Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair And Balanced Just The Facts

Fox News Channel,as a percentage of viewers, include more selfdescribed liberals and idependents then than CNN and MSNBC includes self-descibed conservatives and independents. Pew Research Center recently studied the cable channels' viewers' politics. CNN was 51% liberal,23% independent and 18% conservative. MSNBC was 45% liberal,27% independent and 18% conservative. Fox's audience was the most ballanced with 39% conservative,33% liberal and 22% independent. Pew found out that during the last 6 weeks or the campaign, 61% off CNN's stories on McCain were negative,compaired with only 39% on Obama. On MSNBC 73% of McCain stories were negative while only 14% of Obamas stories were negative. This is the kicker, 40% of Fox News stories were negative on both McCain and Obama. Fair and Balanced. Maybe that is why Barack Hussein Obama will sit down and talk to radical dictators and not Fox News. Now we know why a terrorist isn't a terrorist and the "jobs saved" thing never gets questioned. If G.W.Bushhad supported an $800 billion stimulus package the mainstream media would have,rightfully so, asked "Why,that comes to us paying $250,000 per job". But when Fox News asked those questions it's just "Faux Noise" stiring up lies on the President. Those on the left hate the truth because they can't handle the truth. And the truth is Obama/Biden was the biggest mistake the liberals/Democrats have ever made. Who out there doesn't think Biden is one of the biggest buffoons we have ever had as a VP?


  1. A conservative media watchdog organization says for the most part, the mainstream media networks have downplayed the Muslim connections with terrorism in the Fort Hood massacre.

    The Media Research Center (MRC) says that when authorities first announced the Fort Hood shooter was Major Nidal Malik Hasan, CBS and NBC completely avoided mentioning the fact. The Center further reports that ABC's Charles Gibson suggested Hasan was a "Muslim convert," which was not a correct statement, but adds at least it showed he was not trying to play "hide and seek" with the facts.

    The MRC also says that during an interview with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), CBS anchor Bob Schieffer tried to downplay the Islamic terrorist aspect of the massacre. "It's looking more and more like he was just sort of a religious nut," stated Schieffer. "And you know, Islam doesn't have a majority; the Christian religion has its full helping of nuts, too."

    Newsweek's Evan Thomas made a swipe at conservatives during an appearance on Inside Washington, according to the MRC. "I cringe that [Hasan is] a Muslim. I mean, because it just inflames all the fears," said Thomas. "I think he's probably just a nut case. But with that label attached to him, it will get the right wing going and it just -- I mean, these things are tragic, but that makes it much worse."

    Rich Noyes, director of research at the MRC, feels that the media is overlooking another piece of evidence linking the shooting to Muslim terrorist activity. "You see a lot of timidity in the media trying to connect terrorism with the broader war on terror in spite of the evidence that keeps coming out," he argues. "I think a lot of the PC media are skipping over these things."

    However, in spite of this purposeful ignorance, Noyes believes the truth is coming out anyway and that people are picking up on Hasan's true background.

    Case and point.

  2. During the Bush administration, leaks out of the Pentagon, State Department, and CIA that would undermine national security were routinely praised by the Democrats and mainstream media as patriotic.

    Now that leaks are coming out showing just how inept Barack Obama’s foreign policy dithering has become, leakers must be shut down. The administration is insisting that the Pentagon do something about all the meddlesome leaks that show the behind the scenes indecisiveness rapidly becoming the hallmark of this administration’s foreign policy.

    The Obama administration is increasingly exasperated by leaks of national-security-related information and is planning a major effort to root out and punish those responsible, top officials said Thursday.

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he is “appalled” by a series of leaks surrounding the president’s deliberations about the way forward in Afghanistan and the investigation into last week’s massacre at Fort Hood, Texas.

    Maybe this is why the Obama administration has decided to purge Republicans from the civil service.

  3. Barack Obama has been revealed. He is our "Incompetent in Chief" Don't think Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, etc. haven't noticed.

  4. They have noticed. Even Democrats are noticing how incompetent he is. He's running America and our military like he ran ACORN. The Democrats are turning on him and Congress fast. Out of the 8 Democrats in my family only 3 still support Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress. They are all true Democrats not independents that voted Democrat. Have you noticed how few Democrats blog and post anymore?

  5. Self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be sent to New York to face trial in a civilian federal court, and five other suspects will be sent to military commissions, an Obama administration official said Friday.

    The official said Attorney General Eric Holder plans to announce the decision later in the morning. The official is not authorized to discuss the decision before the announcement, so spoke on condition of anonymity.

    What in the hell are these morons thinking? And doing?

    I guess the administration is 100% in a pre-9/11 mindset. Heaven help us.

  6. It is scary isn't it Craven? I have noticed how quite the left wing wackos are lately. The people at my work told me about this blog and I'm happy I came on it. Chris there are a lot of Democrats at my work that read your blog and bitch about it. I thought you were local until I read your profile. And here I thought Mich. was one of the liberal states.

