Sunday, December 20, 2009

War Ummm What Is It Good For?

4 presidential candidates join Afghan war protestWatch this anti war protest video 9:04
4 presidential candidates join Afghan war protest Why are the protesters putting on kid gloves with the Democrats? This President is as big a "warmonger" as Bush but the protests are very soft and nice for the most part. Those anti war protests didn't do one thing to effect the President and Congress. It didn't do anything to change the mind of we the people either. And where are the protests on single payer? How can we take a group serious that doesn't keep true to their "anti war values". The libs have proven once again that they are frauds.


  1. Chris, there actually have been many, many single payer protests. We didn't have Fox Noise promoting them obviously and they didn't get as much coverage as the lunatics in Washington D.C. where Fox was ginning up support along with the astroturf organizations, Americans for Prosperity and Focus on the Family.

    There have also been anti-war demonstrations all across the country, so you are WRONG again. I was personally at 2 massive protests in Washington D.C. where we had at least 500,000 real people there and CNN barely covered either protest.

    The teabaggers only had 60 or 70,000 and had massive coverage by all the networks, including the entertainment channel over at Fox. The protests have happened, but they haven't gotten the coverage they deserve.

  2. Bruce 500,000 People Protest in Washington D C and its not COVERED,Bruce have you been in the PUNCH! Please give me Time Date and WHO was doing the COUNTING?

    Well at Least your NOT Blaming Bush about the Coverage, But alas You did manage to get Fox News!

    Now Bruce dont you FRET about the Tea Baggers they will be out in November and thats the ONLY Head count that COUNTS!

  3. Oh, Chris, here's a protest at Steven Helmsley's home for single-payer health care.

    Teabaggers obviously can't count.

  4. Bruce And LIBS Dont Count!

    Once again Bruce: Date,Time of 500,000 Person War Protest in Washington DC!

  5. LMAO,,A HUGE number at that gathering Bruce,,wow,,I cannot believe the crowd!!! I mean to gather a whole,,,wait for the number,,,the whole,,,8 people ! What a showing!

    Washington, D.C.
    An anti-war protester shows a peace sign to the White House

    Protesters from around the country joined a march in Washington, D.C. organized by ANSWER Coalition and United for Peace and Justice to promote peace and an end to the war in Iraq. Organizers claim that around 250,000 people attended the demonstration. Police said that 150,000 was "as good a guess as any". [1] C-SPAN, which broadcast the pre-march speeches, is said to have estimated 500,000.[2] The demonstration route was chosen to be close to the White House, though President George W. Bush was away at the time.

    Representative Cynthia McKinney, George Galloway, Carlos Arredondo, Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson, and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark attended the rally.[citation needed]

    The September 24 March also included over 300 members of Military Families Speak Out, which represents about 2,500 military families. [3]

    Single-Payer protests

  7. Where are the massive protests now that B.Hussein Obama is the king and warmonger? I don't see anything other then a few smucks talking about a hundred of so people showing up here and there around America. The blogs are talking it and neither is the news. You libs are wearing your kid gloves now that the Democrats are in charge of the wars. And why don't you answer AL's questions?

  8. Bruce thanks for the links and for making my point on how you on the left aren't throwing hard punches at the Democrats. You had 8 people show up for the single payer. It must such trying to play like your angry at Obama and the Democrats when you are doing their biding for the most part. I think you are loosing the war against the war and it is because most libs are hypocrits and never really where against the war in the first place. You had a bunch of anti Bush peopple acting like they hated the war. Now those people are sleeping in bed and doing very little if anything to stop the war. The anti war wasn'tr about war for 90% of the protesters or you would have them protesting with the same numbers you had when Bush ran the wars. I'm sure there were some people at the protest that are against the war but why are there so few protests and protesters now? Were they mostly hypocrits and pupets for the Democratic party like I think they were? Or are they more affraid of the Patriot Act now that the psycho in cheif has their info and will use it on an American faster then a foreign terrorist?

