Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Three Questions For Health Care Reform

Glenn Beck weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on Fox News Channel         So after you watched the video what are the answers to the questions? Why are the Democrats giving up everything they said they wanted to get health care reform passed? Is it for the control over us? Is that the same reason why the Democrats are trying to push a world climate reform? I think all the people that spent the Bush years bitching about the govt taking control of our lives better wake up and smell the coffee. We are in greater debt,still in wars with an escalation in Afghanistan and Iraq is winding down just like Bush planed and the Democrats want to us every bill to pay off their constituents will our money. Instead of taking away the Patriot Act they expanded it. So what has Obama and Congress done for we the people? Are they giving everyone health care? 24 million people will be without health care in this country with this reform bill. There isn't a public option like they promised. It will cost us over $2 trillion and we the people only get scrapes for our money while the govt makes their friends rich.


  1. Well I watched it straight through, and he is completely correct. Of course the lieberal Hypocrats will refuse to watch it because they are afraid of the TRUTH and truth's buddies, called FACTS.

  2. Insurance companies win," Markos Moulitsas tweeted last night. "Time to kill this monstrosity coming out of the Senate."

    This was, for progressives, a frustrating vote. But the flip side of it being morally unconscionable for Joe Lieberman to put the bill at risk over something as small as Medicare buy-in for 3-or-so million people is that the absence of Medicare buy-in -- and of the weak public plan -- is not reason enough to oppose the bill, either.

    The core of this legislation is as it always was: $900 billion, give or take, so people who can't afford health-care insurance suddenly can. Insurance regulations paired with the individual mandate, so insurers can't discriminate against the sick and the healthy can't make insurance unaffordable by hanging back until the moment they need medical care. The construction of health insurance exchanges so the people currently left out of the employer-based market are better served, and the many who will join them as the employer system continues to erode will have somewhere to go.

    That's all policy. And as I spent yesterday arguing, it has a tendency to overshadow the lives in the balance. You can choose your estimate. The Institute of Medicine's methodology says 22,000 people died in 2006 because they didn't have health-care coverage. A recent Harvard study found the number nearer to 45,000. Since we talk about the costs of health-care reform over a 10-year period, may as well talk about the lives saved that way, too. And we're looking, easily, at more than a hundred thousand lives, to say nothing of the people who will be spared bankruptcy, chronic pain, unnecessary impairment, unnecessary caretaking, bereavement, loss of wages, painful surgeries, and so on.

    A lot of progressives woke up this morning feeling like they lost. They didn't. The public option and its compromised iterations were a battle that came to seem like a war. But they weren't the war. The bill itself was. When liberals talked about the dream of universal health-care insurance 10, 20 and 30 years ago, they talked about the plight of the uninsured, not the necessity of a limited public option in competition with private insurers.

    "This is a good bill," Sen. Sherrod Brown said on Countdown last night. "Not a great bill, but a good bill." That's about right. But the other piece to remember is that more than it's a good bill, it's a good start. With $900 billion in subsidies already in place, it's easier to add another hundred billion later, if we need it, than it would be to pass $1 trillion in subsidies in 2011. With the exchanges built and private insurers unable to hold down costs, it's easier to argue for adding a strong public option to the market than it was before we'd tried regulation and a new competitive structure. With 95 percent of the country covered, it's easier to go the final 5 percent. And with a health-care reform bill actually passed, it's easier to convince legislators that passing such bills is possible.

    On its own terms, the bill is the most important social policy achievement since the Great Society. It will save a lot of lives and prevent a lot of suffering. But moving forward, it also makes future improvements and expansions easier. A lot of the hard work of health-care reform -- in particular, the money for subsidies -- will finish this year. If reformers want to come back for the public option or more subsidies in a future year, they won't be doing it atop a $900 billion price tag that's being battered by tea parties and industry and everyone else. This bill doesn't have all the good stuff it should have, but reformers can stand atop what good stuff it does have and focus their energies on what good stuff is left to achieve.

  3. Obviously anonymous didn't watch the video.

    Anonymous, this boondoggle is designed to line the pockets of the insurance companies.

    The Hypocrats could have had a good framework to build on if they had passed (and they WOULD have been able to have passed) with bi-partisanship, several of the items in the bill individually and on their own merits. But the ONLY reason they are trying to SHOVE this monstrosity through is to facilitate taking over 1/6th of the economy.

    Now the bill is comprised of mandated insurance, no regulation of private insurance, no public option, no competition for insurance companies ... this is what happens when you leave it to the Hypocrats to write legislation.

