Afghanistan within 60 days of taking office, so no sane person can accuse him of not resourcing Afghanistan appropriately.

    How many black people were at the tea parties, Chris? I only remember a few in D.C. How many were in Troy.

  6. Tom, see this is why we can't get along. You are just making shit up. There were no arrests. The protest was completely peaceful.

  7. Bruce you sound like a real mutt. Get your facts straight before you go off all half-cockfaced. Obviously you don't have a real life you fat mope. I've heard numerous comment from your family about you. For the record, Steve and Sue were right about your peculiar ways. No wonder why you are isolated from your family and the outside world. Try looking up some of the facts for a change. Have a blessed day.

  8. That wasn't Kwame Kilpatrick's dad. The man was just some crazy old drunk sounding off. Where I was standing we did get some mean comments about our race from the locals. It was the first time in my life I was called a racist cracker. I'm afraid that will be my last protest in Detroit. No one but Fox and the blogs are covering the protest. If we want to get notice we need to go to the suburbs and have the big head and the funny millionairs for healthcare at it. Can we do it at Levin's office next Mon? has some great ideas on how to organize and what to say.

  9. Bruce didn't you say the same thing and worse about the Tea Party protests? And I'm the one that makes you sick? Lighten up little buddy, I'm just having fun with you on the left. You are way to sensative. Just look at my other post with the protester on it. By the way Bruce there hasn't been one arrest of a tea party protester.

  10. The best part is they gave Obama the Noble Peace Prize.Oops.Obama has made the military budget larger then Bush's too.You on the left had your faces buried so far in Obama's loin you didn't see it coming. You libs will be back in his anointing in no time and you will give up the anti war protests. They used to protest Bush's spending but now nothing out of them on that subject.

  11. BWWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... WHAT protest? What'd they have, a dozen people? Did pee-stain and helmet-head show up?

    I'm trying to find any articles on the "protests", but I can barely find anything. In Chicago I guess a whopping "couple of dozen" people showed up, maybe 100 in Arizona or something. How pathetic. Must have been organized by Bruce "Epic" Failk. He shoots... annnnnnnd it's air-ball, didn't even hit the rim.

    I do like how FAILk asks Chris how many "blacks" were at the tea party. As if you can only be racist against black people and no other races?! Bruce, so you know I was at the Tea Party Express in Troy, and there were people of ALL races, yes even including blacks, at the event you racist. More than I can say about your Beck protest - that thing was lily-white. Although there were quite a few representing for the mentally challenged crowd at your Beck protest, but I wouldn't call them a "race" per se...

    Well anyway, you guys did a great job, I'm sure Obama really sat up and took notice with that massive display. Maybe next time wear the pinata on your head, it gives it a real Hispanic flair to the event. Oooh, another idea, maybe another open letter to Obama and his war-mongering Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will do the trick? Make sure you make note on your blog how upset you are Bruce. Barack checks your blog first thing every morning I'm sure.

  12. BWAAAAHAHAHA... that's a great point Chris. They're either going to have to re-name it the Nobel War Prize, or take it back and give it to somebody who would have actually done something to end this war, like McCain or Palin. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA... oh man, this is just too rich.

  13. Man, where is the Democrat Congress when you need them? They could put a stop to this if they wanted to, but it seems they are all ruthless war-mongers as well. Bruce, haven't you called all your Kongress Kritter Kontacts to tell them to put a stop to this madness? This Obama is out of control.

  14. Granholm to Offer Sage Advice at the... JOBS Summit?

    Posted by The MaryHunter at 11:45 AM

    For his "Jobs Summit" -- which, from looking at the NOT INVITED list, will be about almost anything except job creation -- Dear Leader Obama has the audacity to invite Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to participate.

    Grandholm, whose socialistic, tax-and-spend policies helped to engineer Michigan's astonishing 15%+ unemployment rate, is apparently expected to contribute more than just CO2 (or other bodily greenhouse gases) to this phony discussion on what this administration can do to increase jobs beyond those that their fuzzy-math wizards have already invented.

    This would be funny if it weren't so pathetic -- about as pathetic as Granholm recycling her inaugural gown for last month's White House state dinner. At least she had the sense not to bilk Michigan taxpayers for another dress.

