Saturday, December 5, 2009

The True Face Of War


  1. We need to know what WAR is if we are going to be in them. This is the true cost of war and sometimes we need to be in war. But if we don't see the cost in lives more then dollars we are missing the whole picture. I'd like to thank one of our new followers from Turkey, Yagmur for her post is very much the same idea. Thank you Yagmur for your perspective on these wars. I'm sure the left will think nothing of these pictures because the abortion pictures didn't bother them much.

  2. Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace. Romans 15:13. This makes a good prayer for our enemies and for all mankind. And we must never stop trying to have the peace of God in our hearts and minds. But when we fail,and we always will, we must seek forgiveness.

  3. Chris, here's something we can agree on. The horrors of war and hoping that conflicts could be resolved peacefully.

    I assume you will be joining us at our next anti-war protest, right, Chris?

  4. Bruce believe it or not I was a protester in Japan in '91 of the first Gulf War. I however also remember 9/11 and the horror. Christopher has a video of Zo and it makes sense. If you watched a women getting beaten by a man, would you just stand by and watch? Would you do nothing? But if there is no way we can win the war in Afghanistan I will be against the war. At this point I think we might have a change at bringing peace to that nation without the Taliban and Al Qaida. I thank God every day that we are the most powerful nation on the planet. Could you imagine if we weren't? Just look at history for your answer. Thank you for asking and I am open minded enough to keep considering it. Please let us all know when the rallies are. Bruce will we be seeing you at the pro life rallies?

  5. Bruce Your Appeasement attitude is NOT a Cure for Conflict BUT a Reason for it! Terrorist Thugs or any Evil Entity will SMELL the Weakness and THAT is worse.

    Battling the ENEMY on Forgein Deserts or Battling the Enemy say in Warren,Eastpoint or St Claire Shores. Which is Better? As MUCH as YOU Protest there WILL be a Conflict. We can NOW pick the PLACE. Appeasemnet lets TERRORIST have that Advantage!

    These Casulties are TERRIBLE but I do Beleive the TERRORIST have MADE the RULES so just maybe you SHOULD PROTEST them with those SIGNS,Maybe they will be IMPRESSES by them!

    note Appeasment worked GREAT for Chamberlin with Hitler,how did that work for BRITAN!

  6. Bruce the reason I made this post is because I'm not afrais of the truth. But the truth is we live in the Detroit area and there is just as many killings,bombings and arsen there then in Baghdad. So where is your protests on the killing of those within a few miles form where we live? Isn't that like the strawman argument you used for abortion? But in this case you on the left really don't do anything about your own backyard. Detroit has been liberal run for over 40 yrs. That is progression for you.

  7. Well said AL.

    Bottom-line on war,,nobody likes it or wants it. But time and time again has shown,it is a nessesary evil to maintain some level of civil order in a world full of evil people wishing to create chaos and death. Fight fire with fire.

  8. the maniak ego of some has become the tragedy of the others. i am very ashamed in the name humanity. Who is civilised? Animals or human?

  9. Al, terrorism has no country or nationality. Terrorism is a tactic and to invade a country because some terrorists choose to put a training camp there is crazy.

    Terrorism should be fought by police and investigative teams and then when they are found either killed or captured and then tried.

    Invading an entire country because of a few terrorists doesn't seem like an efficient use of men or money. There are less only 100 or so al Qaeda left in Afghanstan, yet we have 100,000 soldiers, or will have by next summer and about that many private contractors.

    Does that sound like good use of manpower and money to you?

    No, Chris, you won't be seeing me at any pro-birth protests. I think you get your rights when you are born and a woman should be able to control her own body.

    Like I said, you are pro-birth, not pro-life. There is a difference. Women are not incubators. Abortion is not murder.

  10. Bruce The 100 Terrorist figure sounds more like a good guess UNLESS somebody got the Terrorist to stand ROLL CALL on a Mountain side and that does seem UNLIKLY. Lets not forget George Custer was told there was ONLY couple Hundred Hostiles at the Little Big Horn and how did that work out?

    Bruce you are Right Terrorist do not have a COUNTRY,they ONLY have TARGETS and Bruce were IT! The Terrorist Bruce are Interested MORE about going through Afganistan to get to Pakastan cause thats where the NUKES are and if you dont think ONCE they get them THEY wont use them you SIR our IN need of Terrorist 101 CLASSES!

    Regarding Criminal Trials for Terrorist. Your AG Holder stated during his confirmation hearings that 9/11 WAS a ACT of WAR! Does not sound Criminal to me BUT I aint the AG.
    Have heard that Terrorist who struck Military TARGETS like USS COLE would be tried by Military Courts. If true maybe somebody should tell Administration that Pentagon IS a Militiary Installation.

    Somebidy once said WAR is HELL and it Is,but sometimes NOT fighting is WORSE!