    And now, check this out:

    Make sure you watch the video. If your skin doesn't crawl at Baucus' attempt at "folksy" humor and trying to deflect and change the argument, then you had better check your pulse. These A-HOLES are trying to pass legislation that they refuse to not only read but understand! These are laws that WE will have to live with. I think it has been established that THEY no longer have to live within the laws that they pass (hello Turbo-Tax Timmy).

    Hypocrats. It's what's for corruption.

    24 million, after all is said and done, without insurance!! ROFLMAO ... what a BOONDOGGLE!

    This bill doesn't save lives, money, or make ONE PERSON any healthier.

    Look how they voted down the ability to buy prescription drugs from other countries and bring it over here. Obummer and the rest of the Hypocrats are the pharmaceutical AND health insurance companies BITCHES.

  4. John, you can't have it both ways, complain about the bill and then blame it on the Democrats. If some Republicans had come on board with the Democrats, we wouldn't be in this position.

    Republicans would rather let people die than give the American people health care.


    You idiot Hypocrats have the MAJORITY. You idiot Hypocrats can pass ANYTHING YOU WANT. That's what having the MAJORITY means. This P.O.S. legislation is ALLLLL the Hypocrats. They didn't want to listen to what the adults had to say. Hypocrats REFUSED to listen and this is what YOU get. Loser.

  6. Here is an example of what kind of "health care" the Hypocrats would like to give us. I'll let you be the judge of who wants people to die, but I'll give you a hint (it's the Hypocrats and lieberals):

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    British hospital accused of 'gross negligence' after 10-year-old boy dies

    A hospital has been accused by a coroner of "gross negligence" after a 10-year-old boy died following a seven hour wait for an ambulance

    Kieran Howard, from Fordcombe, Kent, was taken to three hospitals after emergency staff failed to diagnose the severity of his condition, Southwark Coroner's Court heard. Doctors were aware there was potentially a problem with the child's brain, but the boy sill had to wait 12 hours to receive a scan which would have allowed a diagnosis and meant life-saving surgery could have gone ahead.

    Kieran suffered the burst tumour after sneezing at his home on the morning of Saturday March 28 last year. Paramedics did not spot he was suffering from a neurological problem, so took him Pembury Hospital, the nearest to his home. Kieran was moved to the children's intensive care ward where he suffered an "epileptic-like" fit before his condition worsened and he was sedated.

    Southwark Coroner's Court heard that doctors treating the schoolboy should have checked his pupils with a torch every 15 minutes, but this was not done.

    Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox said there was a "four hour window of opportunity" after the boy's eyes had become fixed and dilated to perform surgery which likely would have saved his life. She described the Pembury doctors failures to check his eyes as "gross negligence" and "neglect".

    Medics at the hospital called the South Thames Retrieval Service, which shuttles seriously ill children between hospitals, over an hour after Kieran arrived requesting he be moved to London for a brain scan. The STRS was supposed to arrive within two hours, but later warned there could be further delays of up to four hours.

    The coroner said that the hospital should either have taken the him to the nearby Kent and Sussex Hospital for a brain scan or reduced his sedation to see how responsive he was. But neither of these were done which Dr Wilcox said may have contributed to the boy's death.

    Kieran eventually arrived at St Thomas's Hospital in London where he received a scan at 1am the following morning, before being moved again to King's College Hospital where he received unsuccessful surgery at 4am. He died on April 2 at the hospital.

    Dr Wilcox recorded a death by natural causes contributed to by neglect, saying: "What killed Kieran could have been prevented by prompt neurological assessment and treatment – and that is what did not happen."

    Outside the coroner' court, Kieran's mother Vanessa said: "After 20 months of fighting to get answers we have finally been vindicated – our son's death was preventable. "We hope that all those who made mistakes may now begin to acknowledge them to stop something like this happening again."

    Dr Wilson Bolsover, of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, which includes Pembury Hospital, apologised on behalf of the trust "for not doing our level best" in caring for Kieran and said "every lesson that can be learnt, will be learnt." "We accept the coroner's findings fully and have already made significant improvements," he said. [Like what??]

  7. Did you watch the video Bruce? Why can't you ever answer any questions? All I see is more attacks from you BRUCE.

  8. Answer the questions.

  9. Bruce, your WHOLE POST makes absolutely NO SENSE!! Did you even think about what you were writing?!?! Here, let me give your feeble mind an example. You said "John, you can't have it both ways, complain about the bill and then blame it on the Democrats."

    Well Brucie, that isn't "having it both ways". I have been complaining about this bill the whole time, and I have been complaining because it is the Hypocrats that have been writing it. Furthermore, as I told you SEVERAL times this bill was all about getting the insurance mandate for the insurance companies!! Why the F**K can't I complain about this POS bill?!! Because Republicans saw through this scam and are trying to stop it?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA you are brain-dead Bruce.