    Which brings a great point: I thought this porkulus was a big success, to hear the White House spin it. If it was such a roaring success, what is the purpose of the jobs summit? This administration is so totally full of SHITE they can't even keep their lies straight. Just like Failk.

  15. Tom, were you the guy yelling, "Impeach Obama."

    You are a real jerk. Bush breaks international law by torturing prisoners, you were silent, weren't you. Bush lied us into two wars, you were silent.

    I didn't hear anyone call anyone a racist cracker.

    Actually, Tom, we got pretty good coverage in the News, the Free Press and on Fox 2, so I wouldn't say we didn't get noticed.

    But facts don't matter to you, do they?

    Actually, John, the nonpartisan CBO released a report yesterday that the stimulus created or saved 1.2 million jobs and most of the money didn't even get spent yet.

  16. John and Chris, What you don't understand is that Obama said he would end the wars and stop the money spent on these wars. He lied and so did Congress. We all need to come together and push for impeachment. The media has a blind eye against anyone that doesn't totally agree with Obama and Congress. Bruce you are a hero to the left and thank you for your strength at those protests. Bruce you are willing to do whatever it takes to stop the wars even if it hurts the Democrats. Good for you my friend. When is the next one? I'm sure we could get over 1000 people at the next protest. Bruce did you send Obama and Levin a pink slip yet?

  17. Anonymous, no one on the left is talking about impeachment. Obama never promised to end the war in Afghanistan, even though I wish he would have. I disagree with his policy, but he hasn't done anything rising to impeachment.

    I don't think I want any of your help, but thanks for offering.

  18. Well Bruce, you dipshit, I think I will let Mr. Romney take it from here, and I would just like to say - Harry Houdini:

    Today's White House jobs summit comes too late for millions of Americans who through no fault of their own have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings and, in many cases, the self-esteem and self-respect that come from work. Like other presidents before him, Barack Obama inherited a recession. But unlike them, he has made it worse, not better.
    His failure to stem the unemployment tide should not have been a surprise. With no experience whatsoever in the world of employment and business formation, he had no compass to guide his path. Instead, he turned over much of his economic recovery agenda to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, themselves nearly as inexperienced in the private sector as he. Congress gave him and them everything they asked for, including a history-making three-quarters of a trillion dollar stimulus.

    But it did little to stimulate the real economy – where jobs are created. Studies, initiatives and programs that liberal think tanks had long pined for were given life even as the private economy was on life support. The president's team assured us that their massive stimulus would hold unemployment below 8%. So with unemployment now at 10.2%, it is clear that their stimulus was a miscalculated failure.

    In an attempt to disguise the truth, the administration has touted inflated figures of jobs "created."But every month, in good times and bad, jobs are created and jobs are lost. What matters is the net difference between the two numbers. Focusing solely on jobs created while ignoring the far greater numbers of jobs lost is Harry Houdini economics.

    Growing government, as was done with the stimulus, inevitably depresses the private sector and job creation. Shrinking government and reducing government jobs is healthier for the economy, but this option was never seriously considered. That's no wonder: As White House guest logs for the first half of the year reveal, the most frequent visitor to the executive mansion was Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union, which represents government workers.

  19. It sounds to me like it doesn't really bother you that Obama has made these wars bigger. That was the "Change" many Americans voted for. Obama is turning out to be a bigger war-monger then Bush. Maybe Bruce shouldn't be a part of the protests if he doesn't want to stop the wars. We need to take it to Congress and Pres.Obama in Washington or these wars will never end. The Democrats in Congress haven't done one fucking thing to stop these wars. If they don't change their minds on these wars there will be a lot of exDemocrats. Obama made us all look like assholes. We have to write them and get others to write and our protest need to be bigger and louder then the "teabaggers". I can't believe that the right wing teabags cover the protest more then the left wing blogs. We need to fight to bring back our soldiers and if it takes someone calling for impeachment so be it. We need to force the hand of the govt to stop this war now. And that bullshit about 18 months to pullout. Come on now who does he think we are?

