Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here We Go Bruce Does This Make You Happy?

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v FEC gives Republicans an unexpected and possibly transformative gift in the lead up to the 2010 mid-terms…. that is if Republicans are smart enough to recognize it as such and take advantage.
The decision almost certainly favors Republican interests, since corporations are certainly not going to line up in favor of Democrats. In recent years, Democrats have out-raised Republicans by significant margins and as of this morning, Democrats seemed poised to head into the mid-terms with the financial edge. No more. Businesses are already lining up to oppose the Obama administration and the Democratic members of Congress loyal to the President. The Chamber of Commerce, which filed an amicus brief in favor of the non-profit that challenged the FEC (as did the NRA), spent $36 million on advertisements and get-out-the-vote activities in 2008 and has already announced its intentions to organize a campaign infinitely larger and more aggressive than its previous effort. The Court properly applied the first Amendment today, and as a result, Republicans have an excellent opportunity to narrow the fundraising gap. Needless to say, Democrats are having a bad month.
Regardless of what you think of the Supreme Court’s decision, the laws governing the political landscape are radically different today than they were yesterday. Citizens United opened the floodgates that previously prevented corporations and unions from spending their general funds on campaign advertisements that explicitly advocate in favor of or against the election of a candidate. The decision did uphold disclosure requirements, but nonetheless, a great deal of potential advocacy money just became in play for candidates, and members of both political parties are already moving to respond to the decision.
The President, for one, ain’t exactly thrilled. He led the Democratic charge against the decision, stating that today the SCOTUS “has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics,” and proclaiming his intention to “develop a forceful response.” He continued that “it is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans…. This ruling gives the special interests and their lobbyists even more power in Washington—while undermining the influence of average Americans who make small contributions to support their preferred candidates.”
Senator Chuck Schumer is apparently already moving to attempt to pass some sort of legislation that might at least partially blunt the effects of the Court’s ruling prior to the 2010 election cycle. While Democratic objections may to some degree be philosophical, their reaction to the ruling is undoubtedly in part related to the timing of the decision. A humiliating and truly disgraceful loss in Massachusetts not only derailed the Democrats’ health care bill but it has also raised fears among Democrats that the 2010 mid-terms could be truly catastrophic. Larry Sabato notes that “it is likely that Republicans will gain at least 3-5 senate seats in November. Even more startling, in the aftermath of the Massachusetts special election, Republicans would do even better IF the general election were being held today. The Crystal Ball projects that the Democratic majority in the Senate would be reduced to just 52 seats if November’s contest were somehow moved to January.” This decision has only served to further terrify Democrats.
Does the SEIU not count as a special interest? What about all the other special interest that wrote the Stimulus Bill and the Health Care Bill? Why does the President think he is above the law of the land?


  1. Chris, you really are more stupid than I thought. Yes, the SEIU has some financial wherewithal to donate to campaigns, but it pales in comparison to what an Exxon Mobil or Chevron could donate to political campaigns.

    I would that that conservatives and liberals could align on this issue, since it would take power away from the people and give it to the big corporations and take away your freedom and liberty that you say you are so protective of when it comes to criticizing the President.

    As bad as it is now with corporate lobbyists controlling the system, it will be 1000 times worse now that corporations can give unlimited money to candidates. This is the very definition of Fascism, the coalescing of government and business.

    I hope too, that you will back liberals in asking for our money back, as President Obama has been asking for from the big banks and AIG, so that we might have some fiscal responsibility from the big banks and some accountability.

    If you are really the fiscal conservatives you claim, you will surely join President Obama in getting the taxpayers' money back from Citibank, Bank of America and all the banks that took TARP money to stay afloat.

  2. I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, government, healthcare, real estate prices, the stock market, the federal deficit, Iraq, Afghanistan, global warming, my savings, Social Security, credit card debt........I called the Suicide Hotline. ... I got a call center in Pakistan ......told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.

