Monday, January 11, 2010

More Racism From The Democrats and They Called Us The Racist

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and photo clipart       Democrats To African Americans: Your Degree Of *Blackness* Determines Our Fortune

Strom Thurmond was an unapologetic segregationist. He unsuccessfully ran for President once, but for some reason South Carolina saw his talents as a Politician to be sufficiently satisfactory to put him in office as their Governor for 4 years, and in the US Senate for 48 years (both as a Democrat AND a Republican)…this, DESPITE his views on race. He never withdrew those positions, nor did he apologize for them, although he is said to have ‘moderated his tone over time.’
Strom Thurmond, segregationist or not, was also a staunch believer in the 10th amendment to the US Constitution (my personal favorite): “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people” and it was his stand on State’s rights that gained him much favor in South Carolina and around the political world.
“[We] want that federal government to keep their filthy hands off the rights of the states.”
Racist or not, he was who he had always been-open, honest, and forthright… and most importantly… these traits never cost him his job.
So when Trent Lott suggested that “we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today” back in 2002 had Thurmond been elected President 54 years earlier, the Democrats were quick to tie the segregationist element of Thurmond around Lott’s neck (rather than the State’s rights element) and summarily had Lott tarred, feathered, effigied, and FIRED from his leadership position in the US Senate. Note to class-NEVER did Lott affirm his support of segregation, and NEVER were we asked to consider Thurmond’s embrace of the 10th amendment. We were just told Thurmond’s segregationist ideology HAD to be what Lott was talking about and that he must, therefore, be run outta Dodge.
How, then, does Harry Reid get to keep his job when he sees the quality of African Americans according to their skin tone and linguistic prowess? The answer shouldn’t be looked for in Michael Steele’s paid-to-be-mad rants, nor in Republican wails against double standards. The answer needs to found in the opinion of the people he represents where it should be…not with the media, the elites and the professional pundits. It’s not hard to see that Reid, just as with Bill Clinton, sees African Americans as political tools and foregone voting bloc conclusions. Let THEM express themselves in the voting booths. Let the rest of us just sit back and watch.
Democrats clearly see African Americans as coffee-fetching errand boys and linguistically challenged “children” that need to be ‘taken care of’…and only so black as the color of their skin as opposed to the content of their character. Reid needs to keep his job long enough to be fired by those very same people…the ones we care most about-the AMERICAN Voter (African and otherwise).
Apologies notwithstanding, however many of them the Democrats make…Americans have a much longer memory than does our media cycle and the Politicians’ lives that desperately cling to it.


  1. Didn't Blago say something racist also? Reid needs to get fired. And if you agree that Reid should stay then you are a racist.period

  2. There will be a rally against Government Motors on Monday, January 11th, to make a peaceful yet clear statement against Government takeover of America. Sorry about the late notice on this, but if you live in the Detroit area and would like to make your views known about all of the endless and unaccountable government bailouts, you have a chance to by showing up on Monday and peacefully protesting.

    Since December of 2008, the private company General Motors has so far taken $52.9 billion in taxpayer dollars. The intended purpose of this funding was “to prevent a significant disruption of the American automotive industry,” according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). GM used this money to go bankrupt and shed billions in debt- by that, I mean that banks and investors were forced to take a bath and thousands of people were laid off and hundreds of dealers were forced out of business. This unprecedented distribution of wealth also has resulted in the government owning 61% of GM equity and the labor unions owning a good chunk more.

    Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders (possible even President Obama) are coming to Detroit to check on their investment on Monday, and this is a chance for us to tell them what we think of the US government nationalizing private businesses.

    The rally is Monday, January 11, 2010, from 9:30am - 12:00pm, at the Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. Meet in the lobby of the Marriott at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit and look for the Michigan Tea Party Banner. Someone will be there to greet you. From there we will head over to Cobo hall for a Tea Party Rally. You can park in one of the many lots downtown or at the Cobo Hall lot which is close to the Renaissance Center. Dress warm!

  3. Cindy, The latest from Blago I have heard 9not sure if recent?) is on the Drudge Report,,Blago says he is 'blacker' than Obama.

    This guy is not your run-of-the-mill liberal, worse, he is insane.

  4. Chris this is an excellent article, can I ask where you found it? I would like to add it to my blog-roll.

    Did I ever mention that I was at one time a Democrat? Yes, at one time I voted for Bill Clinton and I believed many of the lies that were spun by the real racists like Jesse Jackson.