    Thank God for the Republicans like DeMint and Coburn who are true Americans.

    Are you going to picket to kill the bill Bruce? Have you been reading the DailyKos and HuffPo?! Those people are livid about this bill now. No competition for insurance companies, no protections for the consumers against the insurance companies, and yet a FORCED mandate that everyone buy the insurance?!?! LOL, what a brilliant piece of legislation by the Hypocrats!!! They just got OWNED. EPIC FAIL.

  10. Hey Brucie, did you watch that video of Baucus?!? What do you think about that, do you think our elected officials should have to understand the legislation they pass?!?! I would think that would be a minimum requirement, to understand the legislation that you are forcing people to live with!!

    Ah well, I guess when you have big Pharma and big Insurance write the legislation to line yours and their pockets you don't really have to understand what is in there.

    Hypocrats; it's what's for corruption.

  11. This bill didn't start out where it is now. Democrats had to keep negotiating with their more conservative members until we got to where we are today.

    Had the liberal Democrats prevailed, we would have had a good bill.

    And for you to criticize Democrats for being in the pocket of big Pharma and Big Insurance is beyond belief. Why do you think NOT ONE Republican is for health care reform? Because they get their money from them. And I'm not exempting a few Democrats from this either.

    Republicans don't care about the economic or health ramifications, they just want a political hammer to hit the Democrats over the head with next year. So, don't go telling me how pure Republicans are. There are over 100 bills stalled from the House trying to see the light of day in the Senate. There have been 139 filibusters this year, which is the highest number ever.

    Republicans are trying to rule by minority and abusing the filibuster to do it. That's not the way a representative democracy is supposed to work.

  12. WTF?!?! Where in the HELL do you come up with your BULLLSHIIIIT filibusters number?!?! You are SO full of SHIT BRUCE.

    You IDIOTS didn't want to work with Republicans. You wanted to force your giveaway to the insurance and big pharma companies down the Republican's throats.

    The REPUBLICANS presented a lovely little reform package that would have done so much towards reform. The HYPOCRATS JUST WANTED TO TAKE OVER HEALTH CARE. That's IT.

    The Republicans are doing what they SHOULD do. Resist this IDIOTIC legislation that will only RAISE RATES and have EVERYONE PAYING MORE.

    You idiot Hypocrats. Look at you!! Just LOOK at yourself BRUCE! Trying to blame this SHITTY legislation that NOBODY wants on the Republicans?!?! WTF, YOU ARE LIVING IN SOME BIZARRO WORLD BRUCE!!!

    At least you aren't blaming this one on BUSH YET! ROFLMAO

    This A-HOLE congress has had the power for several years now. Oh, you say, but we didn't have the PRESIDENCY. Now you have the Presidency AND Congress and now you say "oh, waaaahhh, the filibuster". You are a JOKE Bruce. A funny funny joke, to be laughed at and then forgotten.

    Oh, and guess what IDIOT BRUCE. We AREN'T a DEMOCRACY. We're a REPUBLIC, ASSHOLE. And MY representatives AREN'T voting the way the MAJORITY want them to, so THANK GOD for the filibuster.

  13. 3,000 pages to hide all these gifts for the insurance companies and big pharma. Not to mention NO tort reform, so the lawyers get theirs too. Hypocrats, no wonder they got all the lobbying dollars in the last election. What a bargain the insurance companies and big pharma and the lawyers got for an outlay of just a few million (passed on to the taxpayers of course).

  14. Bruce, you have to admit you are living in a fantasy world. Look at you, accusing Republicans of wanting people to die, or not caring if they do?!? WTF, you are a NUT. You are borderline psychotic. I would NEVER accuse people of wanting other people to die. You are sick in the head.

    Everybody wants people to be well BRUCE. The reality is that just wishing it to happen doesn't make it so. And just letting government do it DEFINITELY makes it WORSE. If you had your druthers everyone would be taxed out of their ASSES to pay for medical care (including abortions AND euthanasia), housing, food ... uh, that's called SOCIALISM at BEST Bruce. COMMUNISM at worst. Get a GRIP ON REALITY BRUCE.

  15. So Bruce, you admit at least that this legislation is a big steaming pile of doggy doo? Make sure you call and email and even snail-mail Levin and Stabbie and Peters to tell them to KILL THE BILL.

    But I fear it's too late. I'm sure Stabbie and Levin can already taste those delicioso kick-backs to their war coffers. Peters is already piling the $$ on from the insurance and big pharma and the lawyers. Dirty Hypocrats.