  11. Bruce we attacked a country because they wouldn't put an end to the terror camps that trained people to kill in the name of Islam. Bruce you are pro-death not pro-choice. Should I have the right to kill you because of your inconvenence to my life? I am both pro-life and pro-birth. Those babies that were killed were alive before a liberal killed them. The only difference between the two is one breathed air and was lived and the other was tortured for no other reason other then the mother thought it was inconvenent to carry a baby for 9 months even though she chose to help make it. It is all her fault and the baby is killed so the Democrats can get some extra votes. Sick. And take a good look at how often the left wing blogs mention the monatary cost of war vs. the cost in lives. You on the left don't care about life so stop playing like you do. The war dead is just a political ploy by you on the left. That is why we stopped hearing the death counts from the left the second Obama took over for Bush. We see your actions and we judge them. We hear your words and we see they are hollow and of little meaning. Your anti war protests are also hollow because for the first time you got madd because someone screamed "Impeach Obama" instead of "Impeach Bush". Thank God you on the left aren't action all crazy and uncivil like you did during the Bush years. But we all know why. You don't care about death and you don't care about the dead in Detroit or in the abortion clinics. We remember what you said to our soldiers when they came home. He have seen your protest pictures. We have seen the riots and the aftermath. And we know the true cost of war and abortion. You on the left think it is OK to torture a baby and kill it but we can't scare a terrorist with waterboarding to stop more inocents from getting killed. You oin the left are all for the death of innocents and you harbor protection to those that take innocents. You look at people like the abortion doctors as "heros". And you view the terrorist as being of greater value then Americans. We know you agree with the idealogy of the terrorist more then the idealogy of our American citizens that are conservative. Like our President you look down on America. Bruce you and your ilk see humans as nothing more then an animal. And at best you view us human animals as being an overpopulated scurge on the earth, a parasite. you would sooner see a dead human baby then a dead chimpanzee. That is what happen when there is no God.

  12. Chris, you don't know me and you don't know what I think. Stop putting words in my mouth.

  13. A single party in a conflict cannot create peace. It must be agreed upon by all and the terrorists will not agree. I hate war. Hate it. It destroys the lives of far too many people. But there is one thing I accepted years ago, sometimes you must stand and fight. Sometimes, the only way to achieve peace is to wage war.

    If we did nothing to fight back, would that be peace? If we allowed them to continue to attack and changed not the actions but how we react, would that create peace. If we refused to see the attacks as war would that make peace?

    Our best hope for peace is to show a strength and unitiy which would make it too risky to attack us. The less conviction and unity we show, the larger a target we become.

  14. Bruce all I have to do is Google your name or read you blogs or the posts and I know you better then you think. I didn't put any words in your mouth Bruce. I just brought up what you said and did in the past thats all. It's no different then what you have done to us over the last year on the Oakland Press blog you used to run. Bruce you forget that you have left a lot of info on these and other blogs to get a real good picture of your psyche and idealogy. Bruce you are all over youtube with your antics. Why all of the sudden are you embarrace by your words and actions?

  15. Very well put my friend Spinsterpov. I suck at writing but I try. I feel the same way you do. I'm so glade there are twice as many conservatives as liberals. We have been safe from terror for over 8 yrs. Until that Islamic terrorist attacked us at FT. Hood. Bruce why is it you on the left view our military as the enemy just like Mathews does?

  16. Chris, I'm not embarrassed by anything on Youtube, but I've never met you and you don't know me.

    Why do you think you know people and what they think? You may think you know me from your Googling, but you don't know anything about me really.

    I don't view our military as the enemy and neither does Chris Matthews. You take things out of context and make shit up.

  17. Bruce why do I have to shake your hand to know you? I have read your thought on my blog and others blogs. We have taked about issues more then most people communicate. But if you want to think no one "knows you" or "what you think" thats cool with me. I would expect a liberal to hide there head in the sand to hide from the truth. Don't forget both your brother Steve and his girlfriend have also told us plenty about you. I don't think you have to be a profiler to get a good understanding of you and the other commenters. Isn't that what you do when you post on these subjects? Tell us what you think and who you are. But no I don't "know" you and I don't know what the definition of "is" is. So what did I say that was off base on my profile of you? I'm not trying to be a jerk as I know you know me too. So what. Chris Matthews told us just what he was thinking and it wasn't nice but it was typical of the liberals.

  18. Bruce's wife and daughters must be really impressed that he considers them incubators. You stay classy Bruce.

    Well Bruce, it's interesting that you feel life begins at birth. So I guess if your daughter were pregnant, say in her third trimester, and someone punched her in the stomach causing her baby to die, there's no way she could or should file murder charges?

    You're a total idiot Bruce. I know you won't answer that question because you are a liar, a hypocrite, and a worthless human being.

    What has Chris taken out of context Bruce? What has he made up? Because everything he wrote about you is spot-on. I bet you won't let your wife or daughters see what you write, because you are embarrassed. You reveal your true colors in what you write and how you act in those videos; whatever face you're showing your wife and daughters is the lie.

  19. Chris, you don't know Bruce based on his writings and videos, but Bruce knows Chris Matthews?!? What an idiot Bruce is. Oh, and a hypocrite.

  20. John, I said women ARE NOT incubators, which is what you'd like them to be.

    I'm not embarrassed to show my wife or daughters anything I've written or done. You don't know me at all, John. I would think your family would be mortified by what you've written, unless they're as stupid as you are.

    You took what Chris Matthews said and completely misinterpreted. He said that President Obama at West Point was in the "enemy camp," not that they were the enemy.

    If people judged you by what you write, you'd be in jail, John. You have threatened every liberal that's ever written anything on a conservative blog and me several times.

  21. Obama is a bigger warmonger then Bush and I protested and hated Bush. Many of us that voted for Obama feel used and lied to about the wars. The Democrats said they wanted out of war until they had all the power to stop the wars. I am done with Obama and the Democratic party. Obama is no different then Bush and we need to start treating him like we treated Bush. I'm not happy with many of my Democrat friends for not standing against the war like they did when it was the republicans. Both parties like war and support it. We need to call for the impeachment of these lieing Democrats and republicans starting with Obama. Matthews said it and he ment it and so do I. It is the enemy camp.

  22. Bruce I don't get that incubator part either. Why would any women be considered an incubator just because she had the baby? John is right about that. It didn't sound good. But as much time as you spend on the computer they probably think of you as "that thing on the computer". It looks like you have fallen into the computer wormhole out of reality. Women are not incubators just because they choose not to have an abortion you sick pig.