  20. Nothing from moveon or the dailykos on the anti-war protests throughout the nation. What a bunch of bullshit. Bruce are you some kind of idiot? How in the world can you think the protests got covered. Fox news is the only one that picked it up fro TV. I hope you go to the next protest so I can give you a piece of my mind Bruce Fealk.

  21. Fred - I have to agree with you, the only information I could find on the protests come from Fox News and conservative-leaning blogs like this one. I guess we know whose ass MSNBC and the rest of the MSM is sniffing. Now you see why Obama wanted to shut out a real news organization like Fox News. He wants to hide any evidence of dissent. I wonder how the liberal-Al Qaeda like the taste of their own medicine?

  22. Boy oh boy, just look at the fraction within the Democratic party. Did you see the Congressional Black Caucus, overwhelmingly Democrats, trying to force their black-owned radio bailout through? Sounds pretty racist to me, when you only want to bail out black-owned radio stations, when they are all suffering.

    And then there's Obama tearing apart the Democrats and exposing their hypocrisy. Dark times for the Democrats. I love though how it took them less than a year to implode. Just look at the founder of the Daily Kos, this guy is going to lose it at any moment:

    Kos Founder Moulitsas says 2010 could be "cataclysmic" for Democrats
    Daily Kos Founder and Editor Markos Moulitsas takes a look at the increasing "intensity gap" in polling data between Republicans and Democrats heading into 2010. What he finds he admits, is nothing short of "terrifying." He comments in the intro: "no one suspected it was this bad."

    From The Hill, "Brutal Poll for Dems," Dec. 2:

    For the first time, I had Research 2000 ask, “In the 2010 congressional elections, will you definitely vote, probably vote, not likely vote or definitely will not vote?” The results were nothing short of cataclysmic:

    Among Republican respondents, 81 percent said they were definitely or probably going to vote, versus only 14 percent who were definitely or not likely to do so. Among independent voters, it was 65-23. Among Democrats? A woeful 56-40: Two out of every five Democrats are currently unlikely to vote.

    A look at key Democratic constituencies shows how demoralized the party’s base currently is. Among African-Americans, just 34 percent are likely to vote, versus 54 percent unlikely to do so. Republican-leaning white voters clocked in at 66-29. Only 41 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds, a key constituency for Democrats in both 2006 and 2008, are likely to vote, compared to 49 percent likely to sit things out.

    If these numbers hold for the next year, it won’t matter what those generic congressional ballot questions say, nor will it matter whether Democrats can increase their performance with independent voters. If base Democratic voters don’t turn out, like what happened in New Jersey and Virginia this year, Democrats will suffer at the ballot box.

  23. Hey Bruce my CBO says there is NO way to see if ANY new Jobs were Created or if Stimulus WORKED!

    Job Summit How many Business People were there to Advise? How many Profesers were there? Obama says Businesses themselves are to Blame for JOB losses cause they are doing MORE with LESS employees and making PROFITS! WOW Imagine a Business Making a Profit. Obama will NIP that in the BUD along with is Anti Jobs Agenda. No body could Screw up Economy as bad as he has without doing it on PURPOSE. Gotta Admit though there WAS CHANGE and hows it working out LIBS!

    To get Economy/Jobs moving how about having Government GET the Hell out of their way,its worked before and it CANNOT be worse than the NOBAMA Plan!

  24. Bruce, all Chris did was ask if the protesters are racist/hatemongers. I remember your blog from the Oakland Press and you called the teaparty protesters racist and "teabaggers". You are the sick person. You are the most twisted activist I have ever known. It's nice to see Chris has made a blog better then yours Bruce. It's even nice to see he gets your goat with your old games.

  25. Mike I did see that on the Daily Kos. It does look bad for the Democrats.

  26. "Obama says Businesses themselves are to Blame for JOB losses cause they are doing MORE with LESS employees and making PROFITS! WOW Imagine a Business Making a Profit. Obama will NIP that in the BUD along with his Anti Jobs Agenda."

    LOL... you crack me up Al!! As always you make perfect sense, which is exactly what is confusing and disorienting to the libs!!

  27. John, President Obama didn't "blame" businesses for the job losses. He was merely stating a fact. It makes sense when large layoffs occur, for the owner of a business to find ways to make do with fewer employees.