  3. Hay stupid, yes you bruce. Obama want to take TARP money and have it do what the Porkulus bill was suppose to do. But intead of the Stimulus bill going to the people it went to Obamas croanies. Obama wants to break the law by useing the TARP money,our money stupid,and instead of paying off the dept,you retard,it would just go towards putting more burdon on the next generation. But you are way too dumb to understand that Progressive shell game and that is why you are only a fringe group. Having the President speaking out both sides of his lieing mouth might be good enough for you but not for most of Americans. We have seen the stupid change you Progressives in DC have given us and even the most liberal state in the union said enough already with your double talking BS. Why don't you go to your anti war protests? That was a short lived protest. Was it so we wouldn't call you hypocrites like you are. Why don't you do what you always do and protest the Supreme Court? Oh yeh, you usually riot and blow stuff up instead. Isn't Jeff Jones a part of Obamas admin and an ex Weather Underground terrorist? Maybe you could get him to do it for ya? Beck is right about you Progressive Psychos.

  4. Ok, Chris, so I'll put down for a no, that you don't want the banks to pay back the money they took from the American taxpayers and are now using to give $140 billion in bonuses. Great. Just wanted to have you on the record.

    I guess you're also in favor of the Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to give unlimited money to political campaigns.

    Thanks for clarifying your positions.

  5. Bruce I take it that you want the SEIU and other unions to give as much as they want to? You put words in my mouth. I said I didn't want the money to be taken from TARP and instead of giving it back to the people by reducing the debt like the law says to you want to take it from the people and let Obama and Congress to give it out to who they choose. See the difference or are you too dense to understand the difference? You do realize that Obama and the Democrats in Congress gave our money away to big business of their chosing from the Porkulus bill? I, like most Americans don't want the govt to play with my money and the future gernerations money. But you don't care because you want what you want. Thanks for giving us your position on it. I see you just want the Dictator and Chef to divy up the plunder of the last few years they have been in power. I see you want to go against the Supreme Court and have Obama Dictate over the Supreme Court any way he wants. The truth is bruce we the people don't trust you or the Democrats. Hope is gone and the Change you gave isn't the change you promised. You Progressives sacrewed up the Stimulus Bill and now you want to use more of our money to make things better before the next election. You sold us a lemon and we aren't buying it any more. If Obama and the Democrats trully want to stop the bonuses then they could have done it already. We know when we are getting the shaft and this is just another shaft. Obama said he was going to throw out the lobbiest and yet he has more lobbiest then anyone. Go take your lies and BS and peddle them on your failing blog. Don't act like this is about $140 billion in bonuses. It's about the theft and plunder of the future wealth of this country in order to make jobs that the Stimulus bill never did do even though it cost us $787 billion. Why do we have the communist Pay Czar if he isn't going to do what his Job is? You really are a idiot bruce. Is that clear enough for you? Or will you try and spine you fringe idealogue BS and put words ion my mouth again?

  6. Bruce just buys whatever Obummer and the Hypocrats sell him.

    FAILk, most of the banks have paid back the loans that they were FORCED to take. Obummer wants to keep on controlling banks that have paid back their forced loans. He also wants to penalize banks that never took a dime of taxpayer money. But you just keep buying the "Fat Cat" line. LOL ... quite funny how suddenly Obummer is concerned about this when his party got their asses handed to them in Massachusetts.

    Where you getting this 1000 x's worse line from FAILk, MoveOn or the DailyKos? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... keep trying to stifle free speech FAILk. We know you just want the corporations to keep giving money to the incumbents in the form of bribes. Like alllllll those Hypocrats in the Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Union, and Trial Lawyer's pockets. It's not going to work like that any longer. Now We the People have a voice and We will be heard.

  7. Wow, these unions are class organizations. What a bunch of dirty thugs and criminals. No wonder you LIEberals support them.

    When SEIU Is The Devil At Your Doorstep by Bret Jacobson

    Remember Brent Southwell, the business owner who says SEIU threatened to “kill” his company? Sadly, his experience isn’t unique. While readers have become increasingly acquainted with the tactics of unions like SEIU (and their allies in ACORN) to demonize American employers, the practice remains unknown to millions of Americans. Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce held an event in Washington to spotlight smear campaigns (known in the jargon as “corporate campaigns”).