  23. John, if my daughter were punched in the stomach while she was pregnant, I don't believe the law would allow murder charges to be filed.

    It would certainly be a tragedy, but, no, it wouldn't be murder.

  24. Oh, and Chris, you conservative warmongers seem to forget that 9/11 happened on George W. Bush's watch. Even after he was warned, he ignored the warnings.

    We would have had a good chance to prevent 9/11 had Bush acted. But he was too busy vacationing on his fake ranch clearing brush, wasn't he?

  25. Bruce is the enemy at "enemy camp"? You dumbass. Who would you find in an enemy camp? Friend or enemy? John is right about you. I have never seen John threaten anyone on this blog or the MD/OP blogs. Bruce you are a social retard and a liar. Get help boy.

  26. Herb, Chris Matthews was NOT referring to the West Point cadets in the classic sense of "enemy." What he said, inartfully, was that President Obama, being a Democrat, Democrats are not seen as friendly to the military, even though that is NOT true.

    Democrats actually honor the service of veterans by providing higher pay and better medical care and advance funding for the VA.

    Republicans/conservatives talk a good game, but that's all they do is talk. Republican's voted against a pay raise for our soldiers and against the advance funding the VA needed to take care of our soldiers when they come home wounded.

  27. Wasn't Clinton warned also and did nothing? Didn't Clinton also turn down the chance to take in Osama and did nothing? Are you so dumb bruce that you think we don't know who was President when 9/11 happened? Don't forget what happened to this country after that. Don't forget that Bush was reelected for a second term. Shit didn't start going bad till both houses of congress got taken over by the Democrats. We had a 4% unemployment for most of the Bush 8 yrs. Bush made the recession he was given and 9/11 better. Obama has said he would do a lot of shit. But nothing has gotten better with this shithead liberal. Just look at unemployment at 10%.WTF.

  28. That is a stretch Bruce. Did you pull that on out your ass or did it take a week to think it up? You are so full of shit your eyes are turning brown. Try the truth for a change. "Classic sense". That is a good one Bruce. You really are a putz. And Obama got the Peace Prize for what again? You liberals destroy everything even the meaning of Nobel Peace Prize. Other then the money you get from that prize they have made it useless. John is right. We know you it's your family that doesn't. Steve your brother knows you and can't stand you.

  29. The libs/democrats always vote yes on more spending. They don't care just look at our deficit for this year alone dumby.

  30. Bruce, I didn't think it was possible but you ARE as dumb as you look.

    Proof proof proof Bruce. Who have I EVER threatened, and where? You are such a liar Bruce. And every time you lie (which is every time you open your mouth or write something) you prove that you will simply lie about ANYTHING just to try to prove your point.

    Plus, you are an idiot. YES it would be a tragedy and YES it would be a murder. Hmmmm... you would know that if you had a half a brain, after all weren't you a court stenographer? Well here are some examples you friggin liar:
    A pregnant woman accused of killing her 9-year-old daughter and stabbing herself in the stomach to kill her unborn child could be arraigned in her hospital bed on Friday, a district attorney said.

    Fang Chi Xue, 38, was treated for self-inflicted stab wounds to the arms and abdomen at Boston Medical Center and is expected to be arraigned on two counts of murder, Norfolk District Attorney William Keating said. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant.
    [Hmmmm that's TWO counts of murder... hmmmm]


    Senator seeks murder charge in death of unborn baby

    State Sen. Bruce Starr, R-Hillsboro, called this week for the drafting of legislation allowing full prosecution of murderers of the unborn after a Beaverton-area woman was charged Monday with the June 5 killing of a pregnant Tigard woman before allegedly cutting her unborn son from her womb.

    Oregon is one of only 14 states with laws precluding murder charges against the unborn, said Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann, who will handle the case.

    [Hmmmm only 14 states precluding it... if my math is correct that would mean there are 36 states that allow it... hmmm]

    Woman allegedly runs over ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend
    April 6, 2009 | 12:27 pm
    A Los Angeles woman is in custody for attempting to kill her ex-boyfriend’s pregnant girlfriend by running her over, killing the unborn child, police said.

    Monica Mercado, 27, turned herself in at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton station Sunday, hours after she allegedly used her sport utility vehicle to try and run down a 24-year-old woman who was dating her ex-boyfriend, police said.

    Witnesses told authorities that Mercado and the woman, who was seven months pregnant, got into an argument Sunday morning. Mercado then drove her black Range Rover and struck the woman near the intersection of East 102nd Street and Towne Avenue in South Los Angeles at about 10:30 a.m., “causing her serious injuries and the death of her unborn child,” according to an LAPD news release.

    Mercado is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail and “charges are pending for the death of the unborn infant,” according to the release. Police said the 24-year-old woman carrying the child was hospitalized in stable condition.

    And on and on and on. What do you say to that you asshole?

    I think Herb has about everything else covered.

  31. Bruce, you ARE full of shit. I myself watched on C-SPAN as the Democrats bitched and moaned about funding for the soldiers and what they needed, while the Republicans were fighting tooth and nail to get the funding. No wonder the military hates you loser Democrats. Stop your lies Bruce. We can just assume that everything you write is a lie, until you provide documentation from a reliable source. That's right Bruce, you are guilty until proven innocent because of allllll the lies you tell.

    If Matthews was in the right, why did he apologize Bruce? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA... yeah, an innocent man apologizing, just like that idiot Grayson that called a woman a whore and then apologized? I bet you think he was right about that too?

    By the way, I have said it before and I will say it again - My wife and kids laugh their asses off at what I write about you, especially every time I catch you in your lies. As you can imagine, we laugh a LOT. At your expense. Because you are a loser. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. Bruce, You assault a Pregnant and KILL the Baby you Can be Charged with Murder! One of the Females KILLED by the TERRORIST at FT Hood was Pregnant and the Terrorist is ALSO charged with that MURDER!