  7. Looks like the liberals like Bruce who fawn over these terrorists have given another excuse for this terrorist; this time it comes from Bruce Fealk's favorite blog, the DailyKos. I'm sure it's just a matter of seconds before it is featured on Democratic Underground, and then on to Freaky Fealky's plagiarize-a-blog.
    Nidal Malik Hasan's True Motive as Revealed by Daily Kos

    Posted by Van Helsing at November 13, 2009 7:23 AM

    We know Nidal Malik Hasan can't be a Muslim terrorist, because believing that would be insensitive to the Islamic death cult bent on our destruction. The media tried post-traumatic stress syndrome, but Hasan has never been in combat. The media also floated "compassion fatigue" as an excuse for murdering 14 people, but that just set off bitter laughter. Finally, the Daily Kos proved its lasting relevance by coming up with this one:

    He was trying to save these troops from the horrors of war that he heard about from returning troops.
    In a reader poll, this answer was chosen by 8% of Daily Kos readers.

    What a thoughtful guy, gunning down unarmed soldiers so that they wouldn't have to face the horrors of war. No wonder liberals twist themselves into knots trying to portray him in a sympathetic light.

  8. Lets not forget the H1N1 vaccine fiasco. 4000 Americans have now lost their lives, and where are the 140 million doses promised by the end of October???? Bush was crucified when there was a shortage of flu vaccine a few years ago. What do you hear from the MSM now?

  9. Very interesting statistics! I've never understood how when Fox (or anyone else) says something bad about the liberals, it's considered bashing, but the conservatives are always fair game! I do appreciate Fox news.

  10. Craven - That was apparently last week's crisis. I haven't heard much at all about the H1N1 CRIIIIISIS lately. Looks like it has gone the way of SARS, bird flu, yada yada yada. Either it wasn't the GREAT CRISIS that they claimed, or they are covering up for the incompetence of the current DEMOCRAT administration.

  11. John, remember - brought to you by the same people who want to take over health care for everyone.

  12. Whoops! Sorry for the double-post; I just wanted to make sure this was on the "front page" of the blog, so Bruce couldn't pretend that he didn't see it!!

    BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA... Oh my good lord, look at what Fealk is up to now. He had to run over to the DailyKos to try to rustle up some help!!! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHA... poor little Brucie!! Here's a CLUE Bruce, nobody is attacking you... well, except maybe MY blog, but certainly Brian and Chris never chased after YOU on their blogs. Yet you accuse THEM of coming after YOU?!?! BWAAAAAHAHAHA!! Hey everybody, look at what a whining loser Bruce Fealk is. This is from October 23rd of THIS year:
    Well, the story doesn't end there. One of Brian's commenters has started a new blog,

    Brian Pannebecker started a new blog
    which also attacks me on a regular basis

    A third blog another former commenter at Brian's blog has taken up the cause of coming after me.

    So, I'm looking for any legal advice on taking this on through a defamation suit or any other advice on how to handle this situation.


    And here are a couple of choice replies:

    I can't give you any legal advice but I'd be glad to contribute some insults if someone were to start a
    by Atilla the Honey Bunny on Fri Oct 23, 2009 at 02:19:49 PM PST

    That sounds like a good idea
    by bfealk on Fri Oct 23, 2009 at 02:20:47 PM PST

    The attacks are on me (whiiiiiiine!!HAHAHAHA!)
    by bfealk on Fri Oct 23, 2009 at 02:36:47 PM PST

  13. Here's one where Bruce is in a tizzy because a hotel doesn't get his preferred flavor of Kool-Aid! How did that campaign work out Bruce!?!? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You AIN'T that important to ANYBODY but yourself, Bruce!

    No MSNBC at Netroots Nation
    by bfealk

    Wed Aug 12, 2009 at 07:07:01 PM PST

    I can't believe it. I'm in my room wanting to watch the end or Rachel Maddow's and guess what. Netroots nation is at the Westin in Pittsburgh and they don't get MSNBC.

    bfealk's diary :: ::
    Let's bombard the Westin headquarters with e-mails and let our activist roots show through and make sure that the Westin gets MSNBC.

    How can Netroots nation be at a hotel that doesn't get Rachel and Keith and Ed?

    If you want to complain, you can write to

  14. Here's my personal favorite so far. Looks like Bruce was coming so unhinged even the nutty liberals were trying to talk him down from whack-o-ville:

    Michigan Blogger that caught Trent Wisecup on Video needs Your Help by bfailk
    Sat Nov 03, 2007 at 03:50:45 AM PST

    I really need everyone's help on this one. I can't fight this alone, so I hope you'll be willing to pitch in to help a fellow blogger.

    The article below appeared on the front page of the Oakland Press on Saturday in Michigan on Saturday. My brother, thinking I did something on purpose to steal his identity, which I didn't, and I have an e-mail to prove it, wrote a letter to Trent saying what a terrible person I am and how he hates me. Trent then sent that letter to Charlie Crumm at the Oakland Press and the story below is the result. Trent is already back in fighting form and planning to come back to work next week, according to the article, so I don't think we need to treat him with kid gloves any more. I know Trent has a history of bad behavior and I'm willing to go after him now that this has happened. I have something that I think I can use and I'd like anything from anyone out there that has knowledge of Trent's bad behavior.

