Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Unseen War/Can Obama And Congress Win In Afghanistan?

Undated file photo provided by the US Air Force shows flag-draped coffins of US casualties from Iraq being offloaded by a military honor guard from a cargo plane in Dover, Delaware
Images like this have rarely appeared in the world's media Dead Iraqi fighterLance Corporal Joshua Bernard, fatally wounded in Afghanistan, AP Photo  It seems our media has forgotten about our war dead since Bush left office and Obama stepped in. And it also seems like all the drumbs the left were beating have gotten much quiter. Obama is trying to fight these wars but is he up for the task of winning the wars? So far he has only shown us and the world that he can campain and organize a community. Obama talked a good game but now that he has to play it is he up for it? Is Obama the right man to lead America into victory? If not then we must go ASAP before one more person dies. But if Obama can lead us to victory then we must fight to win this war as it is a "good war".


  1. This is an open thread on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Should we get out or should we stay? If we stay does Obama and Congress have what it takes to win this war? And if we stay in these wars will we get the help we need from the UN? And will the liberals start their riots again if they don't get their way?

  2. So how do you feel about it?

  3. I hate war. And I am the type of person that is a person is getting hurt or whatever I can't do nothing. Even at great risk to myself. I'm still not sure if we can win this war with Obama and Congress. They just don't seem wholeheartedly commited to the war. And if they aren't in it to win it then we need to get out fast. I think since Obama has made up his mind to keep fighting and adding a lot more troops we need to thoughtfully see how he does as Comander and Cheif. Obama needs to put pressure on the UN to give real help in winning the war in Afghanistan. We also need to start helping these people help themselves without the opium farms. Since feeding the Afghan people is a big problem in their climate I would like to see the world chip in and try and solve the problem of feeding the Afghanistan people. A stong agracultural business that feeds the people instead of growing opium for money to buy food. I'm sure if we teach the Afghan people to protect themselves and to grow an agracultural economy not based on opium but food we wont have to worry so much about the Taliban or drug lords. There are many plants that can be propagated that will do quit well in their climate. We need to get Christian assistance over there as well as the left wing help organizations. So all in all I thing the Afghan war can be won through farming tech and not just bullets.

  4. BAGHDAD (AP) — A series of coordinated attacks struck Baghdad Tuesday, including two suicide car bombers and another vehicle that blew up near government sites. At least 118 were killed and hundreds wounded in the worst wave of violence in the capital in more than a month, authorities said.

    A total of five attacks, which also included a suicide car bomb on a police patrol, showed the ability of insurgents to strike high-profile targets in the heart of Baghdad and marked the third time since August that government buildings were targeted with multiple blasts that brought massive bloodshed.

    The bombings reinforced concerns about shortcomings in Iraqi security as U.S. forces plan their withdrawal, and parliament held an emergency session with many lawmakers demanding answers for apparent security lapses.

    Iraq's military spokesman blamed the carnage on an alliance of al-Qaida in Iraq and members of Saddam Hussein's banned Baath Party.

    The U.S. military has sent some troops and forensic equipment to assist the Iraqis in the aftermath, said Army Master Sgt. Nicholas Conner, a military spokesman.

    Overall violence has dropped sharply around Iraq in the past year, though insurgents have stepped up attacks at government sites in recent months. The bombings marked the most serious spate of violence in Baghdad since twin car bombs on Oct. 25 struck outside government offices, killing at least 155. In August, suicide bombers hit the finance and foreign ministries, killing more than 100.

    Iraqi officials blamed the August and October attacks on al-Qaida in Iraq and loyalists of the Baath Party — even bringing out three suspects on national television who gave what officials termed confessions.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday's attacks, though al-Qaida in Iraq had said it was behind the last two massive bombings against government buildings in Baghdad in August and October.

    But there are questions whether Iraq's leaders are trying to shift attention away from a possible resurgence of Sunni insurgents led by al-Qaida in Iraq. A rise in insurgent power could be a serious blow to the government's credibility before national elections, which were set Tuesday for March 6 — a more than seven-week delay from the original mid-January date because of political bickering on the voting rules.