    When Mathews said he is in the ENEMY CAMP and the President is a West Point who DO you think he was Talking about "BOY SCOUTs" I know you know better than that!

    Once again when confronted with TRUTHS its back to the REAR VIEW Mirror for you! Bush knew about 9/11 and it happened on his Watch. All Old well covered ground Bruce and NOT TRUE but that does not seem to BOTHER you. I would like to see your Answers to Question YOU are ASKED without you turning into a smaller version of Micheal Moore, SO what the heck give it a shot and Answer the Questions. Read the BLOG and the TRUTH might set in,NEVER MIND!

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. gramma fealk I see you have a web site. How do you join it? Bruce I know you have made a lot of enemies in the Republican party but even your own Grandma? It looks like she has been at this blogging thing for a while.

  35. Oh I see Bruce you are gramma fealk. Didn't you get busted for impersonating your brother? It made made the local newspapers. Is that why you pulled the post because you forgot your name was on it?

  36. Obama Lied to get elected...Promised to get the U.S.out of the war.
    He and the anti war democrats Bashed Bush over the war and now Obama has taken over and broken his election promises and now is Expanding the War against innocent Muslims, women and Children.
    Obama will be sending in Baby killers to terrorize thw poor villagers of Afghanistan.
    Ok Code Pink get out there and BASH the Obama HATE machine !!
    OK sean Penn get your little Camera and go over and subvert the War effort...
    OK Cindy Sheehan go camp at Obamas house and cry about your son for months on end...
    OK Media CBS, NBC ,ABC, MSNBC, NY Times go give the nightly body counts of this illegal war and do all those things you did against Bush now against Obama and his War.

    All the Anti War Left shall now go out and March on Washington Against Obama and his illegal War..

    OBAMA....WAR MONGER....Baby Killer

  37. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... Gramma Fealk, why didn't you just use your George name BRUCE?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... remember when Bruce got on Brian's blog as "George"?!? What a pussy. Typical lib.

  38. John, if my daughter were punched in the stomach while she was pregnant, I don't believe the law would allow murder charges to be filed.


    If she lost the baby, that could be called Feticide, which is defined as an act that causes the death of a fetus. If a man kills a pregnant woman, sometimes they can be charged with double homicide.

    I learned that in an elective I took in High School. Seriously, this is kid stuff. If you don't have basic common knowledge of the law, perhaps you shouldn't be posting ignorance. I only care to discuss issues with equally intelligent peers.

  39. It would certainly be a tragedy, but, no, it wouldn't be murder.


    Oh I must have missed that part. Wow, very disturbing. Show's your contempt for innocent life. If someone ever caused me to loose my child, rather they where born or unborn, I would make sure justice was served. You can not understand that because being Anti Death Penalty and pro choice shows just how little you value you innocent life. Only life you defend is evil. Not a slain victim or an unborn child. I suggest drugs and/or therapy.

  40. Well, George Bush has returned, and his name is Barack Obama. And with the aid of his Democratic Congress, Mrs. Clinton, and former Vietnam diplomat and warmonger, Richard Holbrooke, they are terrorizing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Pakistan.

    One wonders what would happen if the situation were reversed, if Pakistan sent in fighter jets and extensively bombed Orange County, CA, or Obama stronghold, San Francisco, killing hundreds of civilians, and forcing 360,000 refugees onto the road. Would those refugees and the relatives of the dead women and children stand up and cheer for Pakistan? But the arrogant Obama-Clinton Administration, who, safe behind their millions of dollars, know that they will never be thrown into such a situation, callously send out American bombers to flatten villages, killing countless civilians while they kill some of the Taliban. Do you think those dead civilians thought it was worth it?

    But the President is restating his firm commitment to turn Pakistan into a hellhole, traumatizing countless women and children, while he sits comfortably in Washington, and moves the pieces on the chessboard. America has elected LBJ the Second.

    Reports hitting the newswires a few minutes ago talk of 147 civilians killed in recent bombing raids by America. The French medical charity, Medecins sans Frontieres, has pulled out of the area due to the danger. So now there is not even ambulance service for 360,00 poor people in Pakistan. Too bad they were not voting Americans, for then you can be sure the President would be concerned with their predicament, urging Congress to provide for their medical care. After all, they are Americans.

    President Obama is showing himself to be made of the same namby-pamby jello as virtually all of our Congressmen, save for Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, in his excellent questioning of Ambassador Holbrooke the other day, hit all the right points, and brought up all the relevent arguments. And Holbrooke, who hasn’t changed one iota in 40 years, gave us the same bullcrap we heard endlessly during the Vietnam debacle. Such is the price for not trying and jailing War Criminals.

    The Democratic Party has not changed one scintilla since the Vietnam War. It is a party of Warmongers, callous, indifferent, and arrogant men and women, whose only concerns are the size of their bank accounts and their electability with the public, but never the actual pain and suffering they throw onto millions of helpless people.

    Given the vast Islamic populations of the Middle East and Indonesia, given the immense wealth of the Gulf Arab Nations, given the alleged concern for compassion of the Islamic Religion, why aren’t Muslims conducting this war against the Taliban? Why is it that Christian and Jewish and Atheist kids from Nebraska and Oregon, who signed up for the National Guard, which is supposed to only be used to maintain domestic tranquillity, are being sent halfway around the world to fight the fights that Muslims should be concerned with?