    David Bego, a business owner in Indianapolis whom my fellow BG bloggers have referenced, gave an often emotional keynote speech outlining in great detail the nightmare experience of SEIU attacking his company. After telling the union he would not sign away the secret-ballot rights of his employees, he says the union responded that it would begin its attack, warning: “We enjoy conversation, but we embrace confrontation.”

    In his book, The Devil At My Doorstep (Amazon), Bego writes:

    One minute, we were enjoying the fruits of our labors minding our own business, and the next attacks begin lambasting the company as a “rat contractor” that cleaned buildings dubbed “Houses of Horror” for janitors who were exploited, intimidated, threatened, and abused all in the name of corporate greed. For the first time in our history, multiple National Labor Relations Board filings, frivolous charges with questionable evidence, would be filed against us for employee rights violations and for firing union supporters as the EMS image was dragged through the mud.

    Americans have to wake up to what’s going on on shopfloors and in boardrooms across the country. U.S. businesses are being attacked and forced to swallow bad contracts and sign away employees’ rights to remain union-free — sometimes they are even denied the right to vote on whether they want to be union-free.

    For those aware of ACORN and SEIU’s philosophical roots, an analysis of corporate campaigns by George Washington University professor Jarol Manheim uncovered strikingly familiar tactics and language:

    The corporate campaign was invented by the New Left in the 1970s, and by the 1990s was in widespread use by the labor movement. To date, unions have waged nearly 300 campaigns against employers, primarily, though not exclusively, to facilitate organizing.

    Corporate campaigns employ “power structure analysis” to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the critical stakeholder relationships on which all companies depend. This broad strategic approach is then implemented through tactics that range from highly sophisticated financial and governance initiatives to street theater and even psychological warfare.

    Typically, the role of the corporate campaign today is to force management to accede to union demands for “card check and neutrality”—a process by which the union certification procedures administered by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) are effectively circumvented. A recent innovation here is the substitution of non-NLRB elections for card check, which has been coupled with a widening attack on the NLRB itself.

  8. I just changed this post. It must suck that the Supreme Court was fair and ballanced and the Democrats can't do crap about it? I'm sure the left will put down their anti war protest signs,that they aren't using any more because they are hypocrites,to protest the Supreme Courts ruling. Does anyone want to make a bet that the left wing radicals do something violent before a right wing does? So far there have been more violent acts by liberals trying to act like conservatives then by conservatives themselves.

  9. John that is a great article ytou posted. Thank you. The unions sound like they still have that mafia running through it. I know FAILk hate the mafia so he must also hate it when they run the unions. But we all know why he hates Christians so much. He is a politialy correct bigot. Well FAILk get ready for the antithisus of PC. We make the rules now not you liberal fringe.

  10. John and Chris, this isn't about the SEIU or ACORN or George Soros. This is about our country, our democracy and now the Supreme Court has turned it over lock, stock and barrel to corporations, who have the same rights as people.

    I think you will soon regret your decision to throw in with the corporations, who also run your precious tea parties.

    But not that you're on the record as siding with the corporations, I'm good with that. Nothing more need be said on the subject.

  11. BWAAAAAHAHAHA ... FAILk, I asked you for your proof that it will be 1,000 X's worse than the Hypocrats have made it, and you have no proof. So shove it. All you are made up of is talking points. What is it like to be given your opinions? BWWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

    Better the corporations run something than the Hypocrats. We can all see what those results have been.

  12. Hey Chris, I guess this is the next "CRISIS" that Obummer is going to tackle, free speech. God forbid Constitutional rights are protected. Just more examples of the Hypocrats' fascism.

    Speaking of manufactured crisis, take a look at this guy giving it to the EU regarding the global warming hoax:

  13. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... worst decision since Dred Scott .... ROFLMAO ... rhetoric much FAILk?!?!

    Hey FAILk, what difference does it make if somebody can now give money to get somebody elected versus getting somebody re-elected? If you don't understand the question it's because you are just's BITCH. ROFLMAO at Bruce Epic FAILk.