    Do you know what turned me around? My neighbors. White, conservative neighbors who were real neighbors. Whenever I had a problem around the house it was always my conservative white neighbor who was there to lend a hand. Meanwhile my liberal white AND black neighbors always had an excuse.

    And then I started noticing the hypocrisy of Mr. Jackson and the others. How they would cry racism at the drop of a hat while their own racism against white people, Jewish people, and people of asian descent (among many others) were tolerated and at times even encouraged!

    Democrats are living in a glass house and throwing stones as far as I am concerned. They support the most racist legislation and claim they are helping black people but what they are really doing is destroying our families and our culture. Is it an intended or unintended consequence? It's hard to say, but what we can say for sure is that the consequences are brutally destructive. Exhibit A: Detroit, Michigan.

  5. As a "dark man" I find it racist. Thank you Chris for all you have done on you blog for African/Americans. Thank you Michael for speaking the truth. It is proof that they look down on those that "look" more black. And I do believe that there is a double standard. Even Joe Biden said something that was a little racist during the race. Are we "good blacks" if we look white,talk white,raised by whites and smart? I only heard Democrats say they "voted for the white half" when it came to Barack H. Obama.

  6. I don't think it was racist. Just like I don't think the Teabaggers are racist or Republicans. I just see a bunch of white people calling each other racists for no good reason. And I know the Democrats have been calling you all racist for decades now but that doesn't make it right.

  7. Reid only pointed out that the Democrats wouldn't vote in a dark skinned black man. It's the truth. The liberals judge a person based on skin color instead of the content of their characture. I also heard many Democrats say they "voted for the white half". I've seen a lot of that on many Democrat left leaning blogs during the race. I just hope they don't blame the color of his skin when he goes down as the Worst President In History. I know we don't blame his skin color. That is why we say "liberal" or "progessive" so often as we know that is whats to blame.

  8. I hate the white half of Hussein as much as the black half. He is the worst president ever. Nothing to do with race, he's just terrible.

  9. MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 2010
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    MORAL OF THE STORY: Be careful how you vote in 2010.

  10. And the left say nothing on the subject.

  11. By the LIBS by saying Nothing,they have said it ALL!

    Libs have helped out Blacks so MUCH,Just look at any Big City and SEE how much they have Improved their Wealth,Education and Job Opportunitys. The WAR on POVERTY is/was just a METHOD of GETTING the VOTES. LIBS could give a RATS ASS about the Well Beings of Blacks and BIG CITIES Show it!VOTING BASE is their GOAL,PERIOD!

  12. By now most of you have seen Harry Reid’s reported remarks, from a book on the 2008 election, enthusing that Barack Obama could be a successful presidential candidate because he was “light-skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” The real story here is the Left’s hypocrisy: Reid has committed a sin that would be unpardonable by anyone but a Democratic politician.

    Much of the “Negro-gate” flap over Reid’s comments has focused on whether, parsing them closely, they can or can’t be compared to the 2002 comments by Trent Lott that got Lott ousted as Senate Majority Leader. As a matter of pure politics, that seems unlikely to happen to Reid - where Lott came under early and intense fire from bloggers and pundits on the Right, eventually making him radioactive to fellow GOP politicians, the Left (with only a few exceptions) has circled the wagons around Reid. On the other hand, Reid faces his own doom, as this adds to an already uphill battle Reid faces for re-election. But in any event, the better analogy is to George Allen, Jimmy the Greek, Al Campanis, James Watt, and others who lost their jobs due to comments that were not so much racist per se, but rather racially insensitive. That’s what Reid’s comments were - he was basically giving Obama a stamp of approval for not being one of those black people, with their “Negro dialect” and black skin - and even if he meant it more as an insult aimed at the tolerance of white voters, it’s still not something you or I would be crass enough to say in a forum where it could ever be repeated to African-American friends. (Perhaps more damning to Obama is Reid’s implication that Obama would put on a “Negro dialect” when it suited his purposes).

    Reid’s not the only one even this week - the same book quotes Bill Clinton saying that a few years ago, Obama would have been getting him coffee, while Rod Blagojevich, the twice-Obama-endorsed gift that keeps on giving, tells Esquire Magazine:

    I’m blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived.

    He’s black because he shined shoes?

    Nor is this Reid’s first offense. Among Reid’s long laundry list of petty personal insults aimed at distinguished public servants - notably excluding former KKK member Robert Byrd, whom Reid called an “unusually brilliant man” - Reid said of Clarence Thomas:

    I think that he has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court. I think that his opinions are poorly written. I just don’t think that he’s done a good job as a Supreme Court justice.