    Barack Obama, in his first hundred days in office, has shown himself to be a malleable, callous, and conventional Warmonger. He, along with his Democratic Congress, and all those Liberal Peacenik Democrats who voted for him, and are continually praising him, already have the blood of countless innocent Pakistan and Afghani women and children on their hands. And in doing so they are breeding yet more enemies of America. In practical terms of generating America-hate, Osama bin Laden never had a better ally in his struggle against human decency than Barack Obama.

    Move over, George Bush, and make way for Barack Obama, the Warmonger. He also is a racist.

  41. Oh, and Chris, you conservative warmongers seem to forget that 9/11 happened on George W. Bush's watch. Even after he was warned, he ignored the warnings.

    We would have had a good chance to prevent 9/11 had Bush acted. But he was too busy vacationing on his fake ranch clearing brush, wasn't he?


    Okay, forget the therapy, go straight for the Meds. Ya need em buddy, bad.

    Alright FIRST OFF, Let’s talk about the great Liberal Icon Bill Clinton,

    Bill Clinton did a lot of snoozing on the job. When the US trade center was bombed in 93 by muslim terrorists, Clinton did nothing. When eighteen American troops where killed In Mogadishu Somalia, Clinton ordered them back home and Osoma Bin Landen called us cowards his exact words “The American solider is like a paper tiger after a few blows it ran in defeat” In 95 when Americans where killed by a car bomb in Saudi Arabia Clinton did nothing. In summer 96 when The US Air Force Housing complex was bombed, Clinton did nothing. In 97 when Iraq refused to let weapons inspectors in and shot down a US spy plane, Clinton did nothing. In August ‘98 US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania where bombed and Clinton did nothing.

    Sorry, But Bill Clinton refused to see the signs, of rising radical Islam, and he very well could have halted 9/11 if not for him chasing 22 year old interns. I know you libs are a fan of “No one lied when clinton died” But maybe you should scratch that to, “People died, cuz Monica sighed”

    And Please, If George Bush had tried to take a anti terrorism stance before 9/11, I could just hear the cries, RACIST! BIGOT! HATE MONGER! BUSH SPIED, PUPPIES CRIED, KIDS DIED! Or something like that, i don’t know you guys are better then the rhyming bumper stickers than i am, I just tend to better with the Truth. Anyway, after 9/11 Bush got serious on terrorism. He passed the Patriot Act, which helps eliminate unnecessary legal burdens that keep the CIA and FBI from sharing information with each other or you don’t need a separate warrant for each separate cell phone or computer a terrorist suspect might use. Because of wire taping, countless lives where saved. Attacks against Synagogues, army recruiting stations, the us capital, New York subways, among many others. But Bush never got the credit because people don’t remember the terrorist attacks that didn’t happen. Bush and Conservatives got tough on terror after 9/11, if Bush wasn’t tough before at least he had the excuse that 9/11 hadn’t happen yet. What’s your excuse?

  42. He's on drugs that is his problem. Google his name sometime and see all the sick things he's done to get attention from the press. Bruce is in need of our prayers. Bruce isn't love he is hate. I like seeing all the girls on the blog. We women need to keep these men on the right path. Bruce it sounded like Chris and John know you well. You dirty up your last name Fealk. Thank goodness you are a has been.

  43. Hi Sue, I had a bit of time and looked up Bruce Fealk, and found this video, if this is the same Bruce, boy, the stupidity never ends.

    "When are you going to vote for SCHIP and cover the children?"

    Facts are not your strong point are they? In fact, i think facts might be your sworn enemy. You realize all the problems with SCHIP right? In some states, half or over half (75% in Wisconsin) of the people on SCHIP where ADULTS, and childless adults too! Funny because SCHIP stands for "State Children's Health insurance program" The Democrats want to expand the program more and more, keep taking money even though the program, meant for children was clearly being abused.

    And Sue I agree, happy to see women here, to stand up against Sexist liberals like Bruce who justify the need for abortion as women being too stupid to know that unprotected sex sometimes results in a child. Bruce, you might be that stupid, but the rest of us learned early on that the way women get pregnant hasn't changed since the dawn of time! So smart women, take responsibility for their bodies either by birth control or wait till they are in a committed relationship, and if something does happen, there are things like Adoption. (Where both parties get to live, hooray!) Conservatives aren't "Anti woman" just because they expect women to have half a brain more than you and that the law against murder should apply to them too. Please don't slam all of women as stupid whores who don't respect themselves so you can excuse your hatred of innocent life.

  44. Sue and Hannitysskirt,

    On the contrary, I trust women and doctors to make the decision regarding abortion and I don't want people like you to make the decision for them.

    I think women are smarter than those that want to take the decision away from them to be able to make decisions for themselves regarding their bodies.

  45. Bruce the ONLY one in YOUR world with OUT any INPUT into there Murder is The Baby,Consevative Voices try to Protect a Living Child and you call Conservatives WAR MONGERS, but stop and think BRUCE WHO does the MOST KILLING and to the VERY INNOCENT. Think about that Bruce,only problem with you is your a LIB and cannot think on YOUR own!

  46. well, this blog has fallen into the typical rightwing talking points quickly hasn't it?

    Jesus, then add in the ravings a 19 year old who don't know Sh!t and it is the world as the right wants.

  47. John, bruce is not incorrect about the funding for the VA. Obama signed the largest funding increase for Veterans Affairs. He also had a better voting record in veterans issues than most republicans and certainly John McCain. This came directly from the VVA and their voting record.

    HannityinaDIAPER, funny you bring up Ron Paul, the same congressman who sponsored a bill to get us out of Iraq with Dennis Kuchinich. Funny guy Ron Paul, cons love him when he's baggin on the Fed or libs, but ignore him when he's after their side for its hypocrisy.

    As for your points about Clinton pulling out of Somalia, which always was the correct choice i point out Ron Reagan, you know ole Ron, who cut and run after Beirut? Does that make me right and now you wrong?