    The economy was screwed up when President Obama got to office, John. President Obama kept the economy from falling into a worldwide depression. I don't agree with everything Geithner and Summers advised the President to do, but let's be clear, we were in an economic crisis on January 20, 2009.

    I do hope some good, solid ideas come out of the summit to help the jobs situation. At least he is listening to the right people, unlike Bush who never made a mistake. That's a joke, John.

  28. Well NOBAMA Kept Economy out of a Worldwide Depression. I missed that Election where he was Elected President of the World.That would Explain WHY he has NOT had the time to work on OUR Economy. Thanks for the INFO Bruce!

    Once again its looking into that REAR view Mirror. True Bush was not Economics Expert But you gotta admit Since January this Administration has spent Trillions,in fact MORE than ALL other Presidents COMBINED. OUR Grandchildren and beyond will Remember this Administration CAUSE they will STILL be Paying for it!

    Once again to Start Economy lets just get Government out of the WAY and see what HAPPENS!Cant be any Worse than whats been done up till NOW!

  29. Al, I think that would be exactly the wrong approach. The reason this recession has been so deep is people stopped spending money because companies laid off millions of people.

    The only sector that is willing to spend money in this economy is the government, hence the stimulus.

    Now the President is focusing directly on job creation and we need to focus on helping small businesses which are the major job creators. Big companies are focused on making money and they want to do it with as few employees as possible.

    Getting government out of the way was what created the mess we're in, especially when it comes to the banking crisis. Lack of regulation led directly to the worldwide collapse of financial markets.

    Now we need to provide cheap money directly to small business so they can hire more people to make the products that will be in demand and rebuild our manufacturing sector through small businesses, not giant multinationals that want to go where ever labor is cheapest.

  30. If the purpose of the stimulus was to stimulat the economy why didn't it work? Why are the calling for a 2nd stimulus for the people before the first stimulus goes out to all of the Democrat supporters? That stimulus bill was nothing but a pork bill and a bailout for the states. Obama is the first President that received a recession and made it worse. The reason the economy is still doing so bad is the Democrats have all employers scared to do anything. This Democrat admin has made it clear that he is no friend to business. He is a friend to SEIU ,the UAW and Wall Street. Obama cares more about raising our debt and bowing to other countries then allowing business to do what it does best. It's no different then Moa and how he hurt business. Obama hasn't done shit to help the unemployed other then extentions and a $25 bonus check. Obama is spending all the time on earth for the president of SEIU but when it comes to us none union workers he and the Democrats could hive a shit. As you can tell this is a subject that boils my blood. And Dumbass Biden is telling everyone we are on the way to doing great. The Democrats keep telling us the stimulus is working and we aren't seeing it. Obama said the stimulus would insure we didn't go over 8% unemployment. $ tillions later and we are over 10% unemployment and riseing. I looked at my local paper(Macom Daily) and I couldn't believe how many foreclosers there were. Half the paper was foreclosers. We the people are getting sick of every orgaization getting money from Obama and the Democrats but us. We bailed out GM and Chrysler so they wouldn't have to go bankrupt. They went bankrupt anyways and they got Cash for Clunkers. The banks got bailed out and the guy in the homeless shelter didn't get shit. Obama is spending our money like theres no tomorrow. And he wants to spend even more on this abortion of a health care bill. You on the left need to start getting your priorities streight.

  31. Bruce it was the multinationals that got all the tarp and stimulus money so stop with the BS. We conservatives have been calling for what you said since Obama took office and before that. It's about time they pulled their heads out of their asses. Sorry for all the cusing.

  32. Chris, the stimulus has worked, maybe not exactly as we would have liked, but it did do some of what it was intended to do.

    I think we do need to get more direct ways to get small businesses to hire more people.

    Liberals do have our priorities straight, thank you very much. It's you conservatives that think every problem can be solved with a tax cut.

    What other ideas have Republicans/conseratives had? I haven't heard one idea on the economic front except cut taxes and a tax cut alone, which we already got a tax cut, by the way, won't solve the mess we're in.

    The health care bill will actually cut the deficit, Chris, and take care of a big problem in our economy. The reason Canada is doing better in terms of manufacturing is because they have a national health care system that saves employers big dollars, so they can build their products less expensively.

