Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glenn Beck Is Putting These Lieing Liberals To Sleep

Glenn Beck is serious about taking his show forward this year.
Watch and enjoy and comment below and tell me what you think of Monday's show:



  1. How is that boycott of Becks show working out for you left wingnutz? 'Cuz it's working great for him. And the more Olbertmem and Maddcow talk about him the more viewers they lose to Beck. They call names and say he lies but they never back up their liberal lies. Fox News is doing more to distroy the liberal liars then the Republicans ever could do and that is why the Democrats hate Fox. They wont tell the liberal lies to its viewers like the other media. Just look at how many time the libs on this blog lie.

  2. Why would the White House ever call this jerk. Glenn Beck has no standards. He is wildly irresponsible. News Corp. risks everything on Beck because he's a cash cow.

    Beck has no "facts." You are a joke for listening to this clown.

  3. Prove it Bruce. What facts has he gotten wrong? Don't be a guttersnipe, Back up what you say with facts Bruce. Beck does, so where are your facts that "Beck has no 'facts'?"

  4. PROVE IT. Beck is getting these idiots and these left wing bloggers don't know what to do. You can't fight the truth with lies for very long.

  5. Umm Bruce, Just why is it that Beck is a cash cow? Hmmmmm? Please explain that (your version anyhow).

  6. Beck's version of crazy does seem to attract viewers.

    Beck Named Misinformer of the Year

    *Tried to usurp a satirist's Web domain for making fun of him on the Internet, then lost (and was publicly shamed for it)

    *Lost dozens of advertisers (reportedly a total of 80) after activists launched a campaign over Beck's claim that Obama "has a deep-seated hatred for white people"

    *Got caught by Jon Stewart advertising gold, then using his platform on Fox News to scare viewers away from the dollar

    *Was named "fearmonger-in-chief" by the Anti-Defamation League for his racially-motivated attacks on President Obama

    *Tried to blame the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on ACORN and former White House adviser Van Jones

    *And became the trigger that prompted a former Fox News pundit to turn against her former employer, telling CNN that Beck is "way over the top" and even "scary"

  7. I have proof that Hypocrats and LIEberals are liars, but yet to find anything on Beck.

    For instance, Gary Peters, my Representative from the 9th District, was caught in a lie when he stated that there are 45 million Americans without health insurance. Now that is a whopper, an increase of 50% over what the President said there was. LIAR

    And then there's MoveOn.org, who headlines an article saying they are "5 million" strong in members. In the body of the extremely short article they go on to say they have 4.2 million members (this number is also a lie).

    Then there is Bruce FAILk, the biggest liar of them all. Every comment he makes he gets caught in a lie. In fact, FAILk even creates new identities, like "George" and "Gramma FAILk". He can't even keep his liar identities straight.

    And here is a lie from Olbermann:

    Olbermann caught lying in Special Comment

    and another

    Keith Olbermann Caught in a Flat Out Lie

    and another

    Olbermann's Plastic Ivy

    And here are some bonus Rachel Maddow LIES:

    Rachel Maddow: Take Back Your Lie!

    and this one

    Rachel Maddow Lies about MoveON.org

    and this one

    Rachel Maddow More Shameless Than Speechless in Contorting Jindal's Remarks on Katrina

  8. Wow, Bruce, all that work and you still can't come up with one lie? BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Man, I just ran a quick search and came up with many lies from Oralmann and Madcow.

    Pity poor FAILk, caught in yet another lie. Ironic that his lie (this time) is claiming that another is telling lies. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Make sure you try to keep up with all of Oralmann's lies at this fantastic website. Going through the various posts I can see why Bruce worships this liar and nut-job Oralmann:


    Scroll down to December 10th for this one:

    Glenn Beck Rips Keith Olbermann for His Lying Attacks!

  10. Interesting,,,
    "Beck's version of crazy does seem to attract viewers."

    What "version" of crazy are you comparing it to? Madcows'? Obernuts'?

    And if it in fact were a money-maker, why would msnbc not follow suit?

  11. Those are op-eds. Where is you proof that Beck lied? John has a shit load of lies from the left. And he wasn't even asked to prove they are liars, as we already know that for fact.

  12. John I just went on that olbermannwatch blog and it is great. I put one of their videos up that I liked.Thanks.

  13. No problem Chris, I just stumbled across it. There are lots of sites out there exposing what a bunch of liars the Hypocrats and LIEberals are. In fact, it gets tough to wade through all the sites exposing what a menace to society libertards are. These liebertards are the venereal disease of society.

    Thanks Bruce FAILk for inspiring me to do a little more research to expose your lies. You are really exposing me to some great sites that make fun of you Hypocrat lieberals.

  14. Bruce Beck JUST makes you SQUIRM and what he says is the TRUTH so being the LIB you are whats left other than to SQUIRM!
    ASK ACORN about BECK and the Fox News Network. Ask Van Jones about Beck and Fox News if you can FIND Jones! You KNOW Fair and Balanced! You will Spew your CRAP and then go BACK into your HOLE and wait for NEXT BLOG! You NEVER answer ONLY Attack with Out and Out Lies but it takes all KINDS!
    Even Barbara Walters not exactly a Conservative NAMED Beck one of the 10 Most Interesting PEOPLE of the Year. Did not hear MADCOW or Overberbits name anywhere SO you keep throwing out the Crap and come NOVEMBER a New set of Consevative Law makers will Attempt to Clean it UP!