    And i can find regurgitated talking points anywhere(John brings plenty)so at least do your own work and not just crap out the stuff you've been ingesting off the right-wing Demagogue sites.

    is some of my best work. That video ended up on Countdown with clips from Trent Wisecup's ridiculous e-mails to Politico

    And not to mention Trent Wisecup was fired a few weeks later. If my chief of staff treated a constituent that way, I'd have fired him on the spot.

    Sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as I did. LOL

  49. Joe C, I never mentioned Ron Paul, that was a user named Algwore. I am personally not a fan of Ron Paul. If you are going to talk to me please talk to me on what I’ve actually said.

    And please don’t say “typical right wing talking points” when arguing with liberals on here has just been one bumper sticker line after another.

    Bruce Fealk,

    Congrats your video was successful I've never had a problem wit citizen journalists, that's not the issue. I am just pointing out the errors with S-CHIP. It became known for wasted money and the program was abused by adults, although it was meant for children.

    My name is Hannity in a skirt, not “hannity in a diaper” I’d prefer to be talked to with respect and not take ageist insults.

    Its funny you guys have such a problem with my short life and lack of experience. When it comes to people running for President, you don’t seem to have any problem with youngsters. When Kids from Chicago with no executive experience, 2 years in the senate and a handful of years in the state legislature and “community organizing” decide to run for President, you stop insulting and start drooling at the mouth and getting tingles up your leg.

    I can’t help my age, but I’m not running for President. So its stupid to insult me on my age, but then have no problem when inexperienced young guy who talks a good talk runs for President. So lay of the ageism, I actually voted for the experienced guy who’s voting record consisted of more than just “present”

  50. You do have a bad past Bruce Fealk. I have never seen such a hate filled blog in all my life. I was told about this blog from a friend of mine and I love it. The liberals hate it when a young women stands up for what she believes in. I'm sure they wish they could abort you at 19 yrs old if they could. Human life means nothing to these progressives after I read their blogs. Bruce I think it is so wrong what you did to get Trent and Brian fired from their jobs. One day someone will bite back and you will wish you had been more civil. Holly thank you for letiing me know about this blog.

  51. Diapers, sorry missed that.

  52. Okay, diapers I'll treat ya the same way i and Bruce get treated.

    The fact that you consider yourself proud to compare yourself to Shawn Hannity is enough to earn scorn. If i called myself Olbermanninpants then you should bash me too. Your not original, just look at the books you list as your faves. What a bunch of third grade crap. When you get out and read some serious shit and experience life then you come back and i'll treat you like you want. till then your nothing but a child repeating the TP's.

  53. Actually, I didn't come up with "Sean Hannity in a skirt" someone called me that, a liberal blogger actually and I just decided to go along with it. I don't bash people for their screen names, and it seems silly to do so, a bit chilidish. Are you a stalker? You seem to know so much about me. You know I would bash you if your name was "olbermanninpants", you know I haven't experienced "life" Which doesn't make much sense considering most young people went for Obama, but I bet you don't take issue with them expressing their opinions. What's wrong with my books? Would you like to recommend one? You don't even have any "favorite books" listed. You are really sad. Attacking me for being young (Like its me choice?) attacking me for reading Conservative books, calling me names, all these personal attacks. Its really silly and immature. I didn't say anything to Bruce or you. I actually told Bruce I admired citizen journalists. I just pointed out his errors on S-CHIP. If I wanted to call people names and insult them on silly things I'd just go back to high school.(Insert your joke here, It wasn't that long ago!) If you take fault or have a different opinion on something I said, why don't you just tell me what it is? Why all the personal attacks? Did I say something about Abortion, terrorism, SCHIP that you didn't agree with? You just go off batshit crazy because I happen to be young and read books you don't like. C'mon. That's silly. I didn't take the time write long replies because I wanted to be insulted, but because I wanted to be challenged. Sadly, personal attacks are much more fun than challenging opinions.

  54. diapers, you most be young to think that i went batshit crazy. Go back to your reading list, you'll find batshit crazy on that.

    If all i ever read was leftwing demagogues like you read right-wing ones, my head would be messed up too. the books i would recommend tend to have leftist leanings some more than others. I like John Deweys work, especially "..Freedom and Culture" which i am rereading. Rouseau would be good.
    Locke and Hobbes.
    Anything by Milton Friedman (yes, i study him even though i am liberal)
    "Affluent Society" by JK Galbraith
    Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Freire
    Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky
    A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present by Zinn

    Thats what i would recommend. All in all avoid the talking heads, the demagogues the batshit carzy (Beck, Coulter, Palin). It depends on you though.

    I can't challenge your opinion, you don't have one. Its all stuff people told you or you read on line.

  55. Hannityinaskirt, you must be pushing some big button with these 2 men. It takes two grown men to go after a 19 year old girl with brains and guts. The best part is she has their heads spinning and she's winning. She gives me hope for the future of this great nation. On a side not a friend from Church gave me some moose and Palins recipe. It was awesome. I love wild game.

  56. Man what a way to Learn LISTEN to People and READ! WoW Great Insight.

    Hannity You Should listen to CNN MSNBC ABC CBS NBC JUST to see where the OPPOSING side is COMING from and to REFRESH Yourself that INDEED you are on the RIGHT side of the COIN!

    Keep it up! FOX NEWS ROCKS!