    Reid contrasted Justice Thomas to Justice Scalia: “I cannot dispute the fact, as I have said, that this is one smart guy.” But what made Reid assume that Thomas was a lesser intellect or a bad writer? He was never able to identify any Thomas opinions he’d read that gave him that idea. It was just a stereotype.

    Racial insensitivity, intended or not, has become a frequent firing offense for government officials and other public figures at the insistence of the Left, aided and actively encouraged time and again by the leading lights of the Democratic Party. It is not Republicans or conservatives who frequently bathe themselves in sanctimony on this issue or treat it as an unforgivable offense. When a Republican is caught in a sex scandal, pretty much regardless of his actual record, the air is filled with calls for him to be held to a higher standard than Democrats because of conservatives’ belief (not universally shared) that marital infidelity and other sexual misconduct is a bad thing. Yet, when a Democrat is caught making racially insensitive remarks, the very same pundits on the Left argue that rather than hold their side to the higher standard they demand of others, there should be a lower standard for Democrats precisely because of their public positions. Heads we win, tails you lose!

  13. Kelvin, George Allen said "racially insensitive" comments???? He called a dark skinned man Macaca. Thats not insensitivity thats outright racism. Even if your not familiar with the words history, attempting to make up funny sounding names for Dark skinned people in public forums is more than racially insensitive.

    Harry Reid should resign as senate majority leader. Simple enough. I don't think his comments are in the same vein as Trent Lott, or even George Allens but its stupid to say in front of people.

  14. I heard a lot of people say they voted for the white half. And we all know that 90% of blacks voted for Obama because of his skin color. I didn't see that coming from the Republican even though they were called the racists. Please explain why this happened so often?

  15. What do you think Herry Reid ment with those comments? I'd really like to know what you on the left think Herry Reid really meant by his "negro" comments? And silence is saying something as fare as I'm are concerned.

  16. JoeC What YOUR saying is it was Stupid to SAY in Front of People ,Does that mean it Would be OK if NOT Reported. I believe its STUPID/RACIST ANYTIME!

  17. A conservative media analyst says the mainstream media will once again be demonstrating its bias if it quickly ends its coverage of Harry Reid's controversial race remarks like the White House wants.

    The new book Game Change recounts how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) in 2008 described then presidential candidate Barack Obama as a "light-skinned" black American with "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

    Reid issued a statement Saturday, saying: "I deeply regret using such a poor choice of words. I sincerely apologize for offending any and all Americans, especially African-Americans, for my improper comments."

    Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, says when it comes to race, if a Republican had said the same thing Reid did, there would have been a different tone to the press coverage than what people are currently hearing.

    "It sort of has this tone of like somebody burped at the family picnic -- like 'Oh, that was sort of rude,' and now we're all moving on," says Graham.

    "We're not seeing real outrage [that's normally seen]," he continues. "And when the people [who] we're used to seeing dole out the racial outrage-- [people] like Al Sharpton -- are saying, 'Oh, never mind...never mind,' that's when you start to...think there's a double standard here...."

    According to the MRC spokesman, members of the media are enabling that double standard instead of "asking the tough questions." And Reid's fellow Democrats, he adds, are going to determine for the media how outrageous the senator's comments are "based on who it helps at this moment."

    Getting 'Daschled'?
    The head of an advocacy group for seniors says Senator Reid faces the prospect of getting "Daschled." Jim Martin, chairman of the 60 Plus Association, says seniors are upset over the proposed healthcare reform package that is expected to slash Medicare spending.

    The chairman predicts that Reid could face the same fate as another Senate majority leader, former Senator Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota). (Listen to audio report)

    "We call it 'he's going to get Daschled,'" Martin mentions. "As you know, Senator Daschle four years ago lost to Senator John Thune in South Dakota. Senator Daschle [was] the first majority leader in well over 50 years to lose his re-election bid, so there is precedent -- and I think Harry Reid is going to lose his."

    60 Plus has been called "the conservative alternative to the AARP."

  18. Chris, Al,

    Talked to alot of people about this and thought alot about it. I don't feel what he did is racist, nor is it in anyway like what Trent Lott, or George Allen did. He made a comment about what he felt was the state of the country, and instead of calling it ebonics or ghetto slang he called it "negro dialect." Stupid thing to say.

    Was it wrong to think that America might not be ready for a dark skinned black man who talked more hip-hop? No. did it show poor judgment not to be more concise and thoughtful in how he said it? yes. Do i think Harry Reid should step down for it? Yes.