  5. We have all heard the saying “nice guys finish last.” Why is that exactly? It seems to me that nice guys only finish last if we let them.

    In this coming election year, we have the chance to get some nice guys (and ladies) elected.

    Over the past few years, the establishment GOP has become bloated, corrupt, greedy, inept, licentious, devoid of ideas, and weak. It has passed legislation to grow government while talking about cutting it. Its leaders have excoriated the lobbyist culture while lining their pockets. It has bungled campaigns and strategy to block Barack Obama’s legislation. The problems extend from Washington into the states.

    This year, the story the media is not covering is the rise of the GOP grassroots against the GOP establishment. From Florida with Marco Rubio, to Texas with Michael Williams, to California with Chuck DeVore, and to Pennsylvania with Pat Toomey, we the conservative grassroots have a chance to defeat the GOP Establishment that has led us from a majority to a minority, from 55 Senate seats to 40, from a small government to a large one.

    But it is not just at the federal level. We have an obligation, regardless of where we live, to help at the state level too. We must make sure the nice guys who fight with us are successful across the board.

    That requires us, whether we live in South Carolina or not, to help Nikki Haley.

    There are several good people running in South Carolina, but all of them are products of the Republican Establishment. They are men who talk of smaller government without actually fighting for it. They are men who talk of less regulation while regulating. They are men of good will who mean well, speak well, but will not government well.

    Then there is Nikki Haley. She worked in her parents’ small business. She knows first hand the way government screws the little guy. She is not a big business supporter, but an entrepreneur’s best friend. Nikki Haley is worth supporting.

    We have until the end of this month to make a serious impact for her. I want December to be Nikki Haley month at RedState. The whole nation is talking about Marco Rubio because of what we have done. Same with Michael Williams. Same with Chuck DeVore. Now let us help Nikki Haley in the same way.

    We must help within the states too — if the federalist experiment is to survive, it must be supported inside the states, not just at the federal level. Supporting Nikki Haley does just that.

    Nikki Haley is one of us. Now we need to stick up for her and fund her. If you have money, give it. If you have time, give it. If you have prayers, offer them up. Let’s pray for her, fund her campaign, and work to get Nikki Haley elected as the next Governor South Carolina.

  6. The online left has been busy selling the narrative over the last several month that the Democrats’ electoral problems are due to problems with their base. The theory being touted by the leading luminaries of the leftist fever swamps is that if only Democrats were more liberal, they’d be doing better in the polls. The only problem with this theory, of course, is that it represents the exact opposite of the truth.

    A poll conducted by Mason Dixon released Sunday showing Incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Dina Titus tied with relative unknown Joe Heck in the race for the Congressional seat in NV-3. You may never have heard of Dina Titus before; that’s because her district is one of the more reliably Democrat districts in the entire country - Democrats have an 18 point registration advantage in this district. In keeping with what you would expect from a representative of such a heavily Democrat district, Rep. Titus voted “Yes” on all three of the major prongs of the Democrat legislative agenda for this year: Yes on the Obama Stimulus, Yes on cap-and-trade, and Yes on Obamacare. Furthermore, Dina Titus does not have any major corruption or personal issues driving up her unfavorables like Jon Corzine did or like Chris Dodd does. It also can’t be that voters are punishing Titus for the failure of the Democratic legislative agenda in general; the House passed all three measures and Titus was a contributing factor to all three.

    The only reasonable explanation of the evidence here is that even in this heavily Democrat district, the policies currently being pushed by Obama and the Democrats are simply not popular. The Mason-Dixon poll indicates that Obamacare is currently opposed by residents of the district by a margin of 47-41. Although crosstabs aren’t available for this poll yet, Mason Dixon claims the respondents are appropriately weighted for the district’s party registration, which leads to the conclusion that Titus (like Corzine and Deeds) is getting clobbered among independents by a huge margin. The problem is not that the American people don’t know what the Democrats stand for; the problem is that they have seen clearly what the Democrats stand for and they don’t like it.

