Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Talk And Nor Action Even When They Had A Filibuster.Even Maddow Is Calling The Democrats Weak POS

This ad is from a Progressive Change group. If you think Progressives wont destroy the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party you are in Lalaland.

Using Obama's words against him is particularly effective a day after he told the Washington Post that he didn't campaign on a public plan and challenged his critics to identifyIt's now been one year since Obama took office. He promised fiscal responsibility. Then he broke lots of those promises. Here is a list of some:

Promise #6: No Tax Increase on Families Making Under 250k

“Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase - not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes,” Obama said in a September 2008 town hall meeting in Dover.

Reality: In his first year in office, he proposed Cap and Trade, which would be a fat tax on everyone. He increased the cigarette tax by 159 percent, and now we have that proposed tax on fancy health care benefits.

During the campaign, he criticized John McCain for just suggesting that.

“My opponent can't make that pledge [not to raise taxes] and here’s why: for the first time in American history, John McCain wants to tax your health care benefits," he said in the same speech.

But now it's Obama who wants to tax health plans:

“This reform will charge insurance companies a fee for their most expensive policies,” he said in his health care address to Congress.

Promise #5: Ban Earmarks

"We are going to ban all earmarks,” Obama said at a press conference on January 6, 2009.

Reality: The first spending bill he signed had over 9,000 earmarks.

Promise #4: I Won't Force Americans To Buy Insurance

During the campaign, Obama attacked Hillary Clinton:

“She believes we have to force people who don’t have insurance,” he said in a primary debate in January 2008.

In a Feb. 2008 CNN interview, he added: “If a mandate was the solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating that everybody buy a house.”

Reality: This September, he told Congress: “Under my plan, individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance.”

Promise #3: Health care negotiations will be on C-SPAN

Obama promised at least eight times that "we’re going to do all the negotiations on C-SPAN, So the American people will be able to watch.”

Reality: They haven’t been there.

Well, briefly. C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb said, “The only time we’ve been allowed to cover the White House part of it was one hour inside the East Room, which was kind of just a show horse type of thing.”

Promise #2: Putting bills online

Obama promised “When there’s a bill that ends up on my desk as President, you the public will have five days to look online, and find out what’s in it before I sign it.”

Reality: He broke that promise when he singed his first bill, the Fair Pay Act. He's broken it since, for instance on the Credit Card Bill of Rights and an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Promise #1: Cutting spending

On the campaign trail, Obama promised to cut spending several times. In the second presidential debate, he said that “actually, I am cutting more than I’m spending. So it will be a net spending cut.”

In the third debate, he reiterated: “what I've done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.”                                                                                                                                                                      With a filibuster super majority the Democrats still blame Bush for their incompatence and weakness. We the people scare the crap out of these Democrats and the Progressives within the Democrat party scare the Conservacrats. After a year in power they have proven to most Americans that they can't do what they say they could. I think Obama should think about being a pitchman for Shamwow or some other product that doesn't work the way it did on TV. I know the left think that the reason the Democrats haven't been able to  get anything done is because some how the Republicans are more powerful as a minority then when they were a majority. That is just stupid. The Conservacrats and the Progressacrats divided up the Democrat party. And that division was helped in part by the Tea Party and the Conservative movement in both parties. We scared the Conservacrats into not wantring to do what the Progrssacrats wanted to do.                                                                                                                              But they don't care what we the people think. The Progressives didn't have a problem with a suppermajority filibuster last week. But now that things have changed and we the people have made ourselves and our demands known, the Democrats now want to change the rules so only 51 votes are needed to pass a reform bill no one wants. No wonder why Congress only has an approval rating of  around 21%, the Progressive liberal fringe.


  1. Heard Nobama trying to Explain LIBS LOSS in Massacusetts and as Usual he Brings in Bush Administration as the Reason for HIS Failed First Year in Power! Leaders Lead, the REST make EXCUSES!

    Most Citizens Do NOT Support this Administrations Socialist Agenda and NEXT on this Administrations Screw Up list will Be these Civilian Trials in New York City. That should ASSURE Nobama being a ONE TERMER!

    Anybody HEARD from Bruce?

  2. That's interesting, Al. His approval is still at 56% and most of the voters in MA wanted Obama to do more, not less.

    What Obama has to do is invoke a WWTD attitude, What Would Tom Delay Do and invoke stronger leadership on the issues that real Americans care about, health care, the environment, jobs.