    It was you buddy Bush that instituted the TARP program, Chris.

    I think some of the rest of the stimulus money will be redirected into programs that provide jobs more directly.

  33. It looks like the white guilt is all gone now. Even the white people that voted for him are getting all racist now. Obama is doing a fine job and just because some racist people are acting out doesn mean he's a bad president. I think they paid those black people to be in those videos and pictures. It looks like racism is on both sides now.

  34. Sure Bruce, and Bush came to Michigan and single-handedly wiped out our economy, conveniently just as soon as Jenny Granholm took over.

    The only people Hussein had at his "jobs" summit was people who have ZERO experience creating jobs. Just cronies and unions. People like you Bruce are the leeches of society. Go suck someone else's blood, the taxpayers are all bled out. Maybe if the government left people money to spend, they would spend it. All this administration makes certain is that taxes, and lots of them, are on the horizon.

    It's awfully funny too BRUCIE that ALL the polls have shown, since DAY 1 of this joke of an administration, that it's the JOBS and ECONOMY stupid. But all we get are Friday night dates to NY for the King and Queen Obama, and trying to get cronies an Olympics in Chicago, socializing banks and auto companies, and an attempt to socialize the health care industry. Al is right, you couldn't wreck an economy even more if you TRIED. Which makes me think that they ARE trying.

    Bruce, I can look up that article again where small businesses can't get SMALL BUSINESS LOANS from the federal government because they are getting sucked up by Huge businesses that have their OBAMA connections. Give me a f**king break Bruce. This administration does NOT care about the largest employer in this country, the small businesses. Well, this admin had better enjoy it while they can, because next year there's going to be some big changes.

    The pure stupidity of this administration is encapsulated in their invitation to have Jenny from the Block speak at a Jobs Summit. What a farce.

    By the by Bruce, you are the last person to lecture me, or anyone, about what it takes to create jobs. You idiot, you have sucked off the government teat all your life, and you think you know about what it takes to work?!?! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... you liberals are fools. You're like little idiot children.

  35. Hmmm.... blaming TARP on Bush eh... well I guess all those letters that I wrote to the Democratic Congress must have been sent to the wrong people. I should have been sending them to Bush.

    As for ideas, conservatives have had plenty. But as you might have noticed, idiot Bruce, Democrats have the majority and the "post-partisan" Obama will not listen to any of the ideas. But here ya go jackass, here are ideas. Stick 'em up your ass, and let's see your links to your "facts", because as we all know you are completely full of shit and just make your facts up every time.

    Romney's 10-point REALISTIC plan:

    My 10-point plan

    The president's economists insist that technically, the recession is over. But double-digit unemployment was neither prevented nor has it ended. To get people back to work as rapidly as possible and to restore America's economic vitality, the nation must change course. Here's the advice I would give:

    •Repair the stimulus. Freeze the funds that haven't yet been spent and redirect them to immediate, private sector job-creation priorities.

    •Create tax incentives that promote business expansion and hiring. For example, install a robust investment tax credit, permit businesses to expense capital purchases made in 2010, and reduce payroll taxes. These will reignite construction, technology and a wide array of capital goods industries, and lead to expanded employment.

    •Prove to the global investors that finance America's debt that we are serious about reining in spending and becoming fiscally prudent by adopting limits on non-military discretionary spending and reforming our unsustainable, unfunded entitlements. These are key to strengthening the dollar, reducing the threat of rampant inflation and holding down interest rates.

    •Close down any talk of carbon cap-and-trade. It will burden consumers and employers with billions in new costs. Instead, greatly expand our commitment to natural gas and nuclear, boosting jobs now and reducing the export of energy jobs and dollars later.

  36. Part 2/2

    •Tell the unions that job-stifling "card check" legislation is off the table. Laying new burdens on small business will kill entrepreneurship and job creation.

    •Don't allow a massive tax increase to go into effect in 2011 with the expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. The specter of more tax-fueled government spending and the reduction of capital available for small business will hinder investment and business expansion.

    •New spending should be strictly limited to items that are critically needed and that we would have acquired in the future, such as new military equipment to support our troops abroad and essential infrastructure at home.