    Oh, and don't forget FAILk, YOU are the one that wanted to talk about this subject of the SCOTUS decision. But now you want to STOP talking about it?!? LOL ... sounds to me like you don't have much of an argument against it. Your argument that we are for corporatism is flimsy at best, since your HYPOCRATS are the leading defenders of corporatism and cronyism. Suck it hypocrite! LOL

  14. Bruce Private Sector which this Administration HAS no Problem Attacking Should have and NOW does have Recourse when Mis- Information from Administration and YOU is Given Out! Banks were According to YOUR Administration TO BIG to FAIL Bruce. What would have Occurred if they WERE Allowed to Fail? I think OTHER Institutions would have PICKED up the Slack and LIFE would GO on in Private Sector ONLY Tax Payers Money and GOVERNMENT would NOT be In Private Sector! How Many JOBS did the Stimulus CREATE Bruce NOT Counting the 31st Congressional District that DOES NOT EXSIST!
    Private Sector Creates JOBS Bruce and NOBAMA could CARE LESS about that. His OBJECTIVE is to Destroy the Private Sector and the Economy. Why Else would HE SPEND SPEND and then SPEND some MORE,For What Bruce ALL those Shovel JOBS!
    Your Liberal IDEAS are In Trouble with the CITIZENS BRUCE so Come November Please Stay Rational!
    Liberal Congress and Nothing GETS Done,WHY Bruce. There are Some Democrats there that see Libs for what they are! When Your LIB Ship Starts SINKING Do Not Stand Close to the LIFE Boats Bruce Cause DEMOCRATS are Getting off YOUR Sinking SHIP!

  15. Oh and FAILk, just so we're all on the same page, this recent SC decision is the worst decision since Dred Scott, worse even than Bush vs. Gore, right? ROFLMAO

    Look at FAILk, trying to defend some horrible McCain legislation!! Bruce, stop trying to make me choke to death by laughing at you! STOP IT! BWAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. BWAAAHAHAHAHA ... Bruce STAY rational? Bruce has to GET rational before he can STAY rational!! LOL ... other than that, once again Al you are spot-on!

  17. Al, John, rationality on your side has never been your strong suit. I think you're taking the wrong side again.

    Populists are on the side getting of paid back from the big banks, so if you want to be against that, fine.

    If you want to be on the side of corporations being able to donate unlimited amounts of money to our politicians, that takes away freedom and liberty from the people, which I thought you were for. I guess you really aren't for freedom and liberty after all.

  18. Bruce you didn't answer my question.

  19. Look at Bruce's strawman everybody!!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA

  20. LOL ... Bruce FAILk and the Hypocrats fighting for FREEDOM and LIBERTY!?!?! The Socialists and Communists are worried abut FREEDOM AND LIBERTY now?!!? ROFLMAO ... somebody pinch me because I'm dreaming!! LOL

    FAILk and the Hypocrats, who want to FORCE you to buy health insurance so they can pay off the Unions, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and TRIAL LAWYERS is worried about money going to the HYPOCRATS?!!? ROFLMAO ... WTF are you TALKING ABOUT FAILK?!?! YOU IDIOT HYPOCRATS ARE THE PROBLEM WITH GOVERNMENT!!!!


  21. Bruce we are not a democracy. We are a democratic republic. But don't forget the democracy thing when you then 21% liberal fringe gets thrown out on your butts for the next few generations.

  22. See FAILk, these are the things we have to worry about, these Hypocrats and their sneaky ways, like sneaking this rationing of health care into the stimulus bill. But YOU are worried about some extra commercials and ads, which HAVE to be transparent as to where the money is coming from!?!? You are a total IDIOT FAILk.

    Thank God there are true patriots and heroes like T. McCotter to protect us from you commies:

    .... In my discussion with Judge Napolitano on the Glenn Beck Show, I hammered on the facts that (1) the Rationing and Enforcement Boards were already created and passed into law through the Stimulus Bill, and (2) the President had already appointed the members, funding them to the tune of $20.6 BILLION. When I pointed out that these boards were charged with directing healthcare “at the time and place of care,” Judge Napolitano expressed outrage at the prospect of these government entities insinuating themselves into the previously private and confidential doctor/patient relationship. The biggest outrage is the fact that no one seems to know that THIS IS ALREADY LAW! These rationing boards threaten your privacy, your control, your health, your treatment possibilities, and your future.