  16. Here, read this Bruce and try to comprehend it. I have to warn you, it IS written by a black, and not only that but a black WOMAN, so I don't know if you can manage to hold your nose long enough to read it. Give it a try you racist misogynist.

  17. No, John, I really do think Republicans don't give a shit, you included, whether 135,000 people die because they have no health care.

    You got yours and you don't give a rat's ass whether your neighbor or someone down the road in Detroit dies from lack of health care.

    I just had a conversation with a Republican who hasn't had health care for 12 years and their blood pressure is through the roof, but they can't afford to go to the doctor. What's going to happen when she has a stroke from her high blood pressure. You and I are going to end up paying for her health care, but instead of helping to pay for a few doctor visits, we're going to pay tens of thousands of dollars for emergency room care and chronic care as a result of a stroke that was perfectly preventable.

  18. Bruce, everything you just said is a total lie. You don't answer any of my questions, you don't answer ANYBODY'S questions, because you are a liar. And you keep trying to deflect and lie and do everything you can to avoid admitting that THIS HYPOCRAT GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF HEALTH CARE WILL DO NOTHING FOR ANYBODY EXCEPT LINE THE POCKETS OF PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE, BIG PHARMA, AND TRIAL LAWYERS.

    You may hate Republicans because you say they don't care about whether somebody lives or dies. But I think it's infinitely worse to NOT care and get rich off of everybody in the mean-time, which is what the HYPOCRATS are doing. Bunch of heartless greedy liars, that's YOU INCLUDED BRUCE FAILK.

  19. Bruce, tell your neighbor to start exercising. It's FREE.

    Oh, and PS, I'm not going to pay for YOUR bypass surgeries or YOUR heart disease medication just because YOU chose to be a fat-ass. I've seen the pictures of you you fat-ass. Time for some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY BRUCE. Take care of yourself you LOSER.

  20. Typical Hypocrat lieberal. They SAY they care about people. You point out how they are doing it wrong, and they say YOU don't care about people and just want them to die.

    Get a life Bruce. You are a real P.O.S. The MAJORITY of Americans DO NOT WANT THIS BILL. I guess that means that a majority of Americans, what is it you say, "don't give a shit, you included, whether 135,000 people die because they have no health care."

    Give me a break you loser.

  21. Oh and BRUCE, tell your idiot high blood pressure dipshit that Oakland County has an INEXPENSIVE PROGRAM FOR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. But you refuse to help him look into something like that? Sounds like YOU don't care. If it was ME I would tell my neighbor about something like that. But you just ignore his cries for help. What a heartless BASTARD you are Bruce. But keep making this shit up, it's quite entertaining.

    See A-HOLE, there are ALL KINDS of help for people out there. There are people who are eligible for MEDICAID that don't get it. This Hypocrat bullshit bill is all about CONTROL and POWER.

  22. Bruce #1 As you know YOU guys got the POWER but NOT the Balls ,if so this piece of Crap would have been Passed along time ago. When Dirty Harry had his Closed Door Meeting,yesterday Bruce how many Republicans were there? Libs wanted this Bill by Christmas and like the Titanic SOME are getting into the LIFE Boats and leaving the Administration Behind.

    Your total 135,000 Die because of NO Health Care I fear that YOU as A LIB DO NOT Count the Abortions(babys) as People so I suspect your FIGURE is FUZZY at Best!

    This Nobama Care is SO screwed up NOW that Dean SAYS it should be Scrapped along with other Left LIBS!

    Also APPEARS now that LIBS like other Animals can INDEED eat their OWN Bruce SO you keep Drinking the Kool Aide and standing on the LEFT side of the Tracks cause Bruce REAL Change will be COMING its called Elections 2010!

    At this time if Watered down Version Passes
    Libs will have WON a Battle BUT LOST the WAR!

  23. Amen Al, amen.

  24. Great debate.Bruce, John knows you line of crape that is for sure. Great job John calling Bruce on the Democrats hypocracy. Bruce is just pissed because the Democrats keep screwing up everything and he is finding it harder to blame the Republicans for everything. It does sound really dumb when they try to find ways to blame the Republicans. Just face the facts that the Democrats suck worse then the Republicans ever could.

  25. Bruce where are YOU? Gotta Question: If Obama Care passed today WHY do Taxes START now and Program STARTS in 2013? If Program STARTS in 2013 WHY does MEDICARE cuts START NOW? Does that mean Doctors get LESS now for SENIORS Treatment and SOON Doctors will get OUT of Medicare Program which will mean LONGER Lines for Seniors BEFORE they get TREATMENT?
    Bruce soon as youve got those Answers GET back to me,like to hear your Responses BUT aint goin to wait for them!