  15. this is classic. Two groups of demagogue watching posters arguing about whose's side lies less.

    Your a fool to quote, live by, profess, act like either side is anything but bullshit. fucking fools.

    Is this really what our politics has come down to, both sides fighting over which lowest common denominator tv broadcaster is the best.

    Not a single on of you can claim to thing for yourself. Not one. Their all hacks.

  16. Wow, nice language Joey. You kiss your wife and kids with that filthy mouth? Looks like you climbed back off the wagon and into your bottle.

    Well now Joey, again just because you say a thing doesn't make it true. What exactly has Beck lied about?

    And Joey, keep calling the kettle black. All you ever do is quote the philosophers that you think are right. When did you ever "thing" for yourself Joey? Who has ever cared what you had to say Joey? I'm guessing nobody. I'm sure your kids will "thing" you're the wisest person they have ever known, but that's what indoctrination will get you.

    To me you are the hack Joey. And watch your filthy mouth Joey. You must really impress the wife and kids with your profanity.

  17. JoeC Calm down Cant we ALL get Along! You seem Edgy! Two Party System Sucks BUT its all we have and any COIN, except, a LIB coin has TWO sides SO you must make a CHOICE,Read the Blogs and Comment or take YOUR ball and go HOME!

  18. I guess i struck a nerve with ya john huh? Perhaps you watch this garbage and think its enlightening. Its not. Perhaps you read their books and think they are enlightening, they aren't.

    I don't only quote philosophers. That's a flat out lie. I express my opinions and my ideas all the time here.

    John, I didn't say he lied. Stop trying to play that game with me. I am not going around trying to find all the shit he fudges, misinterprets, lies, distorts, spins etc. Its a waste of my time. They all do it. both sides and its silly as hell.

    I like the personal attacks at the end too. Reality hit to close to home huh, so you have to put on a show with your post?

  19. Struck a nerve with me? I don't know why you say that alcoholic. I just think it's hilarious that ONLY you "express [YOUR] opinion and [YOUR] ideas all the time here"

    and nobody else does according to you JOEY:

    "Not a single on (sic) of you can claim to thing (sic) for yourself. Not one. Their all hacks."

    So nobody else on this blog are expressing their own opinions but YOU Joey?! Gosh, you are such an original ... original idiot that is.

    I don't actually watch any of this, as I don't even have cable. However I do LOVE how you claim intimate knowledge of what is enlightening, when you apparently don't read or watch any of this. How do you have such intimate knowledge of something you have never bothered to look into JOEY?!? LOL ... you are so full of shit. Are we really to come to you and your filthy mouth and your social-anarchist labor-union loving ways to find out what is "enlightening"?!?! Nobody CARES what you have to say Joey! You're an armchair quarterback, nothing more. You might even have sustained a concussion or two somehow in your armchair quarterbacking career.

    I like this part too Joey: "I didn't say he lied" and then THE SECOND SENTENCE AFTER THAT: "I am not going around trying to find all the shit he fudges, misinterprets, lies, distorts, spins etc. Its a waste of my time. They all do it." BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... so which is it BIG THINKER, are you saying he lies or not?!!? Sounds like you are saying he does lie, so where are the lies?! You are just like Bruce FAILk, you spout off about something you obviously know nothing about, and never have proof to back it up. In fact your comments here are in a real competition with Bruce for most idiotic and contradictory in the space of a paragraph! ROFLMAO

    Personal attacks? Nothing personal about it Joey, to me you ARE a hack. You come blazing on here spouting your filth, and then you quote philosophers and act all high and mighty. I don't remember Locke or Rousseau dropping too many F-bombs, but then again maybe I'm not as "enlightened" as you are Joey. You're such a saint, and such a learned person. Here are a couple of quotes. I'm afraid they aren't MINE, so I don't know if you will sink yourself down to my level to read them, being that they aren't MY opinion ...

    The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it.

    Profanity is the crutch of the conversational cripple.

    And finally Joey, don't act like you aren't the king of the personal attack. From the moment you started posting on this blog and Brian Pannebecker's blog you were doing personal attacks. Including suggesting that we were doing homoerotic things, and attacking some girl because of her age and I suspect her gender, and Al's use of capitalization (ooooh, scary capitalization!) and other people's spelling. Grow up Joey. Nobody is perfect, and that DOES INDEED include YOU.

  20. lol...so i did hit close to home. Good to know.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  21. Uhhhmmmm .... yeah .... WHERE exactly did you "hit close to home"? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA I'm not following Joey, but keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better about it philosophizer. Now crawl back into your bottle of vodka little man. ROFLMAO

  22. John, like i said. I must be getting to you. you seem to be obsessed with me and projecting all these crazy ideas you have in your twisted little brain on me.

  23. Yes Joey, I guess I AM obsessed with trying to understand hypocritical relapsed-alcoholics with a penchant for beating their wives and children in their angry and profanity-laced rages. You really are getting to me, in the sense that you have this short-man syndrome and enjoy washing my balls with your mouth. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA

    Hey Joey have another shot, your spelling is getting a little better with each boilermaker you down.


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