  9. So, what are you doing to stop the war, Chris, if indeed you are against it?

    There were single-payer rallies all over the country, but since the President and Max Baucus never really put single-payer on the table, that was pretty much an unwinnable fight.

    As far as your question about the anti-war protests now, that's a good question. I was at a national meeting of World Can't Wait, and that's the question they were asking and trying to figure out how to reinvigorate the anti-war movement.

    I think the anti-war movement was much stronger during Vietnam because we had a draft and everyone knew someone that was in Vietnam. With an all volunteer Army, only a tiny fraction of America is affected. Bush never asked for any sacrifice to fight the war either. If we all got a tax increase to pay for the war, I think more people would be upset, but by borrowing to pay for the war, we are kicking the can down the road on paying for it. Bush wouldn't even put the war on the regular budget.

    There are lots of people against the wars, including conservatives, and more Americans than ever are against the war in Afghanistan, but there is not a big visible anti-war movement. Reinstate the draft and send Congress' children first and then you'll see some anti-war protests.

  10. Bruce Sometimes you must FIGHT if for no other reason,PICK the Arena,Afganistan is most likely better even to a LIB than say Cleveland.I do agree that we NOW are on the Road to another NAM cause Politicans are involved and as in Korea and Vietnam Military Die when Politicans DITHER!

    We now have a VOULENTEER Military and They are the Heros and KNOW what they have signed up for.

    I say its time to bring majority of TROOPS home from Korea Japan Spain and Germany and PUT them on OUR Boarder.

    The only Problem with RETREATING from the Middle East is WE will once again LOOK WEAK to OUR Enemies and MAKE WORSE attacks on OUR homeland POSSIBLE!

    On another Manner Nelson SELLING His VOTE for FREE Medicade in Nebraska says more ABOUT Political System CORUPTNESS than Politicans CONCERN for Health Care. Along with Louiseana LIBS have broken NEW ground on POLITICAL SYSTEM and are NOT Ashamed to brag about it. Got to love Michigan and other States will now PAY Nebraskas Part of Medicade FOREVER.
    Anoither Example of ONE TERM Administraion in ACTION<thats why theres such a HURRY HURRY HURRY Mentality. Get it DONE while in POWER cause it is SLIPPING away from LIBS!

  11. The accomplishments of Bruce and the Hypocrats:

    1. Ramped up war in Afghanistan
    2. Bailed out Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Trial Lawyers with an onerous 3,000-page bill.
    3. Forcing other states to pay for Nebraska's Medicaid
    4. Cut Medicare $500 billion
    5. Forcing 30 million people to buy health insurance at threat of JAIL time - that's something MY health insurance never did!
    6. Claim that cutting Medicare payments to doctors thereby forcing even more of the only 25% that currently accept Medicare to refuse to accept it, and increasing the number of people getting health care (lower supply, increased demand) will LOWER the cost of health insurance?!?
    7. Passing bills on weekends and in the dead of night like the thieves they are.
    8. $750 Billion porkulus bill
    9. Raise the debt ceiling.
    10. The $1.1 Trillion more spending that ALL of spendthrift W. Bush's spending in 8 years COMBINED.

    These Hypocrats are destroying this country.

  12. I've never seen it put that way John. I voted for obama and I was a life long democrat. It is the last time I do that. Obama is all the bad things I hated about bush and much much more. The democrats have made things worse then before and now that it has been pointed out, things didn't get real bad till after the democrats took over congress. I'm questioning everything now and I'm finding the lies lay with the democrats more then the other parties.

  13. John number 4. Cutting Medicare by $500 billion is a joke. And by the time we find out this healthcare bill is a joke we will have been paying for it for 4 years with nothing to show for it. Congress has been trying to cut Medicare for decades and they have never been able to do it even one little bit. But see Obama thinks he can do anything but when it comes down to it he can't do anything right. He's all talk. Typical greenpea mistakes. He is good at campaining but thats about it. The rest of his claims are unfounded.

  14. John Once again well put and Most Important the TRUTH!

  15. obama is spending more money on the wars. this is bullshit

  16. Chris, how long did it take for paper mache head to find your blog after being booted from the OP?

  17. anon, lol...chris went attention-whoring back on the MD site, advertising this blog.