    •Install dynamic regulations for the financial sector – rules that are up to date, efficient and not excessively burdensome. But do not so tie up the financial sector with red tape that we lose a vital component of our economic system.

    •Open the doors to trade. Give important friends like Colombia favored trade status rather than bow to protectionist demands. Now is the time for aggressive pursuit of opportunities for new markets for American goods, not insular retrenchment.

    •Stop frightening the private sector by continuing to hold GM stock, by imposing tighter and tighter controls on compensation, and by pursuing a public insurance plan to compete with private insurers. Government encroachment on free enterprise is depressing investment and job creation.

    The 10% unemployment crisis hangs like an albatross around President Obama's neck. Eventually, as with every recession and recovery, the economy will improve and jobs will be created, but those who were unnecessarily unemployed due to the president's faulty economic program will not forget. In order to most rapidly re-employ all Americans and to speed a strong recovery, the president must change course. If he does not, Republicans will bring a change of their own to Washington in the 2010 elections.

    By the way Bruce, the only reason you haven't heard any plans from Republicans is that your head is so far up your ass you can taste what you had for breakfast.

  37. Chris,President Obama has reached a watershed in his presidency: he has devolved to the intellectual level of George Bush, while retaining his world class powers of speech. History may remember Obama as just another vapid but predatory imperialist president who happens to be…superficially eloquent. Unfortunately, the clarity of Obama’s diction is not matched by coherence of policy. Af-Pak is at least as whack as Bush’s Iraq.

  38. Obama Lied to get elected...Promised to get the U.S.out of the war.
    He and the anti war democrats Bashed Bush over the war and now Obama has taken over and broken his election promises and now is Expanding the War against innocent Muslims, women and Children.
    Obama will be sending in Baby killers to terrorize thw poor villagers of Afghanistan.
    Ok Code Pink get out there and BASH the Obama HATE machine !!
    OK sean Penn get your little Camera and go over and subvert the War effort...
    OK Cindy Sheehan go camp at Obamas house and cry about your son for months on end...
    OK Media CBS, NBC ,ABC, MSNBC, NY Times go give the nightly body counts of this illegal war and do all those things you did against Bush now against Obama and his War.

    All the Anti War Left shall now go out and March on Washington Against Obama and his illegal War..

    OBAMA....WAR MONGER....Baby Killer

  39. Obama already sent in around 20k soldiers into Afghanistan this year. He is now going to send in another 30k. There are now more soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq than there was when Bush was president, and that's not counting the 30k soldiers.

    Obama said that he was going to get our troops out of Iraq but he has flip-flopped on when he was going to bring them home. Iraq is finally ready for our troops to come home, but Obama is dragging his feet.

    Obama said that he was going to end indefinite detention but there are many prisoners at Gitmo that will continue to be detained indefinitely. There are prisoners languishing at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (The "Black Jail" to those who were imprisoned there), and the ACLU is suing the federal gov't to see just what is going on there. Even after a judge ruled that 3 men being held at Bagram must have their day in court, Obama fought the ruling. There are prisoners detained there that aren't even from Afghanistan.

    Around 400 civilians in Pakistan have been killed by predator drone attacks since Obama took office. In just 9-10 months since he took office, the civilian death toll in Pakistan from drone attacks under Obama is outpacing the civilain death toll from predator drones under the Bush administration in a similar amount of time in 2006.

    Obama said that he was going to end the use of warrantless wiretaps, but now defends the use of them and has actually expanded their use.

    Obama went back on his promise of renegotiating NAFTA and also went back on his promise of redoing FISA laws.

    Obama duped America. He is NOT the man that he made himself out to be. He is a liar par excellence. Bruce I remember you from the Bush years and you never would have been this placid if it was a Republican doing the devils work. This goes way past party lines. When most of my friends are as angry as I've ever seen them. You are protecting this warmonger. Open your eyes Obama lied to us all. We must stop these war or we will be in WWIII thanks to Obama. Do you know how much more money and lives Obama is risking for what? What do we have to gain by making these wars bigger and more expensive?