    The online left is pushing the “you’re unpopular because you’re insufficiently liberal” meme for a very transparent reason: they are attempting to force through as much of their legislative agenda as possible during this two-year window, and are willing to sacrifice large numbers of elected Democrats to accomplish it. If I were a Democrat interested in keeping my job, this poll would make me very nervous about following their advice or about cloaking myself in Obama’s policies. Marching in lockstep with Obama might have looked very smart for Democrats 6 months ago, now it looks to be a road to electoral defeat.

  7. NO Rules of Engagement EVER WON a WAR,NO Area/Buildings WE cant Go into where OUR Enemy IS! This Political Correctness DID not work in Korea,Vietnam and it wont WORK NOW! If OUR Military is going to DIE and they ARE we either release the DOGS and WIN or get the HELL out or BETTER yet SEND in the POLITICANS!

    As was the case in Korea and Vietnam Farmers/Citizens were are Friends during the DAY but when Called upon by the ENEMY they KILLED us and then WENT back to Farming. If this is WHATS Occurring then lets Get the Military OUT!

  8. Only 32% of Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handeling the war in Afghanistan. 60% Approve. It's the first time Obama has done what the people want. I know the active military doesn't think to highly of him.

  9. Chris, i am with you about war in general. Afghanistan was a "different" war if not exactly a "good" war to me, due to the harboring of al-quadda. I agreed with it, or perhaps i just went along with the need to get back at the people who attacked our country.

    Now after 8 years i don't know if there is a way to win. I think we lost our crediblity in there by letting Nato forces take the brunt of the resurgent taliban while we concentrated on the war we didn't need. the government is as corrupt as ever with our supposed friend Karzhai and i don't see it settling down and running anything like a western civilization.

    Atleast Iraq had some history of running like a modern day country, despite its other flaws.
    I don't know if it can be won, but niether can we let the taliban continue to regrow itself.

  10. But Joe if we can teach them how to grow new plants for food and not drugs we will either have drug lord or Taliban lords over the people. Freedom for the people of Afghanistan is having food,drink and shelter. If we give them that and some protection for a while they will be able to take care of themselves. Their are fruit and other crops that will do well in the poor soil and harsh weather. It is a hard life in the mountians of Afghanistan. And if we Americans can make it better for them then we should do so. As it is as much in our intreast as it is in theirs to help them survive. Do you Democrats forget the FACT that we have been safe for over 8 yrs since 9/11? The rest of the world hasn't been as safe as us but we have been safe. But you don't like that FACT.

  11. Chris, there are less than 100 al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan and they cross the border. Don't you think sending 100,000 soldiers to fight 100 al Qaeda is ridiculous?

    In my opinion, we should be going after al Qaeda with special forces and other intelligence forces, not American troops.

    We are not fighting a country. We are fighting a tactic, terrorism.

    Let's bring all our soldiers home and go after the bad guys with intelligence.

  12. Bruce if what you are saying is true,and I doubt it, then maybe you are right. Bruce where do you get all your Al Queda intelligence. Wasn't it that same intelligence that got us into Iraq and the WMD? Why do you trust that intel now?

  13. Chris, where ever I'm getting my intelligence, it's better than where Bush and Blair were getting their intelligence to start the war in Iraq.

    Gosh, Chris, you probably consider ABC News part of the liberal media, but I'll try enlightening you any way.


    Iraqi cab driver was source for Iraq WMD claim, British MP says

    A British parliamentarian claimed in a report published Tuesday that an Iraqi cab driver was the source of an infamous claim made by Prime Minister Tony Blair that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

    The member of Parliament, a member of the conservative British Tory Party, claims that he was told by a British intelligence official that the claim actually came from an Iraqi taxi driver, and that it was considered highly unreliable but was tacitly backed by Blair's government in public statements anyway.

    According to the report, the taxi driver worked near Iraq's border with Jordan. The cab driver is said to have made the comments while transporting two British intelligence officers.

    "Under pressure from Downing Street to find anything to back up the WMD case, [British intelligence services] were squeezing their agents in Iraq for anything at all," MP Adam Holloway wrote in his report, leaked to the British Daily Mail. "One agent did come up with something - the [claim that chemical weapons could be launched on British forces in Cyprus in] '45 minutes,' allegedly discussed in a high-level Iraqi political meeting."