    That being said, its time that your party pulls the plank outta your eye and stop demanding that we get the speck out of ours. Did you protest Rush when he played "Barack the Magic Negro"? Did you demand that the RNC stop running race-baiting commercials in the Corker-Ford election in Tenn?

    What was Rush saying when he played that song? What was the RNC saying when it showed a White woman telling a black man to call her? Did George Allen drop out of the senate race after calling a dark skinned hindu Macaca? Did you not want him to win after that?

  19. JoeC "Barack the Magic Negro" was NOT a Limbaugh Idea. Original Term was used by a Writer for the Los Angelous Times in March of 2007. Writer Basiclly said because Obama had NO Record to run on and that Obama was LIGHT enough in Color,WHITEs would HAVE Easier TIME Supporting HIM! He came up with the Term" Barack the Magic Negro" and all Limbaugh did was POINT out with the SONG was that LIBS have No Problem Calling others Racist BUT when the Racist are in there Yard they have NO Problem with it! He Did take the HEAT from the LIB Led Media which HE KNEW would Occurr BUT Did it ANYWAY and as USUAL HE was RIGHT!

    Any Racist Remarks are Wrong and Should BE Condemend BY ALL but LIBS Do have that Thingy with CHERRY PICKING!

    Why Not Read up On Sen Byrd, Gov Wallace and other Democrats who Along with Others were KNOWN Racist or KKK Members! Always LOOK in your OWN Yard cause Might be POOP there TOO!

  20. Joe was it wrong when the left called all the tea party protesters racist? You on the left are the poster children for the race card and now that one of your own says something that might be racist then you become lucid and thoughtful. How partisan of you. I think the real point is the double standard of you on the left. We have looked in our own yard it is you on the left that point to our yard every time one of your own gets busted for doing what you preach you hate. So Reid thinks most Americans,Democrats and Independents,are racist to the color of their skin. We all know Reid wasn't tawlking about all Americans just the ones that would vote for a left leaning Democrat. That ain't Republicans. Reid was pointing to his own yard not ours so tawke a good look at the racism within your own party. We aren't the ones that think Americans,Democrats and Independent, are racist to the point of not voting for a dark skinned black. And I don't know anyone that would take a person that spoke slang ebonics seriously. So mwhy even bring that up as a point. Thats like pointing out that Palin is a women every chance you can.

  21. Al,
    So your defending Rush but blaming Reid? Nice. All Rush did was appeal to the every openly racist members of his audience. nothing thoughtful or well intentioned there. Thats why you guys get called racist, because a large amount of you are. Perhaps not you, but many of your circle of voters.

    If you happen to notice i said Reid should resign his leadership position. I did notice that you only stuck to the Rush comment and did not take a stand on Allen , or the RNC ads openly courting racists in TN.

    As for Byrd, i know his history and i personally wouldn't vote for him. Not that i can, but i wouldn't if i could. Does he represent me, no but we do share other political beliefs aside from that.

    Chris, your party is rife with racist attitudes and actions, including the Tea Parties. I don't say that your a racist but that once a again a large part of the people have those attitudes. Look at the pictures, emails, and signs that your people are displaying. Obama with bones through his nose looking like an african witch doctor.

    Its sad that you don't acknowledge it and work on it. I can readily admit that there are plenty of left leaning bigots, and i am ashamed of that, but lets not get carried away. What Reid said, wasn't the same as things Lott or Allen said.

  22. JoeC I was attempting to tell you the TRUTH about the Origin of the "SONG" and the LIB News Paper that Printed it. Before Limbaugh Brought it to Media Attention DO you Remeber Main Stream Media saying Writer WAS Racist! Limbaugh PROVED his POINT about Main Stream Media and LIBS. Limbaugh TOOK the Heat BUT Do Not remember ANY LIB Condeming ACTUAL Author of the Article! Two sets of RACIST Rules and there MUST be Just ONE Racist Rule. NO Tolerence for Racisim but LIBS Do have a PROBLEM with that RULE!

    I also SAID that ALL RACIST REMARKS ARE WRONG and should be Condemened NO matter WHAT Party! In Limbaughs Case he was the Messenger and with LIBS we KNOW what Happens to THEM dont we Joe C

  23. Reid's remarks were not racist. They were stupid and ill considered.

    If the African American community thought Reid was a racist, they wouldn't be rallying behind him. Reid has a record that shows that he can point to helping promote civil rights.

    Do you really think for one minute that if his remarks and the actions of the man were racist that Al Sharpton would come to his defense? I don't think so.

    Reid was a main driver in the candidacy of President Obama. Racists don't promote black candidates, do they?