    Enter Congressman Thad McCotter. He acted upon the information in my interview and added two very important Sections to The Alternative Bill :

    SEC. 401. RULE OF CONSTRUCTION. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship or the practice of medicine.
    SEC. 402. REPEAL OF FEDERAL COORDINATING COUNCIL FOR COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS RESEARCH. Effective on the date of the enactment of this Act, section 804 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is repealed.

    With the addition of these two Sections, the subterranean health care coup within The Stimulus Bill, would have become NULL and VOID. However, by Pelosi’s and Obama’s block of the alternative bill the rationing boards survived.

    Enter Congressman McCotter again. On January 22, 2010 he introduced a Bill, The Freedom From Rationed Health Care Act, that would make the health care portion of The Stimulus Bill extinct.

    I thank those in Congress who were willing to listen to ‘the grunts on the front line of our health care system and to create the alternative Bill. I thank Congressman McCotter for (1) having the “guts” to call out the President, the Speaker, Senator Reid for their subterfuge in enacting the rationing and enforcement boards, and (2) for proposing a remedy for the unpalatable Democratic draught….not once but twice.

  23. John you should never say,"suck it" to a liberal. They tend to take you literally and homosexually. lol

  24. More from the lying liars the Hypocrats. These idiots can't even keep their lies straight! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... must be BUSH'S FAULT!!! ROFLMAO

    White House can’t keep job numbers straight
    By The Daily Caller 01/24/10

    Three different White House advisers appearing on three different Sunday talk shows gave three different estimates as to just how many jobs were created as a result of President Obama’s three-trillion dollar Recovery Act.

    Politico reports:

    The discrepancy was pointed out by a Republican official in an email to reporters noting that “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.”

    Valerie Jarrett had the most conservative count, saying “the Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs,” while David Axelrod gave the bill the most credit, saying it has “created more than – or saved more than 2 million jobs.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came in between them, saying the plan had “saved or created 1.5 million jobs.”

  25. Bruce , just how stuoid are you?

    "If you are really the fiscal conservatives you claim, you will surely join President Obama in getting the taxpayers' money back from Citibank, Bank of America and all the banks that took TARP money to stay afloat".

    Fiscal conservatives DID NOT GIVE IT OR BETTER SAID BORROW IT TO GIVE IT AWAY TO BEGIN WITH YOU JACKASS!!!!! RINO Bush made the key and LIBERAL SOCAILIST opened the flood gates!

    Furthermore, the "bamks" that took it were already under government control so they had no choice. The ones that were not were FORCED to take the money so as to be under government control.


  26. LOL, thanks Chris! I forgot all about their teabagging fixation!! What a bunch of sick-os.

  27. What's the matter FAILk, running out of talking points from MoveOn?!?! LOL .... FAILk's only alternative now is to play the RACIST card! He's already tried accusing us of being against liberty and freedom!! ROFLMAO

    Hey FAILk, are we against liberty and freedom like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obummer who want to regulate the internet, or are we against it like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who want to force people to buy health insurance and create government rationing of health care? Just wondering which freedom fighters (you know, fighting AGAINST freedom) we are like. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  28. Nice try bruce but why don't you ever answer the real questions? You control the posts that get on your blog when they prove you wrong. That is a lot of posts. I have a question for all the readers. Does anyone believe the BS Bruce F. and the progressive Democrats are trying sell us? I'd really like to hear from you. Do you really think that this is about the Supreme Courts decission or is it about the Democrats always wanting to have the edge and control over eveything? Watch how they end up acting with the Supreme Court and the law of the land. These Hypocrates are all for the law and the legal system when it could free a terrorist of like mind to them but when it's the Supreme Court thewy want to go against the law of the land. AL and John made some awesome points. Bruce looks like that crazy guy again all by himself with his idealogical rants and hypocracy.

