Friday, January 15, 2010

Unions:What are they good for?

What do you all think of the unions and other "friends" of Obama's not having to pay their taxes on health care reform? The unions were some of the loudest ralliers of this health care reform bill and yet they will not have to pay for it like the rest of America. Is this part of how the unions have "made the middle class"? Or is it more like what the conservatives feel about the unions destroying the middle class? The unions and the Democrat Party better get ready for some uneasy Americans, if this bill goes through. 
The only real power the unions have over their employers is the ability to strike. If we the people cross that strike line they loose their power over the employer. Remember the Detroit News strike? Their is a pushing away from the unions as a whole and that is why they are buying the Democrat Party with their votes. They have been eating up companies and spitting them out at a rate faster then the unions can replace them. And about 40% of union members do not support the unions. All in all I'd like to know who among you thinks that it is fair that the unions "Cadillac plans" wont be taxed just because they have the Presidents ear? Is it right for the Democrats to play class warfare with us in order to get what they want? And why wouldn't the unions want to pay for something they want? And don't forget the last time someone protested against SEIU they were beat to a pulp and called a "nigger" without a charge.

Right to Work on Glenn Beck: Obamacare's Big Labor Giveaways 

Right to Work President Mark Mix discusses Big Labor hand-outs embedded in pending health care legislation:


  1. Libs and Democrats are GOING to Pay the Price for their Reckless Disregard for the LARGE Majority of Citizens! LIBS Radical Agendas is SO Important to THEM they APPEAR to be Ready to FALL on the SWORD for this Socialist Administration!
    LIBS got NEWS for YOU All, YOU will NOT Be Disappointed CAUSE the VOTERS HOLD the SWORD and Thank You Nobama ,YOU SIR Woke Them UP!
    Unions APPEAR to have GOT there MONEIES worth OUT of this Administration,Problem being Tax Payers Mostly MIDDLE CLASS will PAY for IT!

  2. Typical LIEberals. They are all FOR something until they have to pay their fair share. ROFLMAO ... wealth re-distribution is all well and good for everyone else. As Joey once said, I believe his quote was something along the lines of "there are no atheists in foxholes". F**K the useless unions.

    Well take a good look at a prime example of the "laws" that Hypocrats pass. Only applicable to the select few who can't afford the ear of the corrupt Hypocrats. They can't say no to anyone, they can only say yes to higher taxes.

  3. I hate the unions. And I belong to one. The unions might get it all from obama but we the union members wont get shit. Chris I work for Chrysler in Sterling Hgts. And more members there hate the democrats now more then ever.

  4. chris, it is unfair. But since the right won't be part of any serious discussion on heathcare for everyone and see it only as a political opportunity, deals have to be made.

    This is what happens when ideology and partisan politics are more important than the welfare of our citizens. Its sad, but what do you expect?


  6. So Joe you think it is our fault that unions wont have to pay? It has been the Democrats that left all the Republicans outside the process and you know it. You are way too smart to talk like a sausage. I expect the unions to get what they want from the Democr4ats because they own both houses of congress and the White House. And Obama spends more time with Andy Stern then the generals fighting his wars. We are getting what the Democrats sold us and now we don't want it. The Democrats are screwing the majorituy of Americqans for the "Chosen few". Do you think that this will not have a major impact on the way Americans view the unions? What about those unions that actually produce something like the UAW? Will the American people hate the products the UAW makes?

  7. I added another video this morning to this post. Joe I spent time yesterday talking to some of my UAW friends. They are afraid that the Democrats are hurting the companies they work for way too much. And they feel that the Democrats have devided them from the rest of society. They don't like being looked at as worse then a used car salesperson and a lawyer.

  8. Thanks Malik this is the article:To hear the president and his acolytes tell it, redistributing the wealth is such an obvious moral superiority that it needs no justification, no explanation. OK, I’ll run with that for the moment. But why should we stop only with the taking of income from some to give to others? There are so many other things of value that could and should be redistributed as well. Let’s start with the president, obviously wealthier and more privileged than I, and the redistribution we can make of his advantages to me:

    Redistribute special favors: I would like to buy an equivalent house as his in Chicago (after all, housing is a “right,” right?), but I need the same special deal he got from Mr. Rezko. I did not have the advantage of a special deal on my own so I had to pay full price for my more modest home.

    Redistribute income opportunities: I would like to draw the same salary as Michelle Obama got, along with the increase she received when her husband was elected to the Senate, but I want the same workload, level of responsibility, and vulnerability to termination that she had. I am pretty sure I could do the work on this basis, so aren’t I entitled to the same benefit?

    Equal exposure to public scrutiny: The president can bypass the Constitution by appointing unvetted czars, withhold full disclosure on his resume, hire tax cheats, and do about-faces on national issues until he practically screws himself into the ground, and the media sees not a thing. If I were to bring a water balloon to the O’Hare Airport parking lot, my entire life would be public knowledge within a few days. We can call this equal access to ass-covering.