  40. Now let me get this straight the ONLY one ABLE to Spend Money in this Economy is the Government. Arent WE the Government and aint THAT OUR Money.

    Having a JOB Summit without Inviting Business People that Actually Own Businesses, and taking Advice from "Think Tank People" is going to Create What?

    Having Government Involved in Freddy Max and Fanny Mae Certainly HELPED the Mortgage Businesses,with LIB oversight Commitee that did SUCH a Wonderful Job. Both Partys had hands in these Pieces of Crap which is to me a GOOD Example of Government Running Any Business. Businesses being Beholding to Government, some where in this Proccess we cross into Socialism ,and FIND me a Socialist Country that has lasted 233 years without REVOLT!

    Giving Small business CHEAP money to get STARTED and then CHARGING them EXPENSIVE money in TAXES sounds like a Deal with the Devil and WE aint going to WIN that ONE! This Administration should have Addressed this Economy as JOB one at their outset but are STILL more Concerned with Social Changes that OUR Economy!

  41. Great pointes AL. Anon I don't blame you for being upset, Obama really jacked things up in this country. Bruce is just an idealogue as you already know. Many of the people at those protest were not genuine. If they are genuine then we will watch them grow in numbers like the Tea Party. It is funny how the left got so cranked up when they were called racist when they themselves have been doing it all along. The Reverand made some good pointes about "white guilt" wearing off. But just like I know there weren't racist at the Tea Party I don't think the anti war was a bunch of racist. But people do seem to be genuinly unhappy with Obama like no other president since Carter. Even Bush wasn't that bad as he got reelected. Bush's numbers didn't start to slide until the Democrats took over Congress. Now that we have the same Democrats in Congress ++ and a liberal Democrat as President all the liberal Democrats wet dreams should be coming true. But in stead this country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the retarded idealogue. While Obama/Biden and the other Democrat idiots are telling us everything is working while the country is bleeding out of every orifice. We the people are trying to live under the conditions these idiot Democrat have put us in. And the polls support this. Nothiung the Democrats have done has worked for we the people. Big business and big labor like SEIU. Obama is acting like a ltto winner with our money and we the people are getting tired of it. And we have told everyone what would happen with every move they have made and we have been right every time and they have been wrong EVERY time.

  42. When Republicans ran Washington, Democrats regularly complained that they were terrible managers. They argued that because of Republican incompetence, deficits were high, deadlines were missed, money was wasted, and rules were ignored. It called to mind PJ O’Rourke’s famous quote about Republicans: The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.

    But if Republicans were inefficient when they had control of Congress and the White House, Democrats are worse. As we approach the end of the year, they seem to have accomplished almost none of the basic functions needed to keep the government running:
    House Democrats, increasingly concerned that there may be no other way to clear spending measures and extend expiring programs by the end of the month, are nearly ready to resort to a multibill omnibus package.

    The legislative traffic jam is particularly bad this year because of the Senate’s lagging health care debate, which may take weeks to untangle, preventing that chamber from moving quickly on year-end business.

    At the top of the Democratic majority’s must-do list are the seven remaining fiscal 2010 appropriations bills. One idea under serious consideration, according to House Democratic aides, is moving those bills in a single package that would carry other items, including an increase in the debt limit, a one-year “fix” to prevent a cut in Medicare payments to physicians and a short-term extension of expiring provisions of the anti-terrorism law known as the Patriot Act.

    Measures aimed at jolting the sluggish economy could also hitch a ride.

    Such a package would have a price tag of more than $1 trillion, a point Republicans would be sure to make repeatedly…

    Pivoting from health care to another bill will be difficult, and advancing them over GOP resistance will require Democrats to round up 60 votes to close off debate — and even setting up such votes can take days of floor time.

    Senate Democrats met Wednesday to discuss how to accelerate action on health care and bring the bill to a vote by the end of the year. But at day’s end it remained unclear how successful they will be…

    A particularly thorny issue for Democrats is what to do with legislation to increase the $12.1 trillion debt limit, which could be breached if it is not boosted over the next several weeks.

    At this point, the plan is to include it in a package of bills rather than have the legislation considered on its own; the latter situation would give Republicans a better platform to make a political issue of government spending.

