Friday, January 1, 2010

Illegals Welcome To The Union

Forced union dues at work: SEIU has just posted a new video attacking “Teabaggers” and — snort — decrying violence:

You know the truth.
Obama’s SEIU “brothers and sisters” can’t handle the truth.
Isn't it great how the unions want the Democrats to make all the illegal immigrants legal? I'm sure the union members are as happy as sheep in a meadow over giving all the new jobs to those millions of new Americans. I think it is so nice of the unions to offer their services to our illegal immigrants. High wages paid by the consumer. Free health care for the whole family and SSI for all those that need it. What a great gift for becoming and American. Now all they need to do is vote for Democrats, and they will, and the plan will be complete. Spread the wealth my union friends. Is this really the direction you union and non union Americans want to go? Do we want to give our country away to those who have done nothing but illegaly come over here? Bush didn't really do much to seal off our borders and Obama and the Democrats are giving illegals a shout out and a bunch of cash as long as they vote Democrat and you know they will once they are given that great of a gift.
SEIU Stronger Together


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  2. Is that the video that those white SEIU Democrats called that man a "f^cking n!gger" while beating him? I heard they called him a "n!gger" 47 times. Didn't Erik Houlder let those Democrat racists go too just like the Black Panthers were let go?

  3. Yes it is Anon.This admin is running the White House like a criminal organization and Obama and his crew are the criminal lawyers.

  4. And where in that video does it say anything about anything about illegal aliens?

    I didn't see one word about forced union membership or illegal aliens.

    Chris, you continue to make shit up, like Fox "News."

  5. Bruce it is a view of what SEIU does to those that don't do what they want. Are you saying that SEIU with the Democrats help don't want illegal immagrants or "illegal aleins"? That video along with the picture give a representation of what SEIU do and how they do it. Did I make up the video of those racists beating that poor conservative black man? Did I make up the fact that both SEIU and many Democrats in Congress and the White House want to make all illegals legal in America? What did I say that was a lie Bruce? You sir are the liar as we have proven time and time again with you and your liberal ilk. We are seeing that Obama is a pupet to the unions and the things that the unions are doing with the help of the Democratic party are actually hurting the union members. Aren't you a union member Bruce? Is that why you lie for them? Because you think you will gain power and influence with this government of Union Democrats? You are just a stooge for the unions thats all. And beating a black man with racial intent isn't below you union types. Thank God not all union members are like you on the left. When is your next anti war protest Bruce? I remember when you left wing radical anti military protesters got a real showing for your protests. They were not even close to the size of the Tea Party rallies but most of your anti war weirdos aren't against the war but against Republicans. If they weren't a bunch of fakes then the anti war protests would be as big as they were under Bush. Since your protests are only about 10% of the size they were under Bush I would say that you were part of a fake protest.

  6. Bruce SEIU is nothing more than THUGS and the SMALL clip SHOWS that!Still looking for the Video of those MEAN Mob Mentality Teabaggers Bruce!
    Come November things will CHANGE, as Iv said before NOBAMA did one GOOD thing. He WOKE up Citizens and how they think about the BALLOT BOX. Conservatives/Independants will make a CHANGE in 2010 and make NOBAMA a ONE TERMER in 2012 Bruce. Alot of OLD Dems will be LOBBIST at this TIME Next year and Bruce thats the TRUTH!

  7. From what I can tell, the Reverend is being attacked by teabaggers.

  8. hey, which Tea Party do you belong to guys. the one that funnels its PAC money back to a consulting firm or another one? Its hard to keep apart the faux news from the astro-turf anymore. all seems to run together in to one big scam.

  9. Actually Joey, there is no official "Tea Party". There were many "Tea Parties", the TEA coming from "Taxed Enough Already", and were to protest higher taxes and loss of freedoms. I see how you are trying to make another straw-man argument in the tradition of Bruce FAILk.

    If you want to talk about lobbying money Joey, I suggest you do some research at, and witness what all that SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and Lawyer money has bought (that would be the President and both houses of Congress). Talk about a scam.

    What organization do YOU belong to Joey?!? We know the union; talk about dirty AND "astro-turf". I was at some health care town-halls Joey, and the only "pre-fabbed"/professional-printed signs were the SEIU and Pro-Government takeover of health care signs. ALL the other signs were home-made.

  10. The Democrats don't like it when the Republicans use their games. We are organizing just like you organized decades earlier. We are giving conservative organizations loads of time and money. We wre taking over the blogs and the media. At 40% of the population conservatives are by far the largest group. We are a right of center country and we are going to start acting like it.

  11. JoeC Independants and Conservatives are getting even MORE activated then last YEAR,and will DO OUR best with "Truth" to Retire as many Politicans as Possible in November! I am sure Libs you also NOTICED there were MANY Democrats also at the Rallys,I wonder WHY!

    Note: Tea Baggers will be the Citizens Demonstrating Peacefully with HOME made signs and NOT Dressed like Brown Shirts!We also DONT carry Night sticks, unlike SOME LIB Election Sites being Manned by THUGS!

    As they say on Fox news Fair and Balanced! note; Limbaugh Scheduled to be back WENSDAY!

  12. I was a democrat and I've gone to the teaparties. I also think the democrats are bad for people of color.

  13. John, i was asking becuase

    The political action committee behind the Tea Party Express (TPE) -- directed around two thirds of its spending during a recent reporting period back to the Republican consulting firm that created the PAC in the first place.

    And the spending details raised hackles among members of the Tea Party Patriots, a rival faction of conservative activists who have denounced TPE as a creature of Republican political professionals that lacks grassroots authenticity.

    So i was just askin...

    As for the Union, i don't belong to the SEIU and i don't take any direction from them.

    Chris, i don't care if you organize, but atleast don't be quacks about it. Your ball washing parties amount to nothing more than the new black helicopter movement among the right. Same shit, different fearmongering.

    its the same freak demagogue lead Free republic assclowns crying about the next new world order. Its a regurgitation of the 90's quackery. .

  14. JoeC said...
    "Chris, i don't care if you organize, but atleast don't be quacks about it. Your ball washing parties amount to nothing more than the new black helicopter movement among the right. Same shit, different fearmongering.

    its the same freak demagogue lead Free republic assclowns crying about the next new world order. Its a regurgitation of the 90's quackery." OK JoeC whatever.I don't even know what to say to such a stupid statment. And JoeC don't lie you belong to a Union it's just not SEIU. Even you UAW members are trying to distance yourselves from other unions like SEIU because of their mafia mentality. Didn't the unions start with the mafia's help and influence into politics that would serve organized crime? And the Democrats were more then happy to fill that position for organized crime,organized labor and all the other Marxist philosophies.

  15. Chris, i didn't say i don't belong to a union or support a union. I said i don't take direction or belong to the SEIU.

    Again, you espouse things that you know little of. The UAW when it first organized had the help of criminals, like Rev. Raymond P. Sanford and many catholic leaders. the church was a strong influence in early organizing.


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