  57. Hello everyone.

    Al, I like Fox but I also watch alot of ABC, I don't get MSNBC so i don't watch it and CNN bores me a bit. I like Fox and ABC, even though they are a bit different from each other (Its good to gt a variety of opinions)

    You know I read alot of different books, they just don't happen to be my "favorites" I didn't know I was suppose to list ever book I've read since "goodnight moon" If you think those are the only books I've read, then you’d be wrong. I read a book called "Blowback" by Chalmers Johnson, that you might like Joe, its very critical of US foreign policy. It was recommended to me me by a Libertarian friend, its amazing that we did a whole book exchange without insulting each other. My favorite books, are conservative because I am a Conservative. Doesn’t mean I don’t read other books. I also read the Daily Kos and Huffington Post, but they are hardly my favorite online news sites, I just like to see what the other side says. Have you read ALL of the books or any of the ones on my list? Its hard to call something batshit crazy if you haven’t read it.

    Yes Joe, I am young I think we’ve established that. I can’t do anything about it. I am sorry it bothers you so much.

    You can’t challenge my opinion? Well you seemed like you could when you thought I mentioned Ron Paul. Now that’s silly to say I don’t have opinions, I have plenty of them, I do use facts to back up my opinions, checking numerous sources. Never took an opinion from something someone told me. What is up with you in assuming that you know every thing about strangers you meet on the internet? Its a bit creepy. It also sounds like a really weak excuse not to challenge someone. Which I get, you rather pick on me for being young. (Because that is a fault of my own, I should have known better than being 19) I consider my opinions fact based. Which means I looked at the facts to help me to determine my opinions. For example, a human being from the moment of fertilization is genetically complete. I take that to mean, that you are a “human” and that your life should be protected. I don’t think you can “acquire” humanity like a skill, either you are human or you are not. Some may not see it that way, they may determine life starts with a heartbeat(21 days, If I remember correctly) Some may say you aren’t a human till you are born, in defense of late term abortions. Whatever, but that is my fact based opinion. Its stupid to say that isn’t an opinion just you might not agree with it.

    Joe, I appreciated the list you took the time to write up. I was interested in all by Chomsky, but I noticed you still stick to your ageist slurs, so I don’t think I am going to bother. If you ever want to grow up (Even though I am the young one I don’t think I am the immature one here) and actually talk about issues, i’d love to. You seem smart and well read, but the fact that I am 19 is bothering you so much you can’t get passed it. You are passing up a debate because ageist insults just seem like more fun.


    You are very kind, but I don’t know about that. Bruce said a few things that where untrue and I replied to it. like SCHIP and he didn’t think a man that causes a woman to loose her child while still in the womb could be tried for murder. I told him about a law called Feticide and SCHIP abuse but he never replied to it. I don’t think I am winning anything here! I did the whole Model UN thing in High School, and now there was some good debates! Here its just personal attack after personal attack. Joe seems smarter than Bruce by a long shot and could be a worthy adversary but my age is bothering him to much. I’ve never ate moose, i know Palin has! She seems to like it alot, glad you did too!

  58. Fred, let me be clear. I didn't get Brian or Trent fired. They did it to themselves.

    Trent treated me abusively and should have been fired on the spot in the drugstore. But Joe Knollenberg waited until 3 weeks later, after Trent got out of the hospital. The problem was, Trent and Joe and his staff apparently had met about how to treat me and had decided to treat me the way they did in the video, if they ever encountered me.

    As far as Brian, he wrote what I'm sure he felt in his heart, that Jamie Leigh Jones was a whore because she was gang raped by her fellow workers. I posted the comment because I felt it was a true representation of how conservatives think. The paper also had their hands full policing our blogs because of the teabaggers that Brian had recruited to comment on his blog. So, if anything, Brian got himself fired. And Glenn Gilbert actually left it up to me as to whether Brian's post stayed up or not.

    My own theory is that policing Brian's blog and my blog became too time consuming for the person assigned the task and they just decided it wasn't worth it any more.

    Hannityinaskirt, no SCHIP wasn't perfect but it served a lot of people that needed help. I don't think it's worth throwing the baby with the bath water. SCHIP is a good program, one worth expanding.

    Some day we will get to single-payer health care for our country and it will be a great day in the history of our country when we join the rest of the industrialized countries in making sure all of our citizens can be well and stay well.

  59. Bruce,

    You claim the above is some of your best work. I beg to differ, I was browsing through your archives and found the following. I think here's a perfect example of what you're talents are capable of. Very nice work. A++

    (See following post/link)

  60. Hannityinaskirt, you are winning when they attack you and not the argument. That is how we conservative know when someone is spot on. Keep up the good work. This blog will galvinize you that is for sure.

  61. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Audrey that was the best. I can't believe would rate his toilet chalupas. What a sick man. You really are creepy for rating you turds.

  62. Chris, lol....bruce must be winning every argument against john according to your standard. He gets attacked all day long by john. Called everything under the sun too.

  63. John does call names but he also backs up what he says unlike Bruce. He calls name as not to adress the issue. That is why Bruce is the loser. Joe did you see the web site that Bruce made that Audrey pointed out? That is what your trusted leader does in his free time. WTF.

  64. "Peace Prize winner my --"

    President Obama is a warmonger just like Bush was and the really sad part about it is that Obama isn't even a competent warmonger, at least Bush was a decisive Commander in Chief that understood something about our military, Obama on the other hand is a clueless coward that never even made any pretense to serve in the armed forces and thinks that he should conduct wars based on opinion polls.

    Obama must go. And the Democrats and the Republicans must all go.

  65. Man Joey, thanks for attacking me. You got a problem with me Joey, you have to keep trying to draw me in? Or is this some kind of straw man to draw attention from the fact that a woman that YOU belittled because of her age, a woman whose SCREEN NAME you attacked for no reason other than the fact that you have no attack on her statements or points, is getting the better of you and Bruce?