    Um . . .You say:

    My brother, thinking I did something on purpose to steal his identity wrote a letter to Trent saying what a terrible person I am and how he hates me.

    This is your bro's comment:

    "I own my own business, and I don't want my name being attached to anything my idiot brother is involved with"

    May I humbly suggest that you drop this aspect of your argument.

    by MajorFlaw on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    Bruce, I say this with all candor, your actions are beginning to border on an obsession. Now your brother has been drawn into this, and if you keep it up, you're soon going to start looking like the nut he is accusing you of being.

    I won't help you escalate this even further, and I would encourage others not to as well. Frankly, I'm tired of this episode, and if I as someone who is also working to get Knollenberg removed is getting tired of it, I have to assume that others are as well. Going further is going to set back our efforts, understand?

    You scored some points goading Wisecup into portaying himself as a wingnut. As a result, he took a short leave from the campaign. It made Knollenberg look bad. But there's a time to be happy with your victory and walk away from field. That time is now.

    by GOTV on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    Sound advice. Seconded. I saw the video and while Trent did act like a nutjob Bruce appeared to be both stalking and baiting him. In combination with Trent's inflammatory personality that's not a real bright thing to do. If he keeps that up he will eventually come across someone who is not as restrained as Trent.

    by MajorFlaw on Sat Nov 03, 2007
    I think you need to physically stay away from Trent and Knollenberg. I think you should not give up, but I think you need a different approach before you end up in a law suit or with criminal charges of some sort filed against you. Ask Feiger. You're smart. (Who SAYS?!?!) You'll find another way.
    by dkmich on Sat Nov 03, 2007

    Do you think he's fair game? For what?

    Do you want to drive him to jump off a bridge or something ?

    Reconsider your mission:
    you wanted to attract attention and you did.
    NOW it's fair for everybody (left, right, whatever) to decide whether you have any substance or if you're just a nutcake.
    by slowheels on Sat Nov 03, 2007

  15. Now THIS is interesting; we dissent with the current administration (and their lies and propaganda) and Bruce calls us the "American Taliban", but according to this little entry in his diary:

    Wisecup checks himself into hospital after outburst in Rochester
    by bfealk
    Fri Nov 02, 2007 at 02:56:18 AM PST

    Either way, Joe and Trent owe me an apology for Trent's outburst when all I was trying to do was put Joe on the record about his despicable votes on the war in Iraq and the children's health care plan. ***There's nothing more American than dissent, even though people that dissent these days are treated with derision.****

    Ahhhh Bruce, how does that nice hot cup of hypocrisy taste?

  16. That Netroots thing this summer, where they had all the pus in one boil - Brucie won a scholarship to attend.

    The scholarship was intended to "help activists who couldn’t afford to make it on their own still get to this great event. We started with a plan to send 9 scholarship winners. But the response and generosity went far beyond our expectations and in the end, 30 activists won a scholarship to Netroots Nation."

    I guess Bruce is broke, or in true liberal fashion simply let other people pay.

  17. Yeah, I saw Bruce trying to get people to send money in, he was begging but he forgot: Liberals will only send OTHER people's money in!!

    All the pus in one boil... BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA... I love it!!!

  18. Bruce probably cheated some little old lady, a black guy, or a kid blogger out of the chance to go. But I'm sure he justified his cheating by assuming that it would be a far greater crime to deny the world the exposure to the GREAT Bruce Failk.


    Bruce Failk, can't even handle a couple of comments on a blog without running to DailyKos and Democratic Underground for help!!! The pride of NutRoots!!!

  19. Bruce I never knew you were such a baby. John and Craven seem to have opened pandoras box. Bruce you leave a lot of bread crumbs and you have attacked a lot of good conservatives. And now that you are getting some of your own medicine back you cry like a little bitch. You are a typical liberal just like djtyg. The only lib I know with even one drop of class is vomamike. But he only has one drop.

  20. Bruce thanks for all the free adverticing of all our blogs. You didn't think about that did you? You sure can dish it out but you can't take it just like Steve and Sue said.

  21. FOX NEWS is for the most part VERY Fair and Balanced giving both sides of STORY! If Newspapers were the JOURNALIST they once were Big Market Papers would not be where there at NOW,almost bankrupt! They will for sure be the NEXT bailout. Administration cant have there PROPAGANDA slingers go under!

    Fox NEWS deals in TRUTH the one thing LIBS cant Handle cause there is NO SPIN in the TRUTH ZONE!

  22. People go to Fox because the rest of the media do not provide the information they are looking for and the numbers proveit.
    You would think the rest of the media would quit playing lap dog to the democrats and start doing the job they are supposed to do like Fox does.
    Believe it or not it is big news when a senator attends a racist church for 20 years and allies him self with former terrorists and surrounds himself with marxists and terrorists and makes stupid and rediculous claims about jobs saved and endorses idiotic carter type programs like clash for clunkers.
    The press is suppose to question and challenge when those in government make claims and are proposing grand schemes that will deeply affect this country.

    If they were doing their jobs they wouldnt be in the trouble they are in and having their asses served to them by Fox news


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