    These would all be nice, but still far too limited in scope. If we are to adopt a true redistributionist mindset, then we need to cover all the bases. I would ask that when the president takes my income to give to others, he also require them to sign the same personal guarantees I had to sign to secure financing for my business. I would want them to mortgage their homes to support the business in difficult times. That means right now. I would ask that they both make and share responsibility for the decisions I make that affect 64 employees and their families. There ought to be a redistribution of the stresses that come with running a manufacturing business during a largely government-induced recession, including helping with the layoffs and salary reductions.

    After all that, if things do not go well and the business closes, I would like the money taken from me to be redistributed again, this time from the recipients of my confiscated income back to me, as I will have far less than they at that point. I am sure they will accept the social justice in that.

    Mr. President, fair is fair, right? Even if I become the disadvantaged one? Certainly you wouldn’t deny me the social justice of sharing the wealth of those who are secure, wealthy, and comfortable at my expense? People like you and your majority party members who are so eager to tax, regulate, control, and otherwise distort the economy I find myself coping with. After lifetimes of demonizing others, you can be the demons for a while and accept the retribution you so avidly seek for others.

    Or maybe we should stop the nonsense and question the whole concept of redistribution based solely on wealth and the assumption that a general “spreading of the wealth” benefits society as a whole.

    We have been sharing the wealth for decades now and with dollars undoubtedly in the trillion range. We redistribute from income earners to the unemployed, middle and upper classes to the poor, young to old, healthy to sick, citizens to illegals, majorities to minorities, men to women. We have redistributed money, opportunity, shelter, and legal rights. In every way imaginable, America has sought to correct inequities and provide for the basic needs of identifiable groups and individuals.

  9. Part II To what end? In cases where the assistance was used to fill an actual need for people who truly had no means to provide for themselves, tax-based transfers have been a great and worthy benefit to all. Millions have been provided for through a variety of safety nets spread from all levels of government and private sources. Those with the greatest ability to pay have always done so in disproportionate amounts, willingly and without complaint in most cases.

    The issue becomes very contentious, however, when redistribution strays from being based on pure human need to being justified by other factors. These factors are subject to the whim of those who are in a position to decide which ones warrant transfers. Since the Great Society, redistribution through various means was justified by race, past injustice, guilt, and a variety of other so-called good causes. The cause may have been good, but the risk of dependence and entitlement has proved all too real. Redistribution on this basis is far more likely to produce an unhappy permanent underclass than a “just” society, whatever income level has to do with justice. After all the mega billions of redistribution made under a social justice rationale, does one get a sense of satisfaction, much less gratitude, from so many of the recipients in this “mean” country?

    Yet this is exactly what this president wants to do: redistribution on the basis that one person simply exists and has less than someone else. It matters not if the person with less had every opportunity to have done better or if his state is due to his own failings. If he has less, then he is entitled to take from another who has more. If we were all born with a pot of gold and those pots were not equal, then this might make some sense. In the real world, however, the person with more has most likely earned it through years of effort and earned it without constraining the other person in any way. This is not social justice; it is injustice. A theft by government and society that has left and will leave all parties damaged.

    I hope the president considers this next time he walks through the front door of his home, the one I can’t afford without taking some part of it from him. He is a person of privilege and wealth now. His social justice philosophy, applied to him as equally as he seeks it for others, would require him to toss me the keys at least a few days a week.

  10. Time for the union workers to stand up for their right to pay their fair share don't you think Joey? None of this "aw gee willickers, it's not fair but what can ya do?!" bs.

    I would encourage all union workers to contact your reps and let them know how angry you are at being exempted from paying your fair share for this boondoggle. Just like Nebraska is mad at Nelson for the Cornhusker Kickback. Time the elite Upper-Class union workers fought for the middle-class. Or is it "let them eat cake" time?

    Or better yet, contact your Congressmen and woman and let them know that this government takeover of health care boondoggle is a rotten deal all around and urge them to KILL THE BILL.

  11. I don't think its your side is at fault. I think both sides are at fault. Clearly the left has decided to force this bill through no matter what its flaws are, because to do less would be a political loss. The right as far back as before the election was very adamant that they didn't want to join the reindeer games

  12. Time to convince them, Joey, that to force this turd through would be even MORE of a loss. Call, email, fax, and regular-old-snail-mail your Congressmen and women and let them know that the pain they will suffer will be greater if they pass the bill then if they don't.

  13. I think that this new union BS tax exempt will help Brown win the election. The Democrats have devided their own party and I'm happy to say that that will be their own demise.

  14. There's a good reason that the unions deserve a temporary exemption.

    Union members gave up pay increase in negotiations in order to get better health care coverage. Union wages have been stagnant or going down and it's just not fair to tax so-called Cadillac plans when so much was given up by union members to get good health care coverage.