  29. Christopher great points. I have noticed that at least the conservatives blast both parties when they are acting like buffoon progressives. I never see that from the left. Just look at all the protests they have now that a Democrat is in office. They don't have the war protests like they used too,they don't protest the Patriot Act even though it was expanded under Obama. They don't protest the deficit spending now that Obama and the Democrats spent more money then all the presidents combined and now Congress just gave a $1.9 tillion increase in the debt cap. Is GITMO still open? Are we still at war with an escalation in the wars? All I hear is it's Bush's fault or it's the Republicans fault in both houses of Congress even though they have a supermajority. Oops I mean had. If you thought it was hard to pass a bill when the Democrats had the supermajority now lets see what happens when they have to do things the way all the Republican Presidents had to. You Progressive scum are going to do something stupid and violent like you always do and we will be there to point out to the world what you sick anti American,anti Christian/Jew capitalist hating jerks are.

  30. Do you know what the real difference between a Republican and a Democrat is? A Republican hopes to get rich some day while the Democrats know they wont so they take it. People come to America to hopfully get rich and that is why most legal imogrants are conservative Republicans while the illegal imogrants are progressive Democrats. The Democrat give extentions on unemployment while putting people out of work with their policies. Republicans/Conservatives create jobs by getting out of the way of our small business' that creat 80% of the jobs. Which would you rather have a job or an extention on unemployment and bigger gov't to support?

  31. From

    So now what? Well, last week Obama played his populist card by going after Wall Street; result, the stock market promptly tanks by more than 500 points. So long, farewell, adieu, auf wiedersehen! Way to go, Barack: all those old folks nearing retirement or parents approaching a stretch of college tuition: too bad! Thanks for your masterly leadership!

    But now comes something really amusing. In an effort to win back the support of “fiscal moderates,” Obama yesterday endorsed the idea of creating a special debt and deficit reducing commission. But guess what, it wouldn’t convene until after next November’s election. In the meantime, he is counting on Democrats to muster enough votes to raise the federal debt ceiling further into the stratosphere of economic irresponsibility.

    Politico quotes Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), the Senate Budget Committee chairman: “The president is demonstrating exactly the kind of leadership we need to tackle our nation’s long-term fiscal challenges.” Right! And you, Dear Reader, are Marie of Romania. No, Politico was correct when it suggested that Obama’s latest gambit “risks being seen as just a ploy to win over swing Democratic senators.” You bet it does. Any fool can see that. So what about the White House? Do they really think we’re too stupid to see what they are up to?

    I wonder. It’s not entirely clear who’s minding the shop. More and more, one hears the criticism that the president is too cool for school: that he is arrogant, disengaged, out of touch. “Narcissistic” is a term many of us used when observing candidate Obama on the hustings. Obama is the time-delay president. Something bad, really bad, happens — a Muslim fanatic guns down forty people at Ft. Hood, say, or an al Qaeda-trained terrorist tries to blow up a commercial jet over Detroit — and what does the president of the United States do? Nada. He “monitors” the situation from afar. He takes several days to respond in public, and when he does it’s all the obfuscation all the time. An “isolated extremist.” Yemen is a poor country. I’m on holiday out here, back soon. Obama’s behavior during a crisis puts me in mind of Harry Graham’s little ditty “The Englishman’s Home”:

    I was playing golf the day
    That the Germans landed;
    All our men had run away,
    All our ships were stranded;
    And the thought of England’s shame
    Very nearly spoiled my game.

    No wonder Scott Brown is going to Washington.

  32. Chris , Good point.

    Illegals are called 'crimialiens' and liberals are deemed 'legal criminals'.

    Corrupt either way and connected.