    Democrats have control of the White House, a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and an overwhelming majority in the House. Republicans have no ability to influence the process of governing. Yet it is the most basic functions - passing spending bills, managing the debt limit, and passing bills that are approved every year - that are falling by the wayside.

    If anything, the appropriations process is easier than in past years, because Democrats added $787 billion to federal spending before the process began. That move eliminated all the ‘tough decisions’ by raining money down on most every federal program.

    And now the Democrats’ solution is to pile everything into one (or two) large spending bills. In all likelihood they’ll turn to this bill in the waning days before Christmas, when few Americans are paying attention. The debt limit will be lifted to $13 trillion or so, billions will be added to the deficit to pay off the AMA for their support of a health care overhaul, and all sort of controversial bills will be passed under the cover of darkness, while the American people are looking the other way.

    Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and the rest of the Democratic leadership are showing their incompetence.

  43. Herb You bring up GOOD points about Both Parties and until we get rid of THIRD Parties via Parents,Unions or even Newspapers telling US who to VOTE for and then like Sheep Many VOTERS like in a Flock VOTE as they are TOLD not much will CHANGE.

    I do hope in 2010 Mid Terms that enough Citizens see the Light to ACTUALLY study Canadates,find out there Political Beliefs,Check out their Track records and VOTE accoringly NOT for Party but For Country and all OUR well being. Third Party sounds like great Idea BUT Im afraid by the time it were to Occurr OMAMA Care will have SOLVED all my World Problems Forever!

    Libs like Pelosi,Reid,Hoyer,Dodd and Frank will almost always have a chance at retaining there Positions because alot of there VOTING base in their World belive in BIG Government and Cradle to Grave Government Care BUT I do beleive this Administration and its Socialist Agenda have opened some EYES,SOME might not be Enough but its a START!

  44. Al, once again great points. I hope you start a blog soon AS WELL AS keep commenting on Chris' blog.

    And now, once again, revealing another Bruce lie. These liberals lie EVERY time they open their fat mouths, and they open their fat mouths a LOT. This time credit goes to Secret Service and now CBS, who posted this article:

    Secret Service: Threats Against Obama No Higher than Normal by Stephanie Condon

    The director of the Secret Service today disputed widely-reported claims that President Obama is receiving more death threats than previous presidents.

    At a congressional hearing into the White House security breach that took place last week, when Tareq and Michaele Salahi "crashed" the White House state dinner, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said the current threat level against the president is normal.

    "The threats right now ... is the same level as it has been for the previous two presidents at this point in their administrations," Sullivan said.

    Sullivan was the only requested witness who agreed to testify today before the House Homeland Security Committee, and he said the Secret Service takes responsibility for allowing the Salahis to enter the state dinner uninvited. Three Secret Service officers are currently under suspension because of the incident, he said.

    Since news of the security breach broke, members of Congress have commented that the incident was particularly troubling in light of the number of threats against the first African-American president.

    "It is well known, it's been in the press over and over again, that this president has received far more death threats than any president in the history of the United States," Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, said at today's hearing.

    The Boston Globe reported in October that "unprecedented" threats against the president, among other things, have put a strain on the Secret Service's resources.

    "Mr. Obama, who was given Secret Service protection 18 months before the election - the earliest ever for a presidential candidate - has been the target of more threats since his inauguration than his predecessors," the Globe reported.

    Norton asked Sullivan if extra precautions were taken at last month's state dinner, given the high threat level against the president. Sullivan said he could not answer that question, but that he could address the issue of the threat level.

    "I've heard a number out there that the threat is up by 400 percent," Sullivan said. "It isn't at 400 percent. I'm not sure where that number came from."

    In a report last month noting that the threats against Mr. Obama have fallen back to typical levels, Mark Hosenball of Newsweek writes that the reports of a 400 percent increase in threats can be traced back to a book about the Secret Service published earlier this year by author Ronald Kessler.

    Sullivan said today that the president was not at risk the night of the state dinner.

  45. Man these liberal just lie all the time. Your better off calling them liar the second they open their mouths because the odds are you will be right.

  46. Just a thought....

    Anyone ever stop to think that

    LIBERAL is an anagram for BRAILLE???.....

  47. That is a good one


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