  15. Joe you have to admite that the Democrats never asked for nor wanted the Republicans help on the bill. Well the Democrats thought that that would make them hold the golden goose of a health care bill. But now that the bill is more like an aborted fetus the Democrats are saying it's everyones fault. It's hard to watch the Democrats get ALL the power and missuse the way they have. They are all tangled up in their own mess. Running a country like America isn't as easy as the Democrats thought while they were on the sidelines. You Democrats were the worse back seat drivers and now that you have the wheel you are looking in the back seat blamming the Republicans for the way the car is going.

  16. Bruce look at what we the non union members have given up. Why should we give up more of our pay so you union memmbers don't have to pay for the Helath care bill you wanted. I say make no one pay for it and throw that bill away in the garbage where it belongs. It's union members klike you bruce that make us hate the unions.

  17. Another flat-out blatant LIE from the king of the LIEberal Hypocrat Socialist Bruce "Epic" FAILk. Wages have NOT been stagnating Bruce. You're a big fat loser union LIAR.

    Once again, the losers like FAILk want wealth re-distribution, just not THEIR wealth.

    Time to share the pain with some good old-fashioned Hypocrat trickle-up poverty.

    P.S. - Once again Joey shows he at least he has some class, and shows what a moron FAILk is. Even union-member Joey admits that it's a bunch of bull shit FAILk. You on the other hand make all kinds of bull shit excuses. What an ideologue you are FAILk.

    Hey FAILk, have you ever rejected a raise? Greedy a-hole.

  18. I agree with Anon @ 16 January, 2010 08:20

    I am also a UAW member (by default) and see many democrat co-workers disgusted with the current administration and congress. They openly state that they should have listened to me and payed attention in both '06 and '08.

    As they say hindsight is 20/20 vision.

  19. I am not happy with the way the democrats gave away GM and Chrysler. I also work in Sterling Hgts. for Ford and I have seen more UAW members change their minds on obama and the democrats. To tell you the truth we feel F'ed by the unions as well. We all know that we will never see the VEBA money even if the union gets it. They are thieves in the union upper class. The UAW has billion$ in the bank and not one penny comes back to the members. Local 400 had over $300,000 stolen and no charges made. My friends at Chrysler and GM think they are getting screwed in the end. Christopher what plant do you work at?

  20. The real problem is that the Obamaites are NOT interested in real redistribution of wealth. Who is being hit by new taxes? Those earning more money in SALARY.
    Bill Gates does not get a huge salary. Neither do most of the really wealthy. So all the special new taxes don’t hit them.
    Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer are multi-millionaires. Since their husband’s wealth is never delineated for the public (the media pays no attention since the two women are Democrats), we have no way of knowing if ANY of the proposed tax increases hits them at all. I would guess not.
    I have a better proposal:
    First, all of those who demand OTHERS pay higher taxes be forced to use 1040A forms with standard deductions for the next year. That includes legislators, media folk and movie stars.
    Second, responsibility should be taken for actions that hurt others. For example, if a serious, objective examination of “anthropomorphic global warming” demonstrates that it does not exist, then the people pushing it (particularly those in the media and in pressure groups) should be the ones to pay for it. NBC says it is “settled science”. If it turns out not to be the case, NBC (AS WELL AS THE JOURNALISTS WHO PUSH THE IDEA) should be forced to pay for the all damages wrought by a “cap and trade” deal. That would, of course, mean that NBC would disappear and the journalists would be ruined. But they would surely ponder the need for accuracy and a new generation of journalists might arise who would believe in accuracy.

  21. Bruce You Even Have Me at a LOSS for WORDS with YOUR Blatant Bull Shit! You are Indeed a Socialist Idiot if YOU think MY Money should Pay for YOUR Socialist Health Insurance!

    You Indeed show the TRUE Meaning of GREED, IGNORANCE and Liberalism!

  22. High unemployment in the U.S. continues to fuel the country's home mortgage crisis.
    The online foreclosure marketplace RealtyTrac reports that the number of U.S. residential properties receiving at least one foreclosure filing jumped 21 percent in 2009 to a record 2.82 million. Nevada was the state with the highest foreclosure rate -- 10 percent.
    Economist David John, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, says the record high foreclosure numbers are not likely to go down anytime soon.
    "We still have a substantial number of subprime and Alt-A mortgages -- those are types of mortgages for less-than-perfect credit -- that have changes in their interest rates coming up," he acknowledges. "And once those interest rates shift, payments will go up."
    The result? "I'm afraid a substantial number of those houses will probably follow into foreclosure," he laments.
    John says for the past six months, a growing proportion of home foreclosures have occurred because people have lost their jobs and they do not have any way of paying for their house even if they had perfect credit before.

    Chris by the way you have a stalker on Bruces blog named djtyg. Take a look.

  23. Thanks Anon but I just took a shower and reading Bruce's blog makes me feel djtyg has been a Schitzo on many people. His mind is gone over the edge. Even his own mother thinks he is an idiot.


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