    You are absolutely wrong about the "socialist" agenda.

    Look inside this poll and you'll see how wrong you are.

  3. Bruce look inside and you will see Obama's approval rating is under 50%. You have one poll that is the exception to the others and you lie your hat on it? Was that the same poll that put Obamas approval rating over 100% his first day in office? While the Progressives destroy the Democrat party and tell lies about how popular Obama and the Democrats in Congress are, we will deal with reality and the facts. Bruce of course Americans care about the invironment,health care reform and jobs. They just think that the Democrats scams aren't good for the country. The Dems haven't done what they said when it comes to creating jobs or they wouldn't be looking at breaking the law and using TARP money to finally create jobs for non union,non government croany jobs. Obama hasn't done anything for the middle class but destroy small business' that give us the real jobs. When it comes to the environment I'm sure I have done more then you Bruce for the environment. In fact it is hunters and gun owners that have done more for the environment and global warming. We are the ones that buy state land with our taxes. It is those trees that produce O2 and eat greenhouse gas. It is us that have made the wilderness and all the animals in it more populated. You liberals just ram you boats into a whaling ship and blow up SUV's and housing project. You don't buy the land that the Owls live in. No that would show true conviction in your cause. No you want the rest of America to pay for it. Kind of like what you Progressacrats did with the unions and not having to pay for the health care reform you think everyone wants. When the Republican get a super majority and the oval office back they will undo the damage the Progressacrats did to the country. If the Democrats in office right now cared about jobs then why aren't they doing anything about it? How is taxing the crap out of the middle and upper class creating jobs,helping the environment and fixing the health care system? Why would Americans want to have a big tax to pay for health care and it doesn't fix one of the problems with the health care system? Why would the non union middle class want to pay for this health care bill for over 4 years without one change to the health care system that is real and tangable? You Progressacrats are way out of touch with what Americans want and need. But of course you don't care about them. You want those Americans to sit down and shut up even though they are clearly the majority. You only want what serves you and the Progressive fringe agenda. But on a more serious note good luck with the progressive destruction of the Democrat party. Whatever you Progressacrats do just keep pushing them to the left. Put on the Progessive gas and drive the Democrat party over the edge of recovery. It would be a shame if you Progressives got this close and failed. Just don't kill anyone or blow up any building like Jeff Jones and Bill Ahers did with the Weather Underground. You did know that Jeff Jones is an advissor to Obama didn't you? If any of those Progressacrates go back to their old self they might be of danger to the President. Obama better do what they want or elkse they will get ugly on him. And they are Obama's only friends.

  4. I see we have a great American Patriot that is running for the 13th district in Michigan as a conservative Republican. Roi Chinn. If you are living in that district take a good look at Roi Chinn and his backround. He has the education and the ideas to get Mich. back in it's rightful place. Give him your support like I will be giving him mine. Bruce you are 13th district aren't you? Maybe you could make a paper mache head of Mr.Chinn once he gets elected to office. Welcome my friend and let us know what is going on and how we can help you get elected.

  5. Chris, no, I am not in the 13th District. That seat is currently held by John Poppageorge, a Republican. Are you saying Chinn is challenging Poppageorge? Fantastic.

  6. That 56%s Approval Rating,What Country! Virginia New Jersey and Massachusett is ALL about NOBAMA and to say its NOT is Just WRONG but Bruce You Have Drank the Kool Aide and Stick with YOUR One Termer! Maybe that will CHANGE Your Never MIND!
    IND it Wont. Like I said EARLIER wait till this Circus in New York City Starts and SEE what the CITIZENS,Republicans,Conservative and Democrats THGINK of that IDEA! That Holder Desicion is JUST Plain STUPID and He works for Nobama WHO will Get the BLAME as he Should. That is Unless THEY can Figure out HOW to make it BUSHES Fault!

    One More thingy,I think The CITIZEN are NOT Happy with What he has DONE for the Eco0nomy and JOBS! He Promised no MORE than 8% JOB Unemployment and HOWS that Working! He Promised NOT Bush BUT Nobama HAS a Way of Making Promises NOT TRUE!

  7. Go back to killing the Democrat party. Bruce and JoeC are now the good guys. They are the ones that are making the Republicans look so good. They have helped the Republican party get stronger with every bill they try to pass. We should be helping the liberals destroy the Democrat Party for good. They are the only ones that could do that much damage, that quickly. First they tryed to do it to the Republicans and now the Democrats.


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