  33. Bruce I was Against ANY Tax Dollars of ANY Administration Being Used in Private Sector FOR Anything! That is WHY its Called the Private Sector Bruce! All that Tax Payers Money was for ONE Thing , The Government Now has its Hands in MORE Private Sector Areas and if YOU Keep track the Governments Record at Running ANYTHING Aint GOOD! TARP MONEY WAS PAID BACK WITH INTEREST,PERIOD BRUCE its a Fact and the TRUTH to YOU is FORGEIN but Give Truth a Chance.
    Citizens,Private Sector are What Made this Nation Great! Socialist,Communist and Marxsist Advisers WANT to KILL Private Sector Bruce. IF They were to Succeed WHAT are We Left with BRUCE! I will Tell Ya, Just a Larger Version of CUBA or any other Third World Country! Nations are NOT built and ABLE to Last 233years BY the CITIZENS All Being POOR and Bruce thats What this Administration would PREFER! Name one of This Administrations AGENDA Items that will MAKE this Nation Better,Richer or SELF SUBSTAINING,Just One Bruce!

  34. I think investing in GM and Chrysler will make this nation better and more self sustaining. Millions of jobs were saved by not letting GM and Chrysler not go out of business.

    I think bailing out the banks has been successful, though I do want my money back, especially since the banks are now seeing fit to give massive bonuses to the same people that caused the problem and are using taxpayer money to do it. That is shameful, but big business has no shame when it comes to making obscene profits off the backs of American taxpayers.

    No one wants to kill the private sector, Al. You are so full of hate and rage, all you can do is call people names, instead of looking at the actual policy.

    Would have rather had the country fall into a depression, even worse than the one of the 1930's? I guess your answer to that is YESSS!

    You are so stuck in your ideology, you can't see the good in anything that's been done.

  35. Bruce As Simple AS I can Make it for YOU to Understand!
    Big Government BAD!

    Private Sector GOOD!

    I Dont Recall Calling You Names, Would NOT Lower Myself to Your Standards! Once again Bruce NAME One thing this Administration HAS Done to Help the Private Sector and JOBS Just One Bruce and I will NOT expect an ANSWER You Just Dont have ANY! Bruce Profits Not a BAD thing! Once again if you WORK and Have Employer is HE/SHE POOR?

    NO Hate No Rage Just Facts Bruce You Have Indeed Crossed the line to the Twilight Zone,SAY Hey to ROD for Me.

  36. Bruce all the Democrat bailouts did was make the loses public. The next responce to making the loses of public companies is to make their gains public. No Bruce thats not Progressive Socialism. It just looks like Socialism. Bruce did you take the brown acid at Woodstock? AL called it right on. And because of great Americans that stand up for what is right like John,Christopher,Al,Big Chris,Silverfiddle,Liz,Right wing mama and everyone else that has chimmed in to band together to stop the lies that are told to the people. Why is it that liberals are the most selfish people? Why is it that liberals do all the talking about giving but in reality they give almost half as much as conservatives even though conservatives make less then liberals? Why is it that the Democrats are giving a break in the Cadillac insurance tax to the unions but we the people must pick up their tab? And why is it greed when a CEO make money but when the FED Reserve does it it's good? Why is it that liberals hate guns unless it's for the governemnt? Why is it OK for a union member to make around $70 hr. when the company could hire the same labor for $14 and hr. and they don't call that greedy?

  37. GM and Chrysler take millions in tax money and then declare bankruptcy, and Obummer gives controlling stakes in the companies to the unions. How did that save jobs you idiot Bruce? How did my "investment" (which was against the majorities will by the way, so I don't know how you could classify that as an investment, more like compulsory payment) make this nation better and more "self sustaining"?!?!? It's LUDICROUS logic!! Those companies could have declared bankruptcy before all that money evaporated into the ether, but that wouldn't have fit into Obummer's plan to give control to the Unions against ALL BANKRUPTCY PRECEDENT. Dirty dirty dirty Hypocrats. Stop ruining this country please.

    By the way Bruce, you still haven't answered anyone's questions! BWAAAHAHAHAHA

    Hey FAILk, here's another question for you, how are WE against freedom and liberty when the Supreme Court removed RESTRICTIONS on our freedom and liberty and YOU are pissed about it?!!? More Hypocrat logic!! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  38. Personally, i am against corporations, unions, associations being given the rights of an individual citizen when clearly they are not. I do not see this case as reinforcing the rights of American citizens as placing entities other than them on the same plane as they are.


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