    Chris, no Obama is not as big a warmonger and its lying to say so. Obama did not decide to invade a country, Bush did. actually Bush decided to invade two countries, one he should have and then iraq which he shouldn't have.

    what is being done now is that we have to deal with Bush's bad decisions and overcome 8 year of lack of focus in afghanistan by the Bush admin.

    Al, what are you talking about? There were more politics in the Bush war decisions than the Obama one. bush even had a blue ribbon comiision to help decide the way in Iraq. That took longer than 3 months.

  18. First off Joe,I did not go on the MD. Second Obama is adding troops and making the war bigger. He didn't pull out of Iraq like he said he would. In fact he is just like Bush and he is following Bush's plans for both wars. Two promises not kept by Obama. Don't forget that the Democrats voted for those wars too.

  19. Anon,it didn't take long at all. He was stalking Brian Pannbecker and I post on that blog and others. Joe thanks now I will troll on the MD. It must burn your ass knowing that this blog grew faster and stronger then the far left Bruce Fealch's blog. But he picks and chooses who he will post.

  20. nothing about Bruce matters to me. I'm not his friend, nor his buddy. As for how fast your blog grew it doesn't make a single bit of difference to me.

    The fact that its a tiny little right wing circle jerk should bother you. Nothing open-minded about a bunch of conservative think-a-likes all reading and posting the same stuff. Your blog is like a mini-me FR. Nothing you post here can't be found there.

  21. Joe Maybe you should be on another BLOG if this is so much Beneith you!Thank GOD LIBS dont Think alike, for Goodness SAKE it looks like LIBS all came out of the SAME PETRI dish!

  22. This is one of the few blogs I've read that lets both sides post freely. If you want to see a circle jerk look at the one side Bruce has blogging. I've tryed to post on Bruces blog and other left wing blogs and they never post it. I think AL is right maybe you should go on one of those other blogs if they'll have you. You libs do all sound alike. And you all get your orders from or the unions. Joe which one gives you your talking points and thoughts of socialism?

  23. P.S. you're smart to distance yourself from Fealk. He doesn't make you socialist look very good. But neither do you.

  24. Al, i didn't say it was beneath me, i said i'd be worried because it only attracts righties to keep repeating the same stuff as the Free republic and i'd add Red State.

    Anon, like a poster who doesn't use a name and continually uses right wing talking point words like move on...etc. makes the right look good. Have grow a pair and then talk to me about making things look good.

    As for who i listen to, the union (atleast the UAW) doesn't put out that much stuff. Not like the teamsters of afl-cio and stuff. I used to get the Ron Paul stuff, but he sold the list to some ballwashers (ie tea baggers) and now my spam box is filled with crazy TPs day and night.

    but no i don't have any left wing TP's on my email.

  25. Joe why is it you have the same talking points and op-eds as moveon and the unions if you don't listen to them or follow their orders? You are a sheeple to the UAW and you also serve the moveon crowd indirectly. Ron Paul and you are far remove when it comes to your idealogy. You are a neo-communist and Paul is a Libertarian/Republican.

  26. Anon, your wrong about alot of stuff including this. All you do is accuse people of the usual rightwing talking points. everyone at Free republic and Red state do the same so it must be on their marching orders that you follow.
    So typical.

    ad for me and Ron, well we are different, but not that different. I doubt that you'd remember but Ron Paul co-sponsored a Kucinich bill to end the war in Iraq and that a Hemp bill by Paul had Kucinich as a co-sponsor. sure we have some major differences, but he's a libertarian and i'm a social anarchist so we're closer than you think on some things.

  27. JoeC Debating with you is always Interesting. For the Most part a least you STAY on Topic without GOING over the Edge like some.

    There are MANY points of View and Opinions but thats what makes it Interesting. Our Nation is Under Attack and its Great Heritage is Threatened and if it is Political Agenda vs OUR Country I will ALWAYS choose Country plane and SIMPLE!

    Time to GO shopping and DO my Small part for the Economy!


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