  14. Bruce Lucky NO LIBS in Congress Voted to go into Iraq with the SAME Intell Bush had. That would make them look like WAR MONGERS,OH wait a Minute they Did Vote to GO into Iraq. Then Pelosi says she Was LIED to by the CIA regarding the WMD in IRAQ but Funny thing Bruce she NEVER asked for Congressional Hearings on WHY she was LIED to by CIA.Dont YOU LIBS have Control of Congress should have been a SIMPLE matter. WONDER who was LYING to the Citizens Bruce DO you KNOW?

    Dont worry NOW about us getting ANY info from Citizens in IRAQ once the Circus Trials begin in New York, that Intell will DRY up. Some times you get Good info Sometimes you dont BRUCE but with the Trials YOU LIBS have FIXED things WE wont get ANY info from them WELL DONE Bruce!

  15. 100 A Queda ah Bruce? You deflected into your anecdotal bullshit agian. So ABC said there is only 100 Al Queda left in Afghanistan and you believe them over our govt intelligence community? Did you ride the short bus to school with a helmet on? 'Cuz maybe to them you would make a lot of sense. Even JoeC thinks your arguments are idiotic sometimes. And he is a liberal anarchist. Craven once again you give us a better view of what is real.

  16. I love war now that I get kick backs for them. War is big business for America didn't you know that? I never liked the military anyways so what if some men and woman die.

  17. Chris, you obviously didn't read the article I gave you the link to.

    "A senior U.S. intelligence official told ABCNews.com the approximate estimate of 100 al Qaeda members left in Afghanistan reflects the conclusion of American intelligence agencies and the Defense Department. The relatively small number was part of the intelligence passed on to the White House as President Obama conducted his deliberations."

    Other than Fox, real news organizations don't just make things up, they talk to sources that would have access to information.

  18. Bruce and I said you believe the same intelligence that got us into the Iraq war. And just so you know Bruce Fox has been proven time and again to be the fairest and has broken more stories then all the other news networks combined. So Bruce if it is trully just 100 Al Queda left will you also say that Bush won both wars? And if there are only 100 Al Queda left how many Taliban are left? Oh I forgot your news station only tells half of the story. Keep quizing yourself on your half stories that tell you what you want to hear and I will work with the whole truth.

  19. Bruce, if there are only 100 AQ left, then why is Obama ramping up troop levels in Afghanistan? Sounds like he needs you and all your media contacts on his cabinet Bruce, you know some shit that even Obama is not aware of.

    Bravo Bruce, you just once again demonstrated how totally, completely and utterly full of shit you are.

    And then you say let's go after them with intelligence. What intelligence Bruce, the same intelligence that says there are only 100 left (YOUR intelligence) or the intelligence that says we need AT LEAST 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan?

  20. Bruce what you are saying doesn't make sense. I notice a lot of that coming from you.

  21. Chris, i have no problem with the "fact" that there hasn't been a al-quada attack in america since 9/11. Where you and will disagree is on the why and we both no that.

    I believe that a strong part of that was ease at which the remnants of Al-quada could find US targets outside of America, namely Iraq. Once the admin tightened security and things became tougher, any group would be smart to move their targets to a less secure area, which Iraq qualified for.

    Chris, i think the Bush admin was correct to remove the Taliban and remove the training facilities and manpower operations of Al-quada in Afghanistan. that certainly did alot to remove them from operational activity, but i am not sure about your ideas on plant growth there. Could it be done and how do you teach them? I don't know. I'd have to take your word on that brother.

  22. The terrorist are and have always been highly mobil. During the Clinton years they hit our interest all around the world. Did you forget all the stories of the foiled terrorist plans? Oh I forget you only listen to the parts that fit your beliefs. Don't forget that all these wars were not just a US effort. We lead the cause but much of the free world was behind us. So it wasn'tr "Bush's war". It became Bush war when the rest of the world gave up on winning. Thank God Bush gave it one last try. And while you and the media said the war was lost the surge worked and we won. You libs were wrong once again. And you really made our military feel loved and apreciated. Calling them baby killers and what not.


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