  26. I have great news. One of my best friends and die hard Democrats said he is questioning his views on the Democrat party. And by the look of most of the blogs out there and this one the left has gone into hiding. The Democrats are in a lot worse shape then left would like to believe.

  27. Well "A Conservative Teacher" ( nails it yet again, and totally confirms what I have suspected (and indicated) all along. Gary Peters is an ultra-radical libertard, and is OWNED by unions, the health care industry, trial lawyers, etc etc. What a dirt-bag this Peters guy is, but the fact that Bruce Failk loves him is proof enough of that.
    MI Congressman Peters One of the Most Partisan, Most Liberal, Most Bitter, Most Divisive, and Most Bought Off Congressman in the Whole Congress

    In a vote analysis conducted by The Washington Post, liberal Gary Peters was found to have voted with his party and with liberal Nancy Pelosi over 96% of the time over the last 11 months.

    That puts Peters in the same company with New York's ethically-challenged Charlie Rangel, California's "Big Three Killer" Henry Waxman, and Massachusetts' Barney Frank (who precipitated the mortgage-back securities meltdown).

    How does he compare to all Democratic members in the House? Gary is MORE PARTISAN than the average Democratic members and MORE PARTISAN than average Republican member.

    Who else is Peters more partisan than? Ironically enough, though he campaigned as an independent, moderate, pro-business fiscally conservative Democrat, Gary Peters has proven to be MORE PARTISAN than former Congressman Joe Knollenberg, whom Peters lambasted for supposedly voting in lock step with his party and with President George Bush.

    According to The Washington Post, in his last term in Congress, Rep. Joe Knollenberg's voting record was SIGNIFICANTLY LESS PARTISAN than Gary Peters.' What's more, Knollenberg was less partisan than Peters over the course of his entire eight terms in Congress.

    Peters' intensely liberal, partisan voting record isn't surprising given the fact that he was recruited, bought and paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, liberal environmentalist groups, and Big Union dollars.

    This year, Peters has accepted nearly HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in special interest campaign contributions from LOBBYISTS and POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES. That’s money from unions, from trial lawyers, from health care lobbyists and from Wall Street. Peters is NOT an independent voice; he’s bought and paid for by his liberal special interest cronies. His voting record shows it.

    For the record, I didn't support Peters but wasn't that enthusiastic about Knollenberg, but am very excited about Rocky Raczkowski, who hopefully will be the Republican nominee that challenges Peters in the 9th District. He is a solid conservative and a recent war veteran, and would be a much better legislator for Michigan's 9th than Peters has proven to be.

    Hat tip to Michgan's 9th.

  28. Conservative Teacher is just plain wrong about Congressman Peters. Congressman Peters has done a fantastic job for his district. He helped bring jobs to the GM Orion plant and voted for legislation to bring jobs to the area and expand health care.

    He certainly is no sellout to anyone, except the majority of his constituents. As someone that did support Congressman Peters, I'm ecstatic with his performance so far in Congress and doing what's right for everyone.

  29. Prove it Bruce, prove how he brought jobs to the plant. He voted to expand government control of the health care system and to raise my costs and taxes, I will grant you that.

    And obviously what you say about a majority of his constituents thinking he is a total sellout is true. I'm glad you agree with me on that.

    Bruce, the study was one done in THE WASHINGTON POST. A Conservative Teacher is just reporting the facts. This guy is beholden to big pharma, health care industries, trial lawyers... if you don't believe their money doesn't buy influence then I never want to hear from you again about how Republicans are owned by anyone. Because Peters is getting far and away more money from those places than Republicans are. FACT.

    Anybody but Peters in 2010!

  30. I'm not surprised a big fat liebertard like you loves a big fat liebertard like Peters Bruce.

    Remember when Peters got caught in his lie? Remember on September 9th on television in front of a joint session of Congress, President Obama said that there were 30 million uninsured Americans. And in a letter dated September 9th, Gary Peters stated that there are "more than 45 million uninsured Americans"? Well either Peters or Obama is lying. I emailed Peters about it and he never got back to this constituent that cares so much. So I would have to say that it was Peters who was lying. If he will lie about something so insignificant to try to push his bullshit on us, he will lie (and HAS lied) about anything else. Just like a Hypocrat LIEberal.

  31. Well Bruce your Back. Read your Post but was UNABLE to find your REPLY to my Questions? I am SHOCKED that YOU did not ANSWER them! Bruce just KIDDING!


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