    Joey and Bruce, your pathetic tactics are showing through. Joey, I am most shocked by you, because you are always so strict and concerned about "staying on topic". In fact Joey, once you started being so concerned about it I did too, so thanks for that. But when you started pointing out when the topic was being changed when someone has no facts to stand on, well I really became quite aware of how often you and Bruce do that. Far more often than anyone else I am afraid.

    So what Joey if I call Bruce names? He IS an idiot, that is a fact that he has proven several dozen times. If Bruce stopped telling lies, and being a hypocrite, well I would have to stop calling him those names. Bruce brings that shit on himself. As Chris said, I always have facts to back up what I say. I keep Bruce and his multitudinous lies in check.

    So Joey (and Bruce, but I know that Bruce will just keep being the idiot that he has always been; I have higher hopes for Joey) if you want to dispute anybody's facts, please have at it. But it was pretty apparent that you are going after a woman for her age, not her insights. Aren't you embarrassed to get called out about it?

  66. Bruce, you're an idiot, from A to Z. Everything you write has been shown to be lies. Your precious S-CHIP, just like Medicare and Social Security, are abject failures. But your argument? "They need to be expanded. More money, that's the solution". God ... you really are the dumbest person on earth.

    Also Bruce, do I have to re-post the parts where the liberal bloggers had to tell you to calm down and stop being such a psycho? Boy, that was really telling. You were too out there even for other LIBERALS!!! Not to mention when you were harassing Knollenberg's wife ... that's as classy as it gets, isn't it Bruce? You crossed a line there. Why is it no surprise that MoveOn cut ties with you, you psycho? They are still telling lies on their website by the way. Typical liberals, lie lie lie. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  67. Why did bruce fealk take a picture of his own shit and put it on the blog? He scares me now. Why would he harass a mans wife for no good reason? Are there a lot of people like bruce fealk in Michigan?

  68. Chris, i don't read bruce's comments. I don't go to his site. Also I try not to spend alot of time at typical leftwing sites. I feel that i get trapped and my mindset isn't my own.

    Thats one of the reasons i challenged diapers over here reading selection. Its all lowest common denominator conservative stuff. Mostly attack stuff, liberals are bad, blah, blah, blah. Beck, Rush and Coulter don't make you think, they just reinforce the idealogy.

    John, in what world is pointing out that you do what Chris says is losing an attack? I stated facts, that you call Bruce names in almost every post about him. And by names i don't mean liar or hypocrite, i mean like calling him a pansy, a pussy...etc.

    If Chris thinks i am losing a debate because i jokingly call someone diapers, what does he think of someone who calls Bruce much much worse? As for being on topic, i gave up to some extent. these blogs take a life of their own and its hard to stay to the topic when every con here has a different take on it. Some just use the comment section to post op-eds relating little to the original topic. So i play along.

  69. diapers, here's an article for you. Its by a conservative about your little darling Sarah.

    I found the link off of Sully's daily dish page.

  70. So Joey, again, you have no facts to dispute Hannityinaskirt, only name-calling? Where are your facts to counter her Joey? WTF ... that is pretty sad.

    Wow Joey, you keep track of everything I call Bruce? He must get moist in his crotch that someone cares so much for him. Well if you remember that I called him a pussy, you will remember the reason. As I recall, Craven stated that Bruce shouldn't go out in the woods with his paper-mache antlers lest someone confuse him for a deer, and Bruce said that that was a threat against him. I think even you, being fairly level-headed, would have to agree that that is totally being a pussy. The other time I called Bruce a pussy (possibly, I don't recall, but it sure seems as apt a time as any) was when he said that I had made threats against him, another lie and pussy statement if I ever heard one.

    So Joey, the point is you ARE losing an argument if you have to resort to put-downs and name-calling to be your argument. Which you have done several times in this comment section alone. It's infantile-level arguing at it's best. I may use put-downs, but they are in NO way any component of my argument. They're just a little extra flavor.

    I do like how you "give up" when you can't stick to your own ideology. Funny thing is, you gave up the very first time I saw you post on Brian's blog. Off topic right from the get-go, when you said that "BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA" was homoerotic, or some-such stupid statement. I guess that was right on topic for you?

  71. I've noticed the liberals always go after the women when they post. I think it's a left wing domination thing. It reminds me of the way they treated Clinton and Palin. The left got so cranked up about Beck they started talking about rape and Beck. Talk about a sick post. Ick. I just threw up in my mouth.

  72. Joey probably wasn't aware of Bruce's post about the rape and Beck. I'm going to assume that Joey is above such things. Also I don't think Joey knew anything about Bruce's Republican Rape blog either.

    Or maybe he did. Did you Joey?

  73. John, i don't read Bruce's blog.

    Chris, funny how you talk about liberals going after Hillary. I can certainly remember the right going after her hard during her husbands term. but again slective memory from the right on how they treat women.

    I can hear david neuman on WJR talking about her fat ankles as we speak.

  74. Going after a politician is one thing. Going after Hillarycare is another. Hillary and Palin didn't get treated the same way Obama and McCain did. Apples to apples JoeC. Joe you are very sensative lately. The Christmas season is a tough one for exChristians and unbelievers. That group likes to ruin the Christmas season for everyone like a bunch of babies. Pushing their baaah humbug attitude like a Jahova Witness does.

  75. Chris, apples to apples. The right during Clintons term did not go just after hillary's attempt at healthcare reform they went after her personally.

    David Neuman on the great voice of the great lakes talking about how fat her ankles were. Is that going after the issues or the person? What about the way Rush talked about her? it was nasty.

    And i didn't go after diapers any harder than i do john or herb, doung etc.

    but talk about domintaion things, what about the Missouri Synod and the lack of women preachers? Has that changed?

    And i am excited for XMAS. Love the holidays.


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