    This is a stupid discussion about Reid's remarks. Let's move on.

  24. This is to YOU a STUPID Disscussion SORTA Kinda like Nobamas REMARK about Police Officer and HOWd That Work Out. Maybe Reid and Nobama can go to a BEER GARDEN and Hash things out! Perfect Arena for Photo OpS!

  25. Al, I don't think Rush was being racist, but i think his point was more to racebait, than to do anything else. Its obvious that actions and discussions like that do encourage those who are racist to follow him more and to follow those he endorses closer. It also encourages others to be more open in their often racist views. Its a sctick with consequences.

    What Reid said, different than Rush, Lott and Allen was in private and not meant to be anything more than a discussion on the voting habits of the white majority. There was no ill will, no attempt to prove points or make political statements.

  26. JoeC I Guess Saying he is Light SKINNED and can Speak with a Negro dialect when he NEEDS to is NOT Racist,to You and LIBS! I Have NEVER been Black and Cannot Begin to Speak of Racism in the Terms they have GONE through! I would think a Political Statement was the Meaning, WHAT else could YOU construde from the STATEMENT During Campaign, Sounds like RACIST Statement to ME! Speaking in RACIAL Terms either in Private or in Public is WRONG Joec but Bruce and You seem to think Other Wise!

    Once again Limbaughs POINT was and Always has been there are TWO sets of Rules, WHEN Race is INVOLVED. One for the Conservatives/Republicans and ONE for the LIBS! KIND of think there SHOULD only be ONE Rule How about YOU!

    One Last POINT Limbaughs Second in COMMAND is A Black man and as BEEN with Rush for a LONG time. I Know aint going to make any difference to You but there it IS!

  27. FAILk, Sharpton is as racist as they come. His opinion means less than nothing. He'll kiss anyone's ass if it means he gets his piece of the pie. Now Rev. MLK Jr's niece had some interesting things to say about Reid. Here they are. P.S. - I just bet you would like to stop talking about this. Not going to happen you racist piece of shit.

    MLK Niece Likens Reid’s Comment to Calling Obama ‘White House Negro’
    By Fred Lucas
    CNSNews (

    'I believe Sen. Reid’s apology was a good place to start...If he really means what he’s saying, he needs to take eugenics and genocide abortion funding out of all legislation in Washington, D.C.' Dr. Alveda King.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. ( – The niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. denounced racially charged comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that he was revealed to have said during the 2008 presidential campaign.

    And remember Jesse Jackson and "Hymie-town". More racism. Or does it only count if it's against a black person? I get confused with all these liberal rules.

  28. Joey, it's awfully convenient to accuse Lott, who was in essence giving an old man a compliment, of being racist and a huge percentage of the population by extension, and then on the other hand admit that you have a KKK member in your party but you wouldn't have voted for him so that exonerates you and everyone in your party. It's ridiculous nonsense like that that makes you all sound like blathering idiots at the best, and jerk hypocrites at the worst.

    What is OBVIOUS to me is that the Hypocrats are the most racist pieces of shit on this planet. Their policies have done nothing but enslave the black community to the government. Abortion of black children is disproportionately black, resulting in a genocide of the black people. Policies created and implemented by the Hypocrats have resulted in the dissolution of the black family. And you have the GALL to call conservatives RACIST?!!? Where do you get off Joey! To act like the Hypocrat party that was spawned by the KKK is some kind of shining beacon to race freedom is just a blatant lie!

    Hypocrats tried to stand in the way of Republican civil rights legislation. More Republicans as a percentage voted for the legislation than Hypocrats. Now Bruce FAILk's hero Clinton says that a few years ago Obummer would be fetching him and Teddy K coffee. Wow. To Teddy Kennedy's credit, it was that remark that pushed him to endorse Obummer. But wow, how about that?!?! And yet Lott says "Happy birthday grandpa; boy things sure would have been better if you had been elected president!" and that means he was suggesting we start stringing black people from the nearest tree?!? BWAAAAHAHAHAHA ... you LIEberals have it all figured out don't you. Just keep calling people racist for no reason and hopefully it will deflect from the racism in your own party. Take care of your own racism, clean up your own house, before you start to worry about anyone else's pal.

    Good on ya though for saying Reid should step down, although I still don't get why you say he should, if in your mind he did nothing wrong.

  29. By the way, did anyone catch the MacGruber "commercials" on SNL this weekend? Hilarious. Check them out if you get a chance, they are the ones with Charles Barkley